Kelly and the Secret Society

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Kelly began to open her eyes. Her head still felt a little woozy. The last thing she could remember was trying to open her car door in the darkened parking lot at the mall. And then, out of nowhere, someone had grabbed her around the waist from behind and shoved a wet cloth over her mouth. She remembered her body slumping down toward the pavement…and that was it.

“Well, well, well. Back from the dead finally,” she heard a raspy voice say matter-of-factly.

Now her eyes blinked uncontrollably, trying to adjust to the bright light gleaming from the single fixture hanging directly above her. She tried to sit up, but she was still too dizzy. She rested her head back down onto the cold metal table on which she was lying.

She could hear several people around her laughing quietly. She let her head fall to the right and now she could see them. There were at least 5 men huddled together, staring at her. All of them just as her friend Dee Dee had described they would be – their bodies stark naked except for black leather S&M masks covering their heads. For all Kelly knew, one of them could be her fiancé… or God, even one of her brothers… or Christ she thought while focusing on a well-built man with white chest hair, maybe even her own father. The thought made her body shutter realizing how far she had sunk into her newfound, sexual depravity.

“Finally, we can start having some fun with this slave,” she heard someone to her left say. She quickly turned her head in that direction and could see at least 7 or 8 more men on that side of her too. Then she looked down at her own body laid out on the table and realized she was completely naked. Her nipples fully erect, kissed by the cold air inside this place…wherever the hell this was.

Oh my God, she thought, this is it. This is Dee Dee’s present to me.

A voice to her right said, “First thing’s first, slave. Do you know what you’re here for?”

Kelly swallowed hard to wet her throat so she could speak. “To please your cocks,” she whispered.

“That’s right. Good girl,” said the man.

Yes, her friend Dee Dee had briefed her well on how she was supposed to answer such questions.


Just yesterday afternoon, she and her best friend Dee Dee had been discussing their sex lives over several glasses of wine. The conversation, as usual, lead to Kelly’s reservations about marrying her fiancé, Paul, who she was supposed to wed in just 3 months.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Kelly had said, “Paul’s great in bed, but…I just can’t believe I’m not going to get to…you know…experience…any more men for the rest of my life.”

“You could always cheat on him,” Dee Dee laughed.

“No,” Kelly said sternly, “once I commit to this marriage, that’s it. No more fucking around. If I’m going to dedicate my life to Paul, then I’m going to do it right.”

They sat in silence for a moment and then Kelly blushed and said, “I know this is going to sound so twisted…but I’ve always wanted to live out a really sick fantasy before I settled down with one man.”

“How sick are we talking?” Dee Dee asked intrigued.

“Well…” said Kelly, not able to look Dee Dee in the eye, “I want to be gangbanged.”

“Dirty girl,” teased Dee Dee. “I never knew you were the type.”

“It all started,” said Kelly, “when I would find these porno movies while snooping through my father’s underwear drawer when I would be home on break from college. Some movies would have one girl getting ravished by like 3 or 4 men, sometimes more. And they would do everything to her…use her pussy, her mouth, sometimes even her ass. Sometimes all of them would be fucking her at the same time. Ever since I saw those movies, I’ve always had really intense desires to have that happen to me. Like sometimes I’ll be at work or at a restaurant, surrounded by men, and I’ll fantasize about all of them just stopping what they’re doing, coming over to me and tearing my clothes off so they can all just…fuck the shit out of me.”

“Well,” Dee Dee said, “I never thought I’d be having this type of conversation with you, but there is a pretty easy way to make that fantasy come true.”

“What am I going to do?” asked Kelly. “Call up a bunch of Paul’s friends the next time he’s out of town and ask them to all come over and fuck me? God, if Paul ever even found out that I have fantasies like this…”

“Let’s just say,” said Dee Dee, “that I happen to know about a…secret society of men, I guess you’d call it, that specializes in this type of thing you’re talking about.”

Kelly looked at her with disbelief. “Secret society of men? How the hell do you know about something like that?”

“I have a friend at work,” said Dee Dee, “that also works as a dominatrix at night. She – uh – informed me about them.”

Kelly shook her head, amazed.

“The only thing is…” Dee Dee continued, “you pretty much have to relinquish total control of your body to them. If you don’t let them do everything they want, it can get a little rough, if Beylikdüzü escort you know what I mean.”

“Dee, it sounds like you’re talking from experience,” Kelly said mischievously.

