Kendra Wants to Lose Her Virginity

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A modern mature woman loses her virginity to a man she is very attracted to. Two stories of that great night of sexual awakening, the first from her viewpoint and the second from his.

Thanks to LarryinSeattle for editing.


Kendra’s Story.

My name is Kendra. I am a lucky girl. Keith is such a handsome successful man that he could almost have any girl. But he chose me. When we are out and about, I hold on to his arm so that all the women know he is my man. We have just been going out for a few weeks but they have been the greatest weeks of my life.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. Not that I am anything great but it will help you see why I am so lucky to be with a man like Keith. I am 22. I graduated from university just last spring on the Dean’s list. I have always done well in school. I was never much into sports but I bike around since I can’t afford a car. That keeps me fit. I am really shy around men. I studied so much that it left me almost no time for boys. I had dated a tiny bit but I was a virgin until I met Keith.

I started a new job early in the summer and that was where we met. My manager and I were having coffee in the lunch room and he mentioned that Keith MacLean from the management training department had been asking about me, personal types of questions. I had noticed Keith around our office, what woman wouldn’t. He was handsome, tall and in great physical shape with a confident manner. He’s a few years older than me, young and virile. According to my manager, he was also a rising star in the company.

From that day on, I kept an eye on him and I noticed that he would lock eyes with me and give me a brilliant smile. I couldn’t help but smile back, never imagining a great guy like him would ever ask me out. But one day he came up to me and confidently said, “Hi, my name is Keith MacLean. How would you like to go out with me on Friday night?”

I was a bit flustered and blushed but managed to reply, “Yes, I’d like that.”

“Okay,” he replied, “Email me your contact information on the company intranet and I’ll send you mine with the time I’ll pick you up. Is dinner OK?” And off he went, leaving me standing there on cloud nine.

What did he see in me? Sure, many good looking guys have asked me out but I’m too busy to get involved. They all said I was pretty and of course my folks think I’m beautiful but I just don’t feel like I am. Let me describe myself. I’m about five foot seven and I have a slim build but certainly not boyish. In the last year or so, my hips have taken a more womanly shape. I weigh about a hundred and twenty pounds. My breasts are one of my best features. They are a 36B cup. Keith really likes them. My hair is light brown and I leave it long and naturally curly down to my shoulders. I’m not much into makeup or sexy types of clothes, more into natural, traditional styles. Thank goodness, Keith likes the natural look too. I prefer nice dresses to jeans. I think women should be feminine. My dad calls me a ‘girly-girl’. I like that. Keith complements me when I wear high heels, saying they make my bum and legs look great. I try to wear them whenever we’re together.

The last few weeks have been a real sexual awakening for me. Like I said, I was a virgin before Keith. The first date I had with Keith was at a great restaurant. I wasn’t going to waste my chance with a catch like Keith by not looking my best on the first date. I wore my best, colorful summer dress with a bold, happy pattern of flowers and a broad white patent leather belt around my thin waist. It was shoulderless with a nice amount of cleavage without being slutty. I even bought a new matching pink, silk panty and bra set. I decided that I’d go as far sexually as he wanted. This date was my best chance at being with a great guy like Keith. I blush when I tell you that I even had to decide what to do with my light coating of brown pubic hair. I had never shaved it. There was never a reason. Of course, I trim the sides for wearing a swim suit and I decided to leave it natural in case Keith liked it that way and just shaved the sides.

The day of my date, my mind was in the clouds and I blushed whenever I imagined him touching me. Kendra, I thought, you are old enough. It’s time to lose your virginity and become a real woman. I was ready and willing to do anything he desired.

He picked me up at the entrance to my apartment building in his nice new car and off we went to a fancy restaurant. The smell of the leather upholstery was very masculine. As we walked from the parking lot to the restaurant, I latched onto his arm. When I did that, he stopped, looked down at me with those gorgeous eyes, and smiled. I smiled back a bit sheepishly and looked down. He put his hand over mine and we walked silently to the restaurant.

