Katie Ch. 02

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After I got up and saw Katie’s note, I went to grab some food from the dining hall.

When I got back to my room, I signed on the instant messenger to see if she was on. She had an away message up, but I decided to message her anyway.

michaeldgorman: hey, i had a great time last night, thanks for inviting me, and i’d love to see you again thursday night

Her away message flashed back.

KatieKat: At the lab all day, leave me some love :*

After getting a bit of my reading done for poetry class, lack of sleep caught up to me, and I decided taking a nap was in order. It was dusk when I woke up, and the overhead lights of my room were on. It took me a moment to notice Joyce was sitting in my leather chair, reading one of my books and smoking a joint.

She notice me getting up and flashed me a grin, “Mornin’ sleepy. Rough night?”

“Not really. I was up for awhile before.” I paused. “So… what’s up?”

“Nothing really. You know.”

“No, I mean, not that it’s not nice to see you, but what are you doing here?” I asked.

“What?” She looked sort of shocked.

“I just mean, you’ve kind of been giving me the cold shoulder for the last week. I’m just surprised to see you, acting like everything is back to normal.”

“I haven’t been giving you the cold shoulder. I’ve just been busy,” she said, looking away, her lie obvious. Then she looked at me with a sort of smug look, “And I guess you forgot Crystal’s boyfriend is around for the weekend?”

“Oh. No. But hasn’t he been around all weekend?”

“Yeah. I slept in Stephanie’s room, but her girlfriend came over a little while ago, so I left to give them time alone. Dave is leaving in a few hours, so I needed somewhere to hang out until then. Listen, if you’re uncomfortable about this, I’ll leave.”

I was a little uncomfortable, but I knew it was stupid to be. We were just friends. Nothing had changed, except that we weren’t fucking anymore.

“No,” I said, “forget it. I was just surprised to see you. That’s all. I’d love to have the company.” Then I added, “You gonna pass that or what?”

She smiled, passed me the joint, and asked, “You want to grab some dinner after this?”

“Sure. Why not?” I inhaled, and exhaled. “How was your date?” I passed it back

“Eh, alright.” She sort of shrugged. “I don’t know if I really like him. But we’re going out again this week.” She took a hit, then laid it in the ashtray.

“I see.”

“I actually came by here after I got back last night, but you were still out. We made out for awhile and man was I turned on. But, like I said, I’m not sure if I like him enough. You know? Even though I was pretty drunk. So I asked him to walk me home and I thought maybe you could help me out with the sexual frustration…” She let that hang in the air.

“That’s probably not the best idea,” I finally said.

“I know, but I was drunk and it seemed like the easy solution.” She sighed, frustratedly. “Now this next time I bet I’ll end up doing more with him than I want to, just because I’m going to be so horny by then. I’m not cut out for this chastity thing.” She was gesturing with her hands, as if to clarify. “Steph told me to get a vibrator. Ha. Anyway, how was the dance?” She asked, a little condescension in her voice.

I let the condescending tone slide, because a week ago I might have had the same attitude about it. “It was actually really fun. Those girls aren’t like you think.”

“I’m sure. So who was the mystery girl?”

“The one who put my name on the list? Katie Adams.” Just saying her name stirred my cock. But Joyce gave me a blank look. “You’ve probably seen her around campus. Blonde, gorgeous, maybe like five eight.” I paused again, still no recognition. “Big tits. Not the kindest reputation.”

Recognition dawned. “That blonde chick with the fake tits?” She looked a little shocked. “Did you hook up with her?”

“They’re not fake. I should know.”

“Oh my God! You fucked her?” she exclaimed.

“So what if I did?”

“So nothing.” She looked like she didn’t know whether to be amused or annoyed. “She just doesn’t seem like your type.”

“I don’t have a type. She’s cute, and nice, and in to me. That’s my type.”

Her face settled on annoyed. Or trying hard not to look annoyed.

In a way, I understood how she felt. Joyce was Katie’s opposite. Short, petite, small breasts. A dark haired, dark skinned Southeast Asian. She was, like most of my friends, somewhat Bohemian, in terms of style and attitude. It wasn’t too different from how I felt about the fact that she had gone on a date with a guy I considered to be a meathead.

“Well, let’s just go to the dining hall.” She didn’t seem to be taking it too seriously at least.

