Latin Linda Reluctant Sex Referee


I was sleeping with this guy, Michael, pretty regularly. He was in a relationship so it worked out great for me. We got along great in every aspect. By this time I was recently divorced & had my own place. My friends would come over regularly & we would hang out & party. Michael would join us on occasion & my friends got along with him. I was hanging out more & more with a friend I met from work, Tracy. She was in her early forties but looked like she was in her late twenties. Petite, beautiful face & really big natural breasts. Tracy worked out daily, was a Vegan & very fit. She loved to party though & smoked daily! Her ex gave her a substantial monthly Alimony payment so money was never an issue & she always had Primo weed! Her manners & demeanor were impeccable & she described her ideal guy as “Clean cut, well dressed, professional, articulate well mannered, tall dark & handsome!”

Michael had a real good friend, Manny, who was a serious ladies man. He wasn’t bad looking but his biggest talent, besides his supposedly large penis, was his ability to sweet talk women. Manny had met up with us a few times at different clubs or the beach. He was a bit arrogant but he was fun to be with. One night when Tracy & Michael were both over, Manny calls. Wanted to know what we were doing. We decided to meet up at nearby Hooters for drinks & Chicken wings. We figured that Tracy & Manny would meet & we could all just hang out for the evening. He was not her type in any way shape or form. Once there Manny is immediately attracted to Tracy. She was not. She ordered her usual order of French Fries & extra celery sticks & we had drinks & hanged out. Manny was putting on the charm Extra Thick. By the end of the night they had arranged to go out on a date the next day.Talk about “Shell shock?!?” I had never ever thought she would like this guy.

Next day they go out & Tracy calls me to see if she can come over with Manny. Michael was over Samsun Escort as well so I said sure. We smoked & drank some whiskey & they were getting more playful so Michael & I decided to go into my bedroom & give them their privacy & in turn we could also have sex. I take a shower & when I finish Michael was passed out on the bed! Turns out the combo of weed & whiskey messed him up. Talk about a Buzzkill! I put on the TV but I was really horny. So I pull out my Rabbit & begin playing with myself. All of a sudden I hear Tracy repeating over & over “No. No. No!” I grab a robe & open my bedroom door. Manny was buck ass naked & Tracy was only wearing her panties. Manny was soft but his penis seemed average. Turns out &, I KID YOU NOT, the issue was that Tracy is Jewish & Manny was uncircumcised. Tracy had NEVER seen an uncircumcised cock. EVER! I called her over & explained that it’s not a big deal at all. Once he gets hard his head will be exposed & it’s the same feeling, I told her. Well she was pretty nervous so she pulls out another joint & we smoke some more. I was horny & getting frustrated with her silliness to be honest.

Meantime Manny is sitting naked on the sofa. I ask Manny to stroke himself so he can get hard. This was so surreal! I’m acting like some sort of SEX referee! However the sight of a naked man, on my sofa, while a couple of minutes earlier I was using a vibrator was a bit unsettling. I look over at Tracy & just tell her to figure it out. “What do you want me to do?” I ask her frustrated & annoyed. Manny blurts out “Get me hard!” I look over & he has the biggest silly smile on his face. That bastard! Of course he would like that. Tracy looks over at me & she actually says to me that she would love to see how I get another guy hard. She has never seen anybody have sex in front of her. When Tracy said this I guess my hornyness began rationalizing this as a possibility. I mean Manny had Samsun Escort Bayan a very nice body & he was after all naked in my living room. “You only live once!” I thought to myself so I grabbed Tracy’s arm & walked her over to the sofa. I instructed Manny to stand up & to get right in front of me.

I then grab his flaccid cock & pull back his foreskin & reveal the head to Tracy. His head was glistening with lubrication & was a bit oversized even flaccid. I quickly wrapped my mouth around his cock. I begin sucking & licking him & soon feel him hardening & growing inside my mouth. And he kept growing. And growing! I had to pull him out to take a look. His average looking dick was now really thick around. He was on the long side but he was really thick! By now his very large & pink head was exposed. He had a very pronounced cock head. It was really big. Tracy is looking at me spellbound! She was liking what she was seeing. She then reaches over to touch him. I’m thinking to myself that I should enjoy this all by myself as I’m the one that got him hard! I oblige & Tracy soon has him in her mouth. I sit back & watch.

When Manny tries to remove her panties she refuses. WTF!?!? What is she doing? Why? Heck even I was getting frustrated with her. She didn’t want to have sex but she would give him head. Manny actually said he doesn’t cum that way! Here I go again! The SEX REF!! I am watching a marvelous cock bobbing up & down a foot away from my face while this woman is refusing to fuck him! I was really over her stupidity. I remove my robe push Manny down on the sofa & I quickly begin guiding that massive mushroom head into my now dripping pussy. It took me awhile to get used to his thickness. That head felt AMAZING! He then lifts me up & lays me on the sofa. He grabs that big cock head & begins slapping my pussy! He then pushes it deep inside of me & I quickly wrap my legs around him.

I Escort Samsun look over at Tracy & she is going to town rubbing herself. Manny is now pounding me perfectly! I could feel my pussy tightly wrapped around that massive head of his. OMG! Manny lasted forever! He fucked me doggy style so he could see my big ass he said. He knew how to work his dick! I am moaning wildly as his pounding has already given me a couple of very powerful orgasms. He then stands me up & asks Tracy to give him head. Tracy refused. So he puts his hard dick in my mouth. I begin furiously sucking him. He then stands me up & spins me around, bends me over & thrusts himself unto me. I don’t see Tracy. In the position I’m in I could see my bedroom. I notice movement on my bed. I am unsure what’s going on in there but I began to realize Tracy was on the bed with Michael.

Manny again stops & wants more head. When I kneel down I could hear moaning coming from my bedroom. I stop & it was clear that Michael & Tracy were going at it! WTF!! Manny just shushes me pushes me on the couch & begins pounding away. We had been at this for well over an hour! I was getting dry & his thrusting was beginning to get uncomfortable. Luckily I feel his body tremble & he quickly stands up & as I try to kneel to swallow his cum he pushes me away & tells me in Spanish he’s going to cum on my face. The very 1st spurt goes right inside my eyes. WOW! I close them tightly & feel him spurting my entire face. By the time he’s done I can feel the cum dripping down my neck & breasts.

When I try to go to the bathroom Michael & Tracy were showering! I just looked at her & asked them WTF? You were passed out & you, Tracy, didn’t want to fuck! Turns out they were attracted to each other & had slept with each other before! Truth be told I wasn’t really bothered by this at all. Manny just gave me what I needed. I washed up & went to sleep with Michael. Tracy & Manny actually slept in my sofabed. Next morning I hear moaning. When I open my door I see Tracy grimacing from the pounding Manny is giving her. I go over & give Manny a nice rub down on his ass cheeks. I go back to the room & put Michael’s morning wood in my mouth. Need some cream for my coffee, LOL!