Legacy Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this story are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Amy gasped and sat straight up in her bed. Her long dark hair clung to the sides of her face and sweat covered her body. Her panties were completely soaked and sticking to her vagina. What the fuck had happened to her? She looked around the room, terrified of what she was going to see. But there was nothing there. Everything looked exactly like it did when she went to bed. She leaned over and checked the lower bunk bed. It was empty, its comforter and pillows situated exactly as they were the night before.

“Oh my God,” Amy whispered, “Was that all just another dream?” She climbed out of the bed and looked around the room again. There was no sign her mysterious roommate had even come back last night. The same skirt and flats were still laying there, right where they should have been.

“It had to have been a dream.” Amy sighed in relief. Sure, she was worried that she was having such crazy, realistic sex dreams involving other women. But that was way better than having actually masturbated in front of her college roommate!

Amy looked at the clock. It was 8:30 in the morning. Monday morning.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to be late for class!”

She grabbed her sweatpants and her hoodie and got dressed as fast as she could. She was in the process of putting on her tennis shoes when there was a knock at her door.

“Good morning!” Stacy said cheerfully, “Ready for your first day of class?”

“Does it look like it?” Amy said as she opened the door to let the young girl in.

Stacy stood in the hallway.

“What’s wrong? Come in if you want.”

“That’s O.K. I’m O.K. Out here. I’ll just wait for you. Here. In the hall.”

Amy finished tying her shoe laces, grabbed the schedule and room key her mom had left her and joined Stacy in the hall.

“C’mon, I bet you’re starving. Let’s go to the Student Center. They serve breakfast till 10 a.m.”

Stacy grabbed Amy by the hand and led her off, bouncing with every step.

“Don’t worry about being late for class. President Bane has told all of your instructors that you are a late enrollee and they will go easy on you, at least for the first week or so. She also gave me a copy of your schedule so I could help you find your classes and stuff. We got English this morning at 9:00 a.m. with Dr. Klein. And so does Brianna. You remember Brianna? The quiet girl that rooms with Yvette in 302?”

Amy didn’t mind Stacy’s babbling. It helped to shake the cobwebs from her head and made the dream fade away into the background.

“I bet you still haven’t met Christy or Sandra yet either. But we will see them at dinner tonight, I’m sure. Do you have an idea what you would like to major in? I’m going to major in Drama!”

“Yeah, I mean no. I haven’t really given it much thought yet. Listen, Stacy. You’re the floor RA, right? What do you know about my roommate? What’s her name?”

“About that,” Stacy said cautiously, “Well, the truth is…I don’t know. None of us have actually seen her.”

Amy stopped in her tracks. The two girls were standing alone out in the middle of the campus quad, the large green lawn surrounded by the trees and lecture halls. Stacy turned around to face Amy, brushing her wavy chestnut brown hair out of her face. The girl was wearing another dress, but this one had really thin spaghetti straps that did not look strong enough to hold up the girl’s ample chest. Amy couldn’t help but steal a quick glance at Stacy’s thick, protruding nipples.

“Wait, what do you mean you haven’t seen her?” Amy said, shaking her head.

“Have you?”

“What? No…” The image of the blond girl’s face, inches from her dripping pussy, burned into Amy’s mind. “No, of course I haven’t.”

Stacy grabbed Amy’s hand and started walking towards the Student Center as she spoke.

“So, I’ll tell you what I think about your roommate so long as you promise to not think I’m crazy or anything. You just got here last night, but classes actually began last week. We, and by we I mean the girls that live on the third floor of Lilian Hall, had all gotten our room assignments and were moving in. There was Brianna and Yvette in 302, me and Rebecca in 303, and Sandra and Christy in 304, the room across from yours. And that was it. Your room, 305, was empty. I didn’t think much of it until I was out one night with some of the other girls in theater when someone asked me where I lived. I told them and they all started oooing and awwing, you know. So I asked what was wrong with where I lived and you know what they said?”

“I am sure I have no idea,” Amy said, hoping the girl would get to the point soon.

“They said that Room 305 was haunted!” Stacy’s Eskort Kız eyes lit up with giddy excitement as she bounced up and down in front of Amy. “That is so cool! Right?”

“That doesn’t make any sense. The room is not haunted. The girl’s stuff is all over the place – her clothes, her books. I have a roommate Stacy, she is not a ghost.”

