Learning I’m Submissive

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Summary: Straight girl slowly submits sexually to her best friend.

Note: This story is dedicated to Liz.

Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991, Robert and goamz86.


I love how today’s older people complain that today’s generation are all sluts. I mean, we are, but so were our parents and presumably our grandparents (although I’m not a big fan of thinking of grandma being a slut back in the day).

The point is, although I wasn’t a slut who fucked just anybody, I was very cock hungry when I was eighteen as was my best friend Kelly…although she was more of a fuck em’ and leave them sort of gal. I had been dating Kevin for a few months and had been strictly a one cock, three holes type of girl (my first ass fuck at the hands and cock of Kevin after a little too much alcohol), while Kelly had her boy toy of the week. Although we had different tastes in boys, we were best friends who went to school together and spent time at each other’s house almost every day…even if it was clear she wasn’t thrilled with how much time I had been spending with Kevin.

Kelly was always the dominant one in our circle of friends and, in many ways, my polar opposite. While she clearly controlled her boyfriends, I was quite easygoing, not submissive per se, but I loved to please and give myself to my boyfriend in the heat of the moment. I mean if he phoned and said he wanted to fuck, I went over to his house and got fucked; if he wanted a quick blow job between classes, I went to his van and swallowed his load; if he wanted to ass fuck me, his favourite hole after the first time, I bent over and took his cock in my ass. That said, I loved it all…I craved cock. Like I said, I was a very horny eighteen year old. I loved sucking cock, I loved having a cock in my pussy or ass and I loved fucking myself with my fingers, hair brush handle, bottles, cucumbers or whatever else I could find as a make shift fuck-toy…though I was too scared to go to the only adult sex store in town and buy a real toy afraid someone would recognize me or know my parents.

Anyways, being as close and open as Kelly and I were, we told each other everything about our sexual escapades. We also liked to masturbate together as we shared our most recent sexual adventures. Kelly stressed that I needed to dump Kevin because dating one boy was so 1950s and because he had a small dick (which was true it wasn’t quite five inches, which was miniscule compared to a few of the frat boys that Kelly banged).

When home alone, which was often, we would masturbate together, watching online porn. Although we never touched each other, the temptation…the curiosity…was always there.

After a date that ended in premature ejaculation and a lack of satisfaction, she came over, got undressed and said, “Thank God I finally got myself one of these.”

She pulled a vibrator out of her purse.

I gasped, “How did you get that?”

“It’s 2012. The internet, of course,” she shrugged. “Are you going to join me?”

I didn’t need to be asked twice and soon we were lying naked side by side on her bed pleasuring ourselves. Although I was horny (I’m always horny), I couldn’t get off as I was distracted by the buzz and by watching my best friend fuck herself with a toy. I wondered what it would feel like inside me. Her facial expressions and moans, louder than usual, implied it was much better than our fingers.

Once she came, she pulled it out, rolled over and surprised me by shoving it in my cunt.

I gasped, both out of surprise and at the thought of how unsanitary it must be. Yet, those thoughts quickly dissipated when I felt the buzzing pulsations of the vibrator…it was a moment of clarity. Sex could feel this good? She pumped my cunt quickly, with a smile on her face, clearly enjoying watching me moan.

As my breathing increased, she ordered, “Come for me, Liz.”

Somehow that was all it took to have my orgasm explode out of me as I screamed, “Yesssss, Kellllly.”

As she pulled the toy out of me, she said playfully, “I didn’t want my best friend slut to only use her fingers.”

I quipped back, “Says the girl who fucks a new boy every week.”

“Maybe,” she shrugged, “but I didn’t just let my best friend fuck me.”

“I know,” I smirked, “You let everyone else fuck you.”

She slapped me playfully, “Don’t talk to your Mistress like that.”

“Sorry, Mistress,” I retorted, laughing, “I’ll be a better pet slut next time.”

“You’d better,” she quipped back, before standing up and going to the washroom.

Over the next couple of weeks, she would fuck herself to orgasm and then place the wet toy on my belly, tits, ass, pillow, etc…leaving her pussy juices everywhere…as if she was marking her territory…although she didn’t use it on me again…which was a constant disappointment.

Then after a particularly intense orgasm, while she demanded I fuck myself with my brush, my most constant toy, she shoved the still buzzing, extremely wet toy in my mouth. As I tasted ataköy escort her juices for the first time, I came in seconds…the naughty, submissive, forced act somehow getting me off.

