Learning to Love Hallowe’en


Jill spent each and every Hallowe’en hiding indoors. She hated the hype and the candy and all those annoying little children constantly ringing the doorbell in the hope of getting free chocolate and treats for doing nothing. Usually she’d close the curtains before it even began to get dark, turn all the lights down low and pop a movie on. It was never a Fright Fest movie as she always wanted to forget about the ghosts and ghouls that were running around the neighbourhood. Instead she’d opt for a chick-flick or a comedy. She’d also put her headphones in to listen to the TV so that she could ignore the doorbell ringing more easily. Quite often she’d awaken the next morning to find that her doors and windows had been egged.

Each year her office colleagues would tease her for being the Hallowe’en version of Scrooge. She always laughed it off, pretending not to be hurt by their comments but deep down she began to wonder if maybe she should just lighten up. There was always next year, she’d tell herself.

The following year, Andy announced that his annual party was going to take place in an old warehouse that he was taking over for the evening.

“Attendance is mandatory — I want to see everyone here letting their hair down.”

Andy announced at the end of their weekly staff meeting.

“And that means you too, Jill. We’ve worked together five years now and you’ve never been to one of my outstanding get-togethers.”

Jill stammered as she tried to think quickly of an excuse.

“I won’t take no for an answer,” Andy flashed his cheeky grin at her. “Oh yeah, and this year everyone’s costume requires a mask. I see enough of your ugly mugs at work.”

Andy laughed as he made his way out of the office, chatting with some of the guys who always attended his parties.

Jill sank back in her chair, angry with herself for being unable to quickly come up with a polite decline to Andy’s insistent offer. She put her head in her hands and rubbed her temples as she tried to think of some excuse that she could offer. When she thought about it more closely, Andy hadn’t made an offer; it had been a clear instruction. He had also flashed that gorgeous, sexy smile of his. In truth, that was probably the reason why Jill hadn’t forced herself to come up with a lame excuse like she usually did.

Jill smiled to herself. Maybe, just maybe, he had been flirting with her. She shook her head.

“Don’t be so bloody ridiculous, Jill.” She said out loud.

“You know, talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, or so they say.” Andy said, striding back in to the room.

Jill felt her cheeks flush.

“I was just thinking aloud.” Jill said quickly, trying to laugh it off.

“Right enough – I was just coming back for my folder.”

Jill felt her pulse quicken as Andy leaned down beside her to pick up the ring-binder from the conference desk. The smell of his aftershave and his sweat combined to create a heady aroma which made Jill’s skin feel prickly.

“You know, you’re pretty sexy when you blush, Jill.”

Lost for words once again, Jill could only stare back at Andy, astonished by his comment. She’d always had a mild crush on him but had never acted on it. There had been moments when she’d thought — or hoped — that Andy was flirting with her but she always figured it had just been in her head, wishful thinking. He’d never been as explicit as that before. But Jill liked it.

“I’m pleased to see that you’re finally coming to my party. You won’t regret it.”

With another cheeky grin and a sly wink, Andy left the room. Jill was still pinned to the chair. She felt unable to move and she became aware of the hot moistness between her legs. She knew that he was right. There was no way she’d look for an excuse not to go. Jill had to fight the urge to go to the Ladies’ room to pleasure her self. She’d already brought enough attention to herself by blushing in front on Andy. However, it wouldn’t be the first time that Jill had snuck off to the restroom as a result of an ardent desire to satisfy herself before she got home from work. She knew there would be no way for her to hide her naughtiness; she never was any good at lying or acting.

When she got home that night after having spent long hours, distracted at her desk by lustful thoughts of Andy, she decided to relax. She ran a hot, deep bubble bath and filled it with delicious smelling products that she knew would soften her skin and make her feel sexy. When it was finally ready, she slipped out of her skirt and stockings, let them fall to the floor alongside her bra and blouse which she had already discarded. She ran her fingers through her glossy chestnut hair, gathering it and twisting it together into a long tail that could be pinned up while she bathed.

She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, admired the curve of her full breasts, the flatness of her stomach and the pertness of her arse. She smiled proudly at herself.

“You know, I’m not a bad looking woman. Maybe I could get Andy.”

