Lenora and the Bartender

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Lenora laid in bed thinking about the upcoming weekend. The kids were planning to stay with some friends so she would be free and could go out in search of fun. Her girlfriend, Lisa, had mentioned going out to a local night club. Lenora thought about that. She had recently met the bartender there and was hoping to run into him. Bob was tall and muscular and she had noticed that he had smelled great! Wow! The thought of Bob standing back behind that bar was getting her hot. Lenora squirmed in the cool sheets of her bed. She loved the feeling of the heavy Egyptian cotton against her naked skin. Her thoughts of Bob made the humidity level rise between her legs and her nipples began to tighten with anticipation. She rolled over to her back and spread and raised her knees a little. With her feet flat on the bed, she could feel cool air circulating around her hot spot. She let her fingers creep up to her tingling nipples. Slowly circling her tan areolas with her finger tips she could feel her juices start to drip from her. Damn!!..She was horny! Yet, she resisted to continue. She wanted the anticipation to build in her so that maybe her weekend would reward her for the denial!

Friday began as usual. Lenora got the kids up and ready for school. As she dropped the last one off, she ran to the store to find some cute shoes for her night out. She loved shoe shopping and wanted to make sure she had the right shoes for the night. The right pair of shoes could make all the difference in the world, and Lenora knew it! She had already decided she would wear her teal, cotton dress. The deep V neck offered a nice view of her breasts while the length was short enough to show her sexy calves yet left a bit to be imagined. Now she just needed a nice pair of heels to finish the look. After trying on several different pairs she settled on a cute, slate gray pair of wedges. The heel was about three inches with average width straps that crossed just over the joints of her cute toes. Now she just needed to work on her hair.

The kids came home around three and packed up their things for the night. Lenora was going to drop the kids off on her way over to Lisa’s place. She had taken a shower already and had trimmed everything up just in case she was lucky enough to show off her pussy later in the evening. Her hair was curly with lots of bounce. As the kids said their good byes and headed off with friends, Lenora headed over to Lisa’s. She wondered what kind of trouble they would get into tonight.

Lisa was just finishing getting ready when Lenora arrived. The two laughed and smiled a bunch as they headed out to the club. It was still a little early when they arrived so there were not too many people there yet. As they entered the bar Lisa spotted Chris, a guy that she knew. The girls headed over to talk to Chris. Lenora had met him before so she smiled and said hello but she looked across the bar looking to see if Bob was working. As she scanned the bar her gaze met his. He smiled and waved as Lenora turned and left Lisa and Chris.

“Hey stranger” Lenora said playfully.

“Stranger? I think you are the one that hasn’t been around here in a while” Bob replied.

“Ha ha, I know, I was just being silly. So what do you recommend for my first adult beverage of the evening?” Lenora asked.

Bob smiled and said “I think I can find something rather exotic and delicious around here for you.”

Lenora smiled and said “Great.” As he turned to fix her drink she whispered under her breath “You look rather exotic and delicious.”

Bob returned is a minute with a tall glass with a light tan drink that had an orange wedge skewered with a little umbrella. “This is my own creation. Hope you like it.”

“Oh I am sure it is delicious,” Lenora said. She took a little sip and smiled. “Oh this is yummy. What do you call it?”

“Your lucky night,” he responded, with a grin.

“Were we still talking about the drink?” Lenora playfully asked.

“I think so” Bob said and then turned to get a drink for another patron at the bar. Lenora sipped the suggestively named beverage and smiled. “Looks like it might be MY lucky night after all” she thought.

Lenora wandered back over to see how Lisa was doing but as she rounded the edge of the bar she could see that Chris was leaning next to Lisa at the pool table and Lenora could tell that Lisa too was thinking it would be HER lucky night as well. Lenora returned to the bar and sat down at an empty stool. She joked around and flirted with Bob when he was available over the next hour or so. Around 11 he came down to her side of the bar and said that his shift was over and he was headed home. Lenora had just started a new drink but looked up disappointed. “And just when the night was getting interesting” she said.

“Sorry hun, maybe next weekend?” He asked.

“Maybe” Lenora replied and then Bob waved good bye and headed back around the bar.

