Last one to know, chapter 13


Last One To Know, chapter 13

We were all totally exhausted and it was getting late. Beth and Shannon went to Phil’s bedroom, Tammy and Mark headed for his bedroom and Mom, Dad, Kay and Dave all headed out together and I stayed with Sue. She and I enjoyed a loving, cuddling hot shower. Then she crawled in bed and cuddled close in behind her. She felt so soft and warm. WE were both asleep in just a few seconds.

It was almost mid morning with I woke. I looked around and realized I was in bed alone. I jumped out of bed and as soon as my feet hit the floor I realized what bad shape I was in. My body aching all over. I headed for a hot showers hoping that would help. I did feel a little better after the shower so I dries off and headed toward the great smell of cooking bacon.

When I arrived at the kitchen it was a little boost to see a room full of happy naked people. Mom and Kay had cooked up a big batch of eggs, bacon and hot cakes. I filled a plate and set down beside Sue . She had finished eating and was sipping on a glass of juice. She had a very sad look on her face and I ask her what was wrong. She looked like she was about to cry as she told me” I woke up early and was a little turned on so I started sucking your cock. You even cum for me but you never woke up.

I couldn’t hardly believe I has slept through a wonderful blow job and it made me feel like shit. Then everyone started laughing and I knew I had been the butt end of a joke. Sue laughing ask” Baby, do you really think you could sleep through my great blow jobs”? “You little shit, that was a crappy joke. She wrapped her arms around my neck and told me” fear not my love I promise I will make it up to you later.

I spent a lot of time with Sue the remainder of the day. We talked a lot about our family, about the two of us and many other things. I ask her what she though of our future. She though for a few seconds then said” Bobby, I thing we truly do love each other and if we were not so closely related I could see marriage in our futures but I would be afraid of having children“.

I told her” I felt the same and I knew we both wanted a family later”. She said” I know this is just a dream but I wish we could both meet someone who would understand our feelings and how things are in our family’s Someone who could except us as we are and join the family. I smiled and said” it’s a wonderful dream and I dream of the same thing and how knows, stranger things have happen and we can hope can’t we”?

Things were very quite and low key for the rest of the day. Mom did ask Sue to giver her on of those special enamels and of course Sue agreed. Kay and I went along to watch and HELP if needed. Sue used the same technique on Mom she had used on me. I was nice enough to let Mom suck my cock (big grin) .. Mom loves getting finger fucking with her enamel but the way Sue does it is even more powerful. She was really working over Mom’s pussy as she flushed two full bags of fluid through Mom’s ass then pulled the tube out.

Kay lube up her fingers then eased her hand behind Mom’s ass cheeks and covered her well cleaned asshole with her lube. Kay then pushed two finger into Mom’s ass causing her to moan around my cock. Mom was wet with sweat, her legs were starched out on either side of the toilet, trembling and shaking as Sue shoved her fingers into her pussy while Kay was fingering her ass.. Mom was making an animal like sound each time she sucked my cock into her throat. I could hear myself grunting every time it slid down her throat and I know I wouldn’t last much longer.

Kay pushed me back a little and told me” pull out and cum on her tits, let us watch you jack-off and shoot your cum all over your Mama’s tits. I pulled my cock out and it only took a few strokes before I shot my cum all over her tits, chin and a little in her mouth. Then I put my cock back in her mouth to finish draining and cleaning me.

Mom let my cock drop out of her mouth and her head dropped back and she went limp all over. Kay and I held her to keep her from falling. Sue was still slowly finger fucking Mom’s pussy. I heard a noise behind me. When I turned to look I saw the rest of the family gathering around us. It was like we all had the same thought as Sue, Kay and I licked some of the cum off Mon’s tits. Each of us turned to the others to share out little treasure.

Sue shared with Phil, Beth and Tammy, Kay shared with Dad and Mark, I shared with Dave and Shannon. Mom raised her head and looked around at everyone. She looked at Sue and said” Honey, that still feels good, you have make me so fucking hot. I looked to see that Sue still had her fingers Mom’s pussy.

Kay laughed and told Mom” Big sister, you can be a real slut when you want to be”, Mom just smiled. Kay straddled Mom, squatted down a little and said” lets see if this brings back any memories”. We could see the stream of piss as it hit the top of Mom’s pussy. Sue started fingering Mom’s pussy even harder and faster.

