It began in such an ordinary fashion.

I was meeting my friend Benny for a late lunch at a local café I’d heard good things about, but never been to. My meetings with Benny were about the only social life I had, not counting my D&D group that met on Saturday nights. I thought of myself as a decent catch, a just-graduated college student with a degree in electronics and a job at a prestigious computer firm. The problem was that I turned into a stuttering, stammering mess around any girl I found attractive.

I entered the café and found that Benny was just coming in from the side door. “Hi, Larry,” he called out cheerfully. “How’s life treating you?”

“Oh, the usual,” I said. “Not too badly. Now if I could just get a little confidence around women, I’d be just fine.”

Benny laughed as we sat down and began studying our menus. I decided to stick with something simple, a roast-beef and cheese sandwich. Benny wanted 2 substitutions and one addition to his order. Then the waitress came by.

She was a shockingly beautiful black woman, my estimate was in her late 20’s. Her coal-colored skin was set off beautifully by her white uniform. She was at least 5’11”, several inches taller than me, and solid without being fat. Her legs were muscular – “runner’s legs”, they call that shape. Her arms looked strong, her stomach was as flat as a washboard, and her charms were perhaps 36D and solid, not floppy at all. Her hair framed a face with a beautiful smile and dark eyes that were lovely yet penetrating. I went into stammer mode instantly.

After she took my order, she patiently listened while Benny explained the complicated changes he wanted made to his. Writing it all down, she said, “we can handle this, no problem.” I was very impressed with her calm, cool demeanor.

About a minute afterwards, Benny asked me, “why couldn’t you just order your meal without stuttering?”

“You know very well why,” I responded.

For just a split-second, his eyes seemed to glance at something behind me. Then he looked directly at me and said, “don’t be ridiculous, Larry. All she wanted to know was what you were having for lunch.”

“You really don’t understand the depths of the issue, do you?” I replied. “I get all nervous in any situation where I have to speak to a beautiful woman. Her name tag said ‘LaKeysha’, but I wouldn’t dare call her that. She’s absolutely gorgeous. She’s also very nice, because she handled your complex order with a smile and a reassuring remark. She’s got beauty and brains. If I had any confidence, I’d ask her to lunch. I’d love to find a woman like that to be with, but I just can’t say any of this stuff to a woman that perfect without getting a knot tied. I wish I could ask her out.”

Benny said quietly, “turn your head.”

I did… and froze in shock. Standing directly behind me was LaKeysha. She was grinning from ear to ear.

My face turned beet red and I started to stammer out an attempted apology. Before I could get through the first word, she silenced me with a gesture. “I heard everything you just said,” she informed me. “Is that what you truly think?”

I couldn’t speak, so I just nodded. I was tongue-tied that a goddess in human form was speaking to me.

LaKeysha smiled in a way that made me melt. “My shift ends at 3:30,” she said. “Meet me at the front door if you’d like.”

I looked at my watch: 3:08. With another nod, I agreed.

After lunch, Benny left. I waited 3 minutes at the front, and LaKeysha walked over. “Walk with me,” she said. “We’ll go to my apartment and talk.”

I didn’t say a word for the 3 blocks it took to get to her apartment. I was afraid to spoil my real-life dream that was coming true. Once upstairs, she sat me on the sofa, picking a chair for herself. “Just relax,” she said. “I won’t bite. Tell me about yourself.”

Haltingly at first, but gradually with fewer stammers, I told her about my life, such as it was. She just kept smiling the whole time. After I wrapped up, she laughed out loud. “So you’re too scared to talk to beautiful women?” she giggled. “Let me tell you something. You’re a very nice person, and you just have to realize that we goddesses have just as many issues to deal with as you ordinary mortals.”

Her laughter sounded beautiful, like silver bells. It finally broke down my barriers. “Really?” I said. “I guess I have a lot to learn.”

“You are already,” LaKeysha informed me. “You didn’t stammer or stutter at all when you just said that.”

I realized she was right. After a very pleasant conversation, we agreed to meet again at the end of her shift in a week.