Dee Dee’s lips curled into a devilish grin. “Let’s just say, I highly recommend it.”

“Oh my God, Dee!” squealed Kelly. “I can’t believe you never told me about this before!”

“Listen, I know you’re slutty, Kelly. But I had no idea you’re just as slutty as I am. So are you interested in meeting them?”

“I don’t know,” Kelly sighed. “How would I go about contacting this…secret society?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll arrange the whole thing,” said Dee Dee proudly. “It’ll be my wedding present to you.”


And now here she was. Dee Dee had told her some things to expect so Kelly wouldn’t be completely shocked, but she didn’t want to say too much and ruin all the fun in store for her. Kelly especially didn’t know she was going to be drugged and taken hostage like this.

“So, slave,” one of the men said, “you’re here to please our cocks, huh?”

“Y-y-yes,” she whispered as her naked body trembled, not knowing what to expect next.

“Turn this fucking whore onto her stomach!” the man yelled. And with that, two big burly men on either side of her, grabbed her body, lifted her up, and flipped her over in mid-air. As they laid her down face first, she felt her naked breasts mash onto the cold metal table. Her nipples stung from the unexpected frigidity. She felt someone pinning her arms behind her back and someone else gripping her calves to keep her from kicking.

Her right cheek was now flush against the cold tabletop. One of the men was holding her head down so she couldn’t lift it. Kelly began to squeal, but then stopped, knowing full well that she had asked for this.

A man knelt down to look at her anguished face. Her teeth were chattering.

She looked directly into the piecing black eyes that inspected her from behind the sinister-looking leather mask.

“You’re here to feel pain today, understand!?!” the man screamed into her face.

“Yes!” she screamed back, feeling tears well up in her eyes. For the first time today, she felt genuinely scared. She knew she was supposed to do what they wanted, but Dee Dee hadn’t said anything about them actually hurting her.

Another man walked over to her and he too looked directly into her fright-filled eyes. “So, you want to be in a gangbang, bitch?”

“Ya-ya-yes,” she sputtered.

“Good…and whose pleasure is more important today?”

“Y-yours,” she said, feeling her body shake under the powerful weight of her captors’ hands holding her in place.

“Good girl. And just so you don’t forget while we’re fucking the life out of you today, what are you to us?”

Kelly’s mind suddenly blanked out. She had remembered Dee Dee said they would ask this question, but she couldn’t think straight through the fear. She decided it was best to just say the first thing that came to mind, rather than say nothing at all.

“Today, I’m…I’m your dirty little fuck toy.”

“Close,” said the man, “but we’re not sure if you deserve such a prestigious title yet. Now try again, and if you don’t get it right, you’re going to hurt for it.”

Kelly felt her throat gulping down the blood-curdling scream for help she wanted to let out. She knew help was far far away and if she called out for it, there was no telling what they would do to her. Instead she searched her mind for the answer they wanted.

“Today, I’m a…”

“You’re a what?” the man taunted.

“I’m a fucking dirty…”

And then she saw someone out of the corner of her eye raise the whip. She closed her eyes tight, waiting to be hit. But then, all at once, the answer came to her.

“I’m a dirty, fucking piece of shit!” she blurted loudly, hearing her voice echo out into the darkness that surrounded them all only a few feet beyond the table.

“That’s right and don’t you forget that,” the man said, spitting onto her back. “I want you to keep chanting that in your head as our cocks brutalize your pretty little body today. That will be your mantra, so don’t forget it.”

“Okay, thank you, sir,” she said, her voice still a little shaky, amazed she had escaped the wrath of the whip.

Now a new man bent down to the table to verbally torture Kelly. It was the older man with the white chest hair.

“Hi, sweetie,” he said playfully.

“Hello,” Kelly murmured, thinking: Oh God, he does sound a little like my father…could it be him?

“It’s time for your pop-quiz,” he said excitedly. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, sir” Kelly gulped, playing into the fantasy that this was in fact her own father with a leather mask over his head, but naked otherwise…and God what a beautiful big cock Daddy had.

“Good girl. Now why are you here today?”

“To please cocks,” she purred. “All of your cocks.”

“And whose pleasure is more important today?”


“And what Beylikdüzü escort are you today?”

“A dirty fucking piece of shit.”

“Right!” he exclaimed directly into her face. “What a fast learner you are. You got all those answers right. But you know what, dear?”

