Late Night Dinner


It was going to be a quiet Sunday evening for me, until my phone rang. It was Smitty, a friend of mine that I’ve hung out with at the bars plenty of times before.

“Hey Hector. Meet me at Henry’s. Kevin is coming up there, too. I’ll see you in one hour!”

With that, he hung up the phone, not giving me the chance to answer back. Now I need to explain about Henry’s. It’s not someone’s house, it’s a strip bar. Not one of the classier places by any stretch, but the bartender is a sweetheart, and some of the dancers are pretty good looking, if you’re there on the right night!

Well, not needing too much pushing, I got dressed, stopped at the ATM, and headed over to meet up with them. I arrived at about 10 p.m., only to see Smitty and Kevin already sitting at the bar, with a beer waiting for me. I guess they saw me walking through the parking lot from the security camera. I sat down next to Smitty after some handshakes and high-fives. I said hi to Lisa, the bartender and checked out the talent that they had working that night. It was an unusually good night for a Sunday. The bar was busy, and they had more good-looking girls working than not.

I knew I was in trouble when Shawna came up to me immediately after she got off stage. “They told me you were coming up!” she said to me, as she winked at Smitty and Kevin. Shawna was this hot little black girl that I had the hots for, and they knew it!

We were sitting at the bar, chatting with the girls, when at about midnight Smitty leaned over to me and said, “Hey, we’re gonna get out of here in about 30 minutes. We’re going to head to another bar. I have a little surprise for you.”

Now the word “surprise” coming from him is a little scary. Not in a bad way necessarily, but you just never know with him. After another beer and a couple more shots, we headed out the door. I got into my car so I could follow Smitty to wherever it was we were going to.

After about 20 minutes of driving, we arrived at this bar. It was a little hole-in-the-wall bar that I had actually been to a couple of times, because they sponsored our softball team. There weren’t that many people there, so we had no problem getting 3 seats at the bar.

They said hi to the bartender, and introduced me to her. “This is Cynthia. Cynthia … this is Hector.”

We shook hands, said hi to each other, and we all chatted for a little bit, before she had to start closing up shop. Time kind Pendik Fetiş Escort of flew by after we got there, and before I knew it, it was 2:00 a.m.

Almost like they already had it planned, Kevin gets up and says to me, “Help Cynthia carry out some beer to her car when she closes up. Smitty and I are going to the store to buy some food. We’ll have a late night dinner party at her house.”

Kevin and Smitty are both cooks, just to let you know. I sat back and wondered what was going on – I was so naïve at that time!

She packed up a couple of six-packs of beer into a grocery back, and we headed out to her car after she locked up. As I walked Cynthia to her car carrying the beer, she reached behind me and squeezed my ass saying, “Be sure to keep up with me. I don’t want to lose you on the way to my house.”

I reached back to return the favor telling her, “No problem. I’ll be on your ass the whole time.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for!” she quickly replied, with a wink.

I now understood what the “surprise” was that Smitty told me about earlier, or so I thought.

As we arrived at her house, Smitty and Kevin showed up at the same time. I had the beer; they walked in with a couple bags of food that they were ready to heat up. We flipped the TV on in her modest flat that she lived in. Since I was just there to drink and eat, I sat on the couch while those guys did their magic in the kitchen. Cynthia was hanging around them, since she knew them. But she’d bring me a beer every so often until the food was ready. We ate, and boy did we eat. It was the best food I had in a long time – especially at 3:00 a.m.

We all made it back to the living room after enjoying the dinner, and apparently it was time for “dessert.” I was the first to sit on the couch at one end. Smitty sat on the other end, while Cynthia was between us. Kevin took his spot on the floor in front of her. It was kind of awkward for me at first, as I hadn’t been in a situation like that before. I figured I’d let someone else start off, then just join in as time went on. And it didn’t take long for the fun to begin.

I was sitting on Cynthia’s right watching TV, turned to the right, so I didn’t notice at first what was going on behind my head. And it didn’t help that I had a few beers and shots in me. All of a sudden, I felt a hand on squeeze my thigh. Hoping it was hers, I turned to my left to notice Kevin kneeling Pendik Gecelik Escort between Cynthia’s legs undoing her jeans, while Smitty had his had under her shirt rubbing her tits.