Mom was making little grunting sounds every time Sue’s fingers hit bottom. Phil moved up between Mom’s legs and was licking the piss as it dripped off Sue’s hand. Shannon squirted some lube in her hand then reached around and started pumping Phil’s cock.

Kay finished pissing and as she raised her leg to move away from Mom I could see a couple of drops of piss clinging to her pussy lips. I pushed my face into her close trimmed bush and licked her clean. She pulled my face closer to her and I tongue fucked her for a second or two.

I heard Phil moaning and looked to see Beth on her back with her mouth open under the head of Phil’s as he was unloading his cum down her throat. Mom was telling Sue” Please stop, I can’t stand anymore”. Sue pulled her fingers out, put one in her mouth and sucked it clean. Then she held the other one up to me and I did the same. Dave took Sue by the wrist and pulled her finger from my mouth and raised her hand to his mouth. He licked her entire hand, front and back cleaning every trace of the pussy juice, piss mixture.

Mom attempted to get up off the toilet stool but didn’t have the energy. With Dad on one side and Dave on the other they lifted Mom off the toilet and started to both room door. Dave told to go turn on the shower in the master bath. Mark hurried out to do as he was told. The two men carrying Mom headed out with Kay following. Mark was back in a couple of minutes and all six of us squeezed into the shower. We washed, played and teased each other but nothing serious went on. We all dried each other off then went down to the den.

Our parents show up shortly after us. We all decided on sandwiches for a snack before we started packing for home. There were a lot of mixed emotions as we loaded things into the car. I was standing in the doorway from the den to the kitchen watching as everyone else was setting around talking about the fun we had had, when we could do it again and many other things about the future. As I looked around at each one of them I though of all the things that had gone on and how good I felt about everything. I thought” by normal standards we are a SICKO. FREAKY, PERVERTED FAMILY. That may be the case but I’m one happy young man and I truly do love everyone in this room and wouldn’t trade my life with anyone I know.

On the way home Mom told us they had talked with Dave and Kay. They agreed we should all be one big happy family.. The door would always open in both directions and there were no limits as long as the other person or persons agreed. Sex hikayeleri They decided that they should discuss it with their own kids and we are discussing it with you guys. If there was any questions or complaints we would handle it.

Everyone was very quite for a while then Mom ask” Well, what do you think, why are you so quite”? The three of us laughed and I said” Well, I was trying to think of anything we could complain about. We had the best life ever and this just adds to it. Who the hell could complain about that much love and that much sex.

By the end of the month we had moved into the new house. Dave, Kay and the kids helped a lot. Several of the men from Dad’s unit also helped. Some of the guys built a new gazebo and replace the old pier. When everything was in place and all the work done Mom and Dad had a big cookout and invited everyone who had help and their families. It was a good experience for us kids, we meet lots of very nice people and none of us did anything the cause any questions.

Things were going great, we were all back and forth between both houses. We were not just family, we had become great friends and great sex partners. We were getting close to the end of the school year. Tammy found out Mark was also planning to go to Law School. He was considering an out of state school but decided to attend the same one as Tammy.

We had our proms coming up and as soon as we found out they were on different week-ends the four of us decided we would go together. I would be Sue’s date at her prom and she would be mine at my prom. Tammy and Mark were doing the same thing. The girls ask if everything went alright could we come back to the lake cabin to have our after the prom party and spent the night together. When they ask we both laughed and I jokingly said” could we get you to beg a little.

Sue and I were spending a lot of time together, in and out of the bed. We were going shopping, to movies, out to eat and many other best friends things. Sue call on Friday night and ask if I would like to go whit her to a new restaurant across town. She ask if I could pick her up early, that she had to stop of and pick up something for her Dad and she wanted to go by Victoria Secretes. She knew I would say yes because I would love to go bra and panty shopping with her.

I picked Sue up about middle of the afternoon and we headed to the old downtown section of town. She give me directions to Stine’s Jewelry Store. I parked and as we started inside I noticed the sigh on the door Silversmith, Custom Designs and Repairs. It was an older building and looked in need of some repair outside. The inside was entirely different, everything was so neat, in place and tons of beautifully designed jewelry.