The meal was super. He told me about his interesting life and I shared mine. I couldn’t help stare at his full lips as he talked and several times I lost track of what he was saying. As often as I could, I would say things like, “What ever you think, escort bayan Keith” or “You sure know what’s best.” I wanted him to know that I’d follow his lead whatever he decided. I even let him choose my meal for me. When we finished our meal and Keith ordered us coffee, I went to the girl’s room and put on perfume, “Like a Virgin”, by Madonna. It seemed appropriate and it had a very strong, flowery scent. I crossed my fingers and hoped that Keith would like it. It surprised me that the crotch of my panties were soaking wet from my love juices. That had never happened before.

When we were finishing our coffee, I can’t believe it but I actually got brave enough to reach over and put my hand on his. What must he think of me to be so forward? But it felt so nice to touch his skin. I had wanted to touch him all night. When our eyes met across the table, he smiled a knowing smile and the sexual energy that past through me made me squeeze my knees together as my girlie parts felt a surge of passion. A hot blush crossed my face and down my neck. He must have thought I was such a silly girl.

As we walked arm-in-arm in the night towards the car, he said, “This has been a wonderful evening, Kendra. I guess I should take you home now?”

I gulped and said, “Whatever, you think is best, Keith.” And gave his arm a squeeze.

I hoped he got my message that if he wanted to take me back to his place, it would be okay with me. Like a gentleman, he opened my door and then got into the drivers side. I was sad that he didn’t seem to get my hidden meaning. When I got in, my dress rose up to show a lot of thigh but I left it like that hoping he would enjoy the view and maybe take me to his home. I felt I was losing my chance but couldn’t bring myself to ask him outright.

Before turning on the engine, he turned to me in the dark and said, “That perfume is really nice.” The sexual energy in the air was overwhelming.

“Thank you, I’m glad you like it. I bought it just for you.” I was frantically thinking, “Please, please, take me. I want to be yours.”

Silently, he leaned towards me for a kiss and that burst a dam in my calm act. I mashed my lips to his and gave a little groan of passion. I couldn’t help it. I had been holding back so many new urges. I didn’t care that he might think I was a tramp. I just had to taste him. He was an incredible kisser. Our tongues danced together instinctively and I swooned and moaned as waves of new sensations rolled through my body. It was all instinct and not an act.

Our lips parted. I could hear myself panting when he said deeply and with authority, “We’re going to my place.” I took his hand in mine and kissed it several times as my sign of complete submission. He moved his hand to the stick-shift and backed out of the parking stall and burned some rubber surging forward. I put my hand on his again. The car couldn’t go fast enough for my taste. I wanted to be in his home and in his arms as soon as possible. I could not believe how my cunny was starting to gush love juice and throb in an urgent way. The primal part of my brain was taking control and sending new feelings of urgency forwards to instinctive but dangerously erotic delights. This must be what it’s like to be a woman totally in love and wanting to give herself entirely to her man.

Keith looked down at my legs and confidently said, “You have very beautiful legs, my dear.”

“Thank you, Keith.” I brazenly pulled the hem up a few inches to offer him a better view. Of course, not high enough to show my panties because in the rest room I had spotted the crotch had a large, dark wet spot from my erotic juices.

He turned on the overhead light to get a better look. “Yes, very nice.” I felt so sexy, exposing my charms to him. I kissed his hand to thank him for his kind compliment.

Along the way to his home, my crotch cried out to be touched, but Keith, the gentleman, did not go there. I would have looked like a harlot if I had relieved my yearning by touching myself, so I just bit my lip and wished all the traffic lights were green.

We went up to his apartment and Keith did not seem to be in any hurry. He asked me to sit on his black leather sofa and went off to get us a glass of red wine. The room was tastefully furnished and modern art paintings were on the walls. Not like my place which was furnished in just-graduated-cheap-student style.

He sat beside me on my right a distance away and we clinked our glasses in a toast.

He said, “Here’s to a beautiful evening with a beautiful woman.”

I clinked the glasses again and said, “Here’s to a great evening with a great guy.”

I’m a touchy-feely person so the distance between us seemed too cold so I put my glass on the coffee table and shifted closer so that our bodies were touching. He put his hand over my shoulder and I placed my head on his chest with my left hand resting on his stomach. I could smell his musky, sweaty, male odor and it was like an amazing cologne. I could feel my nostrils flair and my breathing görükle escort pick up. I could hear his heart beat in a slow even rhythm while mine seemed to be throbbing in triple time.

