Lady Eleanor Found Real Love


This is an interracial and lesbian story

Anna was in a very exclusive designer shop, ostensibly browsing, but actually watching the beautiful young blond woman who had caught her eye. The woman, who really didn’t look like more than a girl was inspecting and holding up this garment and that. The cost of the items made Anna smile, not that they had price tags on them, oh no, not in this shop. The prices were in the 100s and 1000s range.

The woman she was observing filled her tick box completely; she really was a beauty, one of the best she had ever seen in her 15 year or so career.

Around 5ft 5″ Ash blond hair that was as natural as natural could be, long, and tapered down between her elegant shoulder blades in a shag style, beautifully made up face, a Romanesque one, gorgeously elegant, and in the short skirt she had on, her legs seemed to go on for ever.

Pretending to browse herself, she sidled up to one of the many lovely assistants and asked obliquely, ‘I seem to know that girl, who is she?’

‘Oh that’s Lady Eleanor Harcourt ma’am, the Lady is connected to the royal family somewhere.’ She told her reverently.

‘Ah yes, I’ve seen her in magazines or television?’

‘Possibly ma’am, her husband is Sir Rupert Harcourt, a celebrated MP, among other things.’ This seemed to be said with some distaste.

‘Yes of course, do they live in London?’

‘No ma’am, they live in Hurston, about 50 miles from here, the good Lady is staying at the Hilton, Parliament is, I believe in uproar, there’s a big flap on the whole place is on edge, politics hey?’ and gave her a knowing wink.

‘Yes, glad we mere mortals are on the sidelines?’

May I help you ma’am,’ the girl asked, hoping for a commission.

”Yes thank you, I’ll take this please,’ Anna said, and held out a dress that she knew would cost about 2000.

The girls eyes beamed, and she went off to wrap it in very stylish fashion.

This gave Anna time to call Tom, her husband, and quickly told him they might have one on. ‘Go and book a room at the Hilton around the corner, we are looking for Lady Eleanor Harcourt.’

She closed her phone and 20 seconds later ‘accidently’ bumped into Lady Eleanor, Anna was stunned, at close up she was even more beautiful, her pussy tickled her.

‘Oh I’m so sorry, please forgive me?’

The Lady smiled softly at her and wafted the apology away, soon they were chatting like old friends, as her ‘client’ looked at her, Anna knew she was impressed, she always looked good, she never knew when she was going to bump into a possible. Eleanor bought what she wanted and they left to take coffee in a up market bistro.

Anna soon sensed a feeling of sadness, or more likely loneliness coming from her, her hope soared at this. And when Anna told her she was staying at the Hilton, Lady Eleanor smiled a dazzling smile and greeted the information with delight.

Anna said, ‘why don’t we have dinner tonight, unless you have plans?’ This would make or break her wishful thinking.

‘I have no plans at all, my husband will be tied up all night on voting matters, and I’ll be on my own, again,’ she added forcefully. ‘I would love to have dinner with you Anna.’ She told her new found friend.

Eleanor was as happy as she had been for more than a year now, after she had married her life had changed dramatically, and not for the best either. Her husband who was 15 years older than her was always away on business or Parliament duties, where he hoped he was heading for the top.

They arrived at the hotel and parted company after a nice hug. Anna called her husband and asked which room they were in, and where Eleanor was staying, a slipped £100 had secured that information from a desk girl, they were on the floor below her.

Stood in the elevator Anna apprised herself, she still had it, even at the ripe old age of 35, she was still a stunningly beautiful woman. Her chocolate silk smooth skin was unblemished, she still worked out, didn’t smoke or drink apart from a glass of wine with dinner. 5ft 9″ tall, weighing 120, her figure was as good as it was when she was 20.

Her face was terrifically Caribbean, pert round nose, huge dark eyes, arching eyebrows. And her lips were full, symmetrical, pouty, and heart shaped. She had fabulous upturned tits, acorn looking nipples that would still send her dizzy when mauled by Tom. A bum that turned heads everywhere, and legs that were made to fit her by God himself.

And she had money, lots of it, or rather she and Tom did, everything she had was his as far as she was concerned, she loved him with all her heart, would never leave him. She had money because an unknown relative had died, and after a year long search, Anna was found to be the only living one, she inherited the lot, and it was a lot.

