Lauren and Larry

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Jake took his laptop into the living room. He waited for it to boot. The house was empty. It was dark outside the windows. His wife Lauren was chaperoning their daughter’s middle-school dance. Jake was supposed to pick them up in an hour and take them to dinner, somewhere nice Lauren had smiled.

She had a pretty smile with pearly white teeth and full luscious lips that curled up at the sides of her mouth, forming dimples on her face.

The computer finally booted. He opened a hidden folder. Clicked on a large video file. The video player opened to full screen, showing a distinguished, gray-haired man on the screen. He fiddled around with his tie and a buttoned white-shirt in front of the camera.

His name was Larry Jinx.

The doorbell rang in the video.

Larry smiled at the camera. “My new sexy friend just arrived, boys. Let’s go greet her.”

He picked up the camera and walked across a spacious hotel room. He opened the door. A blonde stood outside on the hallway. Her face was blurred like someone took a digital eraser to it, but her body was clear and it was spectacular. Her hourglass figure was well-outlined underneath a small white t-shirt and tight blue jeans.

Her dark-blonde hair bounced around her soft shoulders as Larry welcomed her inside.

“Thanks for coming…Hayden.”

The woman named Hayden giggled. Her name was not Hayden. Jake thought it was probably something boring like Anna. Jake came across Larry’s website by accident. He had been looking for masturbation material and his usual favorites weren’t doing the trick. A quick clip of one of Larry’s videos caught his eye. It was of a black woman with a gorgeous body. Her face was blurred, but Jake came very hard watching her get fucked by a slightly out-of-shape older man. He wanted to see the full video and ended up signing up for Larry’s website.

Jake never really went for amateur porn, especially when he couldn’t see the women’s faces like in Larry’s videos, but he stuck around for a couple of months going thru the website’s video archives. Over eight years of “real amateurs.” Jake didn’t buy the girls were not pros, but he enjoyed them nonetheless.

Last night before dinner, he clicked on one of the videos. The description said; Cock-starved housewife gets used and abused by good old Larry. Watch him send this busty babe home to her husband with a well-fucked pussy full of his cum.

“Oh, let’s watch,” Jake grinned, but before he could click on the link, the kids started making a racket downstairs. Lauren shouted to him for help. Jake sighed. Before he closed the web browser, he download the video to a folder for later viewing.

“I had a little trouble finding your room,” Hayden said. “They said seventh floor at the desk. This is eight.”

“You made it. That’s what counts. Do you want something to drink?”

“I’d love a ginger ale.”

Jake grinned, popping open his own ginger ale can. The last can. He and his wife weren’t big soda drinkers but they guzzled ginger ale’s down on weekends. Jake sipped and watched as Larry had the initial “interview” before the good part.

Jake would usually fast-forward thru this bit, but today he had some time on his hands and wanted to hear the script. He was sure it was scripted.

On the screen, Larry came back to the couch with a can of ginger ale. While he was gone, the blonde woman looked at the camera for a moment. Her face was blurred but Jake watched her apply some fresh lipstick on her mouth and muss her hair a little.

“Have you always wanted to be fucked on camera?” Larry said.

“Oh yeah. I watched pornos in college with my sorority sisters. We would talk about being porn stars while we fucked each other with strap-ons.”


“No,” she laughed.

Larry laughed with her. “You’re a naughty one.”

“It is a big fantasy,” she said. “I’ve never told anyone about it.”

“Not even your husband?”

“I mentioned it once, but he laughed.”

“Oh no.”

“It made me self-conscious.”

Jake raised an eyebrow. He remembered Lauren once mentioning that she wanted to make a sex tape with him. And he laughed at her. He thought it was hot, but he didn’t think she was serious. He wondered…but then shook his head. Hayden was not Lauren. Lauren was a brunette and sounded nothing like Hayden.

“Well, now you’ll get to live your fantasy….how big are your tits by the way? They look huge.”

Hayden giggled. “How big do you think they are?”

“I don’t know. I’ll need a better look. Take them out.”


Jake watched as Larry stood up. He picked up the camera from the coffee table and pointed it at Hayden as she pulled her legs up on the sofa and kneeled on it, facing the old guy. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pull it up, revealing her flat stomach and bra-covered breasts. She was a bosomy woman. Her yellow hair got caught in the neckline of her shirt and she shook it off. She tossed the shirt at the camera. The screen went dark for a moment before Hayden’s blurred face appeared again. She was reaching behind her to unclasp the bra hook, but Larry said, “No, darling. Hang them out.”

