Lawyer to Slave


He stared at the docket with trepidation. It was another of the legacies left by his erstwhile partner. He enjoyed the additional work but somehow he just could not vibe with her clients. What disturbed him more was the conversation he just had with Sarah.R over the telephone. He remembered her vividly and was reminded that he obviously lusted after her. He had often seen her with his partner and had been attracted to her from day one. She carried herself with grace and always wore a Sari ; invariably of bright color. She was tall for a lady, about 6 foot and had a well proportioned body. She always wore high heels and walked with a straight back. Her breasts jutted through the silky sari and her low-back blouse left nothing to imagination, revealing strong shoulder muscles and a straight spine almost resting in a recess. Her haughtiness was evident from her face and the general feeling she gave was of a strong mind in a strong body. The large spectacles and the big round bindi on the forehead spoke of an attitude not susceptible to normal social norms. He liked her for he was of the same ilk, aggressive and bold. He wondered why it was said that the opposites attract. The only difference was in appearance, though not short she was taller at 6 to his 5′ 8″.

What disturbed him was the wordy duel he had with her just now on the telephone. She wanted him to do her divorce and claimed to have paid the firm money in advance. He did not seem to have seen any of it. But it was not as much the monetary aspect that needled him as her overbearing manner. He had the standing to say no to any client but this was one he did not want to say no to though he had little experience in divorce courts. That was a Catch22 situation. He was provoked by her manner but wanted to see more of her and was worried whether she’ll take his advice and go away. Anyway they were to meet in the evening. However much he tried he could not dismiss her from his mind. Even in Court he was distracted.

By 4’o clock he was at the office and being a Friday there was none at the Office. At 4.30 he heard the unmistakable click of high heels and she opened the door. Instinctively he got up, but caught himself halfway and collapsed back on his seat. He gawked at her tall frame clad as always in a silk sari and today in a sleeveless blouse.

“Sammy!” she exclaimed as she removed her goggles. Though he wanted to protest against the familiarity, he gulped the protest down and stared at her exposed under arms. She proffered a card and he took it with shaking hands. He just couldn’t understand his behavior but gritted his teeth and read the card. She was a Journalist, which he knew, but now has moved into a national news paper. He gathered his thoughts and looked at her; still standing looking down at him.

“Please take your seat.” He managed to say without a tremor. She fell into the chair and crossed her legs.

“I know your partner called you Sammy. We were good friends more than the client relationship. Then she married and moved out.”

“But…” he started, she interrupted and said,” Let me first apologize for what I said over the telephone. I want you to represent me because Sheila had a lot of confidence in you and that is what I need now.”

“But, I have little experience in divorce and not being a family man, I may not be able to understand your problems.” He said hoping she will not take his advice.

“Leave that to me. I can make you understand and I believe I am in good hands. The trial starts next Monday and you are familiar with the file.”

He agreed reluctantly and opened the file. He read through the file for half an hour as she waited patiently. The brief made out an excellent case of cruelty but he could not believe that a woman like her would suffer it for more than 10 years. He looked up and asked her, “Is all this true?”

“No!” she answered with a smile.

“Will you be able to stand by your story?”

“Do you doubt it?” she asked and he again became unnerved.

“Why do you want to split?” he asked.

“Well he’s pathetic! I suffered him for 10 long years. He’s successful financially but so am I. I like aggressive men and he’s so submissive.”

He jerked his head up and saw a naughty smile on her face.

“He is so afraid of me but he also is afraid of his mother. I am sick of fighting with his mother and the fight is not worth it, because he’s not good enough.”

He was confused but looked away from her and immersed himself in the brief.

“You are aggressive, I have seen you in court,” she made a statement and he returned with, “So you like me?” almost mockingly.

She fell silent and looked hard at him. The mockery in his eyes disappeared and as he gazed into her eyes he wondered whether he had overstepped his limits. She continued staring and he felt a fear grip him.

As if in a dream he heard her ask, “Can I use the toilet?” to which he silently nodded.

She walked out and he breathed out in relief. Gazing through the brief without concentrating he wondered at her change in manner. Hearing her walk back, he looked xslot up to see her opening the door and pausing there with her outstretched hand keeping the door ajar and staring purposefully at him.