She had fallen in love with Tom, the very second she clapped eyes on him, and he had fallen for her too. He was a big man, he actually resembled Tyson Beckford, the guy xslot in Toni Braxton’s world wide hit, ‘Unbreak my heart.’ And he had a cock and stamina that equalled his good looks, and enticing eyes.

Beautifully brown, smooth skin, well built, he was into sport at the time they had met, over 6ft 4″ and built like a gorgeous house, narrow hipped, big strong legs, and his cock could decimate any woman, as Anna had find out so many many times.

They were as compatible as a couple could have been. The only thing that could have become an issue but didn’t due to the fact that what they were, was what suited the other.

Tom had admitted after they were married, that he had always had a penchant for a beautiful white blond woman, just the once he hastened to add. Anna was shocked and very hurt, but he had explained, it was one of those unfulfilled urges. A desire to just try it once in his life, a desire he had had long before he had met his Anna,

So Anna, because she loved him, had hired a blond beauty to give Tom his desired wish. And Tom had had a ball, but was amazed to find out that Anna was bi sexual, and when Tom had fucked the woman to a frazzle, Anna had had her turn, and she had loved it too, it was their first time with a white blond. This was the catalyst that set them on the infamous road they were on now.

The woman turned out to be the first of many, they didn’t court or woo lovers, they took them, having talked about their experience, Tom had convinced Anna that now they were rich they could open lots of doors to unhappy, married or even single women, given the right approach, and they had been successful even to the point where 2 of their ‘clients’Anna wouldn’t hear of the word victims, had insisted of further liaisons.

But one had gone spectacularly wrong, it was the only time Anna had let him choose, and it was a big mistake, the woman had fought them to a standstill, even tried to kill them, and they had barely got away. They left and went to America for a while before returning.

They joined every exclusive club they could up and down the country, mixed with higher end people. Equestrian, Tennis, Hunts, only all women’s clubs, Golf, Cricket, Regattas, Yachting, the list was endless and they loved what they did, the only criteria they stuck to was, the client had to be beautiful, age, creed or colour wasn’t an issue, beauty and preferably sexy, was! And some of their success was out of this world, they had had women from all over the world, but the easiest ones were those women looking for fun and excitement once they could get away from the oppressive cultural religions they were forced to follow.

Now Anna was almost sure she could get to Lady Eleanor, although she had told Anna to call her Elle, which she now was. The thought of making her obey as she kneeled over her beautiful face and suck her out excited her like never before, Elle truly was a beauty, and as sexy as hell, Anna had found out she was 22 years old.

She dressed for dinner in a short dress, plenty of shapely legs and knees on show, and low cut, to afford Elle the view she might want to sample, hopefully. Her long black silky hair skittered around her smooth slim shoulders. Anna looked as good as she possibly could, there wouldn’t be many men or some women not eyeing her and wishing.

Her and Tom had discussed and finalised their plans as much as they could, and Anna slipped the draft that she knew would settle Elle and turn her on, into her purse, so Anna could seduce her before introducing Tom.

They met at 7:30 and were shown to a very private table, every head in there turned to watch the two beauties walk by. But they didn’t walk, they glided, wafted, hovered. Elle was wearing a simple, but very expensive dress in cream, a little alike in style to Anna’s, they hugged and kissed cheeks.

They had a great time at dinner, Elle had talked and told Anna many private misgivings in marrying her husband, she had felt honour bound to do it, and wasn’t very happy. ‘Well,’ Anna thought, ‘you will, I hope be a lot happier very soon!’ When Elle went to freshen up, Anna slipped the draft into her drink, then she hurried after her. On the way back Anna suggested they go to her room for a quiet drink, and more chat, Elle agreed immediately. She was becoming touchy feely with Anna, she was her new best friend wasn’t she, and being a lot older than her, more worldly wise.

On the way up Anna stood very close to Elle, she even put her arm around her and told her how happy they had met, and kissed her lightly and quickly on the lips, Elle blushed but didn’t reject it. They walked hand in hand to Anna’s door, ‘well, here goes,’ she thought gladly. Tom would be hidden away with the camera, just in case; they always tried to protect themselves. But Anna couldn’t foresee any problems now, ‘the draft will already be doing its job, so hey ho!’ she pondered.

Once in the room, the electricity crackled in the air between them, xslot Giriş both women could feel it. Anna looked Elle square in her beautiful azure eyes, held the gaze in total silence for long seconds, Elle was mesmerised, she couldn’t seem to drop her gaze back to Anna, she felt wonderfully trapped, not knowing that this was Anna’s forte, she could shoot a woman down at 20 paces with it.

