Ken Ch. 08


After a quick breakfast at Lou’s place, Ken drove directly to school and arrived promptly for his first class at 9AM. The class time passed quickly as did an hour and a half workout in the gym. Thankfully his dates were finished until Friday night. He went home ready to collapse on his bed and sleep. Unfortunately, things happened differently.

Cindy was waiting for him. “You and I need to talk.”

“Oh, oh. I hope you’re not pregnant.”

“No, silly. I’m a big girl. The only way I’ll ever get pregnant is if I want to. First off, I’m going to rent my house and move in with Mark. You can get a whole apartment here for yourself. But I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you invite Jane to move in with you? Yes, she’ll still want to fuck Mark. On the other hand, I still want to fuck you, and I hope you want to fuck me. There are also others that each of us will want to fuck. So what? There’s a separate bedroom. Jane’s making enough so she can easily pay her half of the rent as I will with Mark.”

“Let me think about it. I understand that you have a nice house. Why move in here, Cindy?”

“Because here is where the action is. Besides, it’s good financially. The house rent pays the mortgage. I can add value to my house and write it off on my taxes. I live here for half of what I pay on my mortgage payment. So I’m saving half of my mortgage payment in my monthly living expense. It’s a win-win deal for me. Besides, I have Mark and you to keep my horns trimmed. Look at it this way. As couples we have some one to trade when we want someone different. Now if Jane moves in with you, that little wing ding you have with Mary and James could become real popular if Lou’s clients know that you and Jane live together as a couple. They’d pay even more if you were married. It’s an ego boost for black men to fuck a white wife with her husbands consent. Black Married women love fucking a white man with their husband’s consent the same way. Don’t forget, black people have 300 years of slavery and another 150 years of racial humiliation to get over. Paying a white man to fuck his woman is a way of coming out on top. Black women feel the same. Without actually experiencing what our ancestors had to endure, it’s difficult to understand the complex feelings involved. Also you had and still have love for Jane however hurt you feel. You’re no different than she is. You took me into your bed just as fast as she climbed in with Mark. Come on, admit it.”

“Looking back on it, I guess I am just as much a whore as she is.” Come on, you guess? Bull shit! Admit it. Stand there like a man, look me in the eyes and admit that you are just as much of a whore as Jane is.

“Damn! You win! Okay, I’m just as much of a whore as Jane is. Worse yet, I love being one. I said that I could no longer trust Jane, but the truth is Jane can’t trust me either. There! Are you happy now?”

“Not quite. Get your cell phone out, call her right now and invite her to move in with you. As a bonus to you, I’ll even teach her how to cook for you.”

Ken made the call.

Jane was speechless for a moment. Then she happily shouted out “YES!!” so loud Cindy could hear her.

“Give me the phone. I need to talk to her while you go rent an apartment. And don’t let Ruth detain you. I’ve got first dibs on your cock tonight.”

“Oh? Where’s Mark?”

“He’s on a date for Lou.”

“Okay, I’ll be back soon.”

Ken returned before an hour had passed. In his hand he held a lease on his new apartment. It was just two doors down the hall.

Cindy had cooked steak with baked potato, corn, and spinach along with a pot of her famous coffee. “Sit down and eat. You’re going to need all of the energy that’s on your plate because I need your beautiful cock inside of me tonight. Jane’s moving in tomorrow and she has plans for you too.

Ken had no desire for sex until Cindy cleared the counter top and bent over the kitchen sink to rinse the dishes. The sight of her ass in tight white short shorts was just too much. He rose from his stool and hugged her from behind. His cock was hard as soon as he felt her ass cheeks against his belly and thighs. His hands softly stroked their way up under Cindy’s top along her tummy until his palms brushed across her sensitive nipples. She gasped as he kissed the back of her neck.

“Oohhh, this isn’t fair. Ken, Honey, please back off for just a minute while I get these dishes into the washer.”

“Okay, Love. I’ll be in the bedroom.”

“Don’t start without me” Cindy’s hands were shaking as she finished loading the dishwasher and started it. She thought, “I’m one hot lady, but no man has ever affected me like Ken does. It scares me, but I’m like a moth near a flame. I can’t stop myself from wanting to get closer and closer to him.”

Ken was laying on the bed naked with his cock pointing straight up waiting when Cindy came in. “Hurry up and get those clothes off of you.”

“What? Don’t you like how I dressed for you? Doesn’t this top show my tits enough? görükle escort Don’t these shorts show enough of my hips, my ass, my pussy for you, don’t my wedge sole shoes make my legs look nice enough?”, Cindy asked teasingly as she pirouetted showing off her gorgeous body.