I thought he would sweep me up and make love to me in a frenzy but he seemed to be going very slowly and confidently like a connoisseur savoring a fine meal. I imagined an attractive man like him had been with several women. He seemed to sense there was no rush. He correctly pegged me as a girl that would do anything he desired.

He made a small animal sound deep in his throat and grasped my bare shoulder with his strong hand. He kneaded the soft skin and made a groan and then went silent again still stroking my shoulder as if he were planning how things would go. I waited for his direction. We sat for several minutes in silence. I was a bit nervous that maybe I had done something wrong or that he might decide to end the evening and drive me home.

Finally, I just had to do something so I reached down and pulled the hem of my dress up to expose my legs and this time even my panties. He had enjoyed looking down there before and I hoped that would make him happy again. This sexual foreplay was so foreign to me. I had never shown any boy or man my panties. But I just had an overwhelming urge to please Keith, whatever he desired.

“Very nice, Kendra. You have very beautiful legs.” He shifted a half a turn towards me and reached down and rested his hand on my knee. I let out a small sound that was something between a groan of pleasure and a whimper. My head was still on his chest but I was looking down and watching his big hand resting quietly on my knee, expecting it to move up my leg to my womanhood. But it just rested there. He was in no hurry. I looked down to the front of his slacks and noticed a growing bulge. Goodness, I had only felt one boy’s penis through his pants in the back of a movie show, and Keith’s bulge looked a lot bigger than the boy’s.

I knew that bulge meant that Keith was getting turned on and this was not the back of a public theater. This was private in a virile man’s apartment. He was going to be using whatever was in there with me. It sent a nervous flash through me and erotic yearning at the same time. I needed him to know that I had never had sex before.

“Keith, I’m sorry but I should tell you that I am a virgin and I have never had sex with anyone. Teach me how I can please you. I really want to learn and do my best.”

He didn’t reply for several seconds as he took in the new information. I was worried but then saw the bulge in his pants get much bigger. That was a good sign.

Finally, he said in a deep voice, “Yes, my dear I’ll teach you. Please stand up.”

I stood up. He looked me up and down slowly, eating me up with his eyes. He had the look of a hunter looking at his prey.

“Turn around.” I turned.

“Lift up your dress so I can see your ass.” I bent, grabbed the hem at the back and straightened up bringing the dress up over my waist.

He let out an animal sound. “Very, sweet ass, love. Very, very nice.”

I stood there for a few seconds until I thought he was satisfied and dropped the dress.

He barked, “I didn’t tell you to let your dress down. Pull it up!” I quickly pulled it back up. “That’s better.” I stood there, waiting for his instructions. My cunny was getting very turned on and I just had to rub my knees together to get a bit of friction in the sensitive lips of my womanhood.

“Okay, baby, turn around and take off your dress real slow and sexy like.”

I had seen videos of strippers so I knew a bit about what men thought was sexy when a girl undresses.

I turned and there was Keith with his eyes drilling into my body. He looked so masculine as he sat there with his arms spread wide on the back of the sofa and a big smile on his handsome face. I reached back as coyly as I could to find the top of the zipper and pulled it all the way down below my waist. That freed my top which I quickly grasped with both hands with my arms crossed so that it wouldn’t fall down. I wanted to slowly reveal my bra. I turned around so that he could see my bare back and bra, then looked over my shoulder with a coy, sexy smile. His grin grew much wider when I did this. Boy, I was really getting into this. I had never felt so sexy in my life.

I turned to face him and bent over to give him a good view of the tops of my breasts that were straining to be released from the sexy push-up bra that I had bought to show off my charms. I stood up and slowly dropped the dress top to show my bra. His eyes were laser-locked on my chest. I couldn’t help but see the large tent in his slacks. My brain did a swoon. I pushed the dress down my hips to the floor and stood there in just my bra and panties.

“Turn around, sweetie.” I turned.

The same animal sound came from his throat as he checked out my rear. “Nice, very nice. Now spread your legs wide and bend over and touch the floor.”

I did bursa elit escort as ordered and knew, as I bent lower, that he would be able to see that the whole crotch of my panties were soaking wet from my womanly juices.

Now a deep grunt came from behind me on the sofa. “Hmmmm. Nice. Very nice. Now turn and take off everything.”

