La and the Ceremony of Light and Beginning


La and the Ceremony of Light and BeginningLa and the Ceremony of Light and BeginningI am La. High Priestess of Ra, the Goddess of Life and Death. I am Ra’s Messenger and Ra’s manifestation on this earthly plane of existence. I am The One, The All. The Beginning and The EndThe new day is dawning as I walk onto the raised stone platform in the City Square. The sun has just risen over the horizon and slanted beams of sunlight wash the stone under my feet in a warm golden glow. As I look out I see the crowd waiting patiently, in complete silence. They wait for the sun to rise fully to herald the start of the Ceremony of Life and Beginning. There are too many to count or even estimate but I know that there are hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the huge City Square just below where I stand.The stone is cold under my bare feet as I walk to the edge of the platform in front of the multitude below. I stand on the very edge of the platform, motionless, as the first rays of morning sunlight bathe my bare feet in a warm orange glow.The sun slowly rises and the sunlight moves up my body bathing me in its warm, life giving light. The multitude below see me and a collective sigh goes up from the crowd. I raise my arms slowly as I lower my head until my chin is resting on my chest and my arms are stretched out at either side parallel to the stone floor. I stand motionless for a few more moments and then slowly raise my head until I am looking out over the crowd and at the same time I raise my arms towards the golden morning sun.I am naked. My body is perfect. My skin flawless. My hair is neatly trimmed to shoulder length and sits perfectly on my smooth shoulders, my eyes are a deep, intense green, my nose small and pert, my ears small and flat against my head. My lips are full and my teeth are even and perfect. My breasts are firm, full and rounded and jut out proudly, my stomach is flat, my hips are slim, more like a young boy’s than a woman. My legs taper gracefully to perfectly formed ankles and delicate yet strong feet. I am in perfect health. A perfect and pure mind and body. A perfect woman. The perfect woman.The only adornment on my body is a narrow strip of orange paint which runs from my hairline, seeming to begin in my orange dyed hair, and running down my forehead, across my nose, over my lips and down between my breasts and across my stomach in a perfectly straight vertical line until it disappears into my neatly trimmed triangle of orange dyed pubic hair. This line is the Sunbeam of Ra and it is her mark on my body.Sunlight is bathing my body now from head to toe and the crowd stares intently at me. I look down and out across the sea of faces and see that they are in awe of my beauty. Their eyes large and their stares transfixed on my body. They are mesmerised, fascinated and in holy awe of my beauty and what I represent.I have lived for eighteen summers and spent them all in the Sacred Temple of Ra. I was chosen by Ra who guided the last La to my place and time of birth and from there took me to the Temple to be prepared for my role in Life. My whole life has been a preparation for this day, for the Ceremony of Light and Beginning. The Ceremony takes place every 17 summers and renews the Sun, the Earth, the Rain and the very Life-force itself. No man has ever touched or seen my body until this day. All my needs have been met by the Lesser Priestesses, former Las and the Novices.I hear the faint shuffling sounds of many bare feet on stone and know the Lesser Priestesses and the novices are getting into position behind me. The Priestesses are also naked with blue hair and blue strips where my orange strip is to represent the Water force, the second most powerful Life force. The novices will have green strips to represent the plants that give us our sustenance and also sustenance for our a****ls, which are also our food. But the Sun, is at the centre always, surrounded closely by the Water, the Priestesses, and in turn surrounded by the Green, the novices. The new growth.I know without looking there will be 17 naked priestesses slightly behind me to my right and left and beyond them 102 naked novices 17 by 6 all no older than 18 summers. With me at the centre. Another sigh goes up from the crowd, louder this time as they gaze at the collective naked beauty assembled before them.I turn and walk slowly back to the Sword of Ra, a solid gold, perfectly detailed penis 17 inches long and 2 inches thick that sticks up from the centre of 17 golden balls on a white marble base on the stone platform. A gold cock with 17 golden testicles. I walk behind it and stand there a moment as the Priestesses and Novices move into position beside and behind me. I am now at the apex of a triangle formed by the naked bodies.The Sword of Ra stands upright with it’s tip level with my cunt. I take a step forward and