Kyros-giolla Institute Ch. 10


Author’s Note: Dear all, thanks for all the wonderful feedback and the great votes! I love writing this series, but this chapter was really hard for me to write and it was really important that I ‘get it right’ (hence the lengthy delay between chapters). I don’t apologise for the harshness of the scene, but I can promise that the next few chapters will have a little more romance, as it were. Thanks for hanging in there through the long wait!

When Bryndis awoke, his eyes were sandpaper tired. After years of military training and further years as a Kyros at the institute, it was usually easy for him to trust his inner body clock to wake him when he desired. Today, though it was still early, he knew by the dusty light that dawn was approaching and that he had overslept. Though hardly sleeping in, he was irked that he was late. He felt like he was slipping. Sighing as he got his feet under him, he got dressed and started his almost-daily run. He was about 3k into his usual 10k and was deciding to get Annis more involved in running – maybe a 5k as a goal? – when he realised he was really avoiding the subjects he needed to use this time to think about: what had happened last night and the next stage of Annis’ training which was starting today. He slowed to almost a walk as he thought again about how close he had come to taking her, to forcing himself on her, last night. Her soft skin and her bound arms and her pleading eyes, that revealed lust in her eyes. And he had almost given in to that request; it would have been an irrevocable mistake not only in that he had a strict training plan – a plan for them both, he reminded himself – but also that he had known in taking on a virgin that he was placing a burden on himself and on the Institute to abide by certain guidelines and respect certain traditions which would not apply to the other Kyros’. It did, however, mean that he got to spend these early days of Annis’ training here in these hills and forests and he got to be much more instrumental in these early stages than others whose giolla spent significant amounts of time training in group lessons.

The truth of the matter is, he thought, if he had taken her last night they would probably both have been asked to leave. At the very least, he would have been put on probation and she… Well, she would have felt very alone, regardless. Alone and undoubtedly betrayed and perhaps even assaulted. The truth of the matter is that it could never happen again, he could never slip again. The truth of the matter is, he decided, that they had to go back to their rooms at the House and that some things at least would have to change. Thus, there were some things that had to happen today, things that Annis would hate. Things that he hated. Picking the pace back up, he began to make modifications to his plan.

The current problem was that the Institute had a policy where the recently inducted giolla and their Kyros’ discovered their limits. Every Kyros had between 6 and 48 hours to ‘break’ their giolla, putting her in a situation where she would use her safeword; optimally, warning words were used as well, but it was the use of the safeword that was key. After using it once, the giolla all knew that they were, essentially, safe with their Kyros. It almost immediately had a positive effect on their emerging relationships and lead directly to a deeper understanding of trust. There was, of course, a downside to forcing a safeword so quickly. Most new giolla were eager to ‘prove’ themselves as strong, as capable of bearing pain or humiliation. Usually, new Kyros’ had to result to quick thinking or unexpected action, rather than pain alone, to bring about a safeword result as none of the giolla were alerted to this aspect of their training beforehand. Bryndis knew of another Kyros who routinely had his giolla separate 10 pound sacks of red and puy lentils for hours on end whilst sitting in a very hot room wearing a slightly too large butt-plug until she safeworded. No really terrible pain involved, altogether just too much discomfort. He had thought to use a similar approach with his next giolla, but with someone like Annis, that wouldn’t work.

Annis had never, before coming to the Institute, experienced pain as part of the sexual process and had no idea of the wide-ranging role pain could plan in stimulation and submission. He was going to have to spend a lot of time working with her in this physical area of training in order for her to reach her potential as giolla and she would have to trust him irrefutably to monitor her pain thresholds. Basically, she would have to safeword through pain, not boredom and not even humiliation, in order for her to fully trust his training and mastery of her.

The other problem was that he had received special dispensation for Annis to allow them more time before forcing her to safeword. Though originally thinking he would keep her here only two days, that time had stretched; as soon as he had realised the change in his plan, he had requested the dispensation from the Institute. Thus, he could force the safeword as long as they were here, but it had to be achieved before xslot returning to the Institute. They were leaving tomorrow, as he knew for sure that their future as Kyros and giolla were dependent on their return; however, Bryndis was also keenly aware that he had, due to his own hesitations, not yet given her any direct training on pain management. This whole situation was due to his mistakes, not hers and they would both bear the brunt of his latest fuck up. This next bit of her training, the inclusion of pain and pain management, he was determined to get right. He settled into his long, loping stride for the final 2k of his circuit.