Jill spoke aloud once more; this time in the privacy of her otherwise Ataşehir escort bayan empty home. She allowed her smooth, soft fingers to run down her chest towards her breasts. Slowly, she began to circle her nipples with her finger tips, licking her lips ever so slightly as she watched her nipples grow into hardened bullets. She squeezed them gently, tweaked them between thumb and forefinger a second time. This time her pussy responded with a mild jolt, which felt like electrical waves pulsing through her body. Jill told herself that she must tease it out. She was going to have a long, soothing soak before she allowed herself to succumb to her other desires.

The bathroom mirror was already beginning to steam up with the heat of the pool that awaited her. So Jill crossed the tiled floor on tip toe so as to avoid scalding her feet in the tub. Tentatively, she raised and then lowered her left leg into the water. She “mmmd” aloud as the warmth wrapped itself around her. With her right leg swift to follow its partner, she eased herself slowly into the bubble bath, savouring the heat that engulfed her.

For a while, Jill lay quite still in the tub, allowing her mind to float off. She felt relaxed and soothed, but it was short lived. Soon, the image of Andy leaning over her in the Meeting Room, telling her she looked sexy, filled her mind. She felt her cheeks redden once again as she remembered the way Andy’s sexy green eyes had bored into her, as if he could tell exactly what she was thinking, what she wanted. His aroma filled her nostrils once more, overpowering the delicate scents of her bathing products. She felt her kitty awaken once again as she thought back to his broad chest and his strong arms which supported him as he’d bent over to retrieve his folder. Andy had an impressive body for an office worker. It was obvious that he took care of himself. His 6ft, muscular build was sexy and strong: something Jill never tired of looking at. Jill ran her tongue across her front teeth as she remembered the slight bulge she’d noticed at Andy’s crotch as he flirted with her.

She couldn’t help herself as her hands found their way to her nipples once more. She played with them, teased them as she thought of how much she had wanted to unzip Andy’s trousers there and then, to unveil his cock. She wanted to look at it, to feel it grow and stiffen in her hands. Most of all, she wanted to look up into Andy’s shining, sexy eyes as she took his big, hard cock in the depths of her mouth. She felt her hand wander down between her legs. She knew how much her clit needed to be pleasured. She could no longer resist. Her long fingers began to part her pussy lips and rub the outside lightly. Underwater masturbation was never a big pleasure of Jill’s, so she raised her hips high out of the hot water, allowing her privates to breathe. In her head she had already began to lick Andy, taking the large uncircumcised dick into her mouth, pushing his foreskin back with her lips and sucking gently on his smooth head. There was no way Jill could wait to get out of the bath, dried and to her bedroom. She had to come now.

Taking a quick look around the room, Jill searched for an implement that would serve to pleasure her. Her eyes wandered past the toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, to the bubble bath and finally settled on her conveniently phallic shaped shampoo and conditioner duo that she had recently treated herself to. Both bottles had a large rounded lid that was not at all dissimilar to the cute little vibrator that she kept in the top drawer next to her bed. The only difference was that these lids were far wider than her discrete little buzzer, which would make them perfect for what she needed.

Jill grabbed the nearest bottle and submerged it under the water to warm it up a little. She closed her eyes again where she was now licking Andy’s thick shaft. Long, wet licks which made Andy moan. In her dream she was down on her hands and knees, arse on display. She was always turned on at the thought of being available to a second man who could potentially come behind her and penetrate her when she least expected it. More often than not, this second fictitious figure would fuck her from behind in her sopping pussy. On occasion, when she felt particularly filthy, she’d reposition this anonymous lover and allow him to fuck her arse. In today’s fantasy it was just her and Andy, she needed no-one else, but lying down on her hands and knees still granted her that sense of helplessness which turned her on so much.