position myself directly above it. It is in the perfect position just lightly touching my cunt as I stand over it, my legs planted firmly on the stone floor on either side of it. I move my legs slightly apart and lower my body slightly and I feel the blunt, cold sharpness of the head of the solid gold cock press firmly, directly on my cunt opening.I spread my arms out on either side and immediately feel strong, young hands grip my arms at the wrists and upper arms just above my elbows to guide me and support me. I look out over the crowd, hundreds of thousands of faces watching me intently, rapt in the vision before them. There is complete silence now.I bend my knees slowly and feel my body move lower, the solid gold cock sliding into my wet cunt as I lower my body. My cunt resists the intrusion and strong young arms push down on my arms and shoulders until the Sword of Ra busts my hymen and enters my cunt.I feel a slight pain as it first enters my virginal cunt but I look around and draw strength from the Priestesses and Novices surrounding me. Faces smiling and glowing in ecstasy. I sense the crowd too, watching me. I know they can see the Sword of Ra below me and they will all see it disappear up into my cunt until I am sitting on those gold balls at it’s base.Knowing so many people are watching me, watching me impale myself on this huge gold cock excites me. I feel my cunt get wetter. I feel the wetness deep in my cunt and starting to ooze out and wet my upper thighs.It feels cold and hard inside my cunt. It fills my cunt and stretches my cunt walls apart to make room. It slides in further as my body slowly moves downwards, borne down by my body weight and the gentle pressure on my arms and shoulders. It is only half the way in but I feel an intense pain which increases unbearably each time I try to lower myself down further.. I feel sweat break out on my forehead, not from the heat but from fear. Cold stark fear grips me as I realise that I cannot accept the full 17 inches of the Sword of Ra in my cunt.I look to my left and right quickly, furtively, and see the Black Priestesses, the Priestesses of Death with their black strips down the centre of their naked bodies and their long black bladed, razor sharp swords gripped tightly in their hands, looking anxiously over at me. If I cannot take the whole length of Ra, the Ceremony fails and it means 17 years of famine, disease and pestilence.The Black Priestesses will hack me to pieces where I stand signifying the bornova escort triumph of Death over Life. Their faces are hard, their eyes cold as they stare fixedly at me.I quickly stand up and take a step forward over the Sword of Ra and immediately a young novice falls to her knees before me and her tongue urgently seeks my cunt. The crowd is perfectly silent and I can sense and even smell the fear in them. Her lips fasten around my cunt and her tongue licks my clit frantically, sliding into my wet cunt hole and back to my clit with a concise yet furious rhythm. I feel my cunt juices start to flow and my clit tingling and throbbing. My cunt starts to feel a soft wet, warm feeling and I can feel my tense cunt muscles relaxing.I step back to resume my position above the Sword of Ra and feel the hands grip my arms once again. More forcibly this time with fingers digging into my flesh. I lowered myself again and felt the Sword of Ra entering my cunt, filling my cunt with its thick length. My cunt was much wetter and relaxed this time and it slid in effortlessly halfway into my cunt.The two priestesses holding my arms suddenly placed a hand on my shoulder and with their other hand holding my arm, pushed me down hard. I felt my cunt slide down Ra’s mighty gold sword and felt it push my cunt walls aside as it plunged up into my cunt. I gasped at the sudden pain and intrusion.My cunt felt too full of cock, filled to overflowing, deep inside me pushing outwards and upwards, stretching my cunt inwards and outwards. I felt a dull pain starting in my lower belly and beginning to spread upwards and outwards.I looked down and saw four inches of Ra’s cock remained outside my cunt. I had to get another four inches of that 2 inch thick solid gold cock in me. I recalled in horror the account of the La 312 La who could not accept the full length of Ra. The Priestesses forced her body onto Ra’s great golden shaft until it was buried inside her completely but blood flowed from her cunt over the golden balls of Ra and erupted from her mouth in a bloody red stream.The people ran in horror from the Square that day and feared 17 years of famine and pestilence but it never happened. Yet everyone lived in fear for 17 years until the next Ceremony of Life. It was a very bad omen.Then the La 584 La who failed to accept the Whole of Ra’s Sword, despite the frantic efforts of the Blue Priestesses, who was cut to pieces by the Black Priestesses while she was still impaled on the Sword of Ra. Enraged and terrified by the failed ceremony the Black Priestesses then turned on the Blue Priestesses and the Novices and hacked them to pieces until the stone stage was running with rivers of blood. 