She stepped to her, put her arms around her and kissed her, being taller than Elle, she angled her face down a little, Elle lifted hers, Anna kissed her, it was only a short kiss, but Elle knew it wasn’t a peck either. Elle tensed but didn’t pull away, ‘home and dry!’ Anna almost shouted.

Keeping Elle all locked up in her gaze Anna returned to the kiss, this time it deepened, it had a power all of its own, many women had been subjected to it, almost none had resisted it. They succumbed to it as Elle was doing right now.

They embraced each other, Anna knowing what she was doing, Elle had no idea her arms had gone around Anna’s waist. Anna softly broke it, and went to her neck, Elle, eyes closed, turned her lovely head sideways and Anna had complete control of it and her. She trembled with building excitement and arousal, she had never been here, she had messed at school and college, but not this, this was real, and was being done to her by a real woman, a soft sexy beautiful woman, and she was black, it heightened Elle’s senses of sublime submission, Anna was leading her to something she had no knowledge of.

Knowing she had got to where she wanted to be, Anna stood away from her momentarily, this was to allow her to undo her zip, and she let her dress fall to the floor, she had no underwear on, apart from her jewellery and shoes, Anna was naked before her ‘client’ but Anna was realising very fast that Elle was a client no more, she was a willing participant in her seduction.

Elle stared at her in utter wonder, ‘how could a woman be so beautiful?’ she thought, as Anna body railed against her senses. She gazed through hungry slitted eyes, Anna’s long legs, her shapely hips, narrow waist, beautiful upturned breasts and her nipples, oh her nipples, Then Elle looked back into her hypnotic eyes, and she was gone, under, defeated, utter surrender.

Anna stepped to her again, and before closing her lips on Elle again she glanced over to where she knew her husband was waiting in the wings. He popped out from behind the curtain, naked as the day he was born, and he was sporting the obligatory hard on, she smiled and kissed Elle as passionately as she had ever kissed anyone in her life, man or woman!

She guided the royally connected Lady backwards to her bed, stopping only to undo her zip too, Elle dropped her arms to allow it to slide down and off, she had a tiny bra and equally tiny panties on, Anna removed them easily, not a word had been spoken yet. Elle felt the bed at the back of her knees and glided onto it, fully seduced there was going to be no resistance from her, not now, not ever.

Elle laid back, completely subversive to Anna, she kissed her again and took a nipple between her thumb and fingers, Elle moaned, groaned and shuddered under her, her arms locking around Anna giving her free access to wherever she deigned to go, and Anna wasn’t to disappoint either. Anna swapped fingers for lips and tongue, her hand gaining open access to Elle succulent shaven pussy, Anna thought, ‘Ooooh, the same as mine, wonderful!’

The Lady Eleanor Harcourt had her first orgasm at the hands of the woman who was to become her loving mistress. The man who would become her master was stood waiting very difficultly for Anna to pull him in, his black super charged and engorged 9″ prick ready and waiting

Anna plunged her fingers deep into Elle’s urgent pussy, her clit was crushed by the knuckle on Anna’s thumb, one nipple, then the other were bit and sucked on in quick succession. She responded by lifting completely off the bed, a heart stopping orgasm crashed through her.

‘Oh Oh Oh Oh Anna, oh oh oh oh Aaaargh, Hmmmm, Ooooh, om I love you Anna, I love you!’ she wailed, eyes tight shut, her body and mind in overdrive, she thrashed on the bed as Anna held her in place, she took her deeper and deeper into the abyss. Orgasm after orgasm was brought out by the beautiful Anna, nothing was left behind, more was gained when Anna repositioned her hand, simply by inserting her middle finger into Elle’s slick loved juiced backside, and her thumb taking order in her pussy. Elle screamed out in such desire, lust and animal arousal she crushed Anna to her, her mind was totally bent out of shape.

Then the good Lady was still, she had no more to give or be taken, as she slowly and groggily opened her lovely eyes, the first thing she saw was Anna’s beautiful smiling face above hers. She smiled back so weakly, Anna softly kissed her, Elle kissed her back. Anna let her recover, Tom had had to relieve himself over the curtains that would be xslot Güncel Giriş pondered at by the cleaning staff, he giggled silently to himself. But he knew he was not to be called on yet, not until Anna had had hers with this gorgeous royal.