“I love the wrapper, Honey, but I can’t eat that.”

“You’re such a nasty boy. I should make you take a nice big bite out of a bar of soap, but I’ve got a better idea.” Cindy quickly grabbed a towel from the bathroom and tossed it to Ken. “Here, put that under you and lay back down on it.” Cindy stripped her clothes off and kneeled on the bed. Okay, wise guy put your arms out to the sides. Cindy straddled his throat and shoved her pussy up against his mouth. Ken couldn’t move his arms because Cindy was kneeling on them. Okay, mister potty mouth, you wanted to eat. Start eating.” Cindy jumped as Ken’s tongue found her clit. “YESSS!!” Her heart pounded in her ears and blood rushed to her pussy and her face as passion claimed her. “Oh my God I’ve missed you, Baby. I’ve been wanting you so much. Oh yes, I love the way you eat me. Oh shit! I love feeling your teeth scrape me like that. You suck it so nice. You make me want to squirt all over you. Mmm, I’m starting to cum already. Oh yeah, give it to me, my love” Suddenly Cindy stiffened and came without warning. “Oooohhhh, oh! Oh yeah! … That was sooo nice. Now I want to share this.” Cindy scrambled to turn herself around. “Now give me that red hot cock.”

“Oh, my God. Cindy, Honey, No one sucks that like you do. Oh my God, I love it so. Mmmph … I Love sucking your sweet pussy and feeling you cum for me. Oh, baby you are such a very special woman. Oh yeah, take it all. Oh my God I can’t help it I’m cumminngg!”

Oh my God, I’m right with you, Ken, Love. Give it to me. Give me your cum, I love it.

Cindy contentedly swallowed it all. “Mmm, baby, I love the taste of your cum. I love taking it into my body any way I can. I want you to fuck me now. Not fast and hard, but slow and easy like you love me and want to make it last for a long long time.” Cindy turned and rolled into a missionary position. She slid her arms around Ken’s neck as he rolled between her legs. “Yes, That’s it Baby, slide it into me. AAAhhh. Oh yeah. You own it.”

Ken looked deeply into Cindy’s dark eyes as his cock bottomed out as deep as it could go. He saw the image of a goddess in a state of rapture. Ken held still and let Cindy enjoy the feelings she was having.

“Mmm, Baby, I love feeling you deep inside of me like this. I feel like I was made especially for you. When we’re together like this I feel warmed, loved and protected by you. I feel like I’m owned by you and I love being your woman. It scares me because I need that closeness with you. I know that we’ll never be a story book ‘happily ever after’ couple, but I’m yours whenever you want me. I even hope that Jane stays infatuated with Mark. Maybe she’ll be willing to swap for a week or so once in a while. I’d love to wake up and feel you next to me in the morning for a whole week.”

“I’d like that too, Cindy but wouldn’t you miss Mark?”

“I suppose I might at times and in some ways but I’d know I was going back to him at the end of the week. But all through that week I’d be loving you and feeling you in me like this. Would you miss Jane?”

Ken laughed. “I guess I would, but like you said, at times and in some ways but I’d have you to love all week long.”

Do you know what’s strange? Being with Mark doesn’t change you or Jane. You both come back to me just as tight and just as loving as you were the last time we were together. Perhaps even more loving. I guess old Ben Franklin was right when he said, “Milk and bread do not improve with keeping while wines and women may.” Wouldn’t it be interesting if we went through our lives just coming and going from each other’s houses and families like we belonged in both families?”

Cindy laughed. “That’s not so strange, Ken. Lots of people really do live like that. They keep it hidden though. Society would crucify them if it was known. With us though, can you imagine white kids and brown kids in one family, and black kids and brown kids in the other family?

Ken shifted slightly.

“Mmm”, Cindy answered Ken’s movement with one of her own hip movements. “Oh yeah. That feels so good.

Ken pulled nearly all the way out and slowly slid back in again. Repeating the action.

“Oh God yes! Just like that, Honey. I love feeling you as you slowly slide into me.

I love you, Ken.”

“I love you too, Cindy”

Ken and Cindy made love like that for what seemed like an hour. Neither wanted to speed it up and go over the peak that they were slowly making their way toward. They held each other tighter and tighter as if trying to merge into one another.

Suddenly Cindy cried out, “OH MY GOD!! OH KEN! OOOHhhhhh, OOOHhhhh, OOOHhhhh.”

