Lactating Lesbian Lady Ch. 3



Part I – Sandie discovered the wonderful world of Lesbian love thanks to her beautifully sensual Latin nanny, Rosita, who found in Sandie a sexually frustrated lactating mother. She drained Sandie’s swollen, milk filled breasts, and relieved her sexual tensions with her skillful fingers and delightfully long and very talented tongue. She taught Sandie the pleasures of Lesbian love and they became passionate lovers. Sandie’s husband discovered them; later, after a little persuasion he decided he had neglected her sex life too much. He bought tickets for all four for a vacation together.

Part II – They went to Hawaii as a loving couple, with her infant son, and Rosita, their naughty nanny. The four stayed in the same room and Rosita and Sandie made passionate love while her husband watched. Sandie and her husband resumed their lovemaking, but she and Rosita were lovers also, now with his enthusiastic blessings.

Back home Sandie’s good friend Jamie, a new mother herself, came to visit while the husbands was away on business. Sandie tricked Jamie into letting her empty Jamie’s overflowing, deliciously swollen, milk filled breasts with her sensuous lips. Jamie loved the sensation and they became lovers. Rosita joined the two lactating ladies, and both women sucked Jamie’s breasts at the same time and made love to her. Jamie’s twin sister was pregnant and Jamie promised to see if Sandie and Rosita couldn’t join the two of them and possibly make love to Jamie’s sister also.

Lactating Lesbian Lady – Part III –

The story resumes ~

* * *

Rosita, little Jimmy and I walked down the plane ramp into the airport and saw Jamie waving at us with a radiant grin on her face. We three hugged and kissed, mindless of the people around us. Beside, who thinks anything of three women greeting each other with kisses. If they had known how the three of us had spent such delightful times in bed together, they would have been shocked. I reveled in the feelings of Jamie’s full breasts against mine. I knew that hers, like mine, were probably full of hot rich mother’s milk.

We retrieved our bags and caught up as Jamie drove us to her sister’s house. On the drive we asked her how her plan had worked out for seducing her sister. She told us what had happened between her and her equally beautiful twin sister.

“Sandie, you Devil you, I used the same ploy that you used on me. Janie and I went out celebrating her first night back on the town since she had delivered her baby. We went alone, leaving the baby home with her maid. She had on a nursing bra and I used your naughty trick and took the spare pads out of her purse when she wasn’t looking. Of course her breasts are producing a lot of milk, and later she felt her bra start to leak. We went into the women’s restroom so she could change the sodden bra pads, of course there weren’t any spares. See, I learned from the Master!

“She was frantic as her breasts were really starting to leak. We tried toilet paper but knew that was not going to work for long. I came up with a brilliant idea! Why didn’t I suck the excess milk from her breasts? She didn’t want me to at first, but could think of no other choice other than slowly and very laboriously milking her breasts by hand. We have never done anything sexual together aside from kissing, and a little rather innocent fooling around while we were growing up.

“I sucked her fabulous breasts and it was fantastic for me. I was so hot, I thought I would explode. Her breasts are almost exact duplicates of mine – being twins. I used my tongue to stimulate her nipple and fondled her breasts a little, nothing too obvious. It got her really hot and I thought she would cum. She came very close, but then so did I! I wanted to touch her, I wanted to touch myself, but used all the restraint I could manage.

“After we were home, and dressed for bed, we talked about what had happened, and I asked her if she had enjoyed it. She and I always are straight with each other and she said it got her so hot she had to finger herself as soon as she got home. I didn’t admit to her that I had done the same thing. I told her that you and I had sucked each other’s breasts and loved drinking each other’s milk. She was quite shocked, but I told her that I really enjoyed it, and that it was fantastic. I also didn’t tell her we had made love. I’m not sure she could have handled that intimate fact at that moment.

“That’s all that happened that night. The next night we were both suckling our babies and I didn’t cover my breasts. We were alone and I let her get a good look at my breasts with little Barry nursing on my long erect nipples. She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of them.

“The babies finished feeding and we put them down. Janie took her breast pump and started to use it to finish emptying her breasts. I went to her and told her that I knew a way that was so much more erotic, and lots more fun to get the milk out Ankara escort of her breasts. She blushed crimson, she knew what I meant. I told her that we could try it and if she didn’t like it she could stop me at any time. She stammered a faint ‘OK’.