Kelly quipped, “You really are a slut, Liz.”

“Just for you and Kevin,” I smiled back, the aftertaste of her pussy lingering on my taste buds.

“Hmmmm,” she smiled, “at least you put me first.”

“Of course, Mistress,” I sarcastically played along.

Things kept getting weirder as Kelly grew more aggressive. The next time we were pleasuring ourselves, without a toy, because Kelly had forgotten to bring her new best friend, as she got close, she straddled my leg and grinded her way to an orgasm. When she came, my leg was dripping wet from her cum. Again, somehow being used as her vessel of pleasure got me horny and I came seconds later.

As Kelly rolled off me, she teased, “You really are a good submissive, always waiting to come after your Mistress.”

“I do aim to please,” I quipped back, continuing to play along to the sex tease we were continuing to perform…each new act turning me on more and more.

A couple days later, I was riding Kevin in the driver’s seat of his truck when my phone rang. My ringtone telling me it was Kelly, feeling naughty and adventurous, I answered it and said, “Hiiiiii, Kelly.”

Kevin grunted, “Are you serious?”

I winked at him as she ordered, “Get your ass over here.”

I countered, “My ass is pretty busy right now.”

She sighed, “Finish fucking your small dicked boyfriend and get over here, I need you now.”

“Kkkkk,” I agreed, hanging up, her tone quite dominant.

I continued riding Kevin who asked, clearly annoyed, “What the fuck was that about?”

“Another crisis,” I shrugged.

“There’s always a crisis,” Kevin pointed out. Kevin wasn’t a big fan of Kelly’s promiscuity or how much time I spent with her. But although I gave him generous access to all three of my holes almost whenever he wanted, I made it clear that Kelly was my best friend and a major part of my life.

“Just fuck me baby,” I purred, as I leaned in and kissed him.

A load all over my face a couple minutes later, he loved coming on my face, he dropped me off, reluctantly, at Kelly’s house.

Once in her bedroom, her parents were almost never in the country, let alone home (which may have explained her lack of staying with any one person…besides me), she was completely naked while she watched porn on her television. Now I had seen her naked while changing many times, saw her in bra and panties thousands of times, but seeing her completely naked, her large DD breasts so much bigger than mine, I wondered briefly what they would feel like to cup.

“About fucking time,” she said, pulling me out of my brief lesbian thought. Her tone implied she was truly perturbed at having to wait so long for me…as if I was at her beck and call.

“I had a man to satisfy,” I shrugged.

“Well, now you have a woman to satisfy, too,” she countered, before demanding, “get naked, my slut.”

Somehow, even though it was absurd, her calling me ‘slut’ turned me on. It also didn’t help that Kevin, as usual, had barely got me off and I was still horny as hell, so I obeyed and began getting undressed. Usually when we masturbated together we still had our tops on…this complete nudity was new…different…exciting and confusing.

“Since you already got off, you can help get me off,” she said, as if that was the most logical thing ever.

Maybe because I was still horny, maybe because I was just a slut, or maybe because I didn’t know it yet but I was damn curious, I shrugged, trying to be casual, “If you insist.”

“Oh I insist,” she said confidently, as she slid to the edge of her bed, sat up, opened her legs wide and began rubbing her cunt.

Once I was naked, she ordered, “On your knees, slut.”

Again, the derogatory term turned me on, conversely if Kevin ever called me such names I would cut his balls off, yet I obeyed Kelly, now staring at her wet cunt as she rubbed her clit.

I didn’t instantly become a lesbian, but I was drawn to her scent. She handed me her vibe and ordered, “Lube it up.” I looked at her perplexed and she laughed, “With that cocksucking mouth of yours. You do love sucking.”

“That I do,” I laughed, as I took the toy, and trying to be funny, treated it like a real cock. I licked up and down the silver steel shaft. I swirled my tongue around the tip, before bobbing up and down on it.

“You look hot when you slut it up,” she moaned, rubbing herself the whole time I put on the silly show.

“You always look hot,” I quipped back, which was true. Kelly was one of the most beautiful people I had ever met. She’s 5’5, 2 inches taller than me, with a hourglass figure, big double D boobs, with wide hips with plenty of ass to grab. She has hypnotizing sexy green eyes with golden blonde hair that runs past her shoulders. Her tanned and toned body gets everybody drooling and for the first time…she had avcılar escort me questioning my sexuality.

“Fuck me,” she demanded.