Bob walked out the side door of the bar. Şanlıurfa Escort Lenora’s gaze followed him out and she quickly headed over to where Lisa and Chris were still playing pool. Lenora said her good byes to Lisa and headed out the side door. She saw Bob half way across the parking lot headed to his truck. “So, what does a girl have to do to get a night cap around here” she said coyly. Bob turned and smiled.

“Well, why don’t you come over to my place and we will see what we can do for you.”

Lenora smiled and told him she would follow him. She turned on the car and pulled in behind his truck. They drove a few miles to his apartment building. It was a small, quaint building but had a nice big grassy area out front. Lenora parked her car and met Bob in the parking lot. She figured she would let him know what her intentions were right off the bat so as she approached him she wrapped an arm around him and pulled him into her and then looked up. He acted quickly and held her embrace and leaned down to kiss her. Lenora slipped her tongue into his mouth to make sure he understood her intentions. While kissing him she could feel his cock beginning to stir. She knew that he was game too!

They broke their embrace and Lenora followed Bob up the single set of stairs. His apartment was the last one on the right. She waited in the hallway as Bob entered the room and turned on a light. He then held the door open for her so she could enter the apartment. Lenora was in the mood but did not want to seem desperate or in too big of a hurry. She did have all night! As she walked into the room she quickly surveyed the terrain. Bob had a small but cozy living room. Sparse but tastefully decorated with a single easy chair and couch facing a moderate size television. He had turned on a soft light in the living room so there was a muted glow about. As Lenora entered the room, Bob asked her if she would care for something to drink. She looked toward him and with a little grin she said coyly “Go ahead and surprise me, you have been on your game all night.”

Bob mixed a couple drinks and offered Lenora a seat. She sat down on the couch and waited for him to return. While she waited she removed her shoes and stretched her toes out along the carpet. Bob came back into the room after a minute or two and handed Lenora a tall Collins glass with an exotic and delicious looking drink inside. He carried a pint glass with a dark amber beer topped with a thick foamy head and sat down next to her on the couch. Lenora took the glass and smiled. “This looks delicious…just like you,” she whispered the last part but loud enough that he could hear her. Lenora swirled her left pointer finger around the rim of the glass and let her finger dip into the drink and she stirred it around for a few seconds. She then slowly brought her now dripping finger to her sultry lips while Bob’s gazed was completely fixed on her. She stuck her tongue part of the way out to greet her finger and then with a light sucking sound she slowly sucked on the tip of her finger. She smiled, revealing her teeth clutched just around the tip of her finger. “Hmmmmmmm, tastes very delicious,” she cooed. She then took a sip of her drink and then sat it on a coaster on the table next to the couch. She turned to face Bob better and said in a very sexy tone “I bet YOU taste delicious too.”

As her words trailed off Lenora slid off the couch onto her knees and leaned over into Bob’s lap. She let her arms fall down along his sides and let her fingers lightly touch his back. Bob leaned back and sat his beer over on the other side of the couch. He spread his legs a little to allow Lenora room to lean into him. She pushed forward against him and with her chest resting in his lap she could feel his cock growing beneath her. She crawled forward slightly and raised her head to meet his. They kissed deeply and Lenora felt his cock strain in his pants. She broke their kiss and slowly let her head work down his chest. Her hands were tracing his chest as she slid lower. She traced the outline of his now rock hard cock with her hands and looked up at him and whispered “Looks like someone wants to come out and play with me.” With that, she started to undo the buckle on his belt.

Bob looked down at Lenora as she worked to free his cock. As she began to lower his zipper he lifted off the couch a little so she could pull his pants down. Lenora eagerly slid his pants to the floor but did not remove them all the way. He still had his boxer shorts on but his cock was straining to be released so the loose fly on his shorts was wide and Lenora could see part of his engorged head. “Ohhhh, what a sexy cock” she cooed with a sly little grin on her face. She reached down and let his cock spring out of the fly of his boxers. She smiled as she gazed at his big cock. The head was very bulbous and his shaft was long and think, just the way she liked them! She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and gently Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan slid her hand up and down, slowly. She could see some clear fluid at the tip and she leaned over to lick at his pre-cum. It was salty and sweet and it made her hot. She forced her hand down a little quicker and harder as she sucked him into her mouth. Bob held his breath as Lenora’s lips wrapped tightly around his cock and she began to suck.