“I took her blouse and nursing bra off and got rid of mine too. She was really giving my breasts a good looking over. I had her sit on the side of the bed and got between her thighs kneeling on the floor. I took one full breast and lifted it gently and kissed her nipple then began to slowly suck on it. Her hot sweet milk flowed into my mouth and it tasted absolutely divine. I had missed the taste of a mother’s milk since I had been away from you for so long. Damn it got me hot! My clit swelled so much it actually hurt.

“I sucked gently, pulling at the nipple as you did to mine, pulling back as I sucked, stretching the nipple and stimulating it at the same time. She closed her eyes and had the most blissful look on her face. I was burning up. I tongued her nipple and I kneaded her breast, stroking it while I sucked it slowly. I was really stimulated by the thought of what I was doing. When it was dry I moved to the other breast and by this time she was really on fire. Her hips kept hunching forward slightly and she could hardly hold still.”

“Was her milk as delicious as mine?” I whispered, making sure my breath was hot on her ear.

She shivered slightly. “Damn you, yes, it was every bit as delicious, maybe even more so. It might be that it’s because she’s my sister, and that incestuous connection got me hotter, and that thought made it taste even better. We’ll have to have a taste test, hopefully with you two side by side.” She swatted my cheek playfully.

“But back to Janie; without saying a word I ran my hand slowly up her thigh and found her panty clad pussy. She started to protest, but I looked up at her and put a finger to my lips. She was so hot she couldn’t resist. She shut her eyes. I slid my finger under her panties and she was drenched. Her pussy had been shaved clean when she delivered, and she has just a little soft hair there. My finger found her pussy and slipped inside her. She was so slick! She groaned and thrust her hips forward. Her hands came to my head and pulled me harder against her breast. I sucked while I slid my finger up and down her sweet slit. It was so damn erotic, fingering my own sister while I sucked the hot milk from her wonderfully full firm breast!

“She began to moan and sob as I ran my finger upward till I found her very hard clit. It felt about the same size as mine. She cried out as my finger touched it and I began to roll it in little circles the way I like mine stroked. She exploded! Her thighs went wide and she hunched against my finger. I think she came at least twice, maybe more, till I quit stroking her clit. I kept sucking her wonderful breasts till her sweet juices were all gone.

“She was really spent by then. I didn’t try to get her to suck my nipples even though I really wanted her to. I kissed her lips very lightly then went into my room, but left the door cracked a little. I stripped nude, spread out on the bed in full view of the door, and brought myself off and had a fantastic climax thinking of her. I hoped she’d look in and watch me. She may have heard me, I’m not sure, but if she looked in, she didn’t come into the room.”

I was sitting next to Jamie while she was telling this. Rosita was sitting on my other side holding little Jimmy. I stroked Jamie’s thigh and snaked my hand up under her skirt. As my hand slid all the way up her soft warm thigh, I found she didn’t have any panties on. We both laughed when my fingers found her soft hairless pussy.

“Hmmm, you have kept your pussy bare haven’t you? Mine’s still bare too. What does your husband think of it?” I asked as I slid my fingers up and down her salaciously slippery slit.

She let her thighs spread a little more for me. “He loves it. It took him a little while to get used to it, but now he absolutely loves it. He says it makes going down on me seem so very naughty. Ohh, damn that feels so good! I have missed you two.” She said passionately, pushing her hips forward as much as was possible while she was driving. The car lurched slightly as her foot involuntarily pressed down on the accelerator. We all laughed.

“So, did you and Senora Janie make love together? Please tell us!” Rosita begged, leaning forward to watch my hand rubbing Jamie’s pussy.

“It was a couple of nights later and we were both feeding the babies. Her baby wasn’t very hungry, and she held him in her arms and burped him. I had cheated a little and fed mine some formula when Janie wasn’t around, just in case. We put them both down and she looked at me. I asked her if she wanted me to empty her breasts. I told her it was so much better than using the breast pump. She colored a little and said yes, it was a lot nicer, and with a self conscious smile said Ankara escort bayan ‘Naughtier too!’ I got down between her thighs as I had done before and this time she spread her thighs wider for me. I sucked her breast and began to stroke it more, kneading it and fondling it. She murmured she liked that.