The next Sunday, same time and place, I was much more relaxed. The same thing happened: meet, walk to her apartment, talk. For 6 very pleasant Sundays this kept up. I didn’t know it then, but LaKeysha was about to raise the stakes.

The next Sunday, she sat next to me on the couch instead of in her usual chair. I felt the old familiar tied-in-a-knot feeling starting to return. LaKeysha wouldn’t let it happen, though: sensing this, she reminded me, “I won’t bite you now, remember.” I relaxed. Then she gave me a melting smile and said, “Unless you ask me nicely.”

Before I knew what was happening, she had laid me down and was lying on top of me. She kissed me on the lips, gently at first, then with greater force. Her hands caressed my face as our tongues began twining together.

She broke away for air and said, “you’re a good kisser for one without much experience.” Removing my T-shirt, she began to run her fingertips over my skin. Her light touch sent electricity pulsing through me. Softly, she began to kiss and nuzzle my neck. I was getting very turned on. She moved her mouth down my chest, slowly. I moaned softly under her tender ministrations.

She stood up and asked me, “would you like to see more of my body?”

“Key,” I whispered, “you know it. You’re beautiful.”

She unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. In just a bra and panties, white against her black skin, she was heavenly. I was mesmerized as I drank in the sight.

“Follow me,” she said, walking towards her bedroom.

Once there, she lay next to me. “Kiss my body,” she said. “Just be gentle. Touch me and kiss me all over.”

I tentatively kissed her neck. She smiled. “Just like that,” she told me. “Keep going, all the way to my toes.”

My hands explored her flanks as I kissed my way down her chest. I licked the inside curves of her breasts with my tongue, moving to where her cleavage was covered by her bra. She squirmed with pleasure. I then kissed her stomach and moved down towards her legs. I began to caress her legs, feeling the firm muscle beneath the soft skin.

Shifting positions, I kissed her feet and began moving upwards with my tongue. I carefully kissed and licked her inner things. My tongue bath was having an effect, as she was moaning with increasing intensity.

“Have you ever seen a live woman naked?” she teased me. “Now you will.” She removed her bra and panties. “Kiss between my legs,” she instructed me. “use your tongue on my clit, and be gentle.”

I did as she said, kissing her slit and finding her clit, which I circled softly with my tongue. Shudders passed through her, so I began flicking my tongue over the tip. Her legs locked around my head and she squeezed me almost to blackout as she flooded me with her juice.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “Most men can’t do that. It makes a woman feel truly special. Now for your reward.”

After stripping my few remaining clothes off of me, she pinned me gently to the bed and stroked me to full hardness. She then gently ran her tongue up and down my shaft. I thought I would cum right there, but she stopped me just short. After letting me cool off for about 30 seconds, she began to suck on my balls, making them swollen and very tight.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m on the Pill.” With that, she mounted me and began to slide up and down, slowly at first but faster and faster as we both approached climax. She leaned forward and I sucked on her nipples. That pushed her over the edge and she almost cut me in half as she locked her legs in place. Her pussy milked my rod violently and I began shooting my load into her, hard and fast.

We both collapsed into each other’s arms on the bed.

A few minutes later, still in the after-glow, she smiled and said, “I’m very glad I met you. You’re the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time.”

“Me?” I said. “How so?

“You like me for who I am, you’re very sweet, and you’re a gentle soul who couldn’t hurt a cockroach,” she said. “I will keep you for a long time. I was about ready to give up on men before I met you. Twice I was in a relationship before now, and twice I was degraded, verbally abused, beaten and raped. I thought all men were monsters. Now I realize that they’re not.”

She reached for a box by the bed and removed a ring. Slipping it on my finger, she said tenderly, “Larry, will you marry me?”

“Key,” I replied, “you’re my dream come true. Of course I will.”

Neither one of our families was too happy about the interracial marriage, but they got over it. After the ceremony, as we were dancing, Key whispered, “Let’s really piss off the racists and make some mulatto children.”

“A wonderful idea,” I said.

We’re happily married with 2 beautiful daughters. LaKeysha is a wonderful wife and great mother. I’m forever in love with my black goddess.