Len and Albert Ch. 01

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It was early evening and Len sat in the club quietly enjoying his pint. He’d been a member since shortly after Rose had passed away a couple of years earlier and he found he needed company other than his own. It wasn’t particularly regal but it was warm, the beer was a good price, and the majority of members were of a similar age to his own.

‘Penny for ’em.’ said Albert as he plonked himself down at the same table.

‘Oh, hello Bert,’ said Len, ‘no I was just what-if-ing, you know?’

‘Like, what if Arsenal had won the league instead of Man U?’

Len laughed. ‘No, nothing as far fetched as that. I was just wondering what I’d be doing now if Rose was still here.’

‘Ah,’ said Bert, ‘that sort of what-if-ing.’

They’d got friendly at the club a few months before although they’d both been members for a similar time. At 73 he was a year older than Len and, because they shared similar interests, he provided a lot of the friendship and company Len needed.

‘It’s dangerous to do too much of that you know, I used to a lot after Betty died. I was getting quite depressed then someone suggested joining here. It helped a lot but I still miss her though.’

They chatted easily about their past lives and loves until a burst of cheering from round the corner in the main part of the bar distracted them. They got up to see what had caused it and saw that someone had put a soft-core video in the machine which sometimes happened when there were no women present.

They watched it for a couple of minutes before returning to their beers.

‘Dunno what they get so excited about with that stuff,’ said Albert, ‘I’ve got much better ones than that at home. Wouldn’t bring ’em in here though. Give half this lot a heart attack or apoplexy!’

Len laughed. ‘I know what you mean. I’ve got some as well that Rose and I used to enjoy.’

‘Really? Betty never really got into them but I look at them now and again whenever I feel the need.’

Len nodded and the conversation veered off in another direction. After a little while though, Albert leaned towards him conspiratorially and asked in a low voice if there was anything particular type of film he preferred. Len looked at him and asked him what had prompted the question.

‘Well, to be frank with you, I’ve got quite a few now and if there was anything in the sort of line that you might like you’d be welcome to borrow them.’ He paused then went on quickly. ‘But that’s only if you’d like to of course, I wouldn’t want to offend you if you thought I was being too forward.’

‘No offence,’ said Len, ‘and I must admit that after you’ve seen the same film three or four times it does tend to loose its’ thrill.’ He went on. ‘I suppose the ones that do it for me are older people, the more mature the better, and they must be homemade or amateur. I can’t stand professional models who are quite obviously acting. All that “Oohh-ing” and “Aahh-ing” when you know full well it’s not real.’

‘That’s the sort I go for and I’ve got a few you’d be welcome to borrow sometime if you want.’

‘OK,’ said Albert, ‘that’d be nice, I always like to see new ones.’

They chatted on for a while and enjoyed another beer then Albert said ‘Look, if you wanted to pop round now on the way home and get a couple you’d be most welcome.’

They’d long ago discovered they lived three streets apart, Albert in his terraced house and Len in a secure apartment in a newly built retirement home. He’d found living on his own in his old house too stressful and depressing after Rose died.

They set off and ten minutes later Albert ushered Len into his lounge.

‘Fancy another beer?’ I’ve got some cans in the fridge.’

‘That’d be nice.’ said Len as he sat on the settee.

The beers appeared then Albert went to a cupboard and brought out about thirty dvds.

‘Wow,’ said Len, ‘you have got a quite a collection haven’t you.’

He started looking through them and saw that many were blank with handwriting on them. He assumed they were copies from others and asked Albert where he had got them.

‘Actually, Beylikdüzü escort they’re what I’ve downloaded from the internet and recorded myself. My grandson showed me how to download films – not this kind of course – but I just applied the same process to some of the other sites I look at.’

Len was impressed. ‘Blimey,’ he said, ‘are they any good?’

‘Tell you what, I’ll put a couple on for you to flick through and see for yourself. They’re mainly lots of short films but they are good and I’ve been able to select what I wanted rather than just taking what I could get.’

He slipped one into the player and sat back in an easy chair at an angle to the settee.

Len watched as the various scenes unfolded, aware of the effect they were having on him. He could feel his penis thickening as he watched although it had to be said that it had been less than flaccid since the conversation turned in the club, and he had been thinking about a solo session in bed that night.

There were several short films in a row featuring mature and in a couple of cases, very mature couples which made him go rigid and in order to lessen his discomfort, he shuffled himself on the seat to try and adjust himself. It didn’t work too well though, and a movement in the corner of his eye caused him to glance over to Albert who was openly adjusting his swelling penis from outside his trousers.