Lenora set into a steady rhythm while she bobbed up and down on his cock. While her right hand worked his shaft she let her left hand slide between her legs. From her kneeling position her dress was riding up her hips some and since she was not wearing any panties, she was able to stroke her clit while she enjoyed the taste of Bob’s cock. She looked up at him while she continued to stroke and suck him. He just watched her and was breathing heavily. He let his fingers run down into her hair to encourage her to go deeper. Lenora pulled her lips from him and held him firmly in her hand. She smiled and said “Umm, your cock tastes great and it is so nice and thick. I bet we can have all kinds of fun tonight.” Bob managed to mutter a barely audible “OK.” She took him back into her mouth and started to suck longer and harder. Her hand strokes quickened as did his breathing.

He was stammering about how good she was and how hot her mouth was. Lenora could feel his head getting bigger and the skin was getting much tighter. She knew he was getting close to cumming. He was starting to moan more and she could feel his balls tightening up. She stopped sucking and lifted her lips from him. She gripped the base of his cock very tightly. “Let’s slow down baby” she said, “I have other plans for this big cock.” She watched as his cock twitched a little and she could feel his shaft throb in her hand while she watched a small spurt of cum erupt from the head of his cock. She grinned and said “Ohhh, that looks so good,” and then once she felt the twitching subside she leant back over and sucked him back into her mouth. His cum was salty but not offensive. She eagerly swallowed and then licked his shaft with her tongue. She could feel him pump another very small spurt of cum into her mouth while she suck the head. She slowly worked her way back up his body. His hard cock standing stiffly against her body. When she reached his mouth she kissed him deeply, letting her tongue dart into his mouth so he could taste his cum on her. She was so hot and her pussy was sopping wet. She wanted him so badly now.

Lenora raised up and asked, “So, you want to give me the tour?”

“Ooooo…Of course” he finally muttered. “Well, this is the living room” he continued as he stood up and stepped out of his pants. He began to walk over to the hallway with just his shirt and boxers on. Lenora got up and followed him. She adjusted her dress back down to her sides. “And through here is my bedroom” he said.

“Oh, I would love to see where you rest that big cock of yours” she said mischievously. She walked into his bedroom and straight up to Bob. She reached down and grabbed the edge of his shirt and lifted it up and over his head. With the back of his legs against the bed she pushed him onto the bed. Then she leaned over and pulled at the waist band of his boxers, working them down while he lifted up to help her remove them completely. “Now this is the part of the tour I was waiting for” she said. With that she crawled up onto the bed and lifted her leg over top of him as she straddled him. He could feel her nakedness under her dress. She looked down at him and kissed him hard pressing her wet pussy against him as she began to slide against his hard cock with the outside of her pussy lips.

He broke their kiss. “Oh my God you are so hot and sexy” he said. “And your pussy is so incredibly wet!”

“You haven’t felt anything yet baby” Lenora cooed. She pressed her mound against Bob’s rigid shaft and continued to coat his cock with her juices. She began to moan and thrash her head a bit. Her breath was loud as she rocked back and forth. Still just rubbing her pussy against him, Lenora reached down to grab his cock to guide his big head to her wet little hole. Just as she touched his cock with her hand Bob shifted in the bed.

“Maybe you should grab a condom out of the top drawer next to the bed” he muttered.

Lenora straightened up while still straddling him. “OK, if that is what you want” and she leaned to her right and fished around in the drawer. She felt a small box and lifted it high enough to see that is was an unopened box of Magnum Gold Seal condoms. She smiled and looked down at him and said “Get a lot use from these?”

“Well” he started and thinking of a safe reply he said “I like to keep a new box around just for occasions like this.”

Lenora smiled and opened the box as she slid off of him and came to a seated position next to him. She peeled the wrapper back and removed the lubricated Escort Şanlıurfa condom. While holding the condom in her right hand, she stroked his cock a little with her left. “What a shame” she thought as she felt her slick juices on his cock. “I bet he is full of hot cum that is now going to go to waste inside that damn condom.” But she did as he asked and slid the translucent blue condom down over his hard cock. Lenora licked her lips as she watched the rubber stretch to sheath his large cock. She reached the end of the condom and excitedly noticed that it only covered about two thirds of the shaft. Lenora grinned as she realized she was about to have that big cock deep inside her in just a few seconds. She slid back over his legs and came back to a straddling position over him. She reach down and felt his now protected cock with her hand and looked up at him and asked “Ready now baby?”