Jill pulled the shampoo bottle out of the water and laid it on her midriff where it would wait until she was ready for it. She returned her fingers to her crotch and began to rub her fingers up and down her snatch, allowing her juices to wet her fingers. She kept her hips thrust up which allowed her more access to her eager pussy. In her dream, Andy’s dick was back in her mouth and now she was taking it slowly inside her, the salty taste of pre-cum lubed up her mouth and her pussy further. As she began to take his entire rod in her mouth she felt Andy’s strong hand cup the Escort Ataşehir back of her head, holding it in place as he fed his dick deeper inside her mouth until it prodded the back of her throat. Jill moaned aloud as she picked up the shampoo bottle and began to ease it into her opening. Andy’s dick stayed in place until Jill had inserted the bottle a few slippery inches inside her hungry pussy. Once nestled inside her, Jill’s fantasy continued with Andy taking control of her as he gently fucked her face. In the bath Jill eased the bottle in and out of her slowly, allowing her pussy to adjust to its thick girth. As she began to relax Andy’s thrusts began to pick up the pace, each one becoming more purposeful, less kind. Jill imagined herself gagging on the hugeness of Andy’s hard cock, loving how it filled her. Each stab at the back of her throat was echoed by a harder thrust by her own hand as the shampoo bottle was now slid in to the hilt. She moaned in the steamed up bathroom as her hand continued to slide the implement in and out of her, faster now splashing the bathwater onto the tiled floor as her hand slapped the surface every couple of seconds. In her imagination, Andy now gripped the back of her head with both strong hands while his hips quickly thrust his throbbing cock down the back of her throat. Jill could feel the climax building inside her as she imagined Andy slowing down until he offered one final thrust then held his dick in place as his semen burst inside of her and thick waves of his seed washed down her throat. Jill bucked violently in the bath as she imagined him coming inside her, holding her head in place and forcing her to swallow all he had to offer her. She relaxed her hips back down into the bath as the waves of pleasure finally began to subside and she could relax. As the feelings of euphoria dissipated, Jill felt a new blush rise across her neck and cheeks as a mild sensation of guilt washed over her.

* * *

The following day at work, Jill struggled to look Andy in the eye when they were in the coffee area at break. She coasted through the day, her mind filled with the pleasure of the previous night’s playtime. Each time she looked up from her computer and caught Andy’s eye she could feel her cheeks redden, the thought of him calling it sexy only made her blush more. At lunchtime, Jill grabbed her coat and keys and decided to step outside for some fresh air. She figured that would maybe bring her to her senses.

She walked out of the office without a backward glance, unaware that Andy followed close behind her. The elevator pinged to announce its arrival and, to her surprise, she found it was empty. As she stepped in to the cubicle, her mind still fixated on last night’s fantasy, she was aware of someone behind her. A quick glance round proved it was Andy. He slipped in beside her and asked her what floor she was going to.


“Mmm, going out for lunch today, are you?” Andy grinned at her.

“I just need a little air… It’s kind of hot in the office today.” Jill replied.

“Yes, I had noticed the change in the temperature.” Andy winked at her.

Jill blushed once more, furious at her body’s inability to show her any sort of loyalty.

“There’s that sexy blush again,” Andy said in a coy voice as he brought his left hand down to stroke her cheek.

Jill felt herself bristle under his touch, once again her pussy awoke.

“You know, I can’t wait to have you at my party.”

Jill’s eyes widened at the use of the verb “have”. Andy registered her surprise and replied.

“You don’t object to me wanting to ‘have you’, do you?” There was no playfulness in his eyes, although the spark was still there.

“You’re a very sexy woman, Jill.” Andy continued as his hands slid down to cup her arse and gave it a playful squeeze. “I’ve wanted to ‘have’ you for a long time, and if I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure you feel the same way.”

Jill gulped in response, unable to speak. Andy pulled her towards him with one hand whilst the other remained on her buttocks, running his hand up and down the back of her tight skirt. His lips found hers and he kissed her with gentleness, teasing her with his tongue as he tried to penetrate her mouth. Jill felt her lips ease open, she had longed to taste Andy for longer than she cared to remember and was astonished by his forwardness. Andy now had her pressed up against the back of the lift, his tongue now granted full access to her keen mouth. The slowing down of the elevator signified that it was time to stop and Andy stepped away from her, smiling. Jill looked down, her left hand touching her lips, incredulous at what had just happened. Her eyes met his crotch and this time she saw a definite, uncomfortable looking bulge there. It took all her will not to pounce on him there and then. As the lift doors parted and Andy walked away from her, Jill found herself surrounded by new passengers as she was whisked downstairs, her lips tender from the passionate kiss they had just experienced.

