Kelly’s Discovery (Bigger Sister)


* Author’s Note *

“Kelly’s Discovery” is the first short story following up on the further adventures of the characters from “Bigger Sister”, which is available on Literotica. You should probably read that before reading this.

Literotica Edition 2020/02/02

This is an explicit erotic novel written by FrigOfFury for her generous readers. You should not read it if you are not of legal age to read graphic depictions of sex.

Erotic content: Breast growth; bimbofication; M/F; F/F; lactation; mild exhibitionism; futanari; excessive cum; mechanical milking; impregnation; light bondage; incest


Catching Up

“Is this because of Boudi?” Candace asked Kelly after the third time Kelly had reached orgasm in a single lunch break. Candace certainly didn’t mind her sister’s increased sexual attention, but Candace had vague feeling that Kelly had an ulterior motive.

“What do you mean?” Kelly asked innocently.

“Are you trying to knock me up before Genie gets back from her trip?” Candace asked, and the guilty surprise in Kelly’s face betrayed a direct hit. “Really? That’s it? You know you don’t have to be sneaky about it. I think it’s completely fair, and I’m sure Genie would agree. Boudi is her third child, after all.”

“But it’s so much to ask,” Kelly said uncomfortably.

“So you weren’t going to ask?” Candace responded, raising an eyebrow. “Kels, you know I’m happy to have a bigger family, and if you didn’t know that, it would be really irresponsible of you to try to impose one on me, not to mention totally out of character as well. So tell me the rest.”

“Oh, it was more, well, I know that Genie might want the next one, too. For good reasons,” Kelly said.

“Because she gets some of her powers from siring offspring, right,” Candace said, spelling it out to make sure they were both thinking of the same reason. It was indeed a very strong argument.

Kelly nodded. “And I totally respect that she’s using her powers to try to fight for truth, justice, and the American way, but…”

She had to stop for a moment as they both laughed at Kelly’s oblique reference to the fact that Genie had gone to the States to try her hand at granting wishes to virtuous activists trying to straighten out the superpower’s government. It was all very noble, but it hadn’t escaped the sisters’ notice that Genie’s itinerary had included stops in Yosemite and the Grand Canyon that seemed more oriented toward sightseeing than magical heroism. Candi didn’t begrudge Genie her desire to see rugged places which Candi was especially ill-suited to visit, but she did feel it was a bit ridiculous of Genie to avoid mentioning her side-trips to Candace, as if seven years hadn’t already accustomed her to the idea that her mandatory high heels and enormous lactating breasts ruled out some activities.

When they’d recovered, Kelly continued, “But here’s why I have a special reason to want to, uh…”

“Knock me up?” Candace supplied with a smile.

Kelly nodded sheepishly. “Right. It’s because it’s happening for me as well.”

Candace cocked her head in confusion. “Pardon?”

“I think I’m becoming a… sorceress? Or something. I’ve noticed I can do things. Just really little things, so far. But they’re real; I can show you. And if I can learn it, then I can probably learn to help you, because you’re not my former mistress so there’s nothing blocking me from using magic on you.”

Candace’s eyes widened as her whole world turned on its side. She didn’t at all dislike her life, but it would be dishonest to deny that she had any interest in someday climbing Machu Picchu, or just sometimes going out into public without causing a stir. Then she remembered Kelly’s strong argument from a moment prior. “But Kels, shouldn’t that mana go to Genie? She’s trying to help the whole world and I reckon she’ll need all the power she can get.”

“And that’s why I didn’t ask first,” Kelly said. “I knew you would think that using any magic for you rather than saving the world would be selfish.”

“Well it is, a little. Isn’t it?” Candace asked, full of conflicting feelings.

“It’s okay to keep a little bit for ourselves, Candi. I mean, no one expects you to give away all your money.”

Candace felt a little tense, remembering the worst arguments she’d ever had with her sister, over how much of Candace’s porn income could be given to charity. Candace was glad that Kelly had put her foot down and forbade Candace to give away more than half; they had needed her income to afford the nannies and put away money for the future. Candace hadn’t conceded without a fight and there had been some hard feelings at times.

Also hard fuckings for makeup sex.

“Candi?” Kelly tried to get her attention.

“What?” Candace asked, snapping out of her reverie and letting go of the nipple she’d been unconsciously massaging. “Oh, yes, we can keep a little for ourselves. I suppose that’s fair. But maybe we should ask Genie to teach you how to use it?”