“I asked her to fondle mine, as I liked that too. She did so a little reluctantly, but as I sucked on her long firm nipple and drew her milk out, she got into the spirit of it. I didn’t put my hand up her skirt and she seemed a little disappointed. I was trying my best to get her as hot as possible while I sucked her breast. I think it worked, as finally she couldn’t stand it and put one hand down and began to rub her pussy. I pushed her skirt up so I could see her pussy. She pulled her panties aside and fingered her pussy in plain view of me. It’s lovely. God it was so hot to watch her fingering herself inches away from me. I could smell her excitement.”

While Jamie was telling us this, I slid a finger deep inside her dripping pussy as we drove along. I didn’t want to get her so hot she might have an accident. I kept her just on the edge of a climax.

Jamie continued her story, her voice a little hoarse now in her excitement. “Janie had a very vocal climax, but when she was finished she started to apologize. I told her that I understood, and it got me very hot too. She asked if it really and truly did. I told her yes. I emptied both of her breasts and her milk is so delicious. I kissed her breasts, gave the nipples one last long suck and got up. I stood between her thighs and leaned forward a little. She looked at my breasts for the longest time. I took one nipple, squeezed and pulled it, milking it. Several thin streams of milk spurted out and hit her face and neck. She flinched at first but a large drop slid down onto her lips and she licked it off. Her face lit up. She looked at my breasts for a long moment, then made up her mind, and pulled me to her. She cupped my breast, lowered her lips to the nipple and began to suck on it.

“She gave a long moan as she tasted my milk for the first time. She pulled away for a moment, looked up at me and said it tasted wonderful. It felt fantastic, as you know, to have her sucking my breast. My own sister sucking me, made it even more erotic and salacious. I stroked her hair and whispered to her how to suck and lick my nipple so that it felt good for me. She soon got the hang of it and quickly got me very hot. She used her tongue and lips while her hands stroked and kneaded my swollen breasts. I loved watching her cheeks hollow as she sucked my milk out. I pulled my skirt up and had no panties on. Her eyes went wide as she saw my smooth nude pussy so close to her, not a single hair on it.

“I slowly rubbed my clit till it was throbbing and very swollen. I spread my pussy lips so she could see it plainly and teased myself for the longest as she sucked me. I had her bite down on my nipple a little harder and the combination of her sucking and my caresses made me have a fantastic climax. She sucked my breasts dry and then we stood up holding each other, kissing gently at first, then our tongues came into play. She’s a very good kisser and we enjoyed Frenching each other, as we had done years before when we both first dated. We had “practiced” Frenching each other then, and were pretty good at it.

“We admitted we loved the taste of each other’s milk and should do it more. I didn’t press it any further as we had both climaxed. I decided that there was plenty of time to seduce her fully. I didn’t want to risk driving her away. I had fingered her to a wild climax once; we had each fingered ourselves while sucking on each other’s breasts. I wasn’t sure if she was quite ready for the next very important step.

“Well ladies that is where the situation is right now. I just didn’t have time to seduce her fully. I thought that we three might be able to get her to join us. Think you could help me seduce my sexy sister?” Jamie laughed delightfully.

I looked over at Rosita and we got these huge grins on our faces, and nodded our heads. When we got in the garage and the door was closed I swung around and kissed Jamie passionately. She returned my kisses and spread her thighs wider for me. I let my fingers fly over her clit and soon had her moaning and crying out as I brought her to a wonderful climax. I licked her juices off my fingers and let Rosita share some of her delicious pussy juice.

When she had recovered, Jamie straightened herself up and led us into the beautiful home of her twin sister. It was huge, spacious, and a real showplace. Janie met us and gave Rosita and I hugs and light kisses on our cheeks. She told us she was more than happy to have us stay with her. As we hugged, her full breasts pressed delightfully against mine and I was sure both of us enjoyed the contact. At least, I hoped she did!

Her husband was away on business for a week and Escort Ankara we four ladies would have the run of the house. This was getting better all the time! Janie did have a small staff of servants who were usually there till just after dinner each evening.