Annis was shocked out of sleep. It was still dark. Very dark, in fact. Even when she opened her eyes, it was dark. There was a sharp coldness in between her legs and growing slowly over her whole body, like someone had lodged an ice pick in her pussy and then was wiping her down with cold water. Whether that was what was happening or not, however, she couldn’t tell. She couldn’t see anything. She tried to move her hands, tried to move her body away from the growing cold, but she could only move a little. The straps that had been ‘restraining’ her in sleep were truly restraints now, arms pinned against her ears over her head, ropes underneath her breasts and across her hips to keep her still on the plinth, legs tied down and splayed open at the knee.

‘Master?’ She knew it was Bryndis, it had to be Bryndis, but she needed the reassurance of him; she was trying very hard not to get panicky, but she was still coming out of sleep and was shocked to be in this state.

‘Annis, good morning.’ The creeping cold continued, but she relaxed visibly upon hearing his voice. Who else would it be? she asked herself, mentally giving herself a shake. Before she could respond, he continued. ‘Don’t say anything else just now. There are things you need to know immediately and things I need to know. First, today will be a hard day for you; I’m telling you now so that you can prepare yourself mentally that your submission today will be harder than it was over the course of the previous days. There is not going to be one ‘event’ that will be particularly challenging, but all day will be hard for both of us. Do you understand?

‘Sir, I’m so sorry about last – ‘

‘Annis, do you understand?’ A repeated question was paired with a twist on the cold in her pussy, making her cringe.

‘Yes, sir, thank you for telling me.’

‘You’re welcome. What happened last night was unfortunate, but not because of anything you did. You were lovely and watching you and your submission pleased me very, very much. Watching you respond to me was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen, especially because it was not a kind of submission you feel comfortable with. I was very pleased.’

A flush came over her whole body as she heard the warmth in his voice. Bryndis smiled, though Annis could not see it, watching her nipples become flushed and puckered, seeing her face redden underneath the blindfold. She’s thinking about it, he thought, remembering. His heart sank a little that not every memory was going to give her that much pleasure. More of them would, though, he reminded himself, in the end as long as he was careful and thorough.

‘Thank you, Master. I was afraid you were angry when you left.’

‘Annis, I told you when I left that I was not angry. Do you think I would lie to you?’ Not giving her a chance to answer, he continued, ‘Regardless of the difference between that you think you trust me and that you act as if you do not, I will not lie to you. That is part of what we will be working on today. I hope that the next time you wake up, you will trust me a little bit more and that I will trust you a little bit more. Today, we’ll start working on pain training.’

He immediately felt the tension return to her body.

‘Here is what I trust you with today: I trust you to use your warning words or your safeword if and when you need them. This is not about showing me what a tough girl you are, but showing me your limits, showing me and showing yourself what you really can’t do and where you really can’t go. Throughout the day, we’ll be working on different ways to use pain in giolla training and I’ll teach you some beginning mental and physical exercises to help manage pain.’ He paused, giving her a chance to think about what he had just said. ‘What are you thinking about, Annis?’

‘I… I knew this was coming.’ She licked her lips and started again. ‘I mean, it’s not a surprise. Well, it’s a surprise today, but…’ She shifted her weight around, tightening and loosening the tension around her arms and flexing her hands. ‘I’m not very good with pain, you see. I’m kind of a wimp so normally I would be terrified doing something that I know would hurt. I mean, weirdly, it’s probably one of the million reasons I’m still a virgin…’ Her voice petered away. I mean, could she really still say she was a virgin? He had practically raped her anally at the Ceremony of Will even though she had accepted it through submission. Last night he had xslot Giriş fucked her with her dinner (a carrot! she thought in dismay, and I was begging for it!) and now here she was, blindfolded, tied down with her legs splayed before someone she’d know only days really and he was doing who-knows-what to her at the moment. That, however, was a conversation for another time. Soon, perhaps, but another time. The question now is… how to deal with pain?

