La Seducción de Miss Sophia

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Bzzzzzz. I press the vibrator against my labia, tilting it ever so slightly toward my clit, and then tilting away as I feel the orgasm approach. I’ve been teasing and torturing myself for almost an hour. I am an orgasm junky but if I come too powerfully too fast, I’m spent and done. So I want to make these sessions last. I’m dressed in a black stretch lace cami and crotchless panties, black too, except for the fire engine red bow strategically placed where my mound rises.

The attire is part of my ritual. I like to dress up to masturbate – I love how I look in my lingerie and sexy costumes. I’m voluptuous, and I’ve grown to appreciate my curves and my pleasantly plump girl pussy. When I was younger I wished that I was like the skinny girls, but what I’ve learned is that most men – once they’ve indulged in a curvy girl with a sweet chubby pussy – really do prefer a juicier peach. Though most won’t admit they’ve hit one, they find it hard to forget the fuck.

Sprawled on the bed, in my lacy, clingy get-up, I feel so pretty and I just want to keep touching myself. So I continue rimming, and my mind drifts from the welcome home sex I imagine that my husband and I will have when he returns from his business trip, to what it would be like to fuck anyone I want.

My mind shuffles through countless faces – friends, work mates, strangers, the guy I run into regularly at Starbucks, the cop who gave me that ticket last week. And then there’s Nando. The mental roulette wheel seems to have stopped there. Nando – our landscaper. Latin. Honduran I believe. Not what people would think is my type. He’s about my height (not very tall for a man) which makes him appear stocky but in a good way. His body is built hard and strong from years working outdoors. Yes, he’d do. I like them thick.

I imagine my legs wrapped around his hips as he pounds me. His hands – powerful, rough, calloused – on my waist, guiding me expertly into each thrust. What does his cock look like… As I wonder, I feel the heat increase in my cunt and the vibrator glides in abundant juices oozing out of me. Nando. Images of the naughty things we do together fill my head. Oh God. I’m ready to go all the way. My nipples are erect and hard straining against the lace, my clit stands at attention like a good little soldier, throbbing with electricity. I am moaning loudly now. As the intensity builds so do my vocalizations – the house is empty and I’m uninhibited. I scream out as the wave of ecstasy approaches, ready to wash me over in pleasure. Nando, Nando, Nando…

The chime of the door bell snaps me out of the delicious reverie. I lose my voice mid scream. The front door is just below my bedroom window. Oh my God – did they hear me? I feel the orgasm recede. I jump out of bed and push the curtain back. I look down, and to my horror, Nando is waiting at the door. I quickly throw on my sweats and a zip hoodie. Act natural, dummy. I take a whiff of myself as I head down the stairs. The unmistakeable scent of an aroused woman fills my nostrils. Hopefully the breeze from my quick trot to the front door clears that up.

“Hola,” I say as I open the door.

Nando smiles (is it a knowing one, or am I just paranoid). “Hola, Ms. Sophia. Is Senor Tom home.”

“No. I’m afraid he’s away this week.”

“Oh,” he seems confused, “I thought I heard…” And there. There’s the knowing smile. The one before was sheepish and suspicious. This one says, “Caught you red handed.”

“Can I help you with something,” I’m a bit annoyed. By the interruption. By being caught. And by the Latin American need to speak to the man of the house rather than the lady.

“He told me to stop by for the check,” Nando explained.

“Come in,” I say, “I was just thinking of you.” The moment the words left my mouth, I wished I could stuff them back in. Or did I?

Nando shuts the door, turns the deadbolt to lock, and steps into the living room. I step back and bump into the sofa. Nando’s dark eyes drink me in from head to toe. My cheeks turn Urfa Escort bright pink as I flush with embarrassment. I look to the floor because I’m afraid what my eyes will reveal.

“It’s nice to know you think of me,” Nando says, “I think of you too. Is that alright for me to say, Miss Sophia.” He steps closer. Protest, you fool, I scream at myself in my head. What are you playing at?

“In fact, you were in my morning thoughts today,” he continues, “Do you spend your mornings doing a lot of thinking? In the shower is where I do my best thinking. Usually. But this morning I couldn’t get enough satisfaction from just thinking.” Another step closer.

“I began to wonder, how can I make my thoughts real. How could I see Sophia in person? What could my reason be? And I remembered the check. And I remember Mr. Tom’s trip. Have I been thinking the wrong thing?” He speaks with a pleasant timbre and a lilting accent, but his voice has grown huskier. I see him swallow hard. The electricity in the two feet between us is palpable. I swallow too as my hands grip the sofa back.

“I’m married,” I stammer, feeling stupid in my loss for words.

“All I see in front of me right now is a woman full of desire,” Nando says, “I can feel your heat. You are bringing out the animal in me. Please just let me touch you. I beg you. Just one caress. I have never wanted something so badly. I am in pain, Sophia. Help me.”