“Ug, you sound just like Rebecca right now! Just listen to me, there’s more to it than just a ghost story! You see, your room was empty until last Thursday. Then all of a sudden, someone was living there. Nobody told me about it, I never saw anyone move in, and none of the girls on the floor did either. It was like she just appeared! Poof!”

The girls had made it to the Student Center at this point and went inside. It looked a lot like the administration building’s foyer, decorated with marble and brass. It even had another statue, only this one was of a different woman. This one was holding a shield instead of a spear. Stacy led her to the right and into a large, very clean cafeteria. There were girls sitting all around at small round tables, talking and laughing and looking at their phones. Nobody even noticed Stacy and Amy as they entered the room.

“Nobody poofs, Stacy. Just because you don’t know how she got there doesn’t mean she must be a ghost.” Amy grabbed a tray and got in line with Stacy right behind her.

“So how come no one has seen her yet? Not even once. Not in the shower, not coming or going from the room. She might as well be a ghost!”

“What would you like, hun?” the lady behind the counter asked as Amy approached. She was an older woman, about her mother’s age. Amy couldn’t help but notice that the woman’s curvy shape filled out the pink server’s outfit very nicely. The name badge told Amy she was Claire.

“Just pancakes. Thanks.”

“Pancakes it is, sugar. Haven’t seen you here before? You new to campus?”

“She just got in yesterday Claire,” Stacy jumped in, “Her name is Amy.”

“Well, good to meet you Amy. Be sure to come back tonight for some of my pie.”

Claire winked as she handed Amy her plate of pancakes. ‘Did she just hit on me?’ Amy wasn’t sure what to think. With these dreams and everything going on, she was pretty sure that she had just imagined it.

Stacy led Amy across the cafeteria to a table by one of the large bay windows that looked out over the quad. Three girls were already sitting there.

“Everyone,” Stacy said as she sat down, “This is our new floor-mate, Amy! Amy, this is everyone. That’s Rebecca, my roommate, that’s Christy, you sort of met her in the hall yesterday and this little thing here is Brianna.”

Amy sat down and looked around the table at each girl in turn. Rebecca was an attractive young brunette who wore her hair up in a tight bun. She wore a pair of fashionable glasses and rather conservative blouse, both of which just screamed librarian. Her smile was smooth and practiced, leaving no trace on her perfect alabaster skin.

Christy had dark brown hair and it hung all the way down her back. She had large, soulful brown eyes that were warm and inviting. And tits. Good lord, the girl had big tits. She was wearing a large, frumpy Franklin College sweatshirt, but even it couldn’t hide them. Her boobs strained against the material of the sweatshirt.

Sitting next to Christy, and almost completely invisible as well, was mousy little Brianna. She was a tiny, flat chested girl, with shoulder length jet-black hair that hid most of her face. Even still, Amy could tell she was super cute and way too insecure. She was wearing a sort of gothic school girl outfit that made her look like she was thirteen years old.

“So guess what?” Stacy began immediately as she tore into her pancakes, “Amy here hasn’t seen her roommate either!”

“Oh for the love of God, Stacy, please tell me you haven’t been filling this poor girl’s head up with your nonsense.” Rebecca was clearly not amused by all of this ghost talk.

“Yeah,” Christy chimed in, “Stop trying to scare her off, she only just got here. Don’t listen to Stacy, you know these theater types, always making up ghost stories.”

“I’m not making it up!” Stacy exclaimed with a mouth full of pancakes. As she spoke, several large bits of butter and syrup flew out all over the table. Everyone laughed, even Stacy. Well, everyone but Rebecca.

“As entertaining as all of this is, I don’t want to be late for Computer Theory. I will see you girls tonight for dinner.”

Rebecca collected herself and got up to leave. As she walked away, Amy found herself staring at the young woman’s backside. She was wearing a t-length beige skirt with nylons and heels. She even walked like a librarian. Amy suddenly locked eyes with another girl in the cafeteria. She was sitting by herself several tables away from them. Her brown hair was cut into a bob and she wore glasses that were way too big for her round, moon face. She didn’t move when Amy looked at her, instead she just sat there, frozen.

“Oh snap!” Stacy said as she looked at her phone, “We’re going to be late for English girls! C’mon! See you later Christy!”