Once there we ran into Crystal and her boyfriend, Dave. They were eating and then Dave was hitting the road. I though of him as a meathead too, and never understood what Crystal saw in him. It made for an awkward meal, and Joyce headed back to her own room when it was over.

Any negative feelings over this Trabzon Escort were quickly washed away as I came back to find messages waiting for me from Katie.

KatieKat: Hey! I had a great time too 😉

KatieKat: I wish I was free sooner but midterms are coming up

KatieKat: Can’t wait for Thursday!

Only a few minutes had gone by since that last message, and I debated with myself whether or not to message her back again. After a minute, desire for the reassurance of more words from her won out.

michaeldgorman: hey

michaeldgorman: sorry i wasn’t awake to say goodbye

michaeldgorman: as i’m sure you could tell, i’m a very talented sleeper

KatieKat: lol, I don’t know about that, you didn’t seem to sleep through the night very well

michaeldgorman: can’t blame me for that, it took world class talent to even fall asleep to start with

KatieKat: Sure, if by “talent” you mean “whiskey”

michaeldgorman: ha, well, i’m glad you had a good time

michaeldgorman: hopefully by thursday i’ll be able to show you the good time you showed me

KatieKat: I’m counting on it

KatieKat: You do owe me, after all

michaeldgorman: well, it seems the first of the many things i owe you is a nice night out

michaeldgorman: after all, your invitation got me in to an open bar, with great food

michaeldgorman: so maybe thursday i can take you out?

KatieKat: I’d love that 🙂

michaeldgorman: any preference on where?

KatieKat: Surprise me

KatieKat: Somewhere not too far away though

KatieKat: You know, in case we need to make a quick escape

michaeldgorman: okay, i’m an adventurous eater though

michaeldgorman: so is there any kind of food you don’t like?

KatieKat: No, I’m not too hard to please

KatieKat: As long as that’s not the only kind of eater you are

It’s not too often a girl is able to leave me at a loss for words with sexual innuendo. Katie apparently was not shy online, unless it was just that she was growing more comfortable with me. Either way, I could think of nothing to say back before she sent another message.

KatieKat: Anyway, I should get back to writing up my lab results

KatieKat: Great hearing from you!

KatieKat: See you Thursday! :*

michaeldgorman: farewell love

(Yeah, I know my last line was cheesy goodbye. Give me a break. I was 19. Thankfully, she was also too young to recognize how cheesy it was.)

The week crawled by until Thursday, and I was surprised not to hear from her again until Wednesday.

When I got back from classes Wednesday I found this message on my computer.

KatieKat: Tomorrow night at 7 at the T stop?

KatieKat: Call me if that’s no good, 617-<**-***>

KatieKat: Can’t wait to see you :*

I had decided on a sushi place a few stops out on the T, so her plan to meet there was perfect.

Unlike the previous week when I’d thrown on my suit rather carelessly, when Thursday evening rolled around, I couldn’t decide what to wear, whether to put on cologne, whether to shave, and so on. I found myself staring in the mirror to reassure myself that I shouldn’t be so nervous. Not five days ago, this girl had your whole dick down her throat, I told myself, grinning stupidly back at my reflection. Of course she likes you. It helped somewhat, and I pulled myself together just in time to head out.

A bus ride and short walk later I was at the T. I was two minutes late, but she was even later. I stood there in the cold waiting for her to show. Ten minutes past seven I saw her approaching. She had on the same peacoat as the Saturday before, but this time was wearing jeans. I sighed in relief at this, as I had also eventually decided on jeans. As she got closer I could see that instead of heels she wore boots, though the boots had substantial heels. As she approached, I stepped towards her and we embraced, kissing quickly on the lips.

We climbed on to the T and I payed both our fares. Thankfully it was waiting there to leave, so we didn’t have to stand around in the cold. The weather had actually improved some, but it was a typically windy March.

Once seated, I told her where we were going.

“You know,” she said. “I’ve never actually tried sushi.”

“Oh. Well. Don’t worry. It’s not actually as strange as people imagine. But if you don’t want to try it, sushi places always have plenty of other Japanese dishes,” I reassured her, needlessly, as it would turn out.

“No, I’d love to try it. It’s just that, coming from the upper Midwest, you don’t see much food that’s not the All-American variety. And you don’t see much fish that isn’t fresh from a nearby brook, or frozen in breading in the supermarket.”