“Well that would depend on whether you really want me to like you and the pains you are ready to take.”

He gulped and stared at her. She stood there for a moment and came in and slowly resumed her seat.

“I think the flush is not working, would you please see to it?” He got up quietly and went past her and opened the cabin door. Turning around he saw a playful smile on her lips. Walking to the toilet he wondered why he was doing it. Surely he was trying to get ahead with her and he felt an urge to please her. Entering the small toilet her smells hit him and he tried the flush which worked at the first attempt. Was she lying or was it deliberate, he wondered. Pausing a moment he suddenly saw her towel on the rack . He extended a trembling hand; took it and slowly brought it to his nose. It had a womanly smell with a soft perfume and it filled his head. Remembering that she was sitting in his cabin he placed the towel back and hurried out.

He re-entered his cabin to see her sitting there still smiling and the left leg crossed over her right.

“It took some time, did it not?” he jerked his head up to see a mocking smile on her face. Nodding rapidly he sat down feeling ashamed.

Just as he was about to sit down he heard her exclaim,”Ohh…where did I keep the hand kerchief.”

“It’s in the toilet,” he heard himself say as he rushed back to retrieve it.

He opened the cabin door and proffered it to her. She sat there with her legs crossed and staring at him as he felt his hands tremble. Extending her hand, she slowly took the towel out of his with her nails grazing his palm.

“I will stick by the story and now that you are taking the brief you may prepare it thoroughly by tomorrow. I’ll be here by 11’o clock.”

He was still standing and nodded as she got up.

“Behave yourself.” She said as she walked out.

He was a bundle of nerves as he collapsed in his chair and sat there with his face buried in his palms, wondering at her last comment.

He looked up as the cabin door opened again and saw her standing there. He slowly rose from his chair as she gestured him to sit and said,

“You know I think I want you to make me like you.”

She went away as fast as she came and he sat there confused for a few moments. Looking at the file before him; the words Sarah.R Vs R glared at him. Accepting the brief had been automatic without his saying so and this was not going like any client-lawyer relationship he was accustomed to.

But he knew that he must look the case up and he immersed himself in the file. Time flew as always when he was immersed in work and he could see himself cross examining R. He had to see him and know what type of a person he was. She could tell him that. He heard the telephone ring and jerked it out of the cradle and barked a “Hello” into it.

“Don’t tell me you are still studying my file,” he heard her say and looked at the clock to see that it was past 9’o clock.

“Yes,” he said ‘I would like to know what type of a person R is.”

“Pathetic, as I told you. He was at my beck and call and he says he can’t live without me. But I have had enough of the slop. He’s only a momma’s boy, wanting to remain that.”

“But how is he as an individual in the outside world.”

“Meek. But very sharp with finances and he has made real bucks; a chunk of which I hope you will get for me. Well talk about it tomorrow and being the client, will buy you lunch tomorrow. Till then adios and behave yourself.”

He heard the click and felt frustrated and angry at the way she was treating him. He closed the office and went home.

He woke up in the night and felt a hard on. He just could not drive her away from his mind. The picture that was etched in his mind was her sitting cross legged and himself on his feet with his trembling hands proffering her the towel. He had this urge to please her but was surprised at his submissiveness to her. His hands moved up and down and he slowly got up and went to the toilet. He reached a shuddering climax and came back and collapsed on his bed.

Work was always good in the wee hours of morning and he was in the office early. By the time his staff came he had gone over Sarah.R.Vs R once more and he was thorough with every word in the brief, He rolled the facts over in his mind and went over and over the questions for cross examination. After breakfast he was neck deep in other work and at 1, he waited for her, having cleared the table over of all other work.

With mounting anticipation and anxiety he waited for her, eventually a bundle of nerves when she walked in at 11.30. This time he pulled the chair for her and as she sat down he breathed in her new smells and circled her to his seat and sat as she nodded. He felt funny but enjoyed the sensations and was glad that she obviously enjoyed the attention.

“You behaved xslot Giriş yourself?” At one stroke he was perplexed and felt like putty in her hands.