They began to softly play with each other, touching, caressing, feeling, and loving each other, Anna was already the consummate lover of women, but there was no play acting here, this was real, and she knew it. She actually wanted Elle to have her, to take her and do with her what she wanted, but she knew she had to be taught these things, loving like this was something you didn’t get from a book, it had to be learned, and taught.

Fixing Elle with a look, a look that she already knew meant something else, she nodded her head ever so slightly in agreement, Anna climbed up her body, got her knees either side of Elle’s head, she was now looking up at gods creation, she looked even more beautiful and sexy from her position of sublime accession to her. Anna breasts were looking upwards, she could see the silhouette of her hard nipples, her own hardened further in response to the sight.

Reaching behind her Anna grasped her nipples and crushed them fiercely, Elle moaned in pain and utter arousal, Anna was gazing hard at her, daring her to protest, she didn’t, her head lifted off the bed and sucked Anna’s pussy into her mouth. Anna moaned and unconsciously squeezed her knees under her head, forcing Elle up even further.

Elle attacked her willingly, fervently, and devilishly, she took to it like a duck to water, she worked her tongue, lips amouth and teeth over in and around Anna’s soaking nectar filled pussy, her nose rubbing her clit, Elle sensed there was something to be had here, and she loved the black beauty above her with all she had.

Out of the corner of her eye she glimpsed her blond hair spread about in a mess, this was the bullet that was fired from the gun in her body, she attempted to murder Anna’s red hot vagina, Anna squealed in orgasm, it squashed her insides totally, she crunched up over Elle and came in buckets of love potion, Elle sucked and drank all of it down, the taste of her enthralled her utterly.

Tom watching all of this from close by was stunned to the core, he had never seen Anna cum like this, he wondered if she was alright, the moaning and mewling coming from his wife worried him, he was about to step out when Anna threw her head back and moaned, ‘oh Elle, where did you learn that? I’ve never cum that hard in my life.’ She whimpered down to her beautiful blond lover.

Elle, her mouth still full of Anna and her nectar tried to answer, but was unable to except for a few muffled sounds. Anna slowly lowered herself off her, lay at her side and took the girl into her loving arms. She kissed her, her lips tasting herself, Elle’s face was covered in her love.

Anna wiped away her love from Elle’s sweet face, she wanted to talk now, now that both women were sated completely. Elle thought to herself, ‘nothing, but nothing can take away what I’ve just had, I’ll take this to my grave.’ She said happily to herself.

‘Elle, how many women have you been with honey, you were terrific, I loved what we have just done?’

‘Not one Anna, I messed at school but that’s all, you are my very first, honestly.’

‘Well, all I can say is, you are first class, tell me also, if you will?’ she looked at her quizzically, ‘have you had black cock, a black man?’

Elle giggled, looked at Anna embarrassedly, and said, ‘no I haven’t but I know they are supposed to like blond women aren’t they?’

Anna laughed and said, ‘yes some of them do, have you ever thought of it, I guess you must have led a fairly sheltered life, but has it ever crossed your mind at all?’

‘I can’t say it ever has, but I’m told that some of them are good lovers, with big er things?’ and she giggled softly, sensually.

Anna was loving this, soon she would be under Tom and finding out for herself, she smiled at her and said sexily, and somewhat guterally. ‘Close your eyes baby, and think of a really good looking Black man, one who might look like him out of Toni Braxton’s song, ‘Unbreak my heart.’

Elle drew in a deep breath; she knew who he was alright!

‘You got him pictured Elle?’ she asked quietly.

‘Ooooh yes Anna, he’s a real hunk isn’t he?’ she whispered.

‘Yes he is, imagine him here in this bed with you, he’s kissing you, caressing your nipples, fingering you, can you feel him Elle, can you feel his fingers in you?’ she breathed into her ear.

Her back arched, ‘oh Anna, he is making me crazy.’

‘Mmmm Elle he would,’ she told her. Anna’s fingers were in her pussy, her lips over a nipple, she waved to Tom to come to the bed. He knew exactly what to do, he stood behind Anna as she slid back away from her, Tom reaching over her to replace Anna’s fingers with his own.

He raised a knee and softly placed it over her and Anna slid quietly off, Tom softly and silently took her place, Elle would guess in a moment what had happened, she would open her eyes and see him, he had to be as ready as he ever was.

Anna leaning right over him whispered into Elle’s ear, ‘can you feel his cock sliding into you baby?’