Seeing this, Len made no bones about getting himself comfortable knowing that Albert could plainly see him and the bulge in his own trousers. Although he concentrated on the film he was aware that there were some regular gentle movements coming from Albert and in a longer glance he saw that he was gently massaging his bulge through the material.

‘There are three or four like this,’ he told Len, ‘and I’ve always enjoyed them.’

Len looked over and nodded. Albert smiled at him then turned back to the film but never once stopped his movements or attempted to disguise them.

Right, thought Len and rested his own hand in his crotch and started doing the same. It felt good, more so because he knew he was being watched and it was exciting that his friend was in the same condition as he was.

The scenes kept changing but mostly showed couples enjoying the sexual activities they were indulging in, then it all changed. It went into a long series of men masturbating and coming, some close ups showing the sperm in detail, some where the men were fully visible and obviously intent on what they were doing. No scene lasted more than about a minute but Len was fascinated. He had often wondered how other men did it or what he looked like himself when he was masturbating, and here was a parade of men openly doing what he did in private.

It was only when he heard himself that he realised he had groaned a couple of times and was rubbing himself harder when Albert spoke.

‘Yes, I like these too.’ he said softly

Len looked at him and he was rubbing equally as hard.

‘Look,’ said Albert, ‘when I watch these I like to be totally relaxed and enjoy myself, if you know what I mean.’

Len had a pretty good idea but thought he’d better ask.

‘How do you mean?’

‘You know.’ Albert made a small masturbatory action in front of his bulge.

Len nodded and looked back to the television. He too wanted to do what Albert had intimated but wasn’t sure enough of how his friend would react if he started. He continued rubbing himself through his trousers and Albert spoke again.

‘Would you be embarrassed or put off if I did – you know?’ Again the same hand movement.

Len looked over and shook his head. ‘We’re both grown ups and,’ he glanced quickly at his crotch then at Alberts’, ‘we’re both hard and if you do I wouldn’t mind as well.’

He continued to watch as, with obvious relief, Albert unzipped his fly and reached in to bring his penis out. He made no attempt to hide or shield it in any way and uninhibitedly started to rub his foreskin up and down. Len stared openly at the pink shaft and purple helmet sticking out of his clothes Beylikdüzü escort then glanced up to see Albert watching him closely.

‘Are you sure you don’t mind?’

Len shook his head again and reached for his own zip. He was harder and more excited that he could remember since Rose had gone. Here he was about to expose himself to another man who was in as excited a condition as himself and openly do what he normally did alone in bed.

He eased his penis out of his fly and got it as comfortable as he could and started rubbing himself. He glanced over to see Albert watching him intently, staring at the movement of Lens hand and the reaction it was generating. He always got quite wet when he was turned on and that was very evident now with his swollen helmet slick with precum.

Apart from the wetness, there didn’t seem to be a lot of difference between them, a source of comfort to Len as he had always considered himself to be less well endowed than the average man – if some of the films were anything to go by! He had only had experience of one other man in his life and that had been shared with Rose late on in their lives. It had, admittedly added a new dimension to their intimacy and dramatically enlivened something that had lain dormant for years.

They continued to look at the film and Len was torn between the television and looking at Albert. Each time he did it was to see him looking openly at Lens penis which turned him on even more. He was finding it less than satisfying just rubbing the part that projected from his fly, so he asked Albert if he would mind if he made himself more comfortable.

‘You do whatever you want.’ was the softly spoken answer, so he stood up and undid his trousers completely and slid them with his pants down to his ankles. Before he sat down again he rolled his top up over his stomach so he was naked from his chest to his feet. He settled back in the settee so Albert could see him plainly. His hard penis stuck up from a thatch of greying pubic hair and his balls hung between his legs, moving up and down with his foreskin.

He turned his attention to the screen very aware that Alberts’ eyes were fixed on his crotch, the film forgotten. At that point the male masturbation series came to an end and it moved onto an elderly couple pleasuring each other orally.

‘Oh, that’s a shame, I was really enjoying those.’ Len blushed as he suddenly realised what he was saying. He was openly admitting that it had turned him on to watch other men masturbating to orgasm, something that until now he had not thought much about.

‘So was I. Shall I play that bit again?’

Len nodded and watched as his friend stood up and walked to the player to get the handset. His penis was sticking out from his fly and it bobbed rigidly as he walked. He wound the film back and returned to his seat but before sitting down he too undid his trousers and lowered them with his pants to his feet. Instead of leaving them there though, he stepped out of them before rolling his top up over his belly as well.