I turned the vibrator on and slid it inside her. Since I had never done this to her before, I was in awe as I watched it disappear inside her, and I started very slow. After a couple of minutes, she ordered, “Don’t make love to me, pound my cunt.”

I obliged, pumping the toy quickly in and out of her until she pressed her legs tight and screamed through her orgasm.

When she finally opened her legs, I instinctively moved the vibrator to my mouth and licked it clean…tasting her pussy for the second time. It wasn’t like I instantly became a cunt-licking eager lesbian at that moment, but I did wonder what it would taste like directly from the source and not with a metal aftertaste.

“I’m turning my best friend into a lesbian,” she quipped as I sucked her juices off the metal toy.

Realizing what I was doing, I shrugged, “Just wish it was a real cock “

“Slut,” she shot back, her pussy still directly in front of me.

“Whore,” I retaliated.

“Lesbian,” she quickly countered.

“Yes, I’m a complete dyke,” I joked back, as I stood up and joined her on the bed.

That night I slept over and I tossed and turned as I replayed the strange, almost lesbian, encounter in my head. Did I want to really taste her? Could I be bisexual? Was Kelly bisexual or was she just being her usual aggressive, get herself off, self? These and other questions and conflicting emotions bounced around inside my head…making me wet again, causing me to silently pleasure myself in her bed as she slept.

The following weekend, I threw a toga party which was really just an excuse to be almost naked. A night full of booze finally led to what I assumed was inevitable at the accelerated pace of our strange relationship.

After everyone else had left, Kelly said, “Fuck, I’m horny.”

“Why didn’t you let that college boy take you for a ride?” I asked. Usually, she was pretty much a sure thing for cute frat boys.

She walked over to me, put her hands on my shoulders and said, “I already have my sure thing.”

To my surprise, I allowed my body to easily be guided to my knees as she then allowed her toga to drop to the floor. I was again staring at her pussy, this time, though, she was completely shaven.

She said, “I did it for you.”

“You shaved for me?” I asked, confused.

“I got a Brazilian for you,” she corrected.

“Why for me?” I asked, still confused, even though in retrospect the answer was obvious.

“So when you eat me you won’t get any of my pubes in your mouth, of course,” she answered, grabbing my head and pulling me into her pussy.

Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was her aggressive behaviour, maybe it was because I was already horny, or maybe it was a mixture of all those things or just the natural progression of the changes in our friendship the past few weeks, but I didn’t hesitate, didn’t protest, instead I extended my tongue and tasted her directly from the source. I licked, I kissed, I explored her pussy with my tongue, her taste much stronger and more satisfying than the sample I’d gotten off the toy the last two times.

After a couple of minutes of licking her, she moved away and ordered, “Let’s continue this in the bedroom.” She literally dragged me to the bed, threw me on my back and straddled my face.

I didn’t hesitate but returned to licking her, now craving her pussy…curious if her actual cum would taste different. After a couple of minutes of licking her, she moved her pussy away slightly.

I craned my neck to reach her cunt but it was just out of reach in my restricted position.

“Beg for it,” she ordered.

I joked, “Shouldn’t you be begging me?”

“Do you want to lick my cunt or not?” She questioned.

The only thing I could see was her cunt and I did indeed want to resume licking her. I answered, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” She questioned.

“Let me lick your pussy,” I frustratingly said, not liking being teased. When Kevin was fucking me I wanted it deep and hard, and apparently while eating pussy I wanted to drown in her juices.

She laughed, her tone so unlike her usual tone with me, “Only good sluts who beg properly get my cunt.”

I briefly wondered if other girls had licked her, before insatiable lust overtook every other emotion as I begged, “Please Kelly, let your slut lick that shaved cunt of yours until you cum all over my face.”

Content with my declaration of lust, she lowered her cunt onto my waiting tongue. Although I was new to eating pussy, my drunken eagerness made up for my inexperience as her moans increased and soon she was grinding her cunt on my face.

“Get ready for my cum, slut,” she demanded, and I instinctively, like I often did for Kevin’s cum, opened wide just in time as she raised herself up a little, just before a gush of pussy juice squirted over my face and into my mouth.

I eagerly swallowed her addictive beylikdüzü escort sweetness, and leaned up to continue licking her cum.

“Such a cum hungry lesbian,” Kelly moaned, as I hungrily retrieved the last of her cum.

Suddenly standing up, she said, “For being such a good dyke, I have a reward for you.”