17 years of plague, pestilence, disease and famine followed. Ra abandoned us until the next successful ceremony.I looked out and could see heads in the crowd craning forward for a better view, anxious beyond words to see if the full length of The Sword of Ra was inside me. I strained desperately, bearing my body downwards, grimacing with the pain trying to force it deeper into my cunt.I started to move up and down, pushing up from my feet, then allowing my body weight to force it up into my cunt. Each time I slammed down I was certain it was going slightly deeper inside me. The downward momentum of my body’s movement drove it a tiny bit further up into my cunt. Each time I came to the end of my downward movement a jolt of intense, unbearable pain shot up though my entire body forcing me to bite my lip and draw blood.I kept jumping up and down on the gold cock, strong arms steadying me at my sides, as it plunged repeatedly into me, holding me firmly and preventing me from jolting upwards and off the Sword of Ra. The pain was so intense, I could feel myself starting to fade, beginning to pass out as I kept driving my body down repeatedly on this huge gold cock.I looked imploringly to either side at the Blue Priestesses supporting my arms. I didn’t want to fail, I couldn’t fail. Better to die like Ra 312, impaled on Ra’s golden cock, then die by the Black Priestesses swords and bring 17 years of horror to the land.They looked grim and both nodded. They knew what I meant. They looked at each other, then both changed their grip on my arms and began to lift me up, sliding my cunt up the shaft of Ra and then violently plunging me down. They started slowly, then increased the speed until hey were jerking me up and slamming me down in a fast, and relentless rhythm.I felt the Sword of Ra plunging in and out of my cunt. I felt like I was being fucked by Ra himself. My body moved up and down relentlessly, my cunt sliding up and down the long, cold hard, solid gold cock of Ra.I looked up and out over the crowd, shaking my head to shake the sweat from my eyes and saw the anxiety and fear on their faces. Some were shaking their heads and making the sign of Ra on their chest.Sweat was running freely down my face, stinging my eyes, my golden hair was plastered to my head, and a river of sweat was running down the valley between my breasts. I came to rest at the bottom of my downward thrust and squatted over the Sword of Ra feeling its hard golden length buried deep inside my cunt and pressing painfully against something at the end of my cunt hole, deep inside me. I looked down and saw to my horror that 3 inches remained. Three inches of golden cock untouched by my cunt. The three remaining inches gleamed with that rich pure glow of solid gold and seemed to taunt me.I strained again willing my cunt to suck up the last three inches of golden cock but to no avail. My face was contorted with the effort and the pain, my beautiful lips pulled back tight and my teeth bared, my eyes were shut tightly and my jaw was clenched like steel. I felt the wetness of my blood dribbling down from my chin onto my chest from where I had bitten my lips before.I was lost. I had failed and brought about the end of my world. The end of Life. I knew at any moment I would feel the cold hard black steel of The Death Priestesses sword hacking my body to pieces. I sighed and I almost longed for the sharp pain of their steel to end this unbearable agony in my cunt. But I could not allow my world and all the people n it to end because of my failure.I gathered myself for one final attempt and raised myself up so that only the top 2 or 3 inches of the Sword of Ra were in my cunt and I readied myself to plunge my cunt down onto it in one last all or nothing attempt. My legs were trembling. I felt the hands on my arms move, changing their grip, gripping my arms tighter, their hands now gripping my arms from above. I felt rather than saw the Priestesses holding my arms exchange a look, then they forced me downwards, suddenly and forcefully. They pushed down on my arms and my body plunged down onto the Sword of Ra. I felt the huge golden cock rocket into my cunt coming to an abrupt halt once again as pain jolted through every part of my body.My head sagged and collapsed onto my chest and I could see the stubborn three inches of Ra’s golden cock still outside my body just below my cunt. The Priestesses beside me pulled my arms out and moved one of their hands onto my shoulder and pressed downwards firmly. They pulled my shoulders back as I started to sag forward, dizzy and semi-conscious with the intense pain.The golden cock was pressing unbelievably bornova escort bayan hard against my body deep inside