Hayden obliged. She reached Sarıyer escort bayan inside the bra cups and brought out her two heavy white breasts, perching them over the bra. The pale areolas were almost invisible against her milky-white skin. Her rosy-pink nipples were stiff. Larry zoomed in on the juicy rack.

Jake paused. He set the ginger ale can down and cleaned his glasses. He was sure those were…but no. Couldn’t be. Those luscious breasts only resembled his wife’s. It was not Lauren. Again, the woman in the video was blonde and sounded nothing like his wife.

Jake hit play again.

“Look at those big bastards,” Larry chuckled on screen.

“Don’t call them that,” Hayden laughed.

Larry’s hand appeared on screen, fondling Hayden’s tits.

“All-natural too, fuck!”

He squeezed the sides and cupped the undersides, slid his palms all over her cleavage, pressed his fingers into her soft flesh, kneading every inch like bread dough. She was loving it

“Your hands feels so good. You have no idea. I’m so horny right now.”

“Suck my cock then,” Larry said.

Jake turned away, unable to keep watching. It was odd. He usually loved when the action got started quickly, but he felt sick all the sudden.

As he looked away, he heard a belt unbuckling, a zipper being pulled down, and ruffling clothes. Then sucking noises. Jake walked over to the wall where there was a framed picture of his wife. She was twenty-two in that photo, a volleyball star. Her huge natural breasts stretching her top, long shapely legs coming out of her shorts. A magnificently built woman. Thirteen years later, after two kids, her face had rounded a tad, her hips had widened, her skin had lost some of its tautness, but she was still a natural athlete. Still a bombshell.

“I c n hadly fi itinmy mouh,” Hayden mumbled on the laptop.

Jake fought the urge not to look at the screen, but he didn’t know why. Why didn’t he want to look? Of course, deep down, he knew why.

“Fuck, yeah,” Larry said. “Use that tongue, just like that.”

Jake thought about how Lauren loved using her tongue during oral sex. She would slide it all around the shaft while it was inside her mouth, massaging and licking it. Jake could never last long when she gave him a blow job. He would cum in her mouth in less than a minute. He turned back to the screen and saw the top of “Hayden’s” blonde head. He recognized the way it bobbed back and forth.

“It’s not her,” Jake said.

Larry lowered the phone in front of Hayden’s face. The top half of her features remained blurred, but her mouth came into focus.

A croak escaped Jake’s mouth when he saw those full lips. His wife’s lips. And a thick cock stuffed between them. Again, Jake fought what his eyes saw and told himself it couldn’t be Lauren.

“That’s not my wife,” he shook his head, talking to himself. “It’s not. It’s not!”

Larry’s appeared on top of Hayden’s head, pushing her face towards his crotch. She made a chocking noise and started to gag, wet heaving noises like she was going to vomit.

“Don’t you dare spit it out,” Larry snarled. Around this time he usually got rougher with the girls. Not that they didn’t like it.

“Awk, awk, awk, awk, awk!”

“That’s it. Choke on my big cock, you delicious bitch.”

Hayden started cough with her mouthful. Larry took a step back. His dick popped out of her mouth, covered in her saliva. Hayden gasped air into her lungs. Her mouth was drooling heavily.

“That’s a good girl,” Larry said. “But I need some more of that dirty tongue to get me really really hard. What do you say?”

Drooling, Hayden grinned up at him. The sides of her mouth curling, forming dimples on her cheeks.

“Lauren, no!” Jake sobbed.

He watched her stick her tongue out and lick Larry’s cockhead slowly, playfully, running the tip around the pee hole.

Larry sighed with pleasure, right until she swallowed the cockhead back into her mouth and sucked hard.

“Ah, you fucking slut!” Larry cried.

Jake pressed paused on the laptop. He was having a hard time not breaking the room into pieces. He was very grateful Lauren was not home. He didn’t know what he was capable of right now. He rushed outside for air. He took big gulps, staring at the moon, admiring it, meditating. He found peace for a few seconds before going back inside the living room to continue to torture himself.

He pressed play on the laptop.

Lauren grabbed Larry’s thick, wet dick and placed it between her full breasts and press them together, smothering Larry’s cock until his shaft was buried underneath the twins. It was a beautiful sight Jake had seen many times with his own cock. The screen shook as Larry began thrusting. His big cockhead pushed out from the top of her cleavage, then pulled back between the soft confinements, then appeared again a second later, then pulled back, over and over again.

“This feels so good with your fat cock,” Lauren moaned.