He steps closer with his hand reaching out. I am frozen. Why can’t I move? Because you long for his touch, a voice answers in my head. It was true. Every inch of me does. The wetness between my legs betrays my marriage vows. I am stuck in a carnal moment and I don’t care. A touch. That’s all it will be. All it can be. Maybe a kiss. Nothing more. Nothing to tell.

And then his hand is on my cheek and the flame has become a fire burning hot in the deepest pit of my belly. In a blink, we both now know I am his. He cups my face with his hand. In a half-hearted attempt to stop this madness, I hold it there with my own. “Just a touch, you said,” I explain weakly. With his other hand, he gently removes mine, and lowers it.

The hand on my face caresses my cheek. Fingers on my mouth, stroking my lip. I part my mouth slightly in invitation. What am I doing! His finger teases my mouth and I touch it with the tip of my tongue. Permission granted, his moist finger dances down my chin, down my neck to my collar bone. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZip. My hoodie falls open revealing black lace. Licking his lips, he raises his eyes from my erect nipples to my face, “Dios mio. Eres tan hermosa. Beautiful Sophia.”

He pushes the hoodie off my shoulders, and as it slides down my back and off my arms, I shudder in sinful desire. With expert quickness, he unties my loose sweats and they also drop easily to the floor. Immediately I am covered in goose flesh, not helped by the fact that his index finger now traces the elastic waist of my panties. I close my eyes relishing his touch. Touch – that’s it, I will myself. He leans in, his chest against mine, hot breath in my ear, “I can smell you from here, Sophia. You are becoming an animal too. I can smell what you want. Venga.”

Taking my hand, he leads me to the dining room table. I follow like a little pet, not allowing myself rational thought.

“Aqui,” he says, patting the table to indicate for me to sit on the edge. I obey. Gently he pushes his knee to spread my legs, takes my face with those rough hands I have imagined (how is this happening…) and kisses me. Warm but chaste kisses quickly become deep, wet and hungry – his tongue probing, tasting. Licking my mouth, tickling my ear, caressing my neck. I am melting.

He pushes me gently back on the table and begins to worship me. Every inch. He stretches the cami off my shoulders, exposing my breasts. He nibbles and bites on my nipples, murmuring sweet nothings in Spanish. I am getting wetter, so I squeeze my thighs together, putting pressure on my clit, pleasuring myself. My hands Urfa Escort Bayan are in his hair, and all I can say is yes, and moan, and beg him for more.

He kisses my belly, encircling my belly button with his tongue, taking small nips at my flesh as he continues agonizingly down to the mound. He stops at the red bow and surveys the easy access of my attire. “My beautiful seductora. Seductora hermosa,” he peeks up from between my legs, and across my prone body. I see the hunger in his eyes, and lay my head back for what’s coming next.

He kisses my inner thighs and lifts them onto his shoulders. Starting slowly and increasing his speed and pressure, I feel his hot tongue luxuriate in my flavor. He licks, sucks and teases my nub. I squirm in exquisite pain and bliss. I am liquefying into a puddle of pussy juice. I’ve never been so wet – my twat is gushing a continual stream of nectar. “Tan mojado. Mmmmm,” Nando moans as he flicks my clit with his practiced tongue, “You are delicious, my beautiful Sophia. Do you like how I give you pleasure?”

“Yes, yes, Nando, yes,” is all I can manage. He is bringing me to the edge. I am in danger of wanting more than just this. My clit is throbbing with lustful want.

“Not Nando. Say mi amor,” demanded Nando between licks, “Tell me how much you want me. Do you want me?”

“Si mi amor,” I moan, “I want you. Please take me.”

“Take you? Do you know what you are asking? Do you want me to make you my puta? You want to be taken or do you want to give?” Nando says darkly. He blows hot breath on my clit, and playfully tugs on my labia with his teeth. I know very well what puta means, and I am ready to be fucked like one. I want to be taken.

“Taken…” I plead.

Unceremoniously Nando rolls me on my stomach. I hear the buckle of his belt hit the floor, followed by the thump of jeans. He is saying something in Spanish, more words and at a rate faster than I can ever keep up with. Nor do I want to use my brain power to translate. I am concentrating on the now and how alive every part of me feels.

I have dangerously surrendered to the inevitable when I feel his burning erection on my thigh, the tip moist with precum. I gasp as he yanks my panties up into my ass crack and the crotchless halves split open my slit. “Lista, puta? Lista? Lista?” he keeps saying as he rubs his thick dick across my aching cunt, and gives my ass a playful but firm smack. “Mmmm gordita. Your ass is perfection. And your coño. Me encanta! Lista, puta?”

“Please, mi amor,” I begged, “Lista! Lista!”. We both scream as he enters me, hot and pulsing. His girth stretches my cunt and I am thrilled by the pain, and then by the sweet relief as my pussy succumbs and clenches around him. Grabbing my ass cheeks he slams me hard into the table, pounding me, telling me how good I feel, how beautiful I am even though I am now his puta.