“What, sir?”

“I think I’ll whip you anyway.”

“NOOOO!” she screamed. But it was too late. The whip came down hard on her exposed ass.

The pain made the flesh of her ass cheeks feel as if it were melting, and then the pain traveled throughout her entire body as she began orgasming uncontrollably. Her body convulsed spastically as the men continued to hold her down.

“Oh my God!” she shuttered. “Oh my God, oh my God…”

Although the table was freezing cold, sweat quickly washed over her entire body, and in an instant she felt how sopping wet she’d become between her legs.

“Holy shit,” one of the men said, “look at all that fucking cum dripping out of her pussy. It’s all over the table. I’ve never seen a bitch’s cunt make such a mess.”

Kelly could feel it, her inner thighs seemed to be coated with cum, and the metal table was now so wet and slippery that she could feel the skin from her belly button to her knees drenched in her own sticky sauce. That had been the most intense orgasm of her life. No one – not Paul her fiancé, not any of the guys she’d fucked in college, not even herself for that matter – had ever made her feel like that before. And now she wanted more.

“Please!” she screamed at them. “Please let me pleasure all of your big juicy cocks! Now!”

“Now that’s a good slave,” said the man with the white chest hair, studying her face. “You know, you’re young enough to be my daughter. In fact, I might just be your Daddy behind this mask. But you’ll never know that for sure, will you? Does that embarrass you, to know that your Daddy will be watching you get fucked by all these strangers today?”

Kelly felt mini-orgasms erupt on her clit with each word he spoke. She was losing total control. “No… I won’t be embarrassed. And I don’t want you to just watch. I…I want you to fuck me too, Daddy.”

Cheers from the men echoed in the room. She heard them say things like, “She’s a true whore!” and “We hit the fucking jackpot with this slut!”

“Don’t you worry about that, sugar,” her Daddy said. “I plan on fucking the living shit of you just as long and just as hard as everyone else here.” And before he said anything else, he took a handful of her hair and yanked her head up, bringing her face so close to his that she could smell the leather of his mask. And with that, he spit hard right into her face. His saliva smacked her on the bridge of her nose, and then shot off onto both of her cheeks. It started dribbling down over her nostrils and onto her lips. She started lapping it up with her tongue hungrily as if it were her last meal. And for all she knew, with how heinous these bastards had been, it could very well be.

“Now,” her Daddy said, tilting her head towards his crotch, “make this cock feel good, whore!”

He plunged his big meat passed her pursed lips all the way until his cockhead hit a spot in the back of her throat that made her gag. She a made a choking noise as if she were going to puke, but to her amazement she didn’t. Her eyes welled up with tears, practically blinding her as this eight inch cock slammed in and out of her mouth as if it were fucking a loose pussy.

“Say ‘rape my mouth’, slave!” he ordered her and yanked his cock out, a sticky mixture of her slobber and his pre-cum pouring out onto the table.

“Rape my mouth!” she gasped.

“Gladly,” he said smiling and pulled her hair so hard she involuntarily opened her mouth wide and gave a short scream.

He muffled the scream by sliding all 8 inches into her gaping mouth-hole.

It made her cough up so much spit that it flew from the back of her throat, out over her bottom lip, dribbling onto her chin.

Kelly tried to open her mouth wider to get some air as he gagged her over and over with the biggest cock she’d ever sucked in her life.

After only a few seconds of thrusting his huge dick in and out of her throat, she was somewhat relieved when she felt him tense up and say: “Daddy’s gonna cum, sweetheart!”

“Uhhmmmm…” she groaned with approval as he flooded her throat with creamy cum.

“That’s it, baby. Drain your Daddy’s dong!” He bucked his hips, getting in a few final thrusts until her lips milked the last remains of his salty spunk. She greedily swallowed it all while the men watched her throat muscles work it all down into her belly. Her Daddy withdrew his softening member and she opened her mouth to take in a big breath, revealing she had in fact drank all the cum Daddy had to offer.

“That was fucking beautiful, you dirty little shit stain!” she heard one of the men shout as a big hand came down hard on her ass, smacking her and making her body jump off the table.

They weren’t going to give her a moment to get too comfortable. Escort Beylikdüzü Another man now came up to the front of the table to torture her.

“Get my finger nice and wet,” he ordered sticking his digit into her mouth. She couldn’t figure out why he’d rather have his finger in her mouth instead of his 9-inch cock that looked like it was about to explode with cum. But she sucked on his finger all the same, coating it with a thick sheen of saliva.