‘I don’t know how to do it – to deal with pain, I mean. I want to let you, I mean… I like how you said this isn’t about me showing that I’m tough, but I’m really likely to just want it to stop.’

‘That’s what the safeword and warning words are for. I will help you and I will push you but at the same time…’ he paused slightly, ‘you won’t ever forget this day.’ She thought that he even sounded a little sorry for her.

‘Just, could you keep reminding me that you’ll help me? That might help, that reminder that this is actually for me.’ She could feel the blindfold starting to get wet from the tears. She wasn’t totally crying, just… this was hard.

‘Of course. Thanks for telling me how I might can help you. Now, I’m going to gag you as we finish the preparations. You won’t be bound and gagged and blinded all day, by the way, but throughout the day we will work with variations. The preparations will take a while but I want you to use it to meditate on calmness, on me and on my trust of you. I trust you, Annis, and I want you.’

‘Thank you, Dhiren.’

She heard his intake of breath upon hearing her use his first name, but was equally shocked to feel his hand on her cheek and his mouth on hers. His lips, soft against hers. He didn’t touch her anywhere else, but as his thick tongue entered her parted lips, a gasp escaped her, a small groan as he explored her and thanked her. In that second, her groan turned to a cry as he bit down hard on her extended tongue which had been tentatively on its way to his mouth. She tasted blood.

He leaned in to her ear, hand now twisted in her hair. ‘I will take blood from every part of you before your training is finished,’ he whispered, deep and throaty.

Standing again, he ordered her to open her mouth and fitted her gag before she had a chance to reply. A shiver that had nothing to do with cold or hunger made its way through Annis.


‘The first lesson,’ Bryndis said whilst letting his eyes slide over her reddening chest and stomach, ‘is that I want you to feel this way. I do not want for you to escape pain; I want you to experience it.’ He began to lightly dust his martinet across her legs and then her arms, keeping well away from her face. This stage was in the way of a warm-up as he could see her face which was now free of the blindfold and gag. He wanted to be sure she was listening to him, particularly now in the early stages – these lessons were crucial and he would have to remind her throughout the session. He didn’t want her in subspace or in any way disconnected from her conscious body. Plus, he wanted to gauge the pain reactions in her face, not just the tension in her muscles, something he found key during the first few pain management sessions. ‘You are to stay connected with the pain as we get deeper and deeper into it. You are free to scream or cry out at any time, but when I say ‘now’, I want you to scream as loudly as you can and I want you to arch your back. Both will help you stay in touch with your body and will help you eliminate the building pain. Otherwise, I want you to be as still as you can reasonably be. Do you understand?’ His light strokes reverted back to her stomach, but he continued striking her gently as he waited for her to answer.

‘Yes…Sir,’ she panted.

‘Then show me what you should do – NOW!’ he swiped a bit harder and then let the martinet drop to his side. He smiled as she lifted her breasts off the plinth and let out a short but loud scream. It was hardly as loud as she could scream, but he thought they would both figure out how loud that was before long. He would later teach her other coping mechanisms later, ones for standing, sitting and kneeling, but today he would focus on her front and her lying down. Plus, this meant that she would be able to both sit and lay down afterwards and that she would be able to see every stroke once they got into the striking that would mark her. ‘Good girl, well done my dove.’

The lights were full up, the sunlight was streaking in. Bryndis didn’t want any romance here; instead he wanted full-on reality that would force Annis to focus on what he was doing to her. This was another side of being giolla and he wanted to see how she took it without any frills. He was even dressed, not in anything fancy just blue jeans, his brown belt and a tee-shirt tight enough not to get in the way of his swings. He thought about these things because he had had to learn about them. His last giolla, years ago, had been a serious masochist and he had wanted to keep her satisfied and thus had to learn how to be certain that the body was accepting the maximum amount of pain while xslot Güncel Giriş inflicting the least amount of lasting damage – it was a delicate and very fine rope to walk.

