Knock Knock

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I pull the door open with a flourish and a Cheshire grin. She responds with her huff and a small smile, a mix of annoyance and amusement. This little game of ours brings me no end of pleasure. Looking into those emerald eyes I think of how my little game started.

Six months ago I invited her over and finally she could make it. After a month of broken dates she was coming over. I was more excited than I should have been. After all she was just a friend; my smart, funny, playful, sexy friend who was just waiting for me to reach out and pluck her. I noticed her car pull up and waited for her to take the elevator ride up to my floor. I could imagine her stepping out of that metal box lined with walnut. My head thrown back and eyes closed as I sat on my couch my foot resting on my knee and my arm draped across the back of the couch. I could see her walking down the hall as if I’m standing next to her. I see her walking to my door in glistening black heels.

I follow the curve of her calf up to the delectable thigh that peeks from the slit in her lilac dress. My eyes are hands as they slide upward over an ass that puts the works of Michael Angelo to shame. Onward and upward I look and find the hips, stomach, and breasts of a seductress. I reach her face, the face of an angel, with eyes of purest emerald and framed by a cascade of fire.

My eyes snap open, by now she will be a few steps from the door. I spin my body up out of the seat, over the back of the couch. Two long strides bring me to the door and I open it with the flourish that has now become customary.

There she stands, convers, jeans and a t-shirt adorn her figure and she is sexier than the vision that came down the hallway. My face is blank, as I look on, her with an expression of confusion and a hand lifted to knock. Her eyes move upward to mine as her hand returns to her side; she does however retain her confusion. Though my face remains unmoved I know my eyes give away my hunger as her expression shifts to one of curiosity and mild amusement.

I step back into the apartment and she moves with me. My grin breaks through as I step into her and wrap my hands around her hips as my lips meet hers. Her mouth opens with a small gasp but her hands push away any hesitation I might have as her fingers twine their way through my hair. Before I know which way is up I have her pressed against the wall with one of her legs riding up mine.

My lips break away from hers as I lean back to breathe and find the bearing that has eluded me she hangs on and purrs into my chest before leaning away sliding her hands down my neck bringing them to rest on my chest. Her hands leave a trail of electricity that threatens to make me misbehave in such a delicious way again.

“That was an interesting first kiss,” her eyes seem like they are glowing as she smiles up at me.

Now every time she comes over she tries to knock on the door before I can throw it open. She has only succeeded twice. After her second victory she was so enthralled with herself that I knew I mustn’t let her win again.

I snap back to reality as my angel presses herself against me.

“Are you going to let me in or feast on me right here in the hall,” she breathes in my ear.

She steps back and looks up and down the hallway.

“Not that I’d mind but what would people think? A Big Bad Wolf feeding on a sweet innocent girl like me right out in the open,” she punctuates her statement by stepping out into the hall and waving her Uşak Escort arm across her body.

I call her bluff and step out after her until she is pressed up against the opposite door. She has her hands on my chest looking up at me with wide eyes. My hands slide down to her ass and squeeze as I lift her up and feel her legs wrap around me. Pressed against her like this I can feel her heart rate pick up.

“You should never tease a hungry animal,” I whisper as I kiss and breathe on her neck and ear.

“I’m sorry,” she says as she cranes her neck.

“No you’re not,” I say and I kiss her neck and suck deeply.

“No I’m not,” she gasps and grips my shoulder tighter.

“Let’s go inside before a neighbor calls the cops,” I move to unwrap her legs but she resists.

She looks at me with big eyes and nibbles her lip. After a moment she releases me.

“Let’s go inside but let’s skip the foreplay,” she looks pleadingly at me.

“Sorry sweetheart I’m not that easy. Besides you always go first and are so grateful afterward.”

I take her hand and guide her in she follows with a small moan. Whether or not it’s from desperation or anticipation I can’t tell. Though it might be a little of both.