“Your pussy’s next.”

“I can’t wait.”

“Ah, shiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

Larry shot his load on Lauren’s mouth.

“daddy, fuck!”

His cum was dripping from her lips Silivri escort and chin onto her cleavage. Even though the top half of her face was blurred, Jake could tell some had gotten on her eyes.

Larry laughed and stroked her hair.

He pushed his wilting cock against her mouth. She opened her lips and Larry moaned as she sucked it clean. After a few moments, she swallowed.

“Open your mouth, let me see.”


Lauren opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. Jake could see her teeth, tongue, and tonsils.

“Good girl.”

Larry stopped the camera and set it back down on the coffee table.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen so fast, love,” he said.

“Did I do something wrong?”

She was on her knees on the couch, tits out, wiping cum off her eyes.

“Wrong? You were fantastic. I haven’t cum that fast in a long time.”

Lauren grinned. Her eyelashes were stuck together.

“I’ll get you a towel.” Larry walked out of the living room with his cock out and came back all zipped up and presentable. “Here you go, honey.”

Lauren took a wet hand towel from him. She wiped the sticky white goo off her eyes and mouth. Some had fallen on her cleavage too. “Can I see how you’ll change my voice for the video?”

“Of course,” Larry said. “I need a break anyway. I have you until…”



“You can put the girls away…for now.”

Lauren giggled and placed her large breasts back inside her bra. Larry handed her the white shirt and as she shrugged her head into it, Larry hooked up the camcorder to a laptop.

“Here’s what we shot so far,” Larry said, showing her the scene on the laptop screen.

Lauren covered her mouth with her hand. It was a hell of a sight watching yourself sucking a huge cock. Larry was at least nine-inches long and as thick as her wrist. He had one of the biggest cockheads she had ever seen and it was all stuffed in her mouth. His balls touching her chin.

“How do you like it?”

Lauren said nothing for a few moments, then broke out in a smile. “I love it!”

“You look incredible.”

On the screen, Lauren saw herself choking on that big cock. Her eyes looking up at the camera, all glassy and wide. Larry calling her a fucking slut.

“Was that too much?”

“Absolutely not. I enjoyed it a lot.”

“Good girl.”

He rewund the video to the when he opened the door and greeted her. With a few tap of the keys, her face blurred, hiding her features. “It’s a crime to hide that face,” Larry said, working. Only the top of her head was left un-blurred and that wasn’t her natural color.

Before they shot the video, Larry suggested, and paid for, a hairdresser to color and style her hair from the usual way she wore it; dark and straight, tumbling down her back. She didn’t like blonde curly locks it helped to keep anonymity.

“What about my voice?”

“Patience dear,” Larry said.

He opened what he said was an expensive voice software modulator. He played with the pitch of her voice several times, adjusting different numbers and bars until he played it back to her. Lauren saw herself on the screen, talking to Larry but the voice coming out of the speaker was different. She sounded like a different woman entirely.

“Let’s go get some lunch,” Larry said.

At first Lauren wanted to stay in his apartment and order something. She was afraid of running into her mother and her kids. Her mom was babysitting them while Lauren met with an old girlfriend from college. Her mom lived across town but she liked to drive and wouldn’t be surprised if she ventured this way to shop or take the kids to the nearby park.

Larry insisted they go out anyway and get some fresh air because they’ll be stuck in the bedroom for a few hours. He took her a little coffee place about fifteen minutes away. They sat at an outdoor table. Lauren was on alter, watching the street in case she needed to duck down.

When Larry asked her to order, she didn’t want to eat too much because she didn’t want to look chunky on camera, but Larry ordered for her. The waitress brought out these amazing blueberry muffins and two double-pump lattes. They were delicious. Lauren finished both while they talked. Larry told her that besides being an adult film producer, he was an avid hunter and loved riding motorcycles but wasn’t able to anymore because of his arthritis. He had sold his Harley a few years ago.

“I would have loved to give you ride on it,” he grinned, “But it looks like I’ll just have to ride you instead.”

An image popped into her head. She was on all fours with Larry behind her, riding her hard with his big cock. She blushed and looked away.

Larry laughed.

She told him about her obsession with yoga and her aspiration to write a book on meditation. Larry seemed interested, asking her this and that about meditating. Hayden thought he had a nice way about him. He made her feel very comfortable.

She didn’t want to talk about her family, but she ended up telling him how she met her husband and a little about her sex life with him. She enjoyed it. She just wished he was a Escort Topkapı little more adventurous like when she first met him.