“I fully Escort Pendik intend to, when she returns,” Kelly said, nodding, “Especially since I eventually need help to make sure I can close the link to Adelphia when the time comes.”

“You just wanted to hand her a fait accompli, I see,” Candace said with a wry smile, “Just like with me.”

Kelly nodded with a smug smile, now that she’d overcome her initial scruples.

“How long did you think it would take until I found you out?” Candace asked.

“Honestly it’s lasted a bit longer than I thought,” Kelly admitted, “But I was hoping you would enjoy it too much to enquire.”

“You have been very inventive,” Candace said, jangling the chains still cuffing her wrists to her ankles, which in turn were shackled to the milker frame above her head. Her body’s inherent flexibility and the analgesic effects of sex endorphins meant she was not uncomfortable folded over with her bum in the air.

“Should I unlock you?” Kelly asked.

“Unless you plan to have another go at me,” Candace said.

Kelly checked the time. “No, I have to get back,” she said reluctantly, and started to free her sister.

“The only concern I really have,” Candace said, resuming the conversation as they cleaned up, “Is that you already have a connection, so why do you need another?”

“She’s had three already, and now she has a fresh fourth child,” Kelly pointed out, “So I’m hardly even catching up to her.”

Candace gave Kelly a look, but she wasn’t really even irritated. Adelphia deserved a full-blooded little sister. Besides, Kelly seemed not to have considered the possibility that if Genie came back to find Candace already pregnant, she could choose to argue that Kelly should carry Genie’s next child.

For truth, justice and the American way.


That night a paperclip fell out of the air to land on the table just below, and Kelly leaned back, breathing hard as she wiped sweat from her brow. “I know, it’s not much, but it’s clearly magic, innit?”

Candace nodded agreement. “I believed you before, but it seems like you’re a long way from where you could, well…” She motioned at her chest.

“The funny thing is, I feel like I might be able to do more with you. Like, let me show you.”

“Woah, wait, what are you about to try?” Candace asked, alarmed.

“You said it was time to trim your eyelashes again, right? I think I can…” Kelly reached out, and Candace’s lashes immediately shortened to a less excessive length.

“Wow!” Candace said, impressed as well as slightly unsettled at her sister’s power over Candace’s body. “Can you do that with everyone, or just me?”

“I can do it with myself, too, though it’s a bit more effort. Other people I haven’t tried, but I expect it would be even harder. Maybe paperclip-level difficulty.”

“I would call ‘paperclip-level difficulty’ a rather misleading category title, don’t you agree?” Candace commented as she brushed at her lashes with one finger.

Kelly stuck her tongue out at Candace, looking momentarily as young as her unageing sister. A cry went up from one of the girls, and Kelly rolled her eyes. “I’ll sort it while you get hooked in and I’ll be back to take care of you soon.”

“You better!” Candace said, and wiggled her bum slightly at Kelly to motivate her to manage the matter quickly.

In the morning Candace’s eyelashes were back with a vengeance, but a positive pregnancy test provided alternative evidence of Kelly’s potency where Candace was concerned.

“It could be coincidence,” Kelly pointed out, too happy to care whether her magic allowed her to get Candace pregnant so quickly or if it was simply good luck and sheer quantity of cum pumped into her womb.

“It could be,” Candace allowed, “Maybe we should give it another test on date night tomorrow.”

“What are you thinking?”

“See if you can get me to fit into the red dress.”

“Which red dress?” Kelly asked.

“The strappy one that I used to wear before I got too big to squeeze into it even in the bedroom,” Candace reminded her.

Kelly was wistful. “Oh my god, I would die if I could take you out in that dress. Let’s try!”

Candace turned off the milker on date night, slightly disgruntled that Kelly was running too late to join her. Not very disgruntled; the foggy good cheer imposed on her after an extended period without a good fucking was carrying away her discontent. Still, she remained sensible enough to know that she would prefer her have her full wits about her for one of their rare nights out with just the two of them, especially since Candi Baby wasn’t very good at remembering that she wasn’t supposed to flirt in public. It was just about the best Candi Baby could do to remember not to actually snog her sister where people might know they were related.

“Sorry! Sorry! I was stuck in chambers!” Kelly apologised as she hurried in, stripping out of her suit.

“It’s okay if you want to do it another day,” Candace said, weighing her disappointment against the advantages of starting sex straightaway.