She walks ahead of me to the bed room as I close the door and lock it. I watch her cute butt wiggle away with a little extra swing to it than normal. I smile as I move over to the kitchen and pull a bottle of water from the fridge and start to drink.

Halfway through my bottle I feel her arms wrap around me, hugging me from the side. I rest my arms on her shoulders and pull her close as I finish my drink. I break free from her embrace and turn to look at her. Her shoes and socks are gone which is why I didn’t hear her. She also lost her over shirt.

I feel like misbehaving again as I see the sexy lace bra encasing her wonderfully round breasts through her clinging undershirt. This was no doubt her intention. I toy with the idea of disappointing her to draw out her frustrations but the point of the game is to make her want it more not piss her off.

Instead of turning away I pick her up and sit her of the counter. She looks at me with a satisfied smile. She won but that’s the beauty of our game whoever wins we both win. I pull her to the edge of the counter and kiss her again as her legs wrap around me. This time I let my hunger show as I kiss her hard. I am rewarded with a moan and a nip of my lip. I rip her shirt open drawing a delighted gasp from her. Her bra is saved from my lust by its front clasp.

As it pops open her breasts only seem bigger with ripe cherry colored nipples. She smiles at my attention and leans back pushing her chest out. I gently kiss around each breast sucking as I lift my lips away caressing her stomach and lower back with my finger tips adding a light scratch here and there.

I make a complete circuit of her delicious rack careful to avoid her nipples though she tries to guide them into my mouth. I can feel the goose bumps on her skin from my attention and add a few light nips to keep her on her toes. I avoid her latest attempt to press a nipple between my lips and just as I hear a frustrated sigh I snap it up and take a healthy pull. She lets out a deep groan and her elbows buckle. I take her weight in my hands as she recovers from the sudden pleasure.

She lets out a happy sigh as she takes her weight back on her hands. My hands slide around from her lower back and find the button Uşak Escort Bayan to her pants. She grabs the back of my head and presses me firmly into her breast as I slide her pants down.

She pulls my hair urging me to stay creative with my tongue on her nipple as my hands begin to spread her now naked legs. I slide my hands down her smooth thighs. I feel the firm muscle underneath my hands twitch as I switch to her opposite nipple and apply a playful bite.

She pulls my head up and kisses me fiercely as she works the buttons on my shirt. She feels my bare chest underneath and smiles biting my lower lip.

“No undershirt. You planned ahead,” she sighs.

She takes the shirt and folds it up.

“Counters cold,” she explains as she slides the shirt under her

I take the moment to lose my pant and yes I had again planned ahead.

“Much better,” she says as I move in close.

“The Shirt or our friend,” I ask between kisses.

“The shirt was good, He is better,” she replies as she lightly strokes the length of my dick.

Good answer. I leave a trail of kisses as she once more leans back and I make my way to her delicious pussy. I pass her belly button and stop long enough to leave a love bite just above her mons. Now the real work begins.

I look into her eyes from my position on the floor as I gently blow on her already wet pussy. She gives me a smile to go on. I caress her just outside her lips as I again breathe hot air on her pussy. I wrap my arms around her thighs as I move in and slowly slide my tongue from the bottom up to her clit where I give it a light flick. I begin to suck on her outer lips alternating sides looking for places that cause the most response. I smile as I hear her breathing grow shallow. I go on the attack. I begin to lick and suck on her clit as my fingers being to caress her labia as they move into her pussy.

I slide two fingers inside and begin to curl them against the top of her canal. I begin to tap them against her g spot and she sits forward with a groan followed by a gasp.

“Yes”, she breathes over and over as she grabs my hair and pulls.

“Clayton!” she screams as I go faster and faster pushing her closer to the edge.

“Cum,” I breathe as I break my contact with her clit for an instant.

My command is heeded immediately. She slams her legs closed around me and a long moan as her pussy squeezes and pulls at my fingers.