His savage passion takes me by surprise. He rips off my panties in one swift tear and the violence of it makes me spurt. And when he pulls my hair for better leverage, I come harder than I had ever in my life. I can feel his legs shaking and I know he can’t be far behind. But he has more resolve than I. He edges himself and pulls out, collapsing on my back. He kisses my neck and caresses my tangled, damp hair. I can feel his hardness, like an irresistible threat, at the ready, wet and sticky, between my legs. Throb. Throb. Throb.

“More, Sophia? Tell me. Do you want more,” he breathes into my hair.

“Yes, Nando. But we will never do this again,” I whisper into the table, “I have never broken my vows before, nor will ever again. So let this be the one but last time.” He has rolled off me and is lying next to me on the table. I roll to face him. My hand finds his cock and I start to stroke it. I look down. So that’s what it looks like. No more wondering. No more fantasizing. It’s here in my hand, covered in my cream – from tip to balls. He made me cream. No one has ever done that. He should be rewarded. Escort Urfa

I try to close my thumb and index finger around his beautiful tan dick but can’t, and immediately understand the stretching sensation I had felt earlier. The contrast between his olive tone and my white skin is beautiful and makes me hot. I feel the forbidden desire igniting anew in my loins. So I increase my firm hold and stroke him harder, while my other hand caresses his sac with butterfly touches. Nando moans in pleasure.

I slide down and take him into my mouth. I relish the sweet and sour taste of my cream and juices on his cock. He wasn’t lying – I am delicious. His manhood is a good length so I gag a bit as he enters my throat – I relax my muscles and fuck him greedily with my mouth, varying the suction. He responds with growing enthusiasm, but surprises me when he pulls my mouth off, with a loud, audible Pop!

“No, mi hermosa. Not in your mouth,” he explains, “I want to make love to you properly and finish together. I want you to feel me dancing inside you.”

His beautiful words have the proper effect on me, and I feel my pussy release fresh love lubricant. “Ahora, mi amor,” I say, “I can’t wait another minute”. With that, Nando once again leads me by the hand, but this time to the living room where we lay down together on the soft carpet. He climbs on top of me, never releasing my gaze from his. With one hand behind my back, and another in my hair, he enters me easily, and our bodies became one.

Our sex juices mingle, our sweat joins. We are one animal in rhythmic alignment. He alternates fucking me hard and loudly – swearing at the top of his voice for all to hear about the sweetness of my cunt – to then gentle rocking, proclaiming my beauty in barely audible whispers. He ignores my pleas to stop as my pussy spasms and clenches to announce oncoming orgasms. “Mas y mas! Come more and more,” he said, “I want you never to forget me. Your Nando.”

I am riding him like a cowgirl experiencing my sixth explosive orgasm, when he sits up, which drives his impressive cock in deeper than ever. Instinctively, I wrap my legs around his hips and lock my ankles, as we rock together, entwined in cooperative passion. His hands slip to my hips, and he lifts and bounces me on his throbbing member, which looks painfully swollen with built up power.

The sight of it and how I imagine we look fucking drives me wild. With each bounce he hits my sweet spot, and I begin to weep from erotic delight. He has taken my nipple into his mouth, and begins to suckle. The aroma of our lovemaking is intoxicating. With his gorgeous dick filling my cunt, and my alabaster tit filling his mouth, I can feel a massive orgasm approach.

My vision blurs and I begin to see black spots. I close my eyes and the spots become exploding fireworks against the darkness of my shut eyelids. I have the sensation that the floor has dropped out from under me and I am floating in the darkness higher and higher above the fireworks. “Oh Nando!” I scream out, “Holy fffffuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. ” becomes my mantra. My cunt is on fire, the inside walls grip and release his purple, swollen dick like a vise. The sound of my ass slapping his powerful tan thighs is more than I can bear. And apparently more than he can too…

“Voy a acabar!” was all I heard Nando say. As promised, his cock dances, pulsates, kicks, and rejoices as it coats my insides with an endless load of hot, spicy cum. We come together so sweetly and deliciously, savoring every spasm and spurt, marking it with moans in unison. His dick twitches for a long time in me, and my cunt continues to squeeze and milk impressively til there’s nothing left – our bodies trying to make it last as long as possible.

We sit entwined, with his cock inside, for several minutes, as our heartbeat slows to resting and our breath rate returns to normal. He takes my face one last time into those rough, calloused hands, and kisses me deeply.

In silence and in surprising bashfulness, we dress. He lets himself out while I fiddle with my hoodie zipper. I run to the door and fling it open, “Wait! What about your check?”

“I come for it tomorrow, Miss Sophia.”

I shut the door without protest. I know it’s wrong. But I am an orgasm junky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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