An older man standing at the far end of the counter give us a big smile and said with a heavy accent” Hello young ones, what can an old man help you with today. Sue told him she was there to pick a ring for her Farther. She handed the ticked . He looked at it and his face light up. You’re Hawk’s daughter, you must be Sue. She nodded and blushed a little. He ask” is this your boy friend”? “ No, this Bobby, my cousin and my best friend. The old rushed around the counter and grab my hand and started shaking it. You must be Shadow’s son“.

“Hawk, Shadow” I ask with a puzzled look. The old man laughed “ Yes, I know many of the men on the base by their Unit nicknames. “Hawk” Capt. Bowers, “Shadow” or “Warrior”, the newly promoted Maj. McMasters. Yes I know them well, they are old friends but you two are the first family members I have met, That is kind of unusual because we have so much in common” Oh, you were in the military” I ask. “No not that but we have many other things in common.

He said” I’m so sorry I’m Herman Stine, my wife Rose, Rose, come out here I want you to meet someone special” An older woman walked out of the back and come around the counter. She was a small woman, only about 5’2”, looked to be mid sixties to early seventies. I had never paid much attention to older people sexually, especially someone about three times my age but there was something about this lady. The little gleam in her eyes, her larger than average breast, the way she walked, I didn’t know. All I did know was I took a second look and felt a little tingle in my cock.

Herman quickly explained who we were. “Oh my, I fill like I already know you both, I have heard so much about you”. She walked over give Sue a big hug. I couldn’t help but think how hot it looked as their breast pressed against each other. Herman was saying something but I was so attracted to the two women I didn’t understand what he was saying. Then Rose turned, put her arms around my neck and give me a big hug. I was not about to miss this chance so I put my arms around her and pulled tight to me. Oh shit, her tits felt so good pressed against my chest.

I held on, thinking she would pull back but she didn’t. In fact I thought she may have pushed her hips into me a little. Herman got my attention by clearing his throat. When I looked at him he was smiling and it made me blush a little when he “ you like my Rose”. Herman called out” Hanna, can you come out here” I heard the softest, most sexy voice say” Yes Papa, I’ll be right there”. Sue and I were both watching the door at the back of the store when a dream walked through it.

I realized I was standing there staring with my mouth hanging open and I sure with a most stupid look on my face. I glanced over at Sue and was surprised to see she was staring open mouth just like me. Standing before us was the most appealing creature I had ever seen on two feet and a quick glance at Sue told me she thought the same.

Hanna was bout 5 ft. 4 in., jet black hair, eyes so dark brown they almost looked black. She didn’t have on make-up but her beautiful full lips were a dark pink color that just make you want to kiss them. She had an hourglass figure with “C” or “D” cup tits. She had a skin tone that was like she had a nice sun tan.

I heard Rose say something but I was so distracted I didn’t understand what she said. As I come back to earth I looked at Rose. She laughed and said” As I was saying, this is our Grand Daughter, Hanna. This is Hawks daughter Sue and Warrior’s son Bobby. I think Sue and I both were hoping for a hug but Hanna extended her hand to Sue. As Sue took her hand Hanna placed her other hand on top of Sue’s , caressing it softly and said” SO PLEASED TO MEET YOU. I thought Sue was gonna drool.

Hanna turned to me and extended her hand. I took it and raised it to my lips and kissed it. She sighed “ Oh Bobby, you are so like your Father. I was a little confused by her comment but so over whammed by her presents that I didn’t think much about it. Herman ask Hanna if she would get Hawk’s ring from the back. She smiled, nodded and I know she had to feel Sue and I both staring at her as she walked away.

I ask if Hanna’s Mom and Dad worked at the store also. Rose hung her head and I could see the pain in her eyes. I also saw the sad look on Herman’s face and I know I had ask the wrong question. Herman told us that Hanna’s parents we kill in an auto crash when Hanna was four years old. She had lived with them ever since. We have been so blessed to have her.