We spend the rest of the ride talking about how she was from Michigan, and what her parents did there. I wasn’t too surprised to find out that they were rather successful, nor that she was a Germanic Midwesterner.

We got to our stop and it was a very short walk to the sushi bar.

Once Trabzon Escort Bayan inside, it couldn’t have gone more smoothly. We kept up the talk of where we were from, what we were doing in college, the basic, introductory first date stuff, mixed with the basic, what’s your major freshmen in college sort of stuff. I had picked the place knowing they didn’t card, that the waitresses couldn’t really read enough English to card even if they wanted to. We ordered some hot sake and some plum wine, and Katie loved them both.

After appetizers, various kinds of sushi, and a shared noodle dish, it was obvious that everything was going perfectly. She’d been impressed by my food knowledge, and I’d taught her, at least somewhat successfully, how to use chopsticks.

As we got to dessert, the conversation drifted to past relationships.

“So,” she said, “have you had a lot of girlfriends?”

“Not really. I mean, just two I guess.”

“You guess?”

“Yeah. I mean, There were other girls I had relationships with, but just two real girlfriends.”

“Tell me about them.”

“Well,” I said, “I guess I was sort of a late bloomer. I didn’t even kiss a girl until I was sixteen. But we slept together less than three months after that, so I made up ground fast.”

“Ooh. A girl you went to school with?”

“No. She went to the other high school in town, and was a year older. I actually knew her because of my neighbor. I grew up in a row house neighborhood. You know row houses?” This drew a blank look. “They’re like, these houses all built side by side with shared walls, and your back decks are all connected in these rows of four or five. And this kid in the one next to mine, he was three years older, was like a big brother to me growing up. We were best friends until I was eleven or twelve, when he’d hit puberty and I hadn’t. But he started dating this girl, Melissa. And they dated for a long time. Eventually they started fucking, and I could hear them through the thin wall between his bedroom and mine. A lot of my early masturbation was to the sounds of the two of them.

“Then, by the time I was a sophomore, he’d left for college and they were broken up. But, from the three of us hanging out over the years, she and I had grown close. She kept coming around, and, eventually, I came to fill the void Brian had left for her. Our first kiss was New Year’s Eve 1996. She was my first everything. We progressed slowly at first, but soon we were fucking every day. My mother wasn’t around much; she was a nurse that worked the evening shift.

“Anyway, Melissa dumped me at the end of my sophomore year. There were some other girls, just friends, I fooled around with in the next year and a half, but just one other girlfriend. She was a junior and I was a senior. We started going out around the start of 1998. Then we broke up when we talked about what would happen when I left for college. But our physical relationship continued until I left, and actually even again over Christmas break.”

“So how many girls have you actually had sex with?”

“Four. The two in high school and two here. Then there were another two girls in high school I did everything with but have sex.” She was eating all this up. As I’d come to find, she loved to talk about sex. “How about you? You must have been the girl everyone in high school was after.”

She blushed. “Well only two actual boyfriends. The first one was two years older than me, and we dated for all of freshman and sophomore year. I lost my virginity to him. The other one I dated for most of senior year.” She leaned over the table a little to say quieter, “He couldn’t make me come though. So it didn’t work out.” It was hard not to stare down at her cleavage.

“That’s too bad.” I was starting to get really turned on, and decided to push things a little further. “If you don’t mind my saying, though, based on last Saturday night, you must have more experience than just those two guys.”

She blushed again, deeper this time, and I looked down to her cleavage to see that it had spread there too. She giggled a little, “Yeah, well, there were a few other guys I hooked up with. No one random. Always guys I knew, often after a date.” Then she leaned in again to add in a near whisper. “You’re the eighth guy I’ve seen naked. Only one other was here at school though. This guy I went on a few dates with. Only the third guy I ever slept with. I thought it would get serious but he ended up being a bit of a jerk.”

“That’s too bad.”

“I guess so. So were you sleeping with that girl Joyce?” she quickly changed the topic.

I was sort of surprised she knew about Joyce, even knew who Joyce was, but I said, “Yeah, but we were just friends. It was a mutual need kind of thing. And, I guess, a learning kind of thing.”

“Well,” she finished the last shot of sake, and dessert had been finished while we talked, “maybe we should get going then, and you can put what you learned to good use.”

