Lady’s Maid Ch. 07: Lady Cecily


Archie and I got on splendidly, better, in fact, than most married couples we knew. The fons et origo of most troubles seemed to be jealousy, and as Archie had as little interest in fucking me as I had in being fucked by him, all went off rather well. It was always a joy to welcome his Mama, Lady Cecily, to our Hampshire home, because she was always so nice to me.

After dinner on Friday night, when Archie, his friends and the Duke, his father, had all banished us from the room while they smoked smelly cigars and told dirty stories, Lady Cecily was kind enough to sit with me. Annie served us our martinis, and we relaxed and talked.

“Archie’s a lucky fellow, Pixie.”

Like everyone, my Ma-in-law called me by my nick-name.

“I am so glad you think so Ma.”

I knew she liked being called “Ma,” and in truth I felt more affection for her than I did for my own mother.

“It’s not every girl would tolerate his peccadilloes, but I rather think they are no real hardship for you dear?”

I looked at her as though puzzled, and smiled.

“Really Ma, and why would that be?”

“I’ve heard rumours, and I only had to see the way you looked at your maid to know they are true. You prefer women don’t you, my dear?”

As her blue eyes seemed to bore into me, I felt an urge to confess, knowing I could trust her.

“I do, Mama, does that make me a bad girl?”

She smiled at the tone I had adopted, clearly liking it.

“No baby girl, it makes you a delicious daughter-in-law. I want you to come to my room tonight, no excuses, tell that maid of yours you are needed elsewhere.”

“Yes, Mama, as it happens she’s got Lady Dora tonight, so I’d be in the maid’s room again.”

“Again! You are such a silly goose Pixie, she’s your maid and should do as you want.”

Smily slyly I whispered:

“The thought of being made to wait behind Lady Dora is what I want.”

And that was how I came to be in my mother-in-law’s bedroom. Her maid had undressed her and she was, like me, in her night-things.

“Do you like what you see Pixie?”

I could only nod and do what I did when nervous, which was to suck my thumb.

“You look adorable dear.”

She looked delicious, and I told her so.

Her bosom was the most amazing one I had ever seen. I usually saw it buttressed up by the considerable scaffolding that was her corsetry, but untethered, well, her breasts were enormous; she later told me they were 40EE, which was a size I had not even known existed.

“My lap, now!”

I did as she instructed.

I loved her smell, and her skin, though it had lost the softness of youth, was still smooth and silky to the touch. Sliding a strap from her shoulder and gripping her enormous breast, she thrust it into my face. I sucked her thick, swollen nipple between my eager lips, pressing my face into the flesh of her breast, losing myself utterly in suckling her.

I could hear her moaning as I sucked harder, my tongue flicking her nipple hungrily. I loved the way she stroked my hair and made soothing noises.

I felt her hands go under my nightie, feeling its way up my inner thighs. I suckled harder in response. As she touched my wet sex I moaned.

“Does my little Pixie like that then? Tell me darling, who do you love more, your Ma or me?”

Breathless, aroused, I reluctantly pulled off the nipple.

“Oh Mama, you, you, I love you more.”

She patted my head.

“Good girl. Now do you want to please your Mama?”

‘Oh yes, Mama,” I said in a heartfelt tone; there was nothing I wanted more.

Easing me off her lap, she pulled up her nightdress as I crawled between her thighs.

I don’t know why I was surprised by her luxuriant bush, but I was. I sniffed her, and a thrill ran though me. She guided my head, and, parting her lips, I applied the tip of my tongue to her gooey sex.

Her hair tickled my face, and as she pushed into me, I could feel my cheeks burning. My tongue licked up her slit, scooping her juices so that I could coat her clit with them. As I reached the promised land, I gasped, her clit was so big.

“Suck it little one!”

Her wish was my command.

My lips fasted round her clit, and as I sucked, she moaned, gripping my head harder and rubbing her wetness Bayan Eskort onto my chin. My tongue began to flick her, massaging her big, stiff clit.

“Suck it, there’s a good girl, suck my girl cock.”

She was losing it. I could feel I could smell. I knew that smell, I knew the signs. She got rougher, as though I was there just as a sex aid.

“Get your fucking fingers in my pussy you little bitch, NOW!”

She was so open and wet that I could comply immediately. I thrust three fingers in, instinctively knowing that unlike me, she would be able to take it. I thrust deep and hard and fast. She was beginning to convulse and then, as my teeth grazed her clit she came.

At first I though she’d pissed on me, there was so much liquid. I was drenched, my nightie soaked with her juices.

Like a good girl should, I applied myself to cleaning her while she came down from Nirvana.

She put her hand under my chin as she recovered and lifted up my face so she could see me.

“My, you look such a sight Pixie, I am sorry I rubbed so hard, I am afraid you will have to cover those red marks. You are such a good girl.”

I smiled.

“Thank you Mama, what was that?”

“Some women squirt when they orgasm, Pixie, and I am one. Did you like it? We’d better get that nightie off.”

As she pulled it over my head, I confirmed I had loved it.

“My, you are tiny, aren’t you? And what’s with the bald pussy?”