She took us to our rooms. I had a huge suite, and Rosita had a large bedroom connected to mine. Jamie was across the hall and Janie and her baby were at the end of the hall in the master bedroom. It was a beautiful home and we looked forward to our stay.

That evening Janie had a wonderful dinner for us. She was an excellent hostess and there was lots of laughter during the dinner. I was continually struck by how alike the two were. Some identical twins are not all that alike, but Jamie and Janie were so alike I had trouble telling them apart, a freckle here, a small mole there. They even wore their hair in identical styles. I surmised that in the dark it would be impossible to tell them apart. I smiled as I thought that I would love to test that theory out.

Janie wore a sexy gown that followed her curves and showed an ample view of her full breasts. She wore a simple pearl necklace and matching single pearl earrings. She looked very elegant yet sexy at the same time. I almost drooled at the thought that Jamie had had the opportunity of exploring her breasts fully and drinking from them. Rosita and I both admired them with our eyes, and Janie seemed pleased with our long glances at her alluring smooth skinned breasts. I hoped Rosita and I would get the chance to see them bare and taste her milk.

As we nursing mothers could not drink alcoholic beverages, after dinner we had Virgin Daiquiris while Rosita could enjoy the alcohol. It didn’t seem to dampen our spirits one bit. One would have thought we were all high on our drinks!

Later, we went to our separate rooms and Jamie came into my room and brought her baby. We removed our tops and bras, freeing our breasts, and fed our babies. We both liked the feel of the babies against our bare breasts and they seemed to find comfort from it also. Jamie commented on how she had missed making love to Rosita and me. Her breasts were full and beautiful, her dark chocolate areolas still delightfully swollen, the nipples long, hard, and so damn sexy looking.

Rosita came in while we were nursing and went to Jamie and kissed her softly. “Senora Jamie, I have missed you. I miss kissing your sweet lips and sucking your lovely full breasts. We have missed you so, Senora Sandie and I both!” Her lovely dark eyes sparkled.

They kissed and Rosita stroked Jamie’s unencumbered breast and even sucked it a little. Jamie smiled down at her, “Rosita, I have missed you two also. Janie and I have sucked each other’s breasts, but we have not made love together. Being away from my husband has really made me horny too. But most of all, I have really missed making love to you two sexy ladies.”

Rosita moved in front of Jamie, slid down between her spread knees, parted her thighs still wider, and slid a hand up her long smooth legs. “Senora Sandie made love to you earlier, but only with her fingers. She gave me a very tantalizing taste from her so naughty fingers. I think your sweet delicious pussy needs more attention now.” She kissed Jamie’s legs and worked her way up till she was kissing her spread thighs.

It was a little cramped as she was holding the baby, but Jamie spread her thighs wider, scooted down in the reclining chair a little, and Rosita was able to reach her spread pussy. Jamie had not put her panties on and this left Rosita an open field to explore. I watched as her head bobbed slowly and gently, knowing her long talented tongue was slipping up and down the delicious tunnel of passion.

My mouth salivated at the thought. “Rosita, leave some of that sweet pussy juice for me. Don’t lap it all up.” I laughed. I slid one hand down and stroked my own wet pussy lightly, teasing it.

“Rosita, you are fantastic. Little Barry has gone to sleep. Let me put him down and then you can make love to me. Give me one more wonderful lick on my clit before you quit. Ohhh yes, like that. Careful, or you’ll make me explode.” Jamie sighed.

I had been feeding little Jimmy some formula, not to wean him, but to leave more milk in my breasts for my lady lovers to enjoy. He seemed not to notice the difference and liked both the formula and my own milk. Rosita would always empty my breasts and we would wind up making love together. I had felt him quit sucking a few minutes earlier, but had been distracted by Rosita and Jamie. I looked down, and his little eyes were closed. I burped him, then got up and while Jamie took Barry and put him down, I did the same with little Jimmy. He didn’t stir when I laid him down and gently covered him up, kissing his soft cheek.

We slowly undressed each other with much kissing and caressing then got on the huge bed in my bedroom. It had been too long since we three had made love. Our naked bodies twined and writhed together as our passions quickly arose. Jamie kissed me passionately then moved down to my breast. The nipple was still very hard and erect and filled with plenty of hot milk for her eager lips.