Lesbian Army


The rules were quite simple. Two bases – pink and blue across each other in a field, miles away from anywhere. Each base had a team of 50 people training (all women) for “endurance training” or something like that, nobody really was sure, with a few security officers (again all women) to make sure everything was in order. Some days each team trained by themselves with various tasks. Other days they warred. No different from any other army camp. Oh and most days, if not all either side was allowed to wear was a bra and knickers with a various sex toy hanging between the two.

Sarah was part of Bravo squad, one of 5 members of the squad, the other being Abby, Rosie, Charlotte and Emma. They were on the pink team, and were all friends ageing between 22 and 26. Abby and Rosie were both brunettes, Abby being very tanned whilst Rosie was more pale. Charlotte and Emma were blonde, Charlotte was tall and blue eyed, Emma was also blue eyed but with a definite French look to her. Sarah herself was 5ft 7, blonde, green eyes with a very petite build. As was the case with all members in there base, they wore pink bra’s and knickers, with a various sex toy, Sarah Charlotte and Rosie all had dildo’s of various colours whilst Emma and Abby had a vibrator. All the toys were held in place by two pieces of string connecting there bra and knickers, with the item being held in the middle above there bellybutton. This was there ‘weapon’ an item they had to have at all times on them, so to show it wasn’t lost, or worse stolen, it had to be displayed at all times.

Bravo squad had finished their activities for the day, and had finished there meal. On their back from the mess hall they were talking about next day’s war – a full out war between two the bases, the first war Bravo squad would be involved in. “So let me get this right” Said Charlotte, “Winner is whoever capture the most of the other team?”

“Sort of” Replied Abby, “You get more points depending on how you capture them, plus you get more rewards as well. To capture you have to show you get control of the other person you’re fighting against.”

“How do you do that?” Said Charlotte.”

“Prove your stronger, you have to fight to take control of their cloths, taking their bra gives you one point and captures them for a few hours, taking bra and knickers is two points and keeps them till nightfall, and taking both and using their sex toy on the capturer one gives you three takes them until next morning. Also you can be harsher on the caputerored ones in what you tell them to do with each level.”

Sarah was understandably nervous. Ok she had be nude around other women before, all squads were expected to shower in two’s or three’s to “closer relationships with squad members” but the capturer part was more worrying as she knew that you became the other teams slave for a few hours with no limits – again “endurance testing” was the key phrase here.

Lost in thought and nerves Sarah barley realised she was back at Bravo squad’s dorm. Meanwhile Abby and Charlotte were still talking about the rules.

“So to fight you basically wrestle, no punches or kicking is allowed or you forfeit and the guards step in. When wrestling you have to take the others person cloths off, before it starts we’ll all get a special set of cloths and something to carry our toy. Not sure what the carry thing is yet, but the cloths are rippable so that’s how it works. The battle will last for about an hour and you can only fight one person in this Escort Bayan time, rest of time is manoeuvring, trying to ambush etc. If your lose stuff you can’t put it back on off course. If you lose say one bit you keep going till the end then go to the other team’s base. If you lose everything including toy you go over immediately with your capturer.” Said Abby clearly excited about it all.

Rosie looked excited as well, Emma likewise, Charlotte like Sarah seemed bit more nervous about this.

“Ok girls” Said Rosie, who was sort of, but not officially the leader, “Shower time, are itself or help day today?”

Self or help referred to wither you showered and washed yourself (self) or wither one of the others washed you (help.) With help, the washer could only use their hands to wash the other but body bodies were be touching each other constantly due to the small shower space available, but had to wash everywhere, whilst the person being washed had to have their hands up in the air. Again, all to do with “closer relations” and helping to be clean. There was a test for help, although it almost never happened – if a guard felt that the washer hadn’t been through enough or just thought it needed a test, the washer would have to lick the person being washed everywhere until they were satisfied.

“Help day” Replied Emma, “I’m with Sarah today, you lot or with each other, we’ll go shower first if that’s ok.”

A few sure’s came back. Emma and Sarah then undressed, both had to undress in the same room as the other three girls (who weren’t paying much attention) before getting into 2 person shower room (although it had clearly been originally designed for just one.)

The combination of the space, and ‘help’ showers was always personal at best, but with Emma it was doubly so. She more than any of the other girls in Bravo seemed to like them way more than the others.

