Keiko’s Adventure Ch. 02

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Keiko stirred, the hard ground was uncomfortable and the dry grass scratched her soft skin. As she opened her eyes and saw Ryou naked beside her, she was struck by the memory of what had happened. It had been as if she was under a spell, she had disgraced herself, given her virtue to a total stranger. She recoiled away from him, tears in her eyes. Her sniffling awoke Ryou, his immediate instinct to hold and comfort her, but this just made her more upset. She desperately tried to cover her nakedness.

“I’m sorry,” Ryou said weakly, feeling guilty.

“I should go home, my father will be worried.” Keiko was filled with hundreds of conflicting emotions and wanted to escape back to her normal dull life, where things were much less complicated.

“I will take you, if that is what you want.” Ryou was hurt despite himself, he knew why she was acting so afraid, but he hated that she regretted what they had done. He had felt such a strong attraction to her, he wondered if maybe he loved her. Yet she seemed so repulsed by him now. They dressed in silence, Keiko using his shirt to cover herself as best she could, then they mounted his horse and set off, still in silence. It was several hours before either of them broke the heavy silence.

“My father…” Keiko spoke more to herself than to Ryou, “He will be shamed by my actions. He could not find me a husband as it was, now he will never find someone to marry me…”

Ryou slowed the horse and swung them both down so he could face her. Her eyes were red from crying. He brushed her dark hair from her face, holding her gently. She didn’t resist him; she seemed lost in her own thoughts.

“Keiko,” hearing her name seemed to bring her back to reality. “What we did was not shameful, we were both willing and I will stand by you. I would not take your honour then abandon you.”

Keiko looked up at him with sad green eyes; she knew nothing of Ryou and felt bad for assuming the worst of the stranger. Ryou stroked his fingers across her cheeks then cupped her chin gently in his hand. Their eyes were locked and they both felt the strong feelings of desire that had led them to where they were now. However it was not just lust that they felt, there was something more, something they had not known about until then. In that moment Keiko felt safer than she ever had in her life and Ryou knew that he would do anything to protect her, to make her happy and to be with her. Their lips met and they shared a gentle, but meaningful kiss.

Ryou lifted her back up onto his horse, and then pulled himself up behind her.

“I shall talk to your father and tell him of my intentions.”

“Your intentions?” Keiko turned as much as she could, trying to read his facial expression, but all she could see in his eyes was determination. He looked down at her curious face and couldn’t hold back the smile her beautiful face induced in him.

“To take you as my wife,” he spoke softly and with love, her eyes filled with joy. Neither of them questioned the bond they shared despite how little time they had known each other. The prospect of spending the rest of their lives with a stranger did not enter into their thoughts, the love they felt seemed to bring them together as thought they had known each other since the very day of their birth.

It took several more hours to reach Keiko’s farm, and the closer they got the more she was filled with apprehension. What if her father was displeased with Ryou and did not think him to be suitable for her? She knew nothing of Ryou’s status and her father would not want her to marry below her; though they were not that wealthy, tradition was very important to her father. She said none Trabzon Escort of this to Ryou, simply leaning against his firm chest for comfort, hoping with all her heart that they could be together.

When they reached the edge of her land, they found one of her brothers, Hibiki, out riding, clearly looking for her. He seemed both relieved and angry when he saw her.

“Where have you been? Why are you dressed so shamefully? I have been out looking around the fields since dawn! Father is furious!”

“I’m sorry Hibiki, I was restless and went for a ride, I was attacked by bandits and then rescued by this man, I hope that father will forgive my actions.”

Hibiki seemed to calm slightly after expressing his anger, but cast a suspicious eye over Ryou. He rode back with them to the house, explaining to Keiko how they had returned the night before to find Daisuke wandering the fields and then were unable to search for her due to the fading light. By the time they reached the house Keiko was filled with foreboding, convinced her father would be filled with rage when he saw her.