* * *

In the days leading up to the party Jill pondered Ataşehir Rus Escort what she could wear. She wanted to wear something that was original, sexy and yet low key so as not to make a big show of her self. She and Andy had continued to flirt, and as she’d found more confidence she had started to relax and become more suggestive. However, they had never found themselves alone in the lift again although each time they were there they cast each other a sly look as they relived the adventure in their heads. The memory of their illicit encounter got Jill hot each time she thought about it and each night since she had masturbated thinking about the different possibilities surrounding it. She had pleasured herself to a number of different scenarios. First of all she was thinking about the tiny little security camera which poked out of the corner of the ceiling. Then she considered how the security guard could have confronted them about it, demanded that they perform more openly for him otherwise he’d leak the video to the whole office. Then there were the fantasies of the lift breaking down. Sometimes she and Andy were alone, other times there was someone else — always another guy — and they would take turns screwing her as they awaited their rescue. Jill had never been with more than one guy at a time although the idea always made her horny and it regularly featured in her fantasies.

Two nights before the Hallowe’en party, Jill found herself surfing through the television channels. It was late night TV, not a lot on except for some shopping channels and a few random films. She settled on ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. It was a movie that she’d missed out on when it was first released and, unable to sleep, it seemed like the best option for her. She poured herself the remainder of a chilled bottle of wine that she had been nursing all night and lay down on the couch to enjoy the film. She found herself drifting in and out of the film and lewd thoughts about Andy as she watched Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman frolicking on screen. When the masked orgy appeared on screen, Jill was captivated. She watched with a growing sense of excitement as she contemplated the thrill of taking part in a real life orgy. The thought made her wet and she did little to fight the sexual urge within her that needed to be satisfied. She fingered herself on the couch, rewinding parts of the film that particularly turned her on, imagining that Andy was a masked, cloaked figure who was going to fuck her any which way he chose whilst other veiled strangers ogled them and joined in. Jill soon fell into a hazy, exhausted sleep which continued these erotic images.

The next morning, Jill awoke with a sense of satisfaction and of purpose. She finally knew what she would dress up as for Andy’s party. Later that morning she made arrangements for her costume and headed off to work with a coy smile pasted to her face.

* * *

When the night of the party finally arrived, Jill took her time getting ready to go out. She took an extra long, relaxing bubble bath. This time she forced herself to ignore the filthy thoughts that were running through her head. She could satisfy her sexual urges once she returned home, if not before. She shaved her legs and trimmed her bush into a neat triangle taking care over each stroke. Afterwards she moisturised her skin so that she felt soft and smelled of coconut. Then she took her time getting ready with her ‘going out’ music. Jill had selected a saucy underwear set to wear under her skimpy costume. Black corset and lace panties with garter belts and sheer black stockings were slid into place on her smooth body. Lastly she slipped into her black stilettos and walked towards her wardrobe to inspect herself in front of her full length mirror. She looked herself up and down, imagined once again what it would be like to watch their reflections as Andy fucked her from behind.

Jill ran her hands up and down her corset, cupping her breasts, impressed at how firm they were, held in place. As she opened up the wardrobe, a wave of uncertainty passed through her. She worried that her costume might be too daring, too revealing.

“Oh well, it’s too late now.” Jill thought to herself as she unhooked the hanger from the shelf and continued to get ready. She was reminded of how Andy had encouraged the guests to dress up in saucy outfits. She told herself that a couple of glasses of wine would settle her nerves. She wasn’t wrong. By the time Jill arrived at the warehouse she not only felt more relaxed, she also felt more confident. She even gave the taxi driver a generous tip as a result of his appreciative glances in the rear view mirror. Jill had no idea she could enjoy being ogled as much as she did.

The party was already well underway when Jill walked through the unlocked door. She was pleased to not have to make a more conspicuous entrance, she didn’t quite feel ready to turn the heads of people she knew and worked with. Andy was quick to spot her despite her hood and mask which covered her eyes. He was hard to miss in his Batman outfit, cape hanging down behind his back and the black muscle vest which only served to emphasise the real six-pack that she always imagined was under there. The vast, sparsely decorated room was already crowded, well disguised people locked in conversations, giggling and flirting. Andy walked towards her, his eyes focused on hers at all times.