but those strong arms bore me down inexorably. I saw an inch disappear inside my cunt and only two remained. The eerie silence continued. The pain was incredible. It felt like my cunt, my very innards were being torn and forced apart, then I saw only one inch remaining and felt the fingers digging into my shoulders as they pressed even harder. I could my knees trembling in front of me.I felt the hands move position again, this time both pairs of hands were on top of my shoulders and I sensed they were preparing for one final determined shove. I threw my head back and screamed as loud as I could, my voice ringing out, echoing clearly off the temple walls and spreading to reach the crowd below..RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI felt hands shove me down violently and felt the golden shaft slide into my cunt until I felt my ass slam onto the golden balls at he base of the Sword of Ra. My head swam and the pain became impossibly worse. My cunt felt like it was jam packed. Tight and filled completely. A sharp, white hot bolt of pain radiated from deep inside my cunt throughout my entire body.But the cold hard, round balls pressing hard on my ass told me I had succeeded. Relief washed over me in great waves easing the pain and replacing it with an incredible feeling of exultation. I moved my ass, rotating my hips and felt the gold cock rotate inside my cunt. I ground my ass down hard against the golden balls surrounding the base of the gold cock, feeling my ass slip on the sweat and cunt juices from my body, surprised and relieved to see no blood. I lifted myself up with the support of the hands now gripping my arms once again and felt the hard cock slide backwards out of my cunt as I raised my body.I stood with feet apart and the golden cock resting on my cunt hole opening and I looked slowly out across the crowd watching me. Hundreds and thousands of them watching me, all totally rapt as I slowly lowered myself all the way down till I felt the gold balls cool and hard on my ass again.I raised myself again and lowered my body faster this time then repeated this action again. And again. Moving faster and faster with strong arms helping me as I fucked the Sword of Ra, driving its full 17 inch length up deep inside my cunt with each downward thrust of my body.The Priestesses and Novices stated chanting:LAAA LAAA, LALALA, LAA LAA.And the crown joined in:LAAA, LAAA, LALALA, LAA LAAI continued to fuck myself on the great Sword of Ra, the full 17 inches and two inch thick gold cock sliding its whole length into my cunt. The crowd were smiling and laughing now, chanting and singing my name and overcome with religious fervour and sexual excitement as they watched my perfect, beautiful body slide up and down on the huge golden cock of Ra.I looked up and out across the crowd and saw men masturbating as they watched, shrugging their tunics off with one hand as they frantically jerked off with the other. Women were also throwing their tunics off and rubbing their hands between their legs. I could see hundreds and thousands of naked men and women masturbating as they watched me fuck myself on the golden cock of Ra. I saw women drop to their hands and knees facing me, watching me while men mounted them from behind, so they could both continue to watch me..All the time they all kept singing and chanting my name:LAAA, LAAA, LALALA, LAA LAAIt was a magical, spellbinding spectacle, hundreds and thousands of men and women masturbating and fucking in front of me and all of them watching me intently, singing my name. It was unbelievably exciting. Men who did not have a woman to fuck were spurting their cum over the backs of other women on their knees being fucked from behind.They crowded tightly around in groups and I could see even at this distance pools of cum forming on their backs. Each time a man fucking a woman came, he withdrew and another man rushed to take his place, shoving his hard cock into her cunt and thrusting it and out of her cunt immediately.The pain in my cunt was gone entirely from my consciousness now and replaced by an incredible feeling of pleasure as my cunt moved up and down the hard, gold cock and my ass slammed into the golden balls surrounding its base.I looked down to see my firm young breasts, now glistening wetly with my sweat, bouncing up and down with the motion of my body, nipples, dark pink and erect. Then my eyes travelled down the golden stripe of paint, over my flat perfect sweat covered belly to the golden shaft of Ra in between my legs, my thigh muscles bunching and flexing as I pounded my body onto the golden shaft of Ra.Waves of pure ecstasy wracked my body and I jolted upright breaking free of the Priestesses’ grip as an incredibly intense orgasm wracked my body. My legs stiffened and my cunt spasmed inside. Every muscle in my body tensed, bunched up as hard as the gold cock below my cunt. I grabbed my cunt tightly