Her father was waiting outside the house when they arrived, her other brothers Katashi and Taichi were with him, having returned empty-handed from their searches. When they dismounted, they were greeted with the same mixture of joy and rage that they had been when they met Hibiki. Her father began to lecture her about her unladylike behaviour, and raved how she had wasted a whole day of work in the fields with her escapades. Ryou went unnoticed for several minutes. Then suddenly her father turned to him, ready to address him, he was unsure if he would receive thanks or be accused of violating Keiko. However as soon as his eyes took in Ryou for the first time he fell silent and threw himself to the floor. Everyone but Ryou fell silent in shock as the man bowed low to the floor before the stranger.

“My Lord Maeda forgive me I did not recognise you!” As soon as he said this, her brothers realised who Ryou was and also prostrated themselves before him, begging for forgiveness. Keiko, who had never left the farm before the previous day, had no idea what was going on and looked at Ryou questioningly. He shrugged, unsure of how to explain.

“Keiko, this is our Lord Maeda Ryou, son of Lord Maeda Haru, ruler of this region! Bow before him and show some respect!” Her father hissed angrily at her.

“There is no need Yori, your daughter and I are well acquainted. I have returned her to you, but also intend to ask you for permission to marry her.” Ryou spoke very formally, he sounded completely different to when they had been alone together in the fields.

Keiko’s father was in shock, this was the second most important person in the area, and he was asking to marry his daughter. It seemed surreal. He immediately accepted and he ushered Ryou inside offering him food and wine to celebrate the agreement. The boys followed them inside, but before entering Katashi told Keiko to go dress herself more appropriately before joining them.

She walked away to her room in a daze, just a few minutes before she was convinced her father would not think Ryou worthy, now she discovered he was of noble birth. She looked with dismay at her dresses, none of which seemed grand enough for Ryou, who she wanted to see her at her best. She took her prettiest dress, which had once belonged to her mother. She dressed quickly and brushed her long hair, removing the bits of grass that were still tangled in it. She was not satisfied with how she looked but knew she could do no better with her limited wardrobe.

Keiko tried to slip into the room unnoticed, but Ryou looked to her Trabzon Escort Bayan immediately. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of her. Her long dark hair looked as soft as silk, and her dress was beautifully accentuating her curves, its colours making her pale skin and gorgeous green eyes shine. He wished they were not with her family so that he could hold her and show her how beautiful he found her. His hungry stare brought a pink to her cheeks and she smile softly at him.

They stayed with her family for several hours, telling the story of how they met, though omitting their intimacy, and listening to her father speaking of their family history, repeating over and over how honoured they were. Ryou eventually made excuses, explaining that he needed to return home and announce his intentions to his father. Traditionally Keiko should have remained at home until they made arrangements for the wedding, but the two did not wish to be separated for so long, and Ryou insisted she go with him.

They rode to the town, which was several hours away, and by the time they arrived the sun was low in the sky, turning it pink. Keiko was amazed by the lively town, the buildings and the people seemed so numerous compared to the sparse farm she had grown up on. Ryou took her to his home, which was incredibly grand, easily the largest building in the town. They were greeted by servants who bowed low before Ryou and snuck curious glances at Keiko. Ryou instructed them to take Keiko to the women’s quarters and bath her whilst he spoke to his father. He was apprehensive about his father’s reaction and did not want Keiko to be there when he told him. He kissed her gently and told her he would come to her as soon as he could.

Keiko was led away by one of the servants, an older woman, who took her to a spring at the back of the house, and began to undress her. Keiko was alarmed by this; she had always washed herself and never had someone touch her naked body, other than Ryou. The woman rolled her eyes and reassured her that all was fine; Keiko gave in and let the woman undress and wash her. As the woman’s hands rubbed up her thighs, Keiko found herself becoming aroused; she remembered Ryou and longed for him to touch her. The woman gently washed all of her, her hands sliding across Keiko’s ample breasts and across her slender waist. Keiko struggled to hide her arousal and the woman seemed to be amused, she rubbed the inside of Keiko’s thighs, despite already having washed there. Keiko felt weak with need, she wanted relief, and she wanted to be touched. Whilst the woman’s hand rubbed slowly higher and higher up the inside of her thigh, her other hand started to caress Keiko’s breasts, rubbing gently at her nipples, pinching lightly. Keiko knew that this was not the normal washing procedure and yet she could not bring herself to tell the woman to stop.

