Katrina Ch. 04


Katrina Extra – Teaching Katrina to Massage.

From time to time we’ll be breaking away to allow another character to tell their story of an event concerning the beautiful Katrina. In this case, Amita has a story to add about how she was teaching Katrina to massage. Yes, I mean a sexual massage, one that usually ends with an orgasm.



Hello from Amita,

Now for our weekends during the time I was pregnant I still wanted to take part in these special weekends during my last few months. I had to give up playing tennis but it was still good going swimming, taking the extra weight off my feet. In that condition, not having to wear any restrictive clothing was good too.

As we have told you, our usual plan is to do some fun things on the Friday evenings of our weekends. For the first night, we always have a dressing up night or as my husband Sarvesh calls it, a dressing down night, which judging by what our costumes are, was usually the case. We did finally get to do that night where the boys dress as girls and us girls dress as guys. That was fun getting those guys into saris although none of us could find sari blouses large enough to fit around their chests.

When we tried a swimwear night it was easier because the boys used bikinis which could be tied. This looked too funny on a guy too. Those tiny little triangles in the middle of their chests and even worse down below where the tiny bikini bottoms didn’t even attempt to hide their erections. When Katrina caught sight of them she laughed so much she couldn’t stand up. I’m not sure the men were too impressed with that.

For us girls, in our case wearing the boy’s swimming togs was a bit hard to make them stay up. I was lucky because being pregnant Sarvesh’s swimming trunks stayed on but Mega had to fold her husband’s trunks up and hold it with safety pins. It looked kind of funny to see her tiny little legs coming out of such baggy shorts. Of course, all us girls were bare breasted as well which I am sure added to the effect. Katrina joined in this evening too, loaning a pair of swim shorts off Sarvesh.

* * * * * * * * *

The second night of our weekends is always doing something a bit sexier. We have played games like “Strip” and even played that feeling game as well. You know the one we played when you were in India. I was not sure how Hansini and Mega would take being blindfolded while the guys were feeling and touching every part of them but they agreed to it and seemed to have some fun too.

Sarvesh told me later that he thought Mega was very turned on by all this touching and feeling. When I asked why he said that when he touched her pussy he was surprised how wet she was. And he said she didn’t try and stop him touching her there, in fact, he even felt her pressing her pussy against his hand. Naughty girl, Mega! Don’t you know you are not supposed to encourage these guys like that? They are bad enough already.

* * * * * * * * *

Another night activity we had was a massage evening. This became very sexy too. It was fun being so close and touching another man and then them getting to do the same to you. And yes, if you are wondering it did get a little out of hand too. Well, to tell the truth, our hands were still there but it did get a little bit wild and sexy. Let me tell you more about this.

As I said, one evening we decided to have a massage night. Hansini had asked me about learning how to do sexy massages so we decided to make a night of it and I would teach her. We divided into four pairs making sure that we were not with our partners. What fun is there in playing with your own husband’s naked body when there are three other naked male bodies in the room to play with? Everyone seemed to be happy with this too.

I paired up with Mootie. Jeevan paired with Hansini next to us. Brian and Mandara were together which left Sarvesh with Mega at the far end. One surprise was that Katrina said she wanted to join in as well so I suggested that she joined Mootie and I, so Bostancı Escort I could teach her how to massage too. She was happy to agree with that.

* * * * * * * * *

Soon we had laid out four mats on the floor with soft towels spread over them. Sarvesh and Hansini had arranged to get the massage oil heated so it felt warm to touch. Yes, I heard what was going on in the kitchen while the jug was heating. Naughty boy, Sarvesh. Couldn’t leave the girls alone, could you? But we are not talking about what happened when Brian asked if he could touch my belly and feel the baby inside moving. Don’t you know Brian, you don’t feel babies down that low between my legs. But the end result was great. Thanks for that.

But back to my story. Once everything was ready we all quickly stripped off our clothes. Well, this was supposed to be a full body massage, a nude massage so we all needed to get completely naked. Katrina was happy to join us naked too.

We asked Katrina if she wanted to go first. She hesitated at first, not sure what she was getting herself into I think. I explained we would only massage what she wanted us too, so she followed the example of the others by lying face down on the mat. Mootie and I then began to give her a massage over her shoulders down her back and the backs of her legs. I notice Mootie played with her bum a bit too which she didn’t seem to mind.