gripping my clit and crushing it into my cunt with one hand while I crushed my breast with the other.Ra had given me the greatest gift of all. The gift of his Orgasm.The Priestesses and Novices rushed over to me covering my body with gentle kisses and the Novices picked me up and held me aloft while other Novices rushed in underneath and beside me and began to lick me all over in the ritual cleansing and refreshing ritual. I felt wet tongues all over my body licking every part of me. I struggled and leapt about in exquisite agony as those wet tongues touched my clit, super sensitive from my orgasm. I closed my eyes as I felt cool, refreshing wet tongues lick my face. I revelled in my moment of triumph and in the sheer ecstasy of my orgasm and the super charged air of sexuality and eroticism surrounding me.I was dreamy drifting off into the most pleasurable relaxation I have ever experienced as the Novices carried me over to the Golden Throne of Ra. They placed me gently in the Throne and the solid gold throne felt cold on my naked skin. I felt gentle but firm hands position me so my legs were opened wide resting on the leg and foot rests. I was laying on my back semi reposed with my legs opened wide and apart. My feet rested on foot rests level with the height of my head on either side of the chair and my cunt was wide open in clear view of the crowd.I heard the sound of many feet shuffling on the stone floor as the Chosen Ones lined up on my right. My Father was the first in accordance with our custom and I saw him come into view and stand directly before me. I knew it was my father because this was our custom although I had never seen him before, having been taken at birth from my parents. A Priestess to my right intoned “Father” as he came before me.He was a nice looking man, tall and well muscled and looked to be about 40 summers old. He was completely naked with a brown strip running from his hairline down his body to disappear into the thick mass of dyed brown hair at the base of his cock. This signified a farmer. He stepped up to me, standing between my legs and his cock was level with my cunt as I lay back in the Golden Throne of Ra. He said “Raaaaaaaa” as he slid his hard cock into my wet cunt all the way in and then slowly withdrew it and walked away escort bursa to the left.My brother came next. I knew this because the Priestess beside me intoned “brother” as he approached me. He was also tall and well muscled, his muscles rippling as he moved his beautiful naked body in front of me and slid his cock into my cunt and withdrew it as his father had done just a moment ago. I watched his ass move as he walked away to my left.Next came another brother, but he was fat and his body was covered in coarse black hair. I was surprised when I heard the Priestess intone “brother” as he came into view. His cock was big and fat and not quite hard but it slid effortlessly into my cunt and out again.Another brother appeared, this one gorgeous with a smooth well muscled slim body and a beautiful young cock. He was shaking with excitement and I could see drops of cum dripping from the tip of his cock. His cock was long as a mans but thinner. A skinny cock. He slid it into my cunt and I immediately felt it spasm and a rush of warm thick fluid in my cunt. He pushed forward driving his cock deeper into my cunt as he came and tried to thrust it in again but a priestess moved in from both sides and dragged him away by the arms, his cock trailing cum as it was pulled out of me.The procession of Chosen Ones continued to come. There were 289 of them. 17 groups of 17, the Holy Number of Ra. 17 of 17 cocks, 289, would be inserted into my cunt and immediately withdrawn in accordance with the Ritual of Renewal of Life. The symbolic multiple fuck of Ra to ensure she was impregnated to renew Life. Men from all of our great professions. Farmers, Soldiers, Priests, Poets, Builders, Blacksmiths, Scholars. And I would know what they were because the Blue Priestess beside me would announce their profession before they penetrated me.I lay back and relaxed and concentrated on the incredible pleasure as cock after cock was inserted into me and immediately withdrawn. The crowd was jostling for a better view, many of them still masturbating and fucking as they watched the Ceremony continue.The whole time they sang my name:LAAA, LAAA, LALALA, LAA LAAAn old man with greying hair and a stooped frame approached and limped as he walked. His cock was limp as he stood before me. Scholar, the Blue Priestess chanted. Two novices rushed in and started to suck his old cock in front of me. They fondled his balls and took turns licking and sucking his cock until it grew hard before my eyes. They helped him walk the two steps up to where my cunt was waiting between my spread legs and guided his cock into my cunt with their hands. I watched them as they helped him walk away and disappear to my left.They