“What would the nanny make of us just staying in here the whole evening instead of going out?” Kelly said, laughing ruefully. “We should…” She stopped to check her watch. “We’re going to be late if we stop for a quickie. Okay, let’s see if I can…” Kelly placed her hands on Candace’s head.

Suddenly the fog cleared away. “Kels! You did it! I was past halfway to bimbohood and now I’m perfectly sensible!” It wasn’t as good as if she’d had a fresh fucking because she didn’t feel the same sense of calm clarity, but nevertheless, she felt quite normal.

“Really! That wasn’t difficult at all!” Kelly said, surprised despite herself. “Alright then, let’s see about fitting you into that dress.

Kelly placed her hands on Candace’s boobs, and sure enough they began to shrink from gargantuan down until they were hardly larger than Kelly’s. By appearance they remained quite a bit bigger because they were on Candace’s smaller frame, but they were still less than half the volume, and so light that Candace felt strangely off-centred. For better or worse, she was used to their massive weight pulling her forward.

“That was a big effect! And where did it go? Even wish magic can’t make that much mass go away, right?” Candace said, gobsmacked at Kelly’s abilities. “Are you okay?”

Kelly wiped sweat off her face. “That was a lot harder. I felt like there was a lot more resistance toward the end. But you can get into the dress now, I’m sure of it.”

She was correct. Not only could Candace fit in the dress, she didn’t have to wear a bodysuit underneath to keep everything in place, allowing Candace to show off her bare back as intended by the dress’ design.

“I look so classy!” Candace marvelled in the mirror. “You and I could be twins again!”

Kelly laughed in delight, but shook her head. “Sisters, at least. You look even younger than usual for some reason.”

“I think that’s just because of my small boobs,” Candace opined, examining herself in the mirror.

“Not small,” Kelly said, laughing, though it had been true that toward the end of the shrinking, she’d started to feel that she was making them just a bit smaller than she would have really preferred. “Come on, let’s go! I’ll tell Marie we’re leaving and join you at the elevator so she doesn’t freak out when she sees you.”

“What if my boobs come back, like my eyelashes did?” Candace asked in the lift after Kelly rejoined her.

“If they start to come back I’ll just shrink them again before it becomes a problem,” Kelly said.

“Oh, of course,” Candace said, feeling a bit foolish, “Of course you’ve thought it through.”

Dating Difficulty

Candace felt a bit strange walking around showing so much skin and so little cleavage, but Kelly’s confident presence at Candace’s side easily kept her old anxieties at bay. It was clear that the sisters drew as much attention as ever, though the attention was different. The discreet glances of admiration or lust at the two women remained, but without the less flattering looks of blatant derision or disbelief that went with Candace’s rare forays into public when at her usual bustiness.

“A reservation for two under Andersen?” Kelly told the host when they arrived.

“Very good! I think you’ll be pleased. I consider it the breast…” he swallowed and stammered, “Terribly sorry! I meant to say that I consider it the best table in the house, with an excellent view of Tower Bridge and the Financial District skyline.”

“It’s quite all right,” Kelly told him with a slow smouldering smile. Candace struggled not to laugh at how Kelly was toying with the poor fellow.

“Your server will be with you presently!” he said and beat a hasty retreat.

“That poor man!” Candace said, laughing. “You’ll get us in trouble someday.”

“For today, though, I bet I’ll get us discreet service.”

“Probably,” Candace said, laughing and enjoying the feel of Kelly’s hand on her knee, naughty yet reassuring under the tablecloth.

Candace felt very refined and elite, eating expensive French food delivered by a witty and flamboyant waiter who complimented them on the beautiful picture they presented without making anything awkward. As they progressed through the bottle of Bordeaux the house sommelier had recommended, Kelly became ever wittier in her recounting of the peccadilloes of the various people she encountered during litigation. Or at least, Candace found her wittier after a couple glasses of her own.

“I need to visit the little girl’s room,” Kelly said.

“Should I come?” Candace asked. Her chest had shown no signs of re-enlarging, but she didn’t want to take any chances.

“If we both go at once they might suspect we’re trying to skip out on the bill. I’ll be right back. And if anything goes wrong, just join me and I’ll fix it. I’ll text you which stall it is.”

That seemed reasonable enough to Candace, so she sipped the last of her wine and gazed across the Thames without worry.