“Oh hell yes” he answered and reached up to put his hands against Lenora’s ass.

Lenora raised up just enough to help guide his big head to her eager pussy. She was so wet and horny that his cock head easily slid into her tight little spot. She slowly sat back onto him feeling his cock penetrate deeper into her. “Ohhhh” Lenora moaned as she reached the base of his cock. “Your cock feels so good inside me” she said as she threw her head back and let her hands fall to his chest. As her pussy accommodated his girth and length, Lenora rocked her hips back and forth. Bob’s hands moved up her side until his hands slid up to her chest.

Realizing that Lenora was still wearing her dress, Bob pulled from the bottom and brought it up high on her sides. Lenora sat up and helped to work her dress over her head and then placed it on the edge of the bed. Lenora’s tan skin shown in the dim light of the room. “Ohhh you are so beautiful” Bob said. “Could you also take off your bra so I can see your tits too?” Lenora reached down and undid the front clasp. She had chosen that bra because of its simplicity. While she did not exactly like being fully nude with the light on, Lenora was so horny, she just wanted to keep riding Bob’s dick. She slid the straps down off her shoulders and let the bra fall behind her. Bob smiled and said “Ohh that is much better” as he raised his hands up and cupped both her breasts. Now completely naked, Lenora leaned forward again and began to slowly ride him.

Lenora ground her pussy hard into Bob. She moaned loudly as she road down his shaft and bottomed out. She looked at him and said “Ohhh your cock feels so big inside me.” As she continued to slide up and down on him she could feel her pussy begin to tighten up as she neared orgasm. “Ohh Bob I’m going to cum all over your big cock” she cried. She was breathing loudly and her pace quickened. She was thrusting down so hard onto him when she finally came very hard. She sat motionless on his cock while her pussy quivered in orgasm. Her cries stifled for a moment.

Sensing her orgasm was over, Bob urged her to slide off of him and to lay down on the bed. Lenora did as she was asked and laid on her back and spread her legs while Bob moved between them. He sat back on his heels with his knees resting on the bed. He looked down at her wet pussy. He then took hold of his cock and smacked her clit a couple times with it. Lenora squirmed a little and moaned loudly with each smack. She reached down to stroke him and slid the condom off. “But…” Bob started but Lenora silently led his cock to her eager pussy. Bob did not resist. He leaned forward and thrust his cock deep into her. Lenora cried out but reached back and pulled at his sides encouraging him to go deeper into her pussy. Bob leaned down close to her and said “Is this what you want? You want my naked cock deep inside you?”

“Ohhhh yes” Lenora cried out.

Bob started pumping harder and faster. The sounds of their bodies slapping together echoed in the room as their pants and moans increased. Lenora begged for more as she could feel another orgasm building. Her pussy was clamped tightly around Bob’s cock. She could feel the head swelling up with cum which made it feel bigger inside her. She had her legs spread wide and was using her feet to help pull Bob deeper into her. Lenora cried out “Oh yes baby, fuck me hard…I’m going to cum again.”

Bob thrust harder into her. Almost out of breathe he said “I am close to cumming too. Where do you want me to cum?”

“Oh please cum inside my pussy baby!” she cried. “I want to feel you pump me full of your cum…Oh baby I am cumming again…” she wailed.

“I am going to cum too” Bob stammered. He was panting hard. His thrust were long and deep and Lenora cried out each time he buried his shaft inside her. Bob leaned close into her and gave her a deep kiss. His tongue darted into Lenora’s mouth and she could feel his cock stiffen. As he grunted Lenora felt the first spurt of his hot cum entering her already soaking wet pussy.

Lenora broke their kiss and cried out, “Oh yes baby, fill me up with your cum.” Bob slowed his rhythm but with each thrust he continued to pump more cum into her pussy. Lenora cam hard from the feeling of his throbbing cock. Her pussy was so tight around him that it milked more cum from him every time he withdrew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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