Still on my back, I watched her go to her closet, pull something out and returned as she said, “Are you ready to get fucked by a real cock?”

I stared at the eight inch black cock that was attached to a harness. “Where did you get that?”

“The internet, of course,” she answered as she put it on her perfect body.

I was speechless as I understood the obvious. My best friend was about to fuck me and I wanted nothing more than to be fucked by her.

Once she had the strap-on on her, which took some time as she struggled to put in on, she repeated, trying to remind me of Kevin’s much smaller cock, “Ready to get fucked by a real cock?”

“Yes,” I nodded, catching on the second time that it was a not very veiled shot at my boyfriend.

“Get on all fours, my pet,” she ordered.

I instantly obeyed, my focus on quelling the burning fire in my cunt.

“You really are a sexy little slut,” she commented, as she got on the bed and moved behind me.

“Fuck me, Kelly,” I begged, desperate to feel that big plastic cock in me.

In one hard thrust, all eight inches filled me and I screamed, “Yessssss.”

She held onto my hips as she began fucking me hard and deep, just the way I always liked it. The difference was when Kevin fucked me like this, I always wanted more, but I learned size does indeed matter as eight inches slamming into me was creating a pleasure unlike any Kevin’s cock ever had.

“Oh yes, Kelly, fuck me,” I moaned, loving every second of it.

As my orgasm built, and my breathing increased, she suddenly pulled out.

“What the fuck? Stick it back in,” I demanded, frustrated that she had stopped when I was so close to coming.

“You can come for me only if you agree to one simple expectation,” she said, the cockhead teasing my pussy lips.

“What?” I asked, exasperated.

“You’ll be my personal little slut?”

“Just fuck me, bitch” I demanded, her expectation ridiculous.

“That is not how you address your Mistress,” Kelly scolded, slapping my ass.

I yelped, and questioned, “My Mistress?”

“Liz, it’s obvious you’re a submissive and you need a Mistress,” she said, her finger teasing my back door.

“Just get me off,” I pleaded, trying to avoid agreeing to something that I knew Kelly would hold me to.

She started to move away and, wanting nothing more than to feel that cock back inside me I gave in as I said, “Fine, I’ll do it. Just let me come.”

“You’ll do what?” She questioned, repositioning herself behind me, the cockhead again teasing my wet pussy lips.

“I’ll be your little sluuuuut,” I declared. As she slammed the cock back into me.

With each hard thrust into me, she continued to verbally assault me, which somehow only enhanced my pleasure as my orgasm built to a feverish pitch:

“My bitch!”

“My cum catcher!”

“My pet!”

“My submissive!”

“My slave!”

“My cunt-licker!”

Grabbing my hair, she ordered, “Come for me, my little lesbian plaything.”

“Fuuuuuck,” I screamed, the inevitable orgasm cascading through me.

As I collapsed forward, the cock slipping out of me, I rolled onto my back as the orgasm continued coursing through me.

Kelly straddled my face and slid the cock in my open mouth. “Clean up my cock, my pet.”

I had no choice as she slowly fucked my mouth with the cock that was just in my cunt.

When she pulled out, she took off the strap-on and joined me in the bed. She whispered, “That was fun.”

I agreed it was and we both fell asleep curled beside each other.

When I woke up in the morning, I was somehow staring directly at her pussy. I didn’t want to wake her, I never wanted to wake her up on a normal day because she always looked so peaceful sleeping. So I just laid there and stared at her cute pussy and thought about all that had happened last night. Part of me wanted to lean forward and lick her again, yet another part of me was mortified that we had crossed the line from playing to fucking.

When she finally woke up, she rolled over on top of me and rubbed her cunt right across my face. I looked at her and she just smiled “Good morning, my pet slut”.

“I was drunk and horny, don’t even try to hold me to that,” I pointed out, even as my mouth involuntarily watered.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy eating my pussy last night,” she countered, still straddling my face.

“I was just being horny, and that’s it,” I countered, knowing I couldn’t let her know I was currently salivating. I knew that if I let her know the real impact she had on me she would use it to her advantage,

To my surprise, she got off me and shrugged, “Okay,” as she zipped to the bathroom. I watched her perfect hips swaying and realized I was wet just at the thought of eating her cunt.

The rest of our day was spent as any normal best friends would spend a day together, shopping, laughing, gossiping, etc. She didn’t mention anything about the previous night for the rest of the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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