Kissing My Dad’s Fleshlight Pt. 02

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September 2nd

When I woke up today, the call had ended. I was hoping that we could wake up together, but oh, well. I tried to call him back but his phone was dead. I think I’ll just wait for him to call me when he’s ready.

What a disaster! He didn’t call me until I was about to go to sleep, and he wanted to do the same exact thing as yesterday. It was fun until I opened my stupid mouth to join in on the dirty talk. I was like “Oh yeah, you wanna fuck this pussy?” And he got all weird about it! I told him I didn’t mean it literally (I wish) but he went off about how we can’t have real sex because that would be “too far.” I know it would be really complicated if he accidentally got me pregnant, but… honestly… Now that I think about it? There isn’t any other man out there whose babies I’d want to have. He has always been such an amazing Dad. Actually… I want NOTHING more than for him to impregnate me… I’m going to call him tomorrow and tell him how I feel.

September 3rd

Well, all of the courage I mustered last night disappeared by the time I woke up this morning. Still, I wanted to see him. So instead of calling him, I took the bus. I thought he might say not to come, so I’m just going to show up and surprise him… I’m halfway there, so there’s no going back now… Oh god, what am I doing?

Here’s the update. As I walked up to the house, I noticed my Mom’s car in the driveway. I started to internally freak out. I was worrying that maybe she never left and maybe she knew about our phone calls. It turns out she just got home early. When she opened the front door to see my unexpected arrival, she acted like she was happy to see me, but I knew she wasn’t. My Dad looked like he was going to faint from the shock. I really should have just stayed home, the whole situation was honestly very uncomfortable.

When they were both preoccupied with making dinner, which they reluctantly invited me to join in on, I told them I was going to go to the bathroom. I snuck away and went upstairs, but instead of turning into the bathroom, I walked to the end of the hall to their bedroom. I wanted to see if he had gotten a new fleshlight, and admittedly, I was going to steal it. I was hoping that I could remove his sole source of pleasure so I would appear more appealing to him. Or something, I don’t know… But I didn’t see one. What I did see was a vasectomy brochure.

I remember I was sitting there on the floor, absolutely hiltonbet yeni giriş fuming. I bet my Mom gave it to him. She wants to cut up his nuts and strip him of his manhood. If he gets a vasectomy, he won’t be able to give me his babies! I just went straight home after that, I was sick to the stomach and I couldn’t even look at her. I have to do something. I don’t want to come on too strong, Dad’s still of the mindset that it would be bad if I got pregnant by him. How can I convince him not to get a vasectomy or fuck him before it’s too late? Is it already too late? No, he wouldn’t be worried about getting me pregnant if it was. Unless he’s lying and using that as an excuse? No, he wouldn’t do that, he loves me too much to lie to me like that… I hope…

September 8th

I called the clinic that was on the brochure, and they said they don’t have any openings until January, so I have some time, assuming he plans on going to that clinic. Also, I’ve done some thinking, and I think my best option is to try to work within that window as opposed to convincing him not to get the vasectomy because my Mom would probably become suspicious or upset. So, it’s seducing time. This will prove to be difficult since I have no experience with sex, besides with my Dad, and I can only hope that I am the only one competing for his seed because compared to Mom… I am by far the better choice. My body is tight and perky, and hers is… not. Perhaps I’ll wear something really sexy and make sure he sees how much better I am than Mom. I’ll need to re-budget the money they send me for school and living so I can obtain the necessary materials for this plan to work. Reducing my food bill should make me thinner, anyway.

Now, how can I convince him to fuck me? What can I do that’ll make him want to make love to me? Irresistibly? Without scaring him off? I could experiment and ask around among the male students I see everyday, but I’ll bet they’re completely different from my 38 year-old Dad. And I don’t want them to think I’m into them or try to do anything with me. The only cock I am interested in touching is my Dad’s. I hope that’s not too much of a restriction in terms of this plan. Maybe I need practice in the art of seduction, but I don’t want to be defiled or deflowered by anyone else. I want to preserve my body so that it is perfect for Daddy to use. What to do…

September 15th

We had phone sex again! I feel like hiltonbet giriş I’m learning so much from my Dad! For example, he likes it better when I call his dick his “cock,” he says it’s hot to hear me say it! He said he thinks about our night together in my dorm room a lot, and I bet that means he wants to do it again. He’s still weird about the idea of going any further than letting me suck his cock, but he says he wants to “play with my pussy,” so I bet I can direct the situation to work in my favor.