“Lets get down to business,” she said and some how he felt she was in charge.

He turned to the files and after a brief review told her that he was more concerned with her cross examination. The lawyer’s helplessness comes out when his client is examined by the other counsel. The only way to get over it at least partially is to grill your own before they take the stand.

“Go ahead,” she said. He apologized in advance for any unpleasantness all the time wondering about his submissiveness to her.

Being a weekend his staff and associates started pouring out by 12.00 and as they were into the thick of the questioning all had left. He saw her turn purple as he became more personal and his attack became scathing. But she stood her ground and he was at his aggressive best. He probed her from all angles and they were exhausted after an hour of questioning. Beads of sweat broke out on her brows and he imagined he saw a softening of her features. Watching her get up purposefully, him felt a pang of sympathy for her.

“Thinking about it upsets me and you were really good”, she said as she moved to the toilet. Waiting with bated breath he quizzed himself on what will happen. It was some time when she came back and sat across him again crossing her legs. Not surprisingly she exclaimed and blamed her memory and he got up dutifully moving to the toilet. The first thing that struck him was the panties hanging on the towel rack. His knees went jelly and as if in a trance he extended his trembling hand to feel the soft material, which was wet with her sweat. He withdrew his hand in shock and flushed the toilet before hurrying back.

This time her expression was not mocking but searching and he felt himself blush as he tried to avoid her gaze.

“Shall we go to lunch?” she quipped and he nodded agreement. Lunch was peaceful and unwittingly he found himself opening out to her as did she about her life. Her brazen comments about his aggressiveness left him flattered and he felt more comfortable in her presence. She paid the bill and they walked back to his office and her closeness again excited him. But she left him without returning to his office and he watched her open her bag to pull out leather gloves, which she wore before leaving on her two-wheeler.

Like a flash he remembered her panties and raced up the stairs. With trembling hands he unlocked the office and ran to the toilet. Again with trembling hands he slowly took her panties and felt the soft texture. Quite unwittingly he raised it to his face and inhaled the smells. It was intoxicating. Opening them out he held it out at arms length and watched it where it covered her bottom and turned it around to see the crotch. Staring hard at it he brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply. Turning it inside out he pressed her wetness to his nose and his other hand went down to his zip opening it and taking out his cock over the boxers. Closing his eyes he inhaled deeply stroking his cock at the same time. Hearing someone clearing the throat he jumped and turned around dropping the panties on the floor and his pants rolled down to his legs. She was standing there hands akimbo with a stern look on her face. He turned beet-root red and saw her gesturing to the floor. He hastily picked up the panties and bend over to pull up his pants.

“Don’t!” her shout struck him like a whiplash.

“Pull your boxer down and caress it for me,” he heard her say and was not too sure about his feelings. Obeying her nevertheless he bend his head down in shame.

“Would you like to smell them again?”

She was nonchalant and stood outside the toilet watching him stroking his cock to slow erection. He shook his head in the negative. In a flash sheraised her hand and struck him on his right cheek. He blushed but was helpless.

“Smell it and stroke.”

He brought the panties back to his face and breathed in.

“Now stroke it to erection.” He vainly tried and saw her turning back, saying “Come into the cabin.”

He heard the familiar click of her heels and wondered how he missed it when she came in. Draping the panties over the rack he pulled up his pants and straightened his tie before following her. Seeing the office door locked he deduced that she had pussy footed in, quite sure of catching him in the act. She sat in his seat and he was unnerved. But he was in no position to protest. She had turned the chair sideways allowing him space to stand before her. Sitting cross legged with her gloved palms resting on her knee she ordered him before her. Positioning himself he bowed his head down in shame, again, raising it to look at her when she tugged on his tie.

“Are you ready to make me like you?” He was confused but nodded nevertheless.

“The first rule would be unconditional obedience and did I ask you to zip yourself up?” He stared at her incredulously.

“Where did your tongue vanish? Go get the panties.” xslot Güncel Giriş Turning on his heels he heard her say, “But, undress first.”

He stared at her incredulously and saw a firm expression creep on her face.