Quickly the three girls finished up their breakfast and took their trays to the dishwasher window. Amy looked back to find the moon faced girl but she was nowhere to be seen. Amy was about to ask Stacy about her, to see if she might have known who she was, but Brianna suddenly caught her attention.

The girl stood just five feet tall and whisper thin, but also a bit clumsy. She stumbled, almost dropped her books, and fell right into Amy’s arms.

“You O.K.?” Amy asked, holding the girl steady.

“Y-yes. S-s-sorry,” she said meekly, looking up into Amy’s eyes with her adorable little face. Amy couldn’t help but to smile and give her a reassuring hug.

“Don’t worry about it,” Amy said as she steadied the girl. “So we are all in the same English class?”

“Yep,” Stacy chirped, “And we are all gonna be late if you two lovebirds don’t get a move on.”

Brianna’s eyes grew wide as saucers and her face burned bright red. She quickly pulled away from Amy and hurried along after Stacy, but not before she cast a sidelong glance back at Amy, as if to see if she was still looking at her.

Amy chuckled, thinking that the girl was just too cute and innocent to be real. The three girls made their way back across the quad towards the humanities and arts building. They did manage to get to class on time, though Amy struggled to pay attention to the professor, with Stacy and all her womanly curves on one side and Brianna in her little school girl skirt on the other.

After class, the three girls decided to go to the library together. Dr. Klein had assigned them a group project on Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights.” It turned out that Brianna was actually thinking of majoring in English and she had already read the book like three times in high school. Amy never really got into literature or poetry. The stuff always kind of put her to sleep, so she was glad that she was working with Brianna. The girl was really sweet, but she had no self-confidence whatsoever. She stuttered when she got nervous and even though she dressed like a gothling, she kept trying to cover up her legs or arms, like she was ashamed of her own body.

Stacy was the exact opposite. Where Brianna was a tiny, skinny, timid, little girl, Stacy was a full-sized, boisterous and unapologetic young woman. Amy had known several girls in high school that had similar body types, but none of them were as at home or in love with their own bodies as Stacy. She didn’t care if people thought she was chubby or overweight, she knew that she was beautiful and that was all that mattered.

The girls found a study table on the second floor and sat their stuff down. Stacy kicked off her sandals and bounded off down one of the aisles in her bare feet, telling them she would be right back in a minute. Amy still felt kind of out of place at the college. She hadn’t gotten her books yet, she didn’t really have anything to take notes on. Her mom had bought her a new laptop but she hadn’t even taken it out of the box. She sat there, looking at her class schedule because she couldn’t think of anything else to do.

“Is it t-t-t-true? W-what Stacy said?” Brianna asked quietly, “About your r-r-r-rooommate?” Brianna was sitting next to her at the table. She had already pulled out her books and her laptop and was diligently going over the assignment.

“That she’s a ghost?” Amy said with a smile.

“No, n-not that. About how you haven’t s-s-seen her yet?”

“Yeah, she is right about that. She didn’t come back to the room last night, or at least that’s what it looked like. And you haven’t seen her either, right?”

Brianna nodded her head but didn’t say anything else.

“Is there anything I can do to help, I’m feeling kind of useless just sitting here.”

“S-s-sure,” Brianna picked up a pen and scribbled down some numbers. “C-c-could you f-find these books?”

“You got it, sweet B.”

Brianna smiled shyly at the little nickname. She really liked Brianna and she wanted the girl to feel like she was part of the club.

“What club?” Amy said to herself as she went in search of the books. “What the hell am I doing here?” This library, this school, these girls, they all felt normal to her, familiar even. It was like this place had, in the space of one night, become home and they had all become friends. Which was crazier than Stacy’s phantom roommate.

Amy made her way through the stacks, searching for Brianna’s books. She soon found herself in a very empty and quiet part of the library. She scanned the titles on the shelves.

“Myth and Faith Throughout the Ancient World”

“The 1,000 Faces of God”

“Succubi – Angels or Demons?”

“Finding the Goddess: The Loss of the Feminine in the Modern World”

Amy turned a corner and there, in the middle of the aisle, stood the moon-faced girl from the cafeteria.

“Hello, my name is Aimee, and I really need to talk to you?”

“Your name is Amy?”

“Yes, but it’s not spelled like yours.”