I push her high and higher as I suck harder and grind the pads of my fingers against her g spot. I push her until she screams and shudders. I smile up at the ecstasy on her face as I bring her down by licking and sucking her pussy lips.

Her legs relax as she slumps onto the counter leaning against the cabinet. I stand up licking my chops like a wolf after a feed. I grab two more bottles and set one near her as I wipe my mouth and throw away the towel. I hear her open the bottle as I finish mine. I lean against her counter as she drinks.

She sets it aside and gives me a sleepy satisfied smile. She rests her head on my shoulder and caresses my forearm. She’s humming a slow happy tune. She pulls my hand into her lap with her now crossed legs. She inter laces our fingers as I caress her thigh.

“Better now,” I ask the smile clear in my voice.

“That took the edge off. Now you have a job to finish,” her sly smile tells me she’s ready for the main course.

Good, I prefer to cash those favors in Escort Uşak later.

I pull her to the edge of the counter and am disappointed to see she is a little too high to line up right. I stand on my toes in slight frustration to make it work. Her laugh makes me look up with a smile of my own. She point off to the side.

My eyes follow her finger and alight on my kitchen table. I pull her close to me and feel her legs wrap around my waist as I lift her up and take her to this platform of love, lust and passion sent by the gods in my hour of need.

I look into her eyes as I set her on the table. She smiles wide eyed at the raw look in my eyes. I move her legs to my shoulders as she stretches her body out on the table and arches her back. My head pushes into her folds and runs their length. With a hum she brings her attention back to me. She pushes herself onto her elbows to watch as my tip pushes inside her. She moans gently as I enter her warm pussy. She lies back as I begin to feed my shaft into her, inch by inch. Each time I push into her I add another inch after pulling out until only the head remains.

She hums each time I push into her as she lies back and lazily plays with her fiery hair. The deeper I go the more I begin to appreciate her humming. As I slowly stroke my full length into her I being to feel her humming in the head of my dick. Slowly my strokes become more insistent. Her humming follows suit and draws a moan from me as her hum turns to a throb and pulse.

The pulse sets me off and my strokes turn to thrusts as the sound of our bodies meeting begins to grow in volume. I wrap my hands around her waist and begin to pull her into me as she rolls her hips into my urgent push. I give an extra hard thrust that pushes her further up on the table and I mount it and push inside again to a mutual groan.

I support my upper body on my hands as I begin to roll my hips into her clit as I slam into her pussy. She digs her nails into my back with a wild moan as I do it again. She arches her back and lets out a moan and drags her nails down my back.

I throw my body into her until I hear the table begin to knock against a wall that was not close to us when we got on. I pause as we both look at the wall and back at each other. She looks and me with a laugh and leans up for a kiss as she pulse her pussy muscles on my shaft. I cut her laugh at my reaction short by grinding her clit as I stroke back into her.

She groans and gently pushes my shoulder. I roll onto my back and take her with me. She kisses me before sitting up and gently grinding her clit on my pelvis. With a wicked smile touching her lips she begins a slow belly dance that does amazing things to the way we are connected. As she writhes on top of me she begins to slide her hands from her hips ever so slowly top her breasts. The closer she gets the faster she moves and harder she grinds on me. I groan and squeeze her thighs earing me a smile and gentle pulse from her canal muscles.

As she passes her breasts she begin to throw her head back and forth with the sex dance that she has started. I grab her hips as I sense my end coming and thrust up into her with her downward grind. She lets out a gentle wail as her pussy begins to pulse like mad sucking and pulling me to my end.

“Cum,” it’s her turn to order as she starts her climax.

I respond with a half yell half groan as the first wave crashes and I let loose my cum inside her as she collapses onto my chest. I grab her hips and gently stroke into her. She scratches my chest with a whimper as my second and third blasts are pulled from me by her hungry body.

She curls up slightly on top of me and kisses my chest. I smile and humming and stroking her hair as she dozes off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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