“If you want to continue you will have to obey me, if not you can say so and I will walk out of your life. So much for your desire to make me like you.”

He neither was sure he wanted to continue nor was he prepared for the other prospect. Getting up she came closer and took his tie and tugging hard brought his face close to hers. The closeness and her smells sealed the deal and he felt his hands groping for his buttons. She had a wicked smile on her face as she went back to his chair. Watching him closely she let her sari plait fall revealing her gorgeous breasts. When he was in his undergarments she gestured and he obediently strode to the bathroom. Alone and out of her presence he wondered for a moment but her last gesture was welcome and he was heady with desire. He also felt a light headedness having got out of his aggressive self. He returned with her panties and positioned himself before her. He was in his undergarments and stood in front of her with his head hung but stealing glances at her breasts.

Her saree plait still lay on her lap and consciously she raised her hands twining her fingers behind her head and resting her head on her palms, exposing her shaved armpits to him. It was so erotic and he never thought a look at the armpits of a woman would stimulate him. It was smooth and it looked so inviting that he wanted to kiss them.

“If you accept the deal kneel before me and surrender yourself to me.”

Feeling helpless but aroused and wanting to know where this leads he slowly knelt down before her. She smiled triumphantly and brought her hands down to rest on her knees. She sat there like a queen and he knelt before her.

“Kiss my feet and beg to smell my panties.”

Bending down he saw her finely manicured toes sticking out of the slight opening of her high heeled shoes and kissed them. He alternated with both feet and begged to smell her panties.

“You will address me as Mistress Sarah.”

“Yes Mistress Sarah,” he intoned.

“Smell them,” she commanded, and he raised her panties to his face. She calmly extended her gloved hand and rubbed his cock and he shuddered.

“Remove your boxers,” she hissed and he rolled them down without a second thought. His cock sprang out and he felt ashamed that he was nude and kneeling before a fully clothed woman.

“Now smell and stroke for me.”

She was slowly taking control and he was more than willing.

“Stop!” she exclaimed and he released his cock. Bending over she took his cock in her gloved hands and he was peering down her cleavage.

“Look at me,” she said and he raised his eyes to her face. Her hands traced the length of his cock and then went to his balls first caressing them and then suddenly catching them in a firm grip and the pleasure in his face turned to alarm. A slow wicked smile creased her face as her features hardened and her hand tightened. Alarm gave way to naked fear and he knew that she relished it. She enjoyed the look in his face and felt a rush of blood to have broken an aggressive man.

“Mister I literally have you by your balls and I want you to remain so.”

He nodded and he felt his balls being released and her gloved hand slapped him. The leather singed him but he was further aroused and hung his head in shame.

” You should know when to answer me and what you get from me will depend on how well you know my wishes.”

“Yes Mistress Sarah!”

“Stroke it again for me,” she said and he willingly complied.

He felt helpless and utterly in her charge. When he stroked it was so pleasurable but he wanted her. He wanted to hold her and bury himself in her.

“I know what you want but you should first prove yourself worthy.” It was as if she could read his mind. “From today you belong to me sexually, but only as long as you are aggressive. Your submission is heady for me because you are aggressive and only as long as you remain so. I like to break an aggressive man and enjoy the feeling that he grovels in my service.”

“Yes Mistress Sarah,” he intoned.

“You can start with my legs. They love to be taken care of.”

Raising her right leg she crossed it over her left leg and extended the heel clad foot to his face and pressed it to his lips. Pressing her heel to his lips first she brushed her shoe all over his cheeks. He could smell the leather and suddenly he had the urge to hold her feet in his hands.

“Remove them.”

Removing both her shoes he reverently put them down and gazed at her for her command.

“Kiss my feet and massage them.”

He took her right foot in his hands and admired them. She had well manicured nails with a bright violet polish. He slowly massaged her heels and then her instep; kissing her feet occasionally. When he looked up he saw her relaxing with her eyes closed. Continuing his task he wondered what he was getting into but the feel of her soft flesh and the way he had submitted to this woman lightened his head. A feeling of weightlessness engulfed him as he obediently shifted to the left foot. After a few minutes when he looked up she was watching him intently. He dropped his eyes.