We left and headed back on the T and talked some more about relationships, Escort Trabzon some whispered comments about sex. We were halfway back when the trolley lurched to a stop and I suddenly realized I had gotten drunk without even realizing it. But Katie was still talking and seemed remarkably lucid and I just smiled and suddenly kissed her while she was in the middle of a sentence.

She just smiled and looked down.

“I’m really glad we did this,” I told her. “You’re so easy to talk to.”

“Well. I’m glad we did this too. You’re so easy to listen to.” She smiled again and I was in love. “Where are we going anyway?” She asked.

“Let’s just go back to my place. I bought some wine,” I told her, “and my room is good for privacy.”

We went back to our meaningless but easy talk for the final minutes of the trolley ride, then the bus ride to my dorm, and came back to my room.

“Oh, my,” she exclaimed as we walked through the door. “It is so warm in your room.”

“Yeah,” I said, “the furnace is just next door. I actually have the valves shut on my radiator, but those pipes overhead,” I pointed up to the dozen or so pipes across my ceiling,” are the steam for everyone else’s radiators. They’re hot enough that it’s always a sauna in here.”

“Well, it’s quite nice. But I need you to point me towards the bathroom.”

I pointed to the door across from my futon. “Well, that’s my private bathroom.”

She gave me an incredulous look. “They gave you a single and a private bathroom?”

“Not really,” I explained, “the bathroom has a door out into the hall too. But it’s just a single toilet, and a bathtub, and a shower, so no one else really uses it, and the door out into the hall locks.”

“You are one lucky boy,” she smiled and walked through to the bathroom.

While she was gone I opened the wine and poured two glasses. I set them down on my desk, which was perpendicular to my futon. My room was narrow, being a single, but against one wall I’d managed to fit my bed and television, against the perpendicular wall was my desk, and against the wall across from the bed was my futon and door to the bathroom, with the door in to the room and my leather chair on the wall across from the desk.

She came back in the room and, standing, picked up her wine, I took a moment to drink her in. She was dressed in jeans and a tight v-neck sweater, the kind that makes large breasted girls irresistible. But after she swirled her wine and then sipped it, she reached down to pull her sweater off, with the excuse that it was too hot in here. She was wearing a skimpy tank top that didn’t quite make it to the top of her low slung jeans. The site of the thin band of her belly between her jeans and tank top was, to me, right then, the most tantalizing of sights.

She picked her wine up and sat facing me on the futon. I took up my glass and we both drank. Worldlessly, I took her glass and set it back down, along with my own. Then, suddenly, we were kissing.

After a moment, she stood, mumbling something about how hot it was, and pushed her jeans down to the floor. Underneath she wore a pair of stretch lace boyshorts. She came back down to the futon but, instead of sitting, was climbing on top of me, pushing me down so that I was on my back.

Cautiously at first, my hands made their way to her back, then one slid down to her ass, half of which the boyshorts left bare. I grabbed it tight, pulling her into me. It was so perfect. Soft, yielding, yet firm, tight.

My hand crept up to her waist and I moved her against the back of the futon, so that we were facing each other on our sides. My right arm was under her head and reach around to just below her armpit on her right side, while my left arm still grabbed her right buttock, that perfectly formed muscle, which made her draw her leg up over my hips and around my ass, pulling my crotch harder in to her.

Her left arm was pinned, but her right hand explored my back, or the back of my head, as her tongue explored my mouth.

After a few minutes of this I stood and pull off my jeans, then my shirt, standing there in just my boxes. I turned off the room lights, though the windows up above my desk, high above, as my room was in the basement, still let in enough light to see quite clearly. She stared at me with a look of lust.

I came back over to her, but she sat up and reached for her wine. After grabbing it, she passed me my own.

We finished them quickly, and, after setting them down again, I started to kiss down her neck. She held the back of my head, then I moved across her collarbone and the tops of her breasts. I moved one hand up to hold one of her breasts. I it was the first good feel of them I got that night, though I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. My hand instantly reminded me of their soft perfection, the perfect weight of one in my hand.

I skipped over her clothed breasts with my mouth and pushed her shirt up, exposing her belly. I kissed all around it, around her belly button, over to her sides, which tickled her, eliciting cute little laughs and a jerking of her hips. She still held my head which I lifted up to look in her eyes.

I moved my mouth back down the middle of her abdomen, coming to the top of her panties. Pushing the top down, I planted a kiss on the top of her landing strip of pubic hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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