He moved his strokes, still slight, to her inner thighs, still splayed open, knees out and feet tucked together and tied down. He wasn’t yet going to touch her pussy, but he saw the first real tension showing in her face. ‘Take deep breaths,’ he instructed her and watched her relax, even as he began to pick up his pace. He had placed the egg vibrator inside her pussy. He wouldn’t turn it on until later, but even with it off she was reacting to the warm-up, her pussy glistening and turning him on, forcing a small growl from him. He decided that if she was this wet, she was ready to move things up a notch. Her whole front glowed red from his strokes, her skin and muscles ready to accept something harder.

Placing his left hand on her pussy, fingering her slightly and eliciting a moan from Annis, he reached down and traded the martinet for his crop. Running it around her legs, he slowly let its tip rest finally upon her lips. ‘Kiss it and thank me for what I am about to do. And remember, this is for you and for us’.

She hesitated, eliciting a small tap on the lips from him. ‘Yes, sir,’ she said, opening her mouth slightly, licking and then kissing the crop. ‘Thank you for this pain.’ Her eyes dropped, not looking at him. He reached down again, softly rubbing her clit between his forefinger and thumb.

‘Look at me, Annis,’ he commanded. Her big eyes found his. ‘Say it again, and this time, mean it.’ He pinched and twisted her extended clit hard in his hand.

Through a quick intake a breath, she let out ‘I…thank you…thank you!’ she squeezed her eyes shut but he continued twisting her, thinking that she might be about to use a warning word. He wished, in a way, that she would. She opened her eyes again. ‘Thank you for this!’ She was shaking a bit, but seemed more or less under control. Then he began with the crop, focusing on her breasts. He had settled into an easy rhythm that he could keep up for a long time, the object being the pattern: 10 strokes on the top of the left breast, 10 on the right, 10 on the bottom of the left breast, 10 on the right, 10 directly on the left nipple, 10 on the right; follow that with 40 lighter strokes on the pussy, avoiding as much as possible any direct hits on the clit for a total of 100 strokes per circuit. His goal here was five circuits. He could tell she was trying to keep still, but there was nothing she could do against the delightful and almost constant jiggle of her breasts against the leather of the crop. By the end of the second circuit she was letting out loud barking screams every time he shifted positions. At the end of the third circuit, he cried out ‘NOW!’ for her release and this time she did scream loudly. Again, not a long scream, but every muscle in her torso and most of the ones in her arms and legs strained as she raised her body off of the plinth. When she dropped back down, she was sweating and breathing hard, but he immediately began his fourth circuit. Half way through, he saw her start to slip away, not out of consciousness, just away from the pain. Quickly, he stopped again, calling out her ‘now’ release so as to make her reconnect with the muscles in her torso. This time when she screamed out, it was softer, but longer. Similarly, the arch of her body was higher and more intense. He smiled and looked into her eyes and said ‘This is what you were thanking me for, Annis, this release, this pain. Does it hurt?’

‘Yes, Master’, she gritted out through clenched teeth. ‘I want you to stop soon, Master!’

‘You have the power to make this stop, my dove.’ Bryndis moved again down to her pussy, starting to count the forty swats while maintaining eye contact with Annis. He saw her lips purse and he knew she was deciding that she could continue. He would be harder on his fifth circuit, he decided. She had to know how far she could reasonably go. He knew she had not yet reached her limit, but she was just now deciding if he was right. On this fifth circuit, Bryndis slowed down his pace but increase the strength of his blows, keeping them steady but sharp. As her body was becoming used to the pattern, she should be able to incorporate these now, he knew, though he was watching her closely. Tears started to streak down her face as he started blows directly on her nipples. He stopped to give her a release and then returned to his regular pace, but after only three blows on her pussy, she finally called out ‘Weakness, please, weakness! I’m so sorry!’

Annis immediately started to sob as Bryndis lowered his arm. He didn’t touch her at all, but moved next to her head. He really didn’t like this, but he wanted to teach her, to train her and most of all he wanted her to trust him and not to fear him. Fear was not something he enjoyed. In order to build that kind of trust, the trust that was free from the fear of pain, this was a necessary step. He started to whisper in her ear, still not touching her, ‘you are not sorry, my dove. You are beautiful and I am so proud that you used your warning word. Just take a little while and get it all out. Just cry and cry and I’ll be right here when you’re ready to start again. You are doing so well, you are doing just what you are supposed to be doing…’