Hanna return with a small box, waked up to me and took my right hand. She placed my wrist across hers and open the box. Sue stepped up next to me as Hanna removed a ring from the box and placed it on the ring finger of my right Sikiş hikayeleri hand.. It was just a little loose on my finger but I knew Dave’s hand was a little larger than mine. When I took a good look at the ring I knew I had seen rings very similar to this one. I looked at Sue then at Herman. With a real look of pride the told us” Yes, you have seen rings like this before. They are from my private collection and only for my very special friends. He and Rose held up their hands to show there rings. “These are what I call eternal friends rings. Sue smile and said “BFF”

Sue ask if he had any more of the rings and if so could we see them. He and Rose looked each other then excused themselves as they walked off a ways and started whispering to each other,. then call Hanna over to join them. Sue and I were wondering what the hell was going on. Herman walked to the back of the store. When he return he had a locked ring display box. The unlocked it and we were a little surprised when he opened it. There was a dozen rings in it, they were different shapes but no engraving at all. Rose come over with a set of ring gages to get our size. We were both a little surprised when she measured our little fingers.

Herman told us” Hanna told us what BFF means. You two are cousins and we don’t think you will ever marry so we will save your right ring finger for later. Sue ask why there was no engravings on these rings. Herman handed us a small note book. He told us we would select what we wanted on the rings. We started looking through the book, there were different drawings with little notes by each one. Rose held her ring up and started telling what each emblem meant. This one meant, my life is yours, this one, were ever you are I am also, then she skipped one and started to explain the next one.

I ask her about the one she skipped. Hanna and Herman started laughing. Sue said” Okay, give it up, what does it mean. Rose looked at Herman and Hanna and I noticed she was blushing a little. Herman nodded then Rose said” it means sexual freedom”. “Sexual freedom, meaning what” Sue ask. Again she looked at Herman and Hanna. Hanna ask “ would you like me to explain”? Rose and Herman both nodded.

Hanna said” that means she is free to have sex with anyone else who wares the rings. I think Sue was as shocked as I was. We knew Mom, Dad, Dave and Kay had the rings. Did theirs have this sign on it? I looked at Hanna’s hands and noticed she was not wearing a ring. When I look up again I was looking Hanna straight in the eyes and she was smiling. She reached inside her blouse, pulled out a small chain with a ring on it. She held the ring out to me as Sue stepped up beside me to see it up close. There it was, the little engraving was almost like an off shaped star with a little line at the bottom then a small dot at the end of the line.

Herman told us to look through the book, select what we wanted on our rings and write down the number by the emblem. If we had any questions just ask. I ask how many emblems we could put on each ring. He told us five to eight was good, the more we had the smaller they would be.

Herman took us to the back room and we set at a small table and started looking through the book. Herman told us they would be closing shortly and had some things they needed to do before then. Sue and I started looking through the book. We had selected about ten to discuss more when we come to the little odd shaped star. We looked at each other, smiled and I wrote down the number for each of us. I ended up with five, most were the same as Sue’s and she had six.

Hanna and Rose come into and ask how we were doing. We told them we had made our choices. Rose walked up beside me and Hanna walked round beside Sue. Rose ask if they could see our selections. I handed her the paper, she looked it over then handed it to Hanna. Hanna ask” are you sure about this, I mean really, really sure”? Sue and I looked each other and nodded then said’ Very Sure.

Rose reached under my chin and tilted my head back then kissed me on the lips. I felt her tongue pushing against my lips so I opened my mouth and sucked her tongue in my mouth. I rolled my eyes over to see Hanna doing the same thing to Sue. They both pulled back at the same time and the two of them exchanged places. I knew I was about to get to kiss those wonderful lips. Oh yes, it was just as good as I though and I hated it when she pulled back.

Herman walked in about that time and ask” So, how is it going” Hanna was caressing the side of my face and Rose had her hand resting on Sue’s left tit, softly massaging it. Herman laughed and said” I see everything went well, you two need to pick out the style you want and I’ll start working on them tomorrow. I would like for you to tell your parents about the rings. The four of them was expecting it but I would like for them to know for sure.

It didn’t take us but a minute to pick out the rings we wanted. Herman took them out, locked the box back and placed it in the safe. He said he had a question he would like to ask but it is very personal. We both told him to ask away. “Well, I guess it is really a couple of questions, first one, have either of you ever had sex with anyone as old was Rose and me. Second, what do you think of Hanna now that you know she has had sex with us.