Len made no pretence of looking away while this was happening and stared openly at Alberts’ crotch as it was exposed. He saw Albert looking at him as he did and was then treated to Albert moving his body so Len got a full face view of his friends’ genitals before he turned sideways to give him a profile view. He had less hair than Len and this gave the impression that his penis was larger, and it hadn’t turned as grey as his own.

As he sat down he said, ‘I always take them right off. Saves them getting messy later.’

Len nodded and lent forward to shuck his own trousers and pants right off before settling back in the seat. He was very wet now and his foreskin was slipping easily over his glans making little squelchy noises as it did. Although he was still watching the screen, more and more often he was looking over to watch Albert masturbate. He had his hand wrapped round his shaft and Len could see his foreskin slipping over his ridge. His eyes were fixed on Lens actions but occasionally they would make eye contact briefly.

Apart Escort Beylikdüzü from the sexual sounds coming from the television, there was silence in the room until Albert cleared his throat.

‘Look, I hope you don’t mind me asking this but would you mind if I came and sat on the settee beside you?’

Len looked at him in surprise wondering what was coming next.

Albert went on. ‘It’s just that this chair is fabric and the settee is leather,’ he paused and looked down at his crotch, ‘and it wipes off the leather a lot easier.’ He looked almost embarrassed as he said it

Len smiled. ‘Yeah, sure.’ He said and made room on the couch beside him.

With Albert sat beside him there was no pretence now from either of them as they both openly watched the other masturbate. Now that he was closer, Len could see a little clear liquid coming from Alberts’ pisshole and that his penis was slightly thinner than his own.

Their close proximity and the fact that their legs were touching started taking Len towards the point of no return.

‘Have you got any tissues?’ he asked, ‘I’m going to cum soon.’

‘Just relax and let it go onto the seat and wipe it afterwards. I’m going to.’

With that, Len just sat back and increased his hand movements until he felt his sperm begin its’ journey. He opened his thighs wide and pushed his penis forward as his hips and body began jerking gently. Even at his age he still had the ability to ejaculate quite strongly and the first 2 or 3 spurts left his body completely and splashed onto the leather. The remaining spurts were not so powerful but his thick cream continued to add to the growing pool between his legs. All the while he was aware that he was grunting softly with each contraction and that Albert was watching him closely, staring at the semen on the seat, but his hand stilled at his own crotch.

As his contractions finished he slumped back in the cushions totally spent. He couldn’t remember having had such an intense orgasm since Rose and looked down over his stomach. He was softening now and looked at Albert who was still holding his rigid shaft but without any movement.

‘Wow,’ said Albert softly, ‘that was amazing.’ then as if answering Lens’ unasked question went on ‘I’ll save mine for a little longer.’ and turned his attention back to the screen.

It took Len a few minutes to recover but he then became aware of his need to piss so he asked where the toilet was. He got up and moved to the door and was halfway up the stairs when he thought he might as well get his clothes and dress himself again. He turned back down and pushed the door open then stood stock still in surprise.

Albert was on his knees in front of the place where Len had sat licking the sperm off the leather seat. His hand was moving rapidly at his crotch and it was only a few seconds before Len saw his sperm spit onto the carpet. All through his climax Albert continued to avidly clean Lens discharge and only sat back on his heels when his own was complete.

Len didn’t know what to do. To save embarrassment he backed quietly into the hall and crept back upstairs. He was amazed at what he had just seen and it took a little while for his pee to start. He thought about it for a little while and decided he wouldn’t say anything as he didn’t want to risk the friendship and after all, what harm had it done? If it had been what Albert needed, then so what? He’d had the decency to try and be discreet about it and hadn’t put any pressure on his guest.

He made sure he pulled the flush as noisily as he could then made his progress downstairs as obvious as possible. When he got to the lounge Albert was just doing his fly up so Len picked up his clothes and dressed himself.

He looked at the settee and Albert quickly said, ‘It’s OK I wiped it all up.’ A quick glance at the floor showed signs of damp but that sperm too had gone.

They chatted for a while but now their gratification was complete it was not as relaxed as it had been earlier so Len made his excuses and made to leave. As he did so Albert handed him two discs saying he thought he would enjoy them.

The five minute walk back to his apartment was all Len needed to convince himself.

‘Next time,’ he thought because he had decided there would be a next time, ‘next time……’

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