My Mom does the same thing every year for Halloween where she hangs out with her “girl friends from work” and doesn’t return until very late at night. Like we’re supposed to believe that she’s not out getting plowed by some rando who’s just as ugly as she is. She says this year they’re going to an “adult haunted house,” but I know that’s just code for boring vanilla sex that she thinks is exciting as long as it’s not with her loving husband. She’s such a lying whore. I’ll prove it to him and then I can have him all to myself without her getting in my way all the time. And then, when we’re alone together on Halloween night, he’ll give me his seed and we can begin our happy new life together. Or at least, a girl can dream…

October 1st

I visited home this weekend, and I took it upon myself to do a bit of investigating. I managed to get a moment alone with Mom’s phone under the guise of using it to call my phone, which I “lost.” I didn’t find anything, though, she must have deleted all proof, texts, and pictures of her secret lover(s). Sneaky bitch. I have the rest of the month before my date with Dad, but the clock is ticking. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to resort to plan B, but if I don’t find any dirt on Mom before the last week of October, I will probably have no other choice. Next time, I won’t give her any warning, or any time to delete anything, and I will destroy her.

October 8th

It’s a good thing I scheduled my classes so that I have Mondays off. It really worked out in my favor for the purposes of this plan. I’m already on my way to my parents’ house with my copy of the key that opens the front door. They should both be at work by the time I get there, and I’m hoping that Mom had no reason to take her recreational laptop with her to work.

I got into the house just fine, and I quickly located her laptop on her side table. The password has always been my birthday. If she had nothing to hide, hiltonbet güvenilirmi she wouldn’t need a password. I was able to access her texts and emails, and I looked through all of her desktop files. I didn’t find anything really that strong, except for an email exchange with 52 back and forth messages with someone named “Taylor Novak.” The language in the text was definitely flirty and there were references to several meet-ups at this Taylor’s “multiple properties” near the beach. I fucking got her. I forwarded the exchange to Dad so he could see it for himself, and I’ve hardly been able to contain my excitement on my way home. The only thing that could beat this feeling is going to be when I watch my work unfold and spend a lovely eternity alone with my Dad.

It hasn’t even been a few hours and Mom is sending me guilty texts, and she said she wants the three of us to meet tonight. This confession is going to be so delicious. I can only imagine how the conversation between her and my Dad has gone following her exposure.

We met at the house tonight, and she made a big, fancy dinner and we ate in the actual dining room on the nice dishes. I remember I thought, “She must really be trying to kiss our asses.” I was thoroughly amused… until she opened her fucking mouth. According to her, Taylor Novak is a real estate agent, and she is a woman. Mom explained to Dad and me that she supposedly found a beach house an hour down the coast and was waiting to tell us until Christmas. Dad believed her lies, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Either way, that’s too close to January for me to wait before I act. So much for plan A…

October 26th

There was a condom drive in the commons of my dorm building today. It gave me an idea, so I grabbed a good handful. I’m going to try this idea before I resort to plan B.

October 31st

Tonight’s the night! I haven’t been able to think about anything else all week. I’m so nervous, I hope my last-minute idea works! I don’t know if I can honestly pull off the other plan I had, so this may prove to be a major blessing. The goal for tonight is to be able to convince my Dad to have sex. My pussy is aching for his cock. I’m hoping that the barrier of the condom will be enough to free him from his inhibitions and just fuck me already. I want him to feel comfortable enough to cum while he’s inside of me… and I poked small holes through the condoms… all of them, just to be safe. I need his seed.

He’s coming over in 20 minutes! We’ve planned to watch scary movies and I got some candy for him to watch me suck on… hopefully it will put him in the mood for some fun. I’m shaking all over, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this, but I have to try!

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