For about twenty seconds. Then she felt the slight sensation of pressure, and a look down at her bosom confirmed that her breasts were starting to grow. It was subtle, but undeniable. Candace rocketed to her feet in alarm, and hurried toward where she thought the accommodations were. Then she saw the host looking at her with what she thought was suspicion in his eyes, and her anxiety skyrocketed.

But only for a moment; instead of the usual slow drift toward vapid horniness, Candace gave way to Candi Baby in seconds. Which wasn’t to say that she entirely forgot that she was trying to avoid bursting out of her dress in the midst of the restaurant, but the details of her plan became very hazy. She didn’t know where the loo was, so she had to leave, didn’t she?

“Madame?” the host said, trying to intercept her.

“Tell Kelly I had to go home!” she said, giving him her biggest smile and a languid wink.

“I beg your…” he said said in confusion as she hurried out.

She reached the sidewalk before she recalled that she hadn’t called a car. Fortunately a taxis was disgorging a tourist as she arrived, so she slid in. “Hello!”

The taxi driver did a double-take in the mirror. “Hello, ma’am!”

“Can you take me home?” Candi asked, and giggled at the double-entendre.

“It would be my pleasure!” he said, pulling out with alacrity. “Surely you don’t mean my home?” he asked, trying to make a joke of it.

“No, silly!” Candi said, giggling again, “My home.”

“I’m afraid I don’t know where that is,” he prompted her gently.

“Oh! Sorry, I’m a bimbo right now,” Candi confided, before giving her address. Twice, because the first time he was too distracted by her frank self-description to pay attention. Had he noticed that her boobs were growing? She looked down and lifted them to feel how much the weight had changed. “Still kinda light,” she said, disappointed.

“They don’t look light to me,” he said with a shaky voice. He was a slightly heavyset black man with distinct smile lines.

“They’re so smaaaall right now,” she complained. They had begun to rise out of the top of her dress like soda bread in the oven, but they were still a fraction of their ordinary size.

“They do not look small to me either,” he disputed again, clearly very distracted but managing to weave through traffic expertly anyway.

“Bigger boobs feel better,” Candi said, rubbing at her disappointing breasts.

“Uhh,” he said, and shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“It’s like bigger cocks. I don’t mean like bigger cocks feel better in your pussy, I mean bigger cocks feel better because then pussies feel tighter, right?”

He made a strangled noise.

“Oh! We’re almost there. Let me show you.”

“I… What did you say?” he asked, apparently unable to believe his ears.

“Stop here! Yes, right here!”

He followed her directions with mixed relief and disappointment, so distracted that he didn’t even realise she hadn’t paid her fare until she was out of the cab. For a moment he felt certain that it had all been a ruse to evade paying her fare, but then pulled open the passenger side door and crawled over to him.

“Wait, what are you doing?” he tried to object, but under the influence of watching her bountiful breasts bounce out of her dress, he could only manage, “Waooooong?” followed by a weak yelp as she unzipped his trousers.

“Shhh!” she commanded as she fished his prick out of his pants. “Ooh, pretty!” she said, admiring his bell-end briefly before bobbing her head down on it. He had an unusual dick of ordinary thickness, but topped with a fat head that she thought would feel very interesting. Though his position make it difficult to get it all in her mouth.

“Oh God,” he groaned.

“Lay back!” Candi commanded, then pulled the lever herself, causing him to fall back suddenly and his tip to bump into he back of her throat pleasantly. It wasn’t quite long enough to be really fun to deep throat, so she licked around the base a little to tease him. She pulled back slightly and waited for his hands to grab the back of her head and force her back onto his cock, but he was still too hesitant so she pulled off entirely

“Do I have to do everything myself?” she scolded him, then remembered what she was supposed to be doing. “Oh sorry! I was going to show you that big boobs are better!”

She started alternating between rubbing her tits up and down his length and then re-lubricating with her mouth until everything was sloppy enough for her to start titfucking him in earnest, though she was always careful to pause when it seemed like the cabbie was getting too close to blowing his load and ending the fun.

He could hardly believe what was happening; this giant-titted bimbo demanding to please him with her huge soft breasts. It wasn’t the first time a woman had tried to pay her fare with sexual favours, but he’d never even seen a girl this sexy before, much less had one press sex on him in lieu of £7.25 fare. If she even cared about the fare; she hadn’t said a word about it.