“Good girl,” he said, pulling it out and inspecting how slick and sticky she’d made it. He then turned around, bent over, and stuck his ass right into her face. He opened his cheeks and she could smell the pungent aroma of ass sweat wafting from his crack. He then started tapping the finger that had been inside her mouth onto his little pink bunghole. Slowly he inserted it until it was knuckle-deep.

“Oh my God,” Kelly said aloud into his open ass crack as she watched this in amazement. She’d never seen a man’s asshole this close up. She had no idea what one smelled like and she’d certainly never seen someone stick their own finger up there like that.

He now pulled the finger out, leaving his hole a little more opened-up than it had been before.

“Take a big whiff, bitch,” he said, sticking the finger right under her nostrils.

She inhaled so deeply you could hear the air filling up her nostrils. It definitely smelled like what she’d expect an asshole to smell like – slightly rancid, but for some sick reason she liked it.

“Now get a gooood whiff,” he said grabbing the back of her head, pulling her face into him, until her nose was inside his crack. “O moi gawd,” she spoke as his tight butthole forced her nostrils closed. Her mind was racing; she couldn’t believe how disgustingly delicious this strange man’s asshole smelled. She tried to make her nostrils flare to take in as much of his stink as possible. You could hear her breathing with desire, in and out.

“Sounds as if she likes the smell of shit-holes, boys,” the man said mocking her.

“But baby, here’s the true test,” he said, pulling his ass away from her face and turning around to look at her. “Open your pretty little mouth.”

She did as she was told.

“Suck this finger clean,” he commanded, sticking the digit that had been in his ass deep into her mouth. She took it in willingly and closed her lips onto his knuckle. On her tongue she could taste the shit flavor of his ass dancing on her taste buds. She’d never tasted anything like this.

“That-a-girl. Get all that asshole juice off for me, bitch,” he said working his finger in and out of her mouth. She was sucking it enthusiastically as if it were a little dick. Drool was pouring over her bottom lip, running down onto her neck, and finally pooling into a sticky puddle on the table.

She felt someone crawl up onto the table behind her. Finally, she thought, I’m going to get fucked! She couldn’t wait to feel them ravage her cunt, giving her orgasm after orgasm.

Two hands were on her ass cheeks, spreading them apart.

“Boys, can I get a little lube?” said the man behind her. She could feel his breath on her asshole as he spoke.

Now she heard the men all around her start to clear their throats, bringing up phlegm into their mouths. It sounded truly disgusting.

“Okay, Mike, hold ‘er open,” she heard one man say. Then, one after another, she felt at least 7 or 8 of the men take turns spitting their gobs onto her exposed asshole. Kelly winced and felt her stomach turn.

“That oughta do,” said the man on the table with her.

Kelly knew what was coming. She figured she would be assfucked today, but she was at least hoping they’d pleasure her pussy a little first.

“Can’t you fuck my pussy for a little bit?” she pleaded innocently, wondering if she’d be punished for such a request.

“Pussy?” scoffed the guy behind her, massaging the globes of her ass together, mixing the phlegm to a nice consistency. “Shit, honey, today’s Saturday. We don’t fuck pussy on Saturday. Shit, we don’t even touch pussy on Saturday.”

“And neither do you today,” said a man leaning down into her face. “So don’t even think of reaching back there to play with that clit.”

And with that, she felt the head of a huge cock sink into her phlegm-lubed shit-hole.

She couldn’t see how big the dick was, but it definitely felt much bigger than Paul’s pitiful 6-incher which had been the only other cock up her butt so far.

Slowly, inch by fucking painful inch, she was finding out just how much bigger this bastard’s cock was, as he slid his monster prick deep into her bowels. When it was all the way in, he lay his body down on top of hers, pinning her to the table.

“Uhhhnnnnn,” Kelly groaned in pain with her teeth clenched. “I feel like I might shit all over your cock,” she warned him.

“You do, and you’ll have a big mess to clean up,” he warned her back. “And you’ll be doing it with your mouth.”

He started pumping slowly in and out of her ass. Kelly’s body involuntarily clenched; it felt like she was being ripped open anally. So this is what it feels like, she thought, to get ass-fucked by a real man. And she wished Paul could see her now. Her beautiful body being used by these complete strangers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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