Eventually the woman’s hands reached the place between Keiko’s thighs that ached to be touched, and she could not hold back to moan of pleasure which the touch drew from her. The woman smiled wickedly as her skilled fingers toyed with Keiko’s innocent flesh. She rubbed at her entranceway, feeling the wetness, which betrayed Keiko’s desire. She built up a rhythm of pinching Keiko’s nipples alternately as she teased her aching sex. Running her fingers across her nub, which filled Keiko with a new kind of pleasure she had not yet found. It was not long before she was quivering with the intensity of her orgasm. The woman smiled again, pleased with her wicked deed, and dried and dressed Keiko, who was still dazed from the pleasure.

Once Keiko was ready, she was led to Ryou’s room to wait for him. Escort Trabzon She had come back from the confused daydream that the pleasure had taken her to, and now she felt shocked at how she had let the woman touch her, she had enjoyed it at the time but now she felt she had betrayed her beloved Ryou. She sat pondering her misdeeds until Ryou returned. He seemed quite worked up, the talk with his father had taken nearly two hours, and there had been a lot of arguing. His father had eventually agreed to think about the proposed marriage. Ryou felt angry that his father would put rank and status above his son’s happiness, but the sight of Keiko turned his anger to an intense passion. He swept her up in his arms and kissed her roughly. He intended to make love to her immediately but he sensed some hesitation in her.

“Is something wrong?” He asked slightly more accusingly than he had meant to. Keiko burst into tears and confessed what had happened earlier at the spring. Ryou would usually have been angry with the woman for violating his beloved, but in his heightened state of emotion, it just seemed to intensify his need for her.

He started to kiss her again, and this time she responded with just as much passion. They hurriedly undressed each other, their hands touching and stroking with a feverish need. Their lips never parted as they tore at each others’ clothes, his hands found her pert breasts and he sighed into her mouth at the joy holding them gave him. She ran her hands across his broad shoulders and down onto his firm chest.

Suddenly their touching and caressing was not enough for her, and she pushed him back onto the bedding with a strength she didn’t know she had. Ryou was taken aback by her actions, but as she lowered herself onto him and straddled his hard cock, he understood her intention. He held her hips as she rocked her pussy so that his head caressed her aching lips and he felt her wetness covering him. Then without warning, she pushed herself down so she was impaled upon him. Ryou gasped as he felt her tightness gripping him firmly. Keiko had simply followed her animal instincts up to this point and suddenly felt afraid and unsure of what to do next. Ryou, still holding her hips, began to slowly lift her up and down, so that he slid completely out of her and then impaled her on him again.

Keiko’s eyes were shut; her head back as she moaned at the slow steady movements. Gradually she took control of the movements, sliding herself up and down this thick pole. She felt herself growing closer and closer to the sweet agony of orgasm and her thrusts became faster and less in time. Ryou, seeing that she was close, held her still and began to thrust up into her with urgency, pushing her faster towards her climax.

Without warning she came, she threw her head back and screamed with joy as she was rocked with wave after wave of orgasm. Ryou felt her muscles tighten around his cock as her orgasm seized her, and he felt himself close to the edge. He thrust up into her as hard as he could until he lost all rhythm.

Neither of them knew who was moving when he came, they were both lost in the pleasure and their bodies seemed to have merged so that they moved together as one. The force of his orgasm sent Keiko into further spasms, as his hot cum drenched her insides. They both slowed their movements to a gentle stop, as their moans became less vigorous, and the pleasure slowly ebbed. She collapsed onto him, weak with pleasure, and he gently rolled so that the lay side by side staring into each others’ eyes.

Again, they fell asleep in a tight embrace, but this time they were filled with a feeling of hope, confident their two futures were as one, excited at the prospect of a life together. Ryou’s last thought before he slipped into sleepy oblivion, was that he did not care what his father’s decision was, he would give up everything if he had to, as long as he was with Keiko, it would not matter.

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