Late Again

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This is my second story I have written. Once again a big thank you to Lee (MLG52) who advised, corrected , and edited it for me. It is so good to know people who are willing to give their time and expertise to help others.


This is the third time this week I’ve waited! Each time we make a date she’s late. We had only been together three weeks, but this was going to be a special weekend away, our first alone. Pacing up and down, I kept looking at my watch. I told her to be here at 2; the train was scheduled to leave at 2.30. The next time I glanced down again at my watch, it was 2.25, and still no sign of her.

By 2:29, the passengers were almost through boarding the train; I walked away in disgust. She had the tickets for a weekend in Paris; £300 it has cost me. I glanced back over my shoulder, watching as the train pulled away. I went home, very angry. She never turns .up when she promises.

One hour later there was a knock on the door. She stood, and just said “Sorry.” She followed as I turned around and walked back into the room.

“Well what is the excuse this time”?

“I’m sorry, baby. My mum came round and got chatting; I just realised the time,” she pleaded.

That was it. My anger took over. I grabbed her, pulling her over my knee. I spanked her ass really hard. She screamed out, but didn’t struggle at first. My hand began to hurt with the beating, but I continued out of frustration.

She turned and shouted, then tried to get away. Finally, my hand came down hard, knowing Bostancı escort her jeans were absorbing the blow. When I stood up, she fell to the floor, crying.

“What is up with you? Why can’t you plan your day like others do? If you don’t want to be with me, just say so,” I yelled.

“You fucking pervert! What’s the idea of spanking me?” she screamed at me.

“You call that a spanking?” I shouted back. I grabbed her arm, and dragged her into the bedroom. “Get undressed now “

She cowered into a corner of the room, calling me a pervert. I had not seen her naked before, so I could tell she was worried what I might do. She refused, so I walked over and ripped her blouse off. “Now you have a choice. Get undressed or I will strip you my way!”

I watched as she slowly reached for her jeans button. I stared as she undid it and slid them down her legs, standing there in bra and panties. “All of it, now!” I demanded.

Her hands went behind her back and undid the clip on the bra, letting it sink to the floor. She saw me glaring at her, and knew there was no backing down. I took pleasure gazing as she placed her thumbs on her hips, slipped them under the band of her panties and lowered them to the floor.

Naked! Completely naked now. Her hands wrapped around, trying to cover her body. I slapped her hands down, and yelled, “Get on the bed, face down. Now!” I barked at her.

She moved quickly, and lay there looking at me over her shoulder. I moved to the bed and noticed her Anadolu Yakası Escort ass was red from the first spanking moments ago. I ordered her to turn around and look straight ahead, then wasted no time striking her ass again. It was so much better slapping a naked one. I was amused to see a bright red hand-print quickly materialize, and pleased to see her respond to the pain.

I waited just a moment, giving her a chance to recover. Then another strike, marking the other cheek. She thrashed about, struggling to get off the bed. I pushed her back down, then threw open my wardrobe to get four ties out and quickly tied her arms and legs to the bed.

“I will teach you to be on time,” I bellowed as my hand came down again and again. Her ass was covered in a red hue; even though she thrashed, I knew she was secure. My hand began to hurt again, so I paused to get my breathe.

“You think this changes anything, you damn pervert?” She squealed.

“I know you are sore, but I will not have you creating chaos in my life,” I told her. I realized now how stubborn she was, but also understood she was not about to give in as she lay there screaming at me. I reached for the slipper beneath my bed, gripping it hard. As I raised my arm, she looked around at me and gloated, daring me to hurt her any more.

My arm came down, bringing the slipper hard across her ass. Her breath was taken away with the pain, so I repeated it several times. Now, instead of cowering away, she raised her ass for the Kadıköy Escort next one.

“Beat me baby, beat my ass harder. I need it baby,” she whispered. I looked at her in shock as she wiggled her ass while pushing her pussy against the bed sheets.

“Oh, my god. You are turned on. I don’t believe it,” I said.

“More, more damn you. Why are you just standing there?” she screamed at me.

I brought the slipper down harder and faster, watching her humping the bed now in earnest. Her ass had the imprint of the slipper and hand prints all over it. Suddenly, on the last one, she raised her hips and shuddered. I waited and watched as her body went through the climax.

“Spank my pussy. Please, do it now. I want you to do it now,” she implored. I loosened the ties enough for her to hold her crotch off the bed. Her knees were spread wide when I used my hand and aimed for her soaked pussy. I brought it sharply down, striking her lips and clit together. She screamed and trembled as another, bigger climax rushed through her body.

I undid her arms and legs and turned her over onto her back. I stripped off my clothes and lay on top of her, kissing her roughly as I easily entered the wet and waiting hole. She was soaked and we fucked like rabbits.

I pulled her on top of me and spanked her ass again as she rode my cock. She hit the peak again as I spurted deep inside her. Our combined wetness flowed down my testicles onto the sheet below.

We lay silent as we regained our breath. She looked down and kissed me, smiled and gently murmured, “That was what I needed. That was exactly what I needed,” and kissed me again.

I warned her that if she was ever late again, I would repeat it. She smiled as she held me tightly, both of us knowing that would be soon, very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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