Before I could say anything Sue spoke up” I can tell you that neither of us have ever had sex with anyone older than our parents. As for what I think of Hanna now that I know, it is the same thing I thought the minute she walked in the room. My pussy has been dripping wet since I first laid eyes on her and when we kissed I had a small orgasm.

Everyone turned and was looking at me “ Okay, my turn, first let me say that it is obvious that you knew a lot more about us that we knew about you. Sue told you about the older people but I can tell you I would not have a problem with it. I would also want to tell you that I fell in love with Sue the first time I saw her and I still feel the same although I know we will never be husband and wife. Now to Hanna, I really don‘t know what to tell you. Sexually she has the same effect on me she has on Sue but there is more and I‘m not sure what that is. All I can tell you right now is that I would never do anything to harm any one of you.

Herman told us it was time to close and ask our plans for the rest of the evening. Sue told him about the new restaurant we were going to try. Herman really light up when she told him that. “Hey, that is our old friend Paul. He used to have the place across the street. His two son’s worked with him and they are both certified chiefs. Paul is going to retire and the boys will run the place. I ask if they had tried the new place. Herman told us not yet but they hope to soon. I ask them to come with use. He told me they were have dinner with some friends but we could do it later.

Hanna told us she was free and could go with us if we didn’t mind. Sue and I both laughed then Sue said” Homey, you can cum with me anytime you want too. Everyone was laughing as we left the store. I told Herman and Rose we were going to stop by the mall first then going to eat. I ask if Hanna could ride with us if we promised to get her home early. Herman looked around to be sure no one was watching then he and Rose walked over and kissed each of on the lips and give us a hug.

I open the car door for the girls. Sue started to get in then stepped aside and motioned for Hanna to get in first. We started out for the Erotik hikaye mall. Hanna was very excited when Sue told her we were going to Victoria Secrets. Hanna said she didn’t wear panties but she love their bra’s. I ask” are you shitting us about no panties ever. She smiled as she took my hand and pushed it down the front of her slacks.

I knew by the time I got just past the bellybutton she didn’t have panties on but I kept pushing down. She open her legs wider to give more room. I could feel the top of her pubic hair and could tell by the shortness of it that it was well trimmed. I mover on down until I could feel the top of he pussy lips and the hood covering her clit. I eased a finger into the top of her pussy. Hanna moaned, laid her head back and closed her eyes.

Her pussy was very wet and I was trying to get my hand further down her pants but they were very tight. All of a sudden her waist band relaxed and I was able to slide my hand on down. I took my eyes off the road long enough to see Sue smiling at me as she slipped her own slacks and panties down. She ask” did that help”? I just nodded and smiled. I managed to get two fingers up her pussy and the back of my thumb was rubbing her clit. Sue laid her slack and panties in the seat between her and Hanna.

She was setting there naked from the waist down. She had two fingers jamming in and out of her pussy while she was doing circles on her clit with the fingers on the other hand. Hanna looked down in the seat and saw Sue’s soaked panties. She picked them up and put the crotch in her mouth and started sucking. Sue was watching what Hanna was doing and it really pushed her over the edge. Her ass was off the seat and she was slamming her fingers into her pussy. She started cumming hard. She was moaning and growing and it seem like she was never going to stop cumming.

Hanna was labored in her breathing and she was pushing against the outside of her slacks, forcing my fingers deeper into her. I found her spongy little G-spot and it was just a couple of seconds before she was doing a reenactments of Sue. As she calmed down Sue reached and pulled my fingers out of her pussy and imminently put then in her mouth and cleaned them of every drop of Hanna’s juice.

Hanna ask me to move the seat back as far as I could get it and still be able to drive. I did as she ask. Sue ask her what she had in mind. Hanna looked at her and told her” I’m gonna suck your pussy dry bitch. Okay? “Damn straight you fucking cunt sucker, suck away. I was near the mall by this time so I just made a couple of loops around to give them time before I pulled in and parked.