“Yes, Mama, my titties are very tiny. Annie likes me bald there, Mama.”

“Well you are my special daughter-in-law and we are going to have so much fun. But, oh, I want more and now. Lie on the bed dear!”

I did as I was told.

Lady Cecily was generously proportioned around the hip area, and as she lowered her large arse onto me, I felt a momentary fear that I should be suffocated. But the fact that she was spanking my cunt banished that thought.

“Bad little Pixie, never lets her husband in here.” And then a spank, and then repeated and another sharp spank.

I’d have let out a muffled groan but for the fact that my face was buried in her arse. I licked the entrance to her anus, the musky smell and taste filling my world. From the way she squirmed, I knew she liked it, and from the way she lifted her arse every few minutes, she was clearly aware I needed air from time to time.

As I licked and played with her generous arse, her fingers worked my wet cunt.

“What would you mother say is she saw me using you like this? She’d know you were MY girl now!”

Lady Cecily liked to talk as she fucked, and it was clear that her turn on came in part from the fact I was her daughter-in-law, but even more from the thought she’d taken my from my birth mother. That the latter would not have given a damn, not being in any way desirous of me, mattered not; her fantasy thoughts were all.

As she pleasured me and I lapped her arse, I could not help thinking that this was wholly new to me, but not displeasing. I’d sort of thought that she was sexy, but never imagined this or anything like it, and, of course, as she was not my birth mother, there was no incest involved, though the implication clearly turned Lady Cecily on.

I was able to slide my face forward so she was rubbing her cunt onto my face again. My cunt was on fire, but she went no further than spanking me. Just my luck, I reflected, another lover into denying me.

I could hear her moaning grow louder and then, clenching my face between her thighs, she once more came.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Lady Cecily called.

I heard a familiar giggle.

“What’s that between your legs, your Ladyship?”

“That, Annie, is your Mistress, Lady Cynthia.”

“Has she cum yet?”

“No, our agreement was that she wouldn’t, and I am a woman of of my word.”

“I am glad you enjoyed her.”

Lady Cecily ground her cunt in my face a little more. Suddenly I felt a tongue on my cunt.

“I must say, Annie, I admire your new bitch; the lead suits her. Is Dora going to make Pixie cum?”

I wanted to see, but couldn’t. My hands gripped Lady Cecily’s hips, but there was no way I could move her.

“Oh we shall see,” giggled Annie, “in the meantime you can watch me fuck her while you grind yourself on my slut’s face. Slut Dora, slow and steady, if she cums you will be punished.”

From between my open legs I heard a muffled:

“Yes Miss Annie.”

I longed to be able to do what Lady Cecily was doing to me, that is to grind my wet and aching cunt into Dora’s face, but instead had to endure the exquisite agony of her tongue giving a long lick upward, then stopping, and then repeating a process minutes later. I could tell, though, when Annie entered her, as she roughly pushed into me as I needed. But as Annie settled into a rhythm, Dora went back to teasing me.

I was, fortunately, distracted by Lady Cecily’s wetness. Sometimes it almost seemed as though she forgot I needed to breathe, and I felt smothered by her arse. I licked ever more frantically, tantalised by the ache throbbing between my spread legs.

I could hear the sound of spanking, and Dora would lick me in time with the smacks.

“You look close Cecily.”

“Oh yes, fuck yes, Annie. Are you?”

“Yes,” she almost hissed.

Then I was lost as Lady Cecily once more squirted. I was drenched and half smothered, but could hear Annie’s orgasm.

My eyes blinked as Lady Cecil dismounted.

Annie was smiling at me.

“That was so sexy darling. Are you a very needy girl?”

With Dora’s blonde head still between my thighs that was not the half of what I felt, but I knew the game I had to play.

“Yes, Miss Annie, I’m a very needy little Pixieslut.”

Lady Cecily clapped her hands.

“Oh you DO have her well-trained Annie.”

Annie laughed.

“They are such good girls, who would imagine that they are upper class ladies now?”

With that, she threw Lady Cecily a collar for me.

“Put it on her Cecily.”

Lady Cecily made me kneel, taking me aways from Dora’s tongue. I whimpered, but did as I was told. I could see, as I was collared, that Dora was also collared. Lady Cecily and Annie made us kneel side by side. I looked at Dora, her eyes were glazed with lust. Leads were attached.

“Walkies!” Annie announced gaily.

As I watched Lady Dora’s arse roll side to side as she crawled, I was conscious of making the same spectacle myself.

“What do you propose to do with them, Annie, alas, we can hardly take them for a walk in the garden without creating scandal.”

“One day we shall,” Annie said, “but you are right, not tonight. I think we shall equip one of our bitches with the means of congress, which one do you think, Cecily?”

I could see from Dora’s eyes that like me, she was lost in a haze of neediness.

“Lady Pixie is the smallest, so she should receive,” Lady Cecil said.

I had to watch as Annie fitted Lady Dora with the strap on. As she did so, she pushed it against her clit, making Dora gasp.

“If you fuck her right, then you will cum too. Now, sniff your little bitch. Pixieslut, arch that back, arse up, good girl!”