“We used to have threesomes.”

“What kind?”

“Boy/girl/girl, but he once talked about sharing me with a friend of his.”


“Never went thru with it.”

“And let me guess, after you got married and the kids, the threesomes went away, too.”

Lauren nodded, a little sadly.

“Have you ever cheated on him?”

“Just with you.”

Larry smiled widely.

After they finished their coffees, he took her for a walk in the park. He told her it was his favorite place to visit when he was younger. He would bring his first wife to see the fountain.

“What fountain?”

“There used to be a fountain over there,” he pointed to a spot, but all she saw was grass. “We snuck in here once in middle of the night.”

“Why so late?”

He gave her a boyish smile.


Her phone rang as they reached the middle of the park. It was her husband. She was a little nervous answering but decided she better. Right away, Jake told her about a presentation he was doing. “I feel like we’re all ready for tomorrow. The firm is counting on us.”

“That’s great,” she said, feeling guilty talking to him while out on a date with Larry. If that’s what it was. It sure felt like that.

“How are the kids?”

“They’re good. With my mom.”

“Where are you?”

Lauren stumbled a little, not expecting him to ask her anything. She said. “Shopping.”

She looked over at Larry, smiling at her.

“Oh okay. Listen, I’ll call you later.”

He hung up.

“Let’s go back to my room,” Larry said.

Jake woke up in the middle of the night.

Lauren was sleeping soundly on her side of the bed with her back to him. After he picked her and their daughters up from the school, he took them to eat at their favorite pizza place. They all had a pretty good time. He kissed Lauren as he always did, made plans for the weekend as they always did, and asked the kids about their day as he always did.

But the whole time images of the video raced thru his mind. He couldn’t stop it. Even after he fell asleep they came. He saw Larry’s cock in Lauren’s mouth. For the live of him Jake couldn’t figure out how she came to be on his website. When did they meet? Did she contact him? Did he reach out to her?

Jake thought about Lauren’s social media accounts. She wasn’t an influencer or anything like that, but she had a decent following on Instagram. Last time he checked she had over 15 thousands followers. He looked at it again in bed and saw she was nearing 20k. Lauren said she didn’t put much stock into it, but Jake knew his wife and she was loving the attention. She mostly posted fully-clothed pictures, but there were a few tasty ones. The picture that garnered most of her followers was a beach shot. Lauren was wearing a red two-piece bikini and with her bodacious body practically on display, she easily received 50 thousand likes.

Jake could see Larry surfing Instagram and coming across that picture. He imaged guys like that were always on the lookout for talent. He could see Larry messaging her there. Jake heard Lauren breathing softly next to him, deep asleep. He was tempted to grip her hair and drag her out of bed but he wouldn’t hurt her. Part of him still loved her and he didn’t want to traumatize his kids with that scene. He slipped out of bed and walked around to her side of the mattress. Her phone was charging on her night table. He grabbed it and placed her finger against the phone’s scanner. Lauren shifted in bed, but remained asleep. The phone unlocked and he went thru her text messages.

Nothing. Not even flirty ones.

He checked her contacts for Larry but found nothing suspicious. Maybe she had another phone. He went into her Instagram account. She literally had hundreds of unread messages, most of them from horny guys. He quickly remembered the video on Larry’s website was posted last year around July. He sorted thru the dates on her Instagram messages and as he suspected, he found a year old DM from Larry.

“Hello, gorgeous. Love the pics. Off the bat, I want to mention I’m a film producer. I know how it sounds but its true. I would love to talk with you about a financial opportunity.”

Lauren responded: “Mr. Jinx. I just googled your name and can see what type of movies you produce and while I have become a fan of your work, I am not interested in being in one of those movies.”

Jake stopped reading. Lauren was a fan his videos? Since when? More questions.

Larry responded: “Just hear me out. I would love to work with you and I can make it worth your while. Call me anytime.” He included his phone number. There were no more messages.

Jake memorized the phone number and placed her phone back on the nightstand to charge. He couldn’t crawl back into bed with her. He stood over the bed, watching Lauren as she slept, forming a plan. His first thought was killing her. He quickly put it out of his mind. He wasn’t a killer, but he wanted revenge. First thing in the morning, he would go see his lawyer and start the divorce proceedings. The video would serve as evidence of her infidelity. He would tell the lawyer to give Lauren a small alimony. No matter what she did, she was the mother of their children and he could not leave her completely destitute, but he would keep the house and try for full custody of their daughters.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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