Hanna got a couple of wipes out of her bag and the girls cleaned up and got their clothes back in order. We started to get out of the car when Hanna said” STOP. We have some unfinished business, Sue looked at her then at me and smiled. Hanna told me to pull to the outer edge of the parking lot. I did as I was told and as soon as I stopped Sue jumped out and ran around the car, open the door and pushed me over, Hanna was busy unbuckling and unzipping my pants. I lifted my hips and both girls pulled my pants and shorts down around my ankles. My cock was standing straight and hard. There was a drop of pre-cum right at the tip.

Sue told Hanna” you go first, you’ve not had any of that yet. Only thing I ask whoever gets the load shares it with the others“. Hanna ask” does that mean Bobby also”. “Oh hell yes, he loves it” As Hanna licked the pre-cum off the head of my cock she said” you two fucking perverts make me so fucking hot, I do love all this”. With that she started bobbing her head up and down going a little deeper each time.

She had most of my cock in her mouth when she started gagging a little. She pulled off and told Sue to take over. Sue licked up and down my shaft then slowly slid it into the throat. Hanna was watching close and told Sue she was going to have to show her how to get the long ones down her throat.

Sue just nodded and continued her throat massage of my cock. Sue knew I was about to shoot my load so she pulled off and told Hanna to finish. She wasted no time in getting me off. I was shooting one line of cum after the other and filling Hanna’s mouth full. She grunted, punched Sue on the leg and pointed to the side of her mouth. Sue saw some cum leaking out around the side of her mouth. She kneeled in the floorboard and leaned in and started licking up the cum.

Hanna took a firm grip around my shaft as she pulled her mouth off. She lean toward Sue but she didn’t touch her lips. Instead she stuck her tongue out and I could see a nice glob of cum on it. Sue seem to know what Hanna wanted so instead of sucking Hanna’s tongue into her mouth she took the tip of her own tongue and licked the cum up a small bit at a time. Damn, this was two hot women, just what I wanted and need.

Hanna pushed my cock over toward Sue and told to finish it off. Sue didn’t hesitate but went all the way down on my now cum coated cock. Sue continued to suck until my cock started getting soft. She let it slip out of her mouth. She set up beside me in the seat and give me a big kiss on the lips, pushing a fair amount of my own cum into my mouth at the same time.. She then pulled back and lick around the outside of my mouth and down on my chin. She set back and ask Hanna if she would like to clean up my face.

Hanna didn’t hesitate, she started licking around my lips and down onto my chin. Sue was setting up very close to us. When Hanna pulled back I was look deep into the very dark brown eyes. It was almost like we were looking into each others souls. Sue said” tell him Hanna, tell Him now please”. Hanna’s mouth was moving but nothing out. Then she took a deep breath and said” Bobby Mc Masters I think I’m falling in love with you. Sue laughed then said” falling my ass, you’re all ready there.

Hanna hung her head down and said in a very low voice” Sue I know you two are in love and I would never do anything to hurt either of you. Sue took Hanna’s face in her hands, looked her in the eyes and told her” Honey, he has a big heart and I believe there is enough room for both of us but that is not our only problem. Hanna looked at Sue with a puzzle look on her face. Sue told her” Baby, I think I’m falling for you also and I’m not sure how you would feel about that.

Hanna snickered a little then told Sue” Honey, what you don’t know is you had me from the very beginning. As a matter of fact I think you both did, now the question is what do we do about it. I told them” only one thing to do, keep on keeping on. As long as we are able to deal with it I don’t see where there is a problem.

Sue ask what we should do about the rest of the family. “Simple, I think our parents knew what was going to happen when we went to pick up the ring. We can just tell everyone else what is going on The only thing is they are going to want to have sex with Hanna also. I ask Hanna how she felt about the. She told us that was not a problem. The problem might be putting up with some of her weird shit.

What kind of weird shit are you talking about. Hanna was very quit for a couple of seconds then said’ well, you might as well know now because I like it a don’t really want to stop. Sue and I just waited for her to speak again. Then she said” I love cum and piss. I like to be fucked by two to four men and collect all the cum in a glass then mix it with piss and drink it. I also love to have cum and piss all over my body and love having it licked off me That’s just a couple of the unusual things I like

Sue was smiling from ear to ear when she told Hanna’ Honey, you’re gonna fit right in with this crowd”

End of Chapter 13