continued to come and slide their cocks in and out of me as the sun rose higher in the sky. Two more young boys came inside me the moment they stuck their cocks in my cunt and I smiled benignly at them. I knew to expect this from the young ones. Many of the others had been jerking off as they waited, some just to keep their cocks hard but others hoping to cum inside me the moment they stuck their cocks in. Some succeeded and their faces lit up with a fervent joy to have planted their seed in La’s cunt.One huge man with broad thick set shoulders and solidly built approached. He had a huge cock, the biggest so far and it poked angrily out from a tangled jungle of coarse black pubic hair. Soldire, the Blue Priest intoned.He grabbed my breast and squeezed painfully, twisting and crushing it as he shoved his cock in me and started to fuck me frantically. Thrusting his cock in and out of me at breakneck speed. He brushed the Novices away effortlessly when they tried to stop him as he continued fucking me like a madman.Black Priestesses descended wordlessly and two black, blood covered sword blades suddenly appeared protruding from his chest inches in front of my eyes. I saw the maniacal gleam in his eyes fade to nothingness as death overtook him instantaneously and the Black Priestesses dragged his lifeless body away from me. His cock made a small wet popping sound as it was jerked out of my cunt.Three Novices pounced on me and licked the blood that had spilled from the soldier of my chest and breast.Fucking me is forbidden in this ceremony and the penalty is death. I knew to expect this though. There are always a few with an insane longing to either fuck La or to plant their seed in La’s cunt. Three novices with their green hair and green stripe down the centre of their naked bodies rushed up to me and quickly licked up the blood that had sprayed onto my naked body. They licked my chest, my breasts and my stomach. As their tongues licked my nipples I felt a shudder of arousal and felt my cunt begin to throb.Then the next Chosen One appeared and slid his cock into my cunt and withdrew it as if nothing had happened. The Black Priestesses though kept a much closer watch..Then suddenly it was over. I felt a twinge of disappointment as I realised it was over. I wanted more cocks in me. I loved the feeling of cock after cock being inserted and withdrawn immediately. Most of the cocks felt the same but some were different. Some were very thick and that felt good as did the extra large ones. I knew now why so many Novices and even Priestesses risked violent and bloody death and often paid for it with their lives just to have a cock inside them.Priestesses and Novices are not allowed to be touched by men ever. And I am only allowed to be touched by men during this ceremony. All our needs are met by each others fingers, tongues and the small gold cocks of Ra that are all through the Palace. But none as big as the Sword of Ra.I felt wet tongues on my cunt and clit licking up the cum from those that had succeeded or accidentally came when they slid their cocks in. It was a glorious feeling, those tongues so eager and so enthusiastically licking my cunt. Driven by a religious fervour to do the best they can for Ra. To keep me, Ra’s Messenger and Manifestation on Earth clean.Ra is neither man or woman. Ra has both a cunt and a cock and represents both sides to Life and Death. Ra is omnipotent sees all and knows all but is dependant on the Ceremony of Life and beginning every 17 years to maintain his power.The next stage of the Ceremony was the Blessing of Ra where a Blessed One would fuck me in a ritual Self Fucking of Ra in front of the assembled crowd, then I would be fucked by 17 Lesser Blessed Ones in the same golden chair. Then I would walk down and lie on the ground in the City Square where all men present who were able to, were to spurt their cum on my naked body. When I as covered in cum I would roll in the earth until I was covered in earth and cum.This was to celebrate the Blessing of Ra by the Earth, The ground that we depended on to grow our food.Then covered in cum and earth, I would stand at the edge of the platform and show my cum and earth covered body to the crowd while they sang my name in the Ending Ritual. Standing there, the Novices, as many that could fit next to me and reach me with their tongues, would lick me clean again, removing every trace of cum and dirt from my body.Then I retire to the Palace and wait for Ra to guide me to the next La.[Inspiration For This Story]I had sex with three men at the same time once, a foursome, if you will. At that time it was the most extreme sexual act I had ever done and I went a little crazy. I put on a show for them with a rather large, freestanding dildo. Later, my imagination coupled with my innate exhibitionism ran wild, the three men became a crowd of thousands and then my imagination ran really wild.