I noticed he even ran his fingers down her bum split which meant he most likely touched her tiny bum hole, perhaps even lower to her pussy lips. I was a bit surprised she allowed that. I have a feeling she was more turned on by all this than she would like either of us to know.

Soon we asked her to roll over which she did making herself comfortable again laying on her back. Now the full front of her naked body was on display for us. In this laying down position, she was probably displaying much more to Mootie than she realised.

Now Mootie and I began again. First we each took an arm each to then be followed her legs. Lying in this position her pussy, including her slot, was openly displayed to both of us. We both noticed the glistening of drops of juice too. This was sure turning her on. But as Mootie moved up the inside of her thigh she still left her legs slightly parted but just moved one hand over her pussy. It was clear she didn’t want that touched.

We now started on her body. While Mootie sat with one knee each side of her head doing her shoulders and neck I was working over the front of her body. Soon all that was left was her breasts. I ran my hand over one and she gave no reaction except her nipples had noticeably hardened. Mootie moved to the other side, opposite me and we took a breast each giving them a really good going over, working the oil onto her soft smooth skin and over the rough hardness of her nipples.

I wonder what Katrina felt like having her breasts touched and handled like that. She must have known it was not just me touching her there. She must have known Mootie had his hands all over one of her breasts, rubbing oil over it and even her nipple too. I notice her nipple quickly hardened under my touch and it looked the same under Mootie’s fingers too. Judging by a soft moan which escaped her lips at one point, I think she enjoyed it too. Naughty girl!

* * * * * * * * *

Now we changed so Mootie was lying down while Katrina and I massaged him. We ran our hands all over his back, even down onto his behind. Katrina didn’t seem to mind doing his bum too, her hand rubbing oil all over over his ass cheeks and down the split between them.

After doing the backs of his legs we got him to turn over. Immediately we both noticed the obvious reaction we were having on him as now he had a huge erection. Quite spectacular actually, even I was impressed. As we did his arms I noticed Katrina looking at him, checking out his cock, but she never said anything. Usually, when we are naked around the pool the boys don’t get hard like this. But that night he had a raging hard-on.

Mootie has a great looking cock. Ümraniye Escort I love looking at him and touching him but even better I like fucking him too. Now he was really on show. Quite impressive I must admit. Opps, sorry. Getting a bit distracted here aren’t I?

We came to his legs next and starting at his feet, we began working up each leg. When we came to his thigh, he parted his legs slightly leaving himself fully displayed. His cock was still hard and standing erect while his balls hung between his legs. When Katrina ran her hands up the inside of his thigh each time she stopped just short of his balls. In my case, for a few times I did the same, but then I suddenly ran my hand right up giving his balls a gentle squeeze. His cock gave a massive jerk, which I think surprised Katrina but when I gave a giggle she just smiled.

We changed position now so she sat with a knee each side of his head. Gently she put oil over his face and then down over his neck and shoulders. I don’t think it occurred to her how close his head was to her pussy. He probably felt her pussy mound pressing against his head and maybe even smelt some hot pussy too.

As she reached further she was leaning further and further over his face. I saw him open his eyes looking straight up at the underside of her breasts swinging inches above his face. I don’t know if she actually noticed he was checking her tits out like this.

I had done his chest and then down over his stomach. Now there was one place left for us to do. Pouring oil on my hands, I reached over and grasped his shaft with one hand and his balls with the other. I then began giving a really good work over. While I was doing it, I looked up and noticed Katrina had stopped what she was doing and was now watching me. I waved for her to come and help but she shook her head, just being content to watch.

I worked Mootie, slowly building him steadily towards his climax. It was my intention to get him off then. Soon I could feel him jerking in my hand, and I knew he was getting there now. Taking him with both hands, I picked up the speed until I was really pumping him. He had his eyes closed now and I could feel the strength of his body as he humped back at my hands.

Suddenly his cock gave a massive jerk. I reached for a tissue knowing what would happen next. I caught his cum as he began shooting. Blob after blob burst from him as he continued. To be honest, I was rather impressed myself.

Katrina was still watching my every move, her eyes now wide with amazement. I had held the tissue back from his head so she could see his white cum exploding into the air. Once he was finished I gently wiped the end of his penis clean and sat back grinning.

He opened his eyes. “That was good,” he said.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I laughed back at him.

“You have the hands of an angel.”

I don’t know about that. I’m also sure angels don’t go around doing what I had just done to him but I was pleased with the compliment.

* * * * * * * * *

The other couples were still busy and so he said, “What about you Amita?”