Ken pushed into her hard. “I’m right with you, Honey! Cum, Baby, bursa escort bayan cum! Give it to me! OOOHHHH! There it comes! Take it, Honey, Take it!”

“Oh Wow! Ken, that was beautiful. No one has ever made love to me like that.”

I’ve never experienced anything quite like it either.

The two laid together in each others arms until their sexes were fully relaxed and still. Then Ken rolled over and turned off the light. Morning light found them spooned together with Ken’s cock nestled between Cindy’s ass cheeks.

After a healthy breakfast of ham and eggs, toast, juice, oatmeal and coffee (regular) Ken was off to school. He skipped through Thursday without facing a single obstacle. He invited three couples to the weekend party, and excelled at his workout in the gym. His library session was fruitful and he memorized what he was supposed to. He felt like a superman. It was on the way home that reality hit him. Oh shit! I’m supposed to move tonight. Jane will be there.

When Ken walked in, Mark, Cindy, and Jane were there to greet him. Mark handed him a beer.

Jane pushed him down in a chair and sat on his lap. “Enjoy your beer, Love. We’re both moved in already, and Cindy has cooked a great spaghetti dinner for the four of us.”

“Gee guys, I don’t know what to say, but thanks!”

Mark said, “Ken, close your eyes and hold out your hand, I’ve got a present for you.”

When Ken opened his eyes his hand contained a box of business cards with his name for a company called Moonlight Surveillance and Security systems.

I thought if you were going to talk business for us this weekend you should at least be able to present your card.

Wow! Thanks, Mark. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

“Nor could I, Ken. Damn! In less than a momth you’ve bought us a shot at the big money business. Okay so much for business. Let’s eat!”

Cindy said, “I hope you like the spaghetti Ken. Jane knows how I make it now. You might have to live on it until I can show her how to prepare something else for you.”

Ken laughed. “Please hurry. A steady diet of spaghetti and pussy could make a man fat and lazy.”

One more shot like that and spaghetti might be all you get, Mister.

All too soon dinner and a bottle of Cianti were done. “I’ll help Cindy clean up, Ken. You might want to take Jane home and put her to bed. You both have a busy weekend ahead of you.”

At the door of their new apartment Jane handed Ken the key. I’m glad you left it on the dresser last night. If Cindy hadn’t found it we couldn’t have moved us in. We did a light shopping so there is stuff for breakfast, and a drink if we want one. Cindy showed me a good thrift store so we have some dishes and silverware and a couple of pans. I chose this bedroom for the master. And put a change of clothes and a robe for each of us in the guest bedroom in case one of us has company. It’s enough for now. I’m just so happy to be with you. Let’s go christen the bed.

Ken flicked the light switch and flooded the bedroom with light. The bed was made and turned down for him. The bathroom was in order and ready for use. ‘He pissed, washed his face and hands and brushed his teeth. Grabbing a spare towel from the shelf he made his way to the bed spread the towel out in the middle of the bed, then undressed while Jane used the bathroom. Ken was lying on the towel when Jane returned. “Come here, Luv. I’ve missed you.”

“Mmm, Me too” Jane jumped onto the bed and nipped each of Ken’s nipples, then sucked hard on them nipping on them again hard enough to leave bite marks.

“Whoa! You’ll mark me up!”

“Gee, I’m awful sorry about that. I just want every woman who sees you to know that you are very well loved. Don’t worry, women always want what they know the other woman has.” Jane straddled him, and kissed his neck leaving a hicky just below where the top of his collar would hide it. She quickly turned and left another hicky on the inside of his thigh near his balls. Then she sucked each of his testacles into her mouth and gave each one a good suck. Grasping his cock, she said, “I’d love to do a hicky right at the tip of this. But it’s already purple anyway. It probably wouldn’t show. What the hell, I think I’ll try anyway.” Jane moved her pussy up and placed it over Ken’s mouth. As she lowered hers toward Ken’s hard cock. “YESSS!! Oh God, Ken, I love how you eat my pussy!

I want to taste your hot cum in my mouth.” She licked the precum from the tip and sucked the head of his cock deep into her mouth as Ken found her G-spot with two of his fingers.

Ken closed his eyes and had to concentrate hard in order to do his part. Jane was sucking very hard and fast while jacking him off with her hand. It was as though she was starving for his cum. He tried to keep it from pumping up from his balls but he couldn’t. Jane had full control over his sex. He sucked her clit hard and fast pushing into the center of her vulva with his chin to make it swell. bursa escort He groaned from the sweet sensation as his cum spurted hard several times into her hot mouth.