“How do you know my name?”

“Well, that’s what I’d like to talk to you about. That and your roommate.”

Aimee turned and walked down the aisle and Amy followed her. The moon-faced girl was about average height, but very heavy set. She didn’t have the curves that Stacy had, in fact she looked down right frumpy. She wore a thin turtle-neck sweater that was a bit too big and a floor-length skirt that hid her legs completely. Amy did take particular notice of the girl’s ass, though. It may have been large and wide, but it sat up high and actually looked really good in the skirt. She led Amy into a private study room that was tucked away into one of the corners of the library. Once the door was closed, she took a deep breath and began.

“I know this is going to sound crazy. And I know you aren’t going to believe me. At least not yet. But I need you to hear me out, O.K.?”

Amy nodded and shrugged her shoulders.

“Like I said, my name is Aimee. Aimee Archer. I know who you are because I work part time in the registrar’s office as a student assistant. And when I heard someone had been assigned to Room 305 in Lillian Hall, I had to find out who it was. That’s how I know your name. You spent last night in Room 305, right?”

“Yeah. Wait, are you trying to tell me it’s haunted too?”

The look on Aimee’s face answered her question for her.

“This is what this is all about? You think my roommate is some kind of ghost?”

Aimee clasped her hands to her chin as she spoke. “Listen to me, that room, your room, it has sat empty for almost 20 years now. You are the first girl to sleep in that room in all that time.”

Amy laughed out loud, “So that means it must be haunted, huh? Look, Aimee-who-spells-her-name-different-than-mine, you seem like a really nice girl and all, but there’s no such thing as ghosts and besides, you’ve got the wrong girl. My roommate clearly slept in that room before I even got here. Why don’t you go talk to her?”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you. There’s no record of anyone else being assigned to that room. You’re the only one that is supposed to be in there.”

Amy had heard enough and reached for the door handle.

“I know you don’t believe me. Just be careful, O.K.?”

Amy could tell that despite her being a little nuts, the girl seemed genuinely concerned for her well-being.

“Fine, I’ll be careful. See you around.”

The rest of the afternoon in the library was relatively uneventful. Amy made it back to Brianna with the books she was looking for and Stacy even showed up to do some work on their project. Before they knew it, it was almost dinner time.

The three girls gathered up their stuff and headed back to the cafeteria. It was meatloaf night. And yes, for dessert, Claire had made her special cherry pie. The three girls sat back down at the same table they had had breakfast at. Stacy was chattering about this and that, hardly even taking a breath to eat at times. Amy looked up to see Rebecca and Christy heading over to the table with two other girls she did not recognize.

“Amy, this is Yvette and Sandra, ” Rebecca said as they sat down, “And now you have met everyone who lives on our floor.”

“Not everyone,” Stacy said mockingly which only earned her a stern glare from Rebecca.

“Oh, would you quit with all this brujah nonsense already,” Yvette said, her words tinged with a Spanish accent. “It’s getting really old, Stace.”

Yvette was a very colorful character. She had wavy bleach blond hair that hung just to her shoulders and she wore her make-up like she was a rock star or maybe a prostitute. Her pouty lips were as bright red as her long fingernails. She even dressed provocatively, wearing an off-the-shoulder blouse that showed off plenty of her ample cleavage. Amy could hardly believe that this was shy little Brianna’s roommate, let alone prim and proper Rebecca’s best friend.

Sandra was something else entirely. The girl was as tall as Amy, but she was way more feminine, in both dress and body type. She was dressed in a simple blouse and skirt combo, but somehow she made it look positively glamorous. Her make-up was perfect, her skin was perfect, her rich auburn hair, perfect. Even her voice was soft and sultry.

“So Amy,” Sandra said, “How was your first day here at Franklin?”

“To be honest, I really haven’t had time to think about it. Things have just happened so fast. Last week is still kind of just a blur and last night, last night I…I just didn’t sleep very well.”

“So, rumor is your mother is a Franklin alum,” Rebecca said casually, “Is that why you were able to enroll so late?”

Amy may have been tired, but she could still tell when she was being challenged. Rebecca clearly didn’t like the idea of Amy being admitted to Franklin solely because of who her mother knew. It occurred to Amy that all of the girls at the table had gone through the whole application process to be here. Hell, Amy hadn’t even sat for the SATs.