With Katrina involved, I wasn’t expecting to get a massage myself.

“There is not much time,” I said.

“So we better just do the best bits then?”

Cheeky guy! I know what best parts he meant, but I was OK with that too.

“Ok then, just do my front.”

I lay down and Mootie and Katrina started on my front. While she did most of me Mootie just concentrated on my breasts before going down to rub over my large belly before moving on further down to my pussy. Well, he did say ‘best parts,’ didn’t he?

Parting my legs, I allowed him to return the favour to me. First, he was working over the outside of my pussy lips, which felt so good with his fingers running up and down the length of my soaking wet cunt. Then he pressed harder, my lips opened and then he pressed inside me. With my pussy soaked with oil and his strong fingers working deep into my pussy, this was now really getting to me. I knew where this was going although Ataşehir Escort you would probably say it was obvious even before they touched me.

Then feelings were building inside me. Suddenly with a loud cry, I cum. As my body jerked from my orgasm I briefly remember looking up into Katrina’s face and seeing her giggling. I don’t know what she thought was so funny. For me, this was all very serious business.

Yes, it was a good one, a powerful one, going on and on has he kept working my clitty with his fingers. Finally, it was over. Finally, he allowed me to move off my peak and return to normal.

I opened my eyes and looked into Katrina’s face. She was still smiling. Next to her Mootie was smiling too.

“Amita, did you enjoy that,” asked Sarvesh from the other side of the room.

“You don’t need to ask that Sarvesh,” said Mega. “We all know she did, making all that noise.”

“I didn’t make much noise,” I said.

“Yes you did,” added Brian. “All of us and half the town as well knew what you were doing.”

By now, Katrina’s giggle had become laughter.

I looked at her, “What’s so funny?”

“You,” she replied “It was so funny…” she managed to say before bursting into laughter again.

“That wasn’t meant to be funny,” I said.

“Oh, but it was,” Katrina replied.

Then she began to mimic me, making moans and cum noises. Everyone was laughing which encouraged her to do more.

“Hey, stop that! I wasn’t that bad.”

Of course, that just made it worse. Soon they had all joined in with moaning, sex noises as well.

“Well,” I said, “There is no sense in doing it unless you enjoy yourself.”

This brought another round of laughter from everyone.

I suppose I must take the prize for the nosiest orgasm of the night. If not the best one, certainly the one most talked about then.

* * * * * * * * *

Katrina got involved each time we did a massage night after that. She has become quite good at it. I know the guys here have commented on her skill. When just Katrina and I are together we have massaged each other two. Again I must say she does a good job and I am left very relaxed and ready to sleep.

Katrina has joined into some of the sexy things we have been doing but she has decided to still miss the full sex ones. I think she is spending those evenings reading the letters books. Since she always stays in our master bedroom, we leave the cupboard open for her. She has told me she is enjoying many of the stories.

* * * * * * * * *

After the two new couples, Mootie & Hansini and Brian & Mega, had their swapping evening with each other, it wasn’t long before it was proposed they swap with us. We have done that twice now so now every couple has swapped with everyone else. It has been interesting for me to experience these two new men Mootie and Brian. I know Sarvesh was very happy with Mega and Hansini too. I think Sarvesh and Hansini have clicked a bit. Get on well together.

We were talking at a nude day, just us girls and Katrina was listening too. Mandara mentioned the resort and how she was looking forward to the European men again. Without thinking about the three girls listening Mandara and I were mentioning names as to who we wanted to try with again. I said I liked Steve. I liked his personality and that Sarvesh was very happy with Sharon too.

Of course, we all know who Mandara is interested in, don’t we Mike? Ha! Ha!

“Are you guys going to partner swap at the resort,” Mega asked.

“Yes, I expect so,” I replied. “We did with them in India.”

“Oh!” Hansini said. “I hadn’t thought about that.”

“You don’t have to Hansini.”

“No, I don’t mean that. I just had not thought we would do that.”

“Well, I’m sure Sarvesh and I will,” then looking over at Mandara, I added. “And Mandara and Jeevan too.”

Hansini looked over at Mega and smiled. “I think we may try this too. Doing with a European man sounds interesting too.”

“Yes it does,” Mega replied. “I’m in for that.”

I looked over at Katrina, she was taking an interest to. When she saw me looking, she smiled back at me. I wondered what she was thinking about all this. Sometime later I did get to learn what Katrina was thinking but she wants to tell you herself in her own story which will be sent to you soon.