I turned and his eyes had an intense, animal look that I had never seen in a person. It sent a bit of fear through me but I knew from that look there was no turning back.

I undid my bra at the back and I held the cups in my hands to slowly reveal my globes. I could see his nostrils flare as they came into his view. I dropped the bra to the floor and cupped each breast as sexily as I could. He licked his lips. That was so sexy. I tweaked my nipples and found them as hard as diamonds and a bolt of electricity shot straight to the primitive part of my brain. I closed my eyes and my mouth opened slightly as I panted a bit with the new intense feelings. Soon my reverie was interrupted.

“The panties now.”

I thought to myself, “Oh my god, my doctor is the only man that has seen me down there!” But there was no turning back. I blushed even down to my chest and pulled my panties down and stepped out of them. Keith’s eyes were only focused on the Y where my legs met my body. I was just hoping desperately that he liked what he saw. I am sure he has been with many very beautiful women. I stood there waiting.

He stood up and came to me and circled me, looking me up and down. I stood still with my hands at my sides. When he was behind me, he cupped one of my ass cheeks and gave a satisfied grunt, then stepped in front of me. He reached down and took one of my breasts in each of his strong hands and expertly fondled them. It was beyond erotic. I didn’t know what to do so I just closed my eyes and bit my lip. He dipped a hand down to my center. When he touched my pubic hair, I couldn’t help but give a loud moan. Vertigo made me lose my balance and I placed a hand on his chest to keep from falling.

“Spread your legs my dear, I want to feel all of you.” I moved my feet apart and his hand slipped over the camel-toe notch to the nether lips below. I can’t describe the incredible intensity of sensations I felt as his fingers moved over the wet lips of my cunny. I had to put my other hand on his chest for support.

“Oh my heavens Keith, that feels so good. Thank you, thank you.”

He reached behind me and cupped my ass-cheeks in his hands and pulled me towards him. I inhaled the masculine odors of his shirt as he massaged my ass exquisitely.

“Mmmm. Your ass is so firm and your skin as soft as silk. I love it.”

“Oh thank heavens,” I thought, “he likes me.” I could feel the strong muscles of his chest through the shirt and I moved my hands over them in wonder.

He took my hands and backed up and sat on the sofa pulling me onto his knees. I felt like a little girl as I snuggled my face into the space by his neck, below his chin. I could feel a bit of rough beard stubble graze my cheek. This was a real man and he would soon make me a real woman. I kissed his neck and he groaned and put his fingers through my hair and pulled my head towards him a bit violently. I just kissed his neck over and over as he grasped my head and maneuvered it so I was kissing him all over his neck on both sides. Animal sounds came from deep in his throat and I could hear him pant. We were in an envelope of pure lust. He stopped and composed himself and his breathing slowed to normal. I could feel his hard erection under my bottom. I yearned to see and touch it.

Keith’s hand rested on my knee and my legs instinctively opened wide. My body wanted to be touched and offered him complete access. His hand stayed maddeningly still. My pussy cried out to be caressed. It was crazy-making as his hand stayed put.

“Please Keith. Please touch me.”

His hand travelled oh so slowly up my inner thigh. I put my hand behind his neck and pulled my face into his neck beside his ear and moaned, “Yes, yes, yes,” until his wonderful hand finally found its target. My voice gave a loud, “YES” as a bolt of pure pleasure coursed though me. His fingers glided over the slick, wet lips of my girlie parts. I squealed when his index finger twirled around my clitoris.

A low masculine voice, “Let’s check to see if you really are a virgin.” He dipped his hand down to my vagina and inserted his middle finger into the entrance until he hit my maidenhead.

“Yes, sweet. Very sweet.” He moved his lips to mine and we kissed long and deep. I will never forget the feeling of offering myself completely into the luxury of his masculine being. I felt a sense of total trust and protection. I closed my knees to capture his hand and humped my hips against it as a moan rose in my throat.

Our lips parted and his murmured, “Now Kendra, I want you to go through that door over there and you will see my bed. Climb onto the bed under the sheets and wait for me. I’ll be in shortly.” I got off his lap and went to the bedroom. The king-size bed had a large dark wooden headboard and a black silk duvet with blood red pillows and satin sheets. I climbed under the cool sheets and gripped the edge of the duvet and waited. I could hear my man pour himself another glass of wine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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