The sheer humiliation of my position almost made me cum. My Mother-in-law was watching me, having used me herself, she could now see how obedient I really was.

Dora needed no second bidding, she was so worked up.

She sniffed me, licking me, driving me wild. Not caring any longer, I wiggled my arse, just needing to be taken, hard.

Dora mounted me.

I felt her girl cock poking, searching, as her hands gripped my shoulders. She pressed and rubbed, frantic for release herself and then, of a sudden, she found my entrance and pushed in, plugging me, filling me. I screamed in ecstasy, pushing my arse up so that the girl cock would press Dora’s clit.

She ravished me. She was so needy, so eager for her long-denied orgasm. She told me later that before they came into the room, Annie had already had two orgasms.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck you, Pixieslut, I want to cum!”

As I looked up, I could see Lady Cecily pleasuring herself, looking at Annie, who was clearly enjoying the spectacle.

As she plundered my cunt I gasped, pressing back. Oh I so wanted my clit touched, though truth to tell it was so sensitive that doing so might have spoiled me. Then Dora gripped me so hard that I felt her nails bite into me. She had one of those big, juddering orgasms. I felt her mound press against me as she came, deep in me.

I was whimpering, still not able to cum.

I moaned as she pulled out.

“You are such a deprived little slut, aren’t you Pixie?”

“Yes, yes Miss!” I said, hoping for some sort of relief.

“Cecily, sit on the edge of the bed, legs open!” Annie ordered.

To my surprise, Lady Cecily did so.

“Now, Dora, sit on her lap, legs open!”

Dora did so, I could see two glistening cunts.

Then, to top it all, Annie sat on Dora, and I was presented with three wet cunts.

“If you can make us all cum, Pixieslut, you will be allowed to cum too!”

Never one to reject a challenge, especially when the stakes were so high, I set about my task with gusto!

I suppose I had realised before how different pussies taste to each other, but this was an object lesson. I started at the bottom, reasoning that as my tongue teased Lady Cecily, my nose could rub against the folds of Lady Dora’s cunt, which would, if I were flexible, allow my fingers to play with Annie, moving down ever and anon to Dora and even my mother-in-law.

That was the theory.

In practice it turned out somewhat different; I’d failed to allow for what in other circumstances might have been described as different cooking times.

Dora was clearly still stoked up. The orgasm I had given her had taken the edge off her needs, but the situation in which she found herself, sitting on my mother-in-law’s naked lap, with Annie’s cunt dripping down onto her, and Annie’s hands massaging her tits, was quickly driving her back to the edge again.

Lady Cecily, who had already orgasmed at least thrice, was also fired up. Her hands were massaging Annie’s magnificent tits, her thumbs and fingers expertly squeezing and pulling Annie’s nipples. But Annie, who had also cum several times, was better at resisting, so, I switched to her.

Inserting my left index finger and middle finger into Lady Cecily, and my right ones into Lady Dora, I focussed on Annie.

Her lips were so full and juicy, but I resisted moving my fingers from where they were and decided to use my tongue in a way I had not before. Pushing my face deep into her wetness, I made a tube out of my tongue and, stiffening it, I pushed it deep, tasting the stronger juices of her velvet walls. Wiggling my tongue, I used it like a little cock and soon made her moan.

With Lady Cecily squeezing and pulling her nipples, and Lady Dora beginning to squirm deliciously, I was in sight of my goal, and redoubled my efforts, pushing my face into Annie’s pungent wetness as though I was fucking her with a girl cock, in and out, thrusting and moving inside her. Then I pushed her clit with my nose.

“Oh you filthy little Pixie!”

As Annie gushed, Lady Dora splooshed onto me, and Lady Cecil joined in the gooey waterfall; Annie gripped my head holding me tight.

I licked all of them clean, feeling my own needs so urgently, but accepting my self-imposed fate.

Annie climbed off, allowing the others to move. They sat in a row on the side of the bed.

“Come here little Pixie!” Annie ordered.

I stood in front of them. conscious of being coated with their girl goo, and of my own neediness.


I did as I was told.

‘Are you a needy little Pixieslut?”

“Yes, Miss Annie, I whimpered.

“Well you know what you must ask for, ask each of us in turn, starting with Slut Dora and ending with me.”

My sinews felt stretched, so did my ability to stop touching myself. So I did as she told me.

“Please Slut Dora, may I have cummies?”

Dora was still coming round. Her perfect breasts looked good enough to eat, and her nipples were dark pink and crinkled with lust.

“Yes, Pixieslut.”

“Thank you Slut Dora. Please Lady Cecily, may I have cummies?”

She smiled and nodded:

“Of course little Pixieslut!”

“Please, Miss Annie, may your Pixieslut have cummies?”

Annie seemed to hesitate before saying:

“Rub, now, fast.”

With all three of them watching, I shamelessly put my hand between my thighs. I could not bear to touch my aching clit so circled round it.

“Isn’t she just so cute?” Annie giggled, the others joined in.

At that, I broke, and I felt myself overwhelmed as I collapsed as I came. It was so intense.

Annie knelt and kissed me.

“Did you enjoy that, darling?”

“Oh yes,” I said, meaning it.