Last Night…

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Last night……

…. was so intense. You were straddling me, kneeling, one leg on each side, but resting on me. Your eyes were bright and naughty and you had a cheeky grin. You leaned forward so your bosoms brushed my chest, your nipples hard and engorged. I could feel your slit, warm and wet on my cock. You wriggled it a little, slipping it up and down my shaft. Such a sexy woman. You leaned forward and kissed me gently, slipping your tongue between my lips. My hands explored your back, feeling you, pulling you close. My mouth explored yours, our tongues danced. Your labia got wetter, more slippery. They seemed to get bigger and encompass my cock. So exciting.

Sliding up and down my cock. I could feel my glans against your clit. Then you moved up my body, rubbing your slit over me, marking me with your juices. Rubbing it over my nipples, wetting my hairs. I held your breasts, gently pinching your nipples, whilst softly squeezing them. My cock was pouring precum, the liquid pooling on my pubic hair. You moved your vagina over my 1xbet yeni giriş mouth, painting my lips. I could smell the musk of your arousal, taste your juices. I sucked on your labia, drawing them into my mouth. My tongue probed inside your canal. So hot and wet. Your clit rubbed my nose. It was swollen, the tip peeping out. I licked it and heard you gasp. Liquid was pouring out of you, all over my chin and down my neck.

I felt inside you with a finger, running it around the walls. You felt so hot and wet. Your hips were moving back and forth. You were making little noises and breathing heavily. I took my finger out and moved my hands to hold your buttocks. And I drew you closer into my mouth, my tongue inside your vagina. You said my name. Over and over. Was that a small climax? But then you slid down my body again, this time holding your groin a little away from mine. You grasped my cock and used it to rub up and down your labia with my glans. We were so slippery. Then you pressed my glans against your clit, before using it 1xbet giriş to masturbate yourself. I could feel the shaft of your clit against my hole. And I could watch everything. Then you decided you wanted me inside. You rubbed my glans up and down your slit again and slowly inserted it. It was so slippery and wet, yet there was still a brief resistance as the head went into your vagina.

Then suddenly it was through and I could feel the rippling walls of your vagina holding tightly to my glans, tickling my corona. It was heavenly. I watched my cock slowly penetrate into your body, dragging your labia inwards as it did so. That is so fucking exciting. Your vagina seemed to suck me in, your pelvic muscles stimulating me. I could feel my cock right at the end of your vagina, against the back. Your cervix brushing my corona. You have quite the most divine cunt in the world and you know how to use it. I feel so damn good inside you, filling you up, stretching you. Mixing my secretions with yours. Becoming part of you.

Well, you 1xbet güvenilirmi rested there for a while, sometimes clenching your muscles and tickling my cock. Then you started a slow up and down movement. Lifting yourself right up until just the tip of my cock was inside, and then slowly descending again until our groins meet and our public hair entangled. What a tremendous feeling. The stimulation of the friction together with the temperature variation – cool outside your vagina, hot inside. Dry outside wet inside. I reached down and tickled your clit whilst you moved. This was all your timing. Your depth and angle of penetration. Your speed. Then suddenly you got off and lay on your back. You said, “Come and fuck me, Alan. Make love to me.” And so I did. I joined with you.

Our bodies welded together. Your legs wrapped around me. My cock plunging into you. You fucking me back. Holding my arms. Your breathing ragged. You driving me wild, I couldn’t hold off any longer. I could feel my cock get harder and larger and then suddenly it jerked and my semen flooded into you. And at just that moment I felt your vagina clamp down on my cock with the same rhythm of my ejaculations. I heard your cries. I felt your love. An unbelievably intense feeling. I was in another plane altogether.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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