Jane knew how to take care of her own pleasure. As she felt Ken near his peak, she quickly climbed hers. At the first spurt she went over the edge into her own orgasm being careful not to swallow his cum. After the spasms passed, she turned around and kissed his lips forcing them open with her tongue. When Ken opened his mouth, she fed him half of the cum she had saved.

Ken simply swallowed it without comment while Jane swallowed the rest of it.

“Wow! That was hot! Ken, Honey, did you like the taste of your cum?”

“Ken laughed, I’ve tasted it before. It’s better from a very hot and wet pussy though.”

“Who did you eat out?”

“Mary, and Alma. Why?”

“Because I wanted you to do it for me first. I would have treasured the memory of it as something special between us. I’m sorry, Ken, I know I threw away any special intimacies we could have had. Now I feel the loss of that specialness.”

“I’m sorry too, Jane. That’s gone now though so all we can do is go on with our lives without it. We’re friends and roommates with privileges. So let’s enjoy them.”

Jane squirmed around a little and centered her vulva over the shaft of Kens cock then she began moving her hips in a circular motion giving little gasps as her vulva crossed over his cock from one side to the other.

To Ken, it felt as though the swollen and slippery area along the center had a life all of it’s own. He could feel Jane’s sweet wetness beginning to flow out to greet and lubricate his cock as if inviting it to enter. Her eyes were dilated and she looked more like an angel of love than the whore that she was. Ken pulled her up with his hands on her ass and felt her sweet cunt part to welcome his hard cock to the warmth and silky wetness inside of her. Ken went slow savoring every fraction of every inch of his cock sliding along the gripping walls of Jane’s hot and ready cunt. Too soon he reached the barrier of her cervix. He had no more length to give her. He paused savoring the tiny contractions as her cunt gripped his cock as though trying to milk it of it’s precious seed.

The sensation Jane was feeling grew demanding more like a severe itch demanding to be scratched. Jane’s hips moved to scratch that itch.

Ken felt a similar itch and he withdrew a little and thrust upward into her as Jane

thrust her hips up to meet him. The sensation in his cock and balls was so sweet and strong he groaned.

Jane locked her arms around his neck and rolled him over on top of her where she wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him deeper into her. “Oh Yes, Honey, fuck me.” There was no urgency as she relished the feel of Ken’s hard cock sliding into her and withdrawing. She felt only satisfaction as her itch received the attention it wanted.

Ken felt no urgency either, only the pleasure that Jane’s lovely cunt was giving him as he slid in and out of her. “You feel so wonderful, Jane. I want to cum but I want even more to savor fucking you.”

“Me too, Ken but I’m afraid I won’t last very long. You feel too good in me. I’m starting to climb now and I can’t hold it back. Oh God, It feels so good.” Jane squeezed Ken’s ass with her legs trying to pull him harder into her.”

Ken pulled against Jane’s ass cheeks and squeezed her clit against his pubic bone as he thrust a little harder. “It’s okay, Honey, cum whenever you want.”

“Oh shit, here it cums. Oh my God!! OH! OH! OH! OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!


“Atta girl! I love when you cum for me.” I want more. Ken started driving into her harder and faster.

“Oh Honey, yes! Give it to me! Yeah, fuck me, Honey! Oh God yes! I’m cumming again! OH Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!!! AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!…Oh no! Not AGAIN!!! OOOHHH FFUUUCCCKKK!!! AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”

“Quick! Give me your ass!”

Jane quickly raised her knees to her chest as Ken withdrew from her and lubed his cock with her juices. He pushed it against her sphincter and felt is slip past. He used his hand to lube the shaft more and with a few tries slid his cock all the way into her. “Rub your clit!” Ken slid three fingers up Jane’s cunt and massaged her G-spot as he fucked her ass hard and deep.

“Oh Ken! What are you doing to me? Oh my god that’s so hot! Oh YESS! Fuck my ass! OH MY GOD! CUMMMIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!!”…

Ken groaned as his cock started to spurt deep inside of Jane’s bowels. As the spurting subsided he fell forward onto her and rested feeling his pulsing cock answered by Jane’s cuntal contractions grasping it.

Jane was in a faint. She awakened as she felt Ken kissing her lips. “Mmm”

Ken turned off the light and laid back down on his side spooning her. Soon they were both asleep.

Ken woke up, looked at the clock, then jumped out of the bed afraid he’d miss breakfast before his first class. It was then that he smelled odor of coffee and bacon and eggs coming from the kitchen. Then he remembered that Jane was there.

“Good morning, Honey. Go shower. I’ll have breakfast on the counter for you when you’re done.”