“Come join the party,” she said to me with a wink, as she leaned her hips up so Kevin could take her jeans off.

Well, I wasn’t too drunk for that! As she sat back down, Smitty and I lifted her shirt over her head and got her bra off. Kevin dove in right away, starting to lick her pussy while we each paid close attention to her tits. She had nice 34B breasts with small, but very hard nipples. Her 5-foot 100-pound body was gorgeous, and very easy to move around, as we needed to.

She enjoyed the attention she was getting from us for a little while, until she said, “Come on, guys. It’s not fair for me to have all the attention! Let’s see them cocks of yours!”

In unison, we all stood up and got naked ourselves pretty quickly. Standing around her as she sat on the couch with our cocks at face level for her, she took turns sucking each of us. I guess since I was the new guy in this party, she started with me. I, of course, wasn’t going to argue! She wanted to give each of us either oral or manual attention, so whomever she was sucking off would stand in front of her, while the other two stood on either side to give her hands something to do.

Kevin was the last one in our “rotation” so he was the first one to start fucking her. As she sat back, she pulled Smitty and I to the couch with our cocks in her hands still. Kevin started fucking her, as she would lean to each side, taking turns sucking our cocks some more.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, baby, fuck me,” she’d say to Kevin.

I looked over at Smitty, and he almost seemed like he was falling asleep! “What the heck are you doing?” I said to him.

“I’m beat, and I think I had too many shots, anyhow.” He said to me. “You guys have fun, I’m going over here to pass out for a little while,” as he pointed to a spot on the floor. Kevin and I looked at each other, and pretty much agreed that we’d take care of business the rest of the night.

“Come on, Hector, your turn to fuck this hot pussy,” Kevin said to me. As Smitty moved to the floor, we turned Cynthia sideways on the couch. We were both on each end of her – I fucked her pussy while Kevin fucked her mouth. She loved it as her moans kept getting louder. I don’t know how Smitty could be sleeping Pendik Genç Escort through this.

When we wanted to switch again, we’d pick her up off the couch, turn her around and continue with nailing her from each end. She couldn’t get enough. We’d change positions with her again, having her kneel on the couch with her head close to the armrest. Kevin would fuck her from behind, while I stood in front of her jamming my cock down her throat. We’d turn her around again so I could fuck her from behind while she sucked on Kevin as he sat on the couch. She squealed as I inserted the tip of my finger into her ass. At first I could feel her clench up, but then she’d relax to allow more of my finger in. Eventually I was fucking her ass with my finger and she loved the feeling.

So much so, that she told me she had some Vaseline in the bathroom and she wanted me to get it! I quickly complied. When I returned, she was sitting on Kevin’s cock.

“Grease that cock of yours up, and fuck my ass,” she said to me amidst her heavy breathing. I moved in behind her while greasing up my pole. I started to put some Vaseline at her ass, but she said, “Just put it in, I need your cock in my ass now. Slam it in there!”

I was drunk enough not to care, so I set the head of my cock at her asshole. She grabbed my hips and pulled me in completely. We fucked her for all we were worth. Then we switched again. I sat on the couch, but this time she sat reverse, with my cock right up her ass. Kevin moved in and entered her pussy again. This position allowed her to rub her clit while we fucked her holes. It didn’t take long for her to climax, as I could feel her ass tighten up around my cock. We fucked her harder and faster. I could feel the cum starting to build up in my balls, finally. Kevin had mentioned the same thing. He backed away from her, as I lifted her off my cock. She moved down to the floor while we stood on either side of her.

“Cum for me, boys. I want your cum all over me,” she begged.

She rubbed our balls as we stroked our cocks. I was the first to get off, as I shot my wad over her face and tits. When I was done she started to suck me more to make sure she didn’t miss anything. Then it was Kevin’s turn. His first went towards her mouth, but pretty much missed and got up to her forehead. He continued to cover his side of her body. When he was done, she took turns sucking each of us off, with cum on her face. It looked pretty much like the end of a porn scene, except for the third guy sleeping in the middle of the floor.

Cynthia got up and headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up, as Kevin and I put our jeans back on and sat on the couch. Smitty finally woke up saying, “Hey, did I miss anything?”