“Ok Sarah, arms up” Said Emma as she turned the water on. Sarah raised her arms up in the air, at the same time, Emma moved as close as possible, face to face with Sarah. She covered her hands in soapy foam before starting to rub down Sarah’s arms. Of course, completely accidently, this also caused Emma’s large, gorgeous tits to rub against Sarah’s. Emma then moved down, her face staring at Sarah pussy, as her hands very quickly proceeded to wash the reminder of Sarah’s arms and neck, before curiously taking a lot longer wash rubbing Sarah’s tits.

This sort of thing was no surprise to Sarah. Emma was always very eager at this sort of thing and clearly enjoyed doing it (the massive grin on her face was proof of that, if any were needed.) Sarah herself was more shy at this despite having done it plenty of times before to the others. She found being washed pleasant enough, and no had no problems washing others (although was defiantly not as thoughourgh as Emma on sensitive areas.)

Emma finished up washing Sarah (she had taken plenty of time applying soap and washing Sarah’s ass) before Sarah washed Emma back, slightly hurried due to the loud voices they heard coming from their dorm, it turned out to be nothing. Then squad Bravo settled down for bed. Like the showers “closer relations” was a theme here. One large mattress and quilt were all girls were expected to sleep together. There was enough space for each girl to not touch anybody else, but not much, and normally it ended up happening anyway (doubly so when Emma was around.)

Early next morning, the drill sergeant woke up squad Bravo, and told them to be ready and prepared for the war, by meeting in the courtyard with the other squads by 0900. When the assembled they found themselves with all the other squads assembled. As per instruction they all gathered into rows one behind each other in rows of squads. At the front the commander spoke, she mentioned something about rules (of which there were few) and punishments that were allowed if they were caught by the other side (which were considerably larger.) Finally she instructed that everybody had to right now, change out of their usual attire and into new army fatigues for the mission.

The new fatigues were the pretty much the same cloths as their normal ones, but of a very different style. These were thinner, smaller, tighter and defiantly easier to rip. However instead of the normal string that carried each person’s various toys; there was just a large piece of elastic. When Sarah queried this she got a long stare from the sergeant before.

“Well it’s the carry your dildo, you place it in your pussy, before putting the elastic there and around your neck to keep it in place. Otherwise when you lost say you bra you would lose the lot wouldn’t you.”

With that all 50 girls had to get changed. It was a weird site for Sarah, 49 other girls, undressing and redressing without the slightest hesitation. After they were all dressed in there new gear, they headed out to the battlefield.

The battlefield was a large mostly open field; there was a forest on one side, a smallish pond on the other. Bravo squad were instructed to fight in the forest.

Sarah first attempt at fighting in a war wasn’t great. She was at the back of her squad covering their rear. The forest despite it being mid-day was rather dark with plenty of small bushes and the like the hide people. Charlotte spotted some members of the other side, and Bravo squad ran forward to engage. As Sarah ran she fell over flag on her face, and before she was even trying to get up she felt her bra being ripped of savagely. She turned around to see a girl, much taller than her in a blue bra similar to her own (only the girl’s was in one piece and just about covering her tits) and knickers. Sarah managed to turn onto her front before she was pinned to the floor by her opponent, her arms pinned by the girl’s knees, her knickers right in her face. Sarah thrashed, but couldn’t free herself. Meanwhile her knickers were ripped off by the girl, and her dildo taken out of her. With that the mysterious girl gave a cocky smile, put her face right down next to Sarah’s and whispered “And now your mine.”

With that Sarah was pulled up by the arm, and escorted out of the wood. She saw that the rest of her squad looked to have done well, although Abby looked like she had been captured as well but to a lesser extent. As she walked out, she noticed the stares she was getting from everybody, and instinctively her arms went to cover herself.


Her capturer has slapped her ass, quite firmly as well! “No!” She shouted “Bad girl, no covering yourself, hands to your side.”

As Sarah walked she went red, more and more aware of how many eyes were on her. Thankfully they reached the other teams barracks soon. At least she thought it was thankfully. “Nice job Cindy” Shouted somebody towards Sarah’s capturer. Sarah was starting to think at least she knew her captor’s name know when they reached a dorm, presumably Cindy and she was let inside.

“Ok bitch, what your name” Said Cindy aggressively.


“Ok, from now on its not until 9:00 tomorrow when your free to go back, till then it’s either bitch, or Bitch-Sarah, conversely I am Cindy but to you I am mistress although if I think of any other names I’ll inform you. You are to address me as Mistress at all times. Now I want you on all fours while I get some things, ass up towards the door.”

With that Cindy left the room. Sarah moved onto all fours as requested. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her dildo, bra and knickers on a chair. Before she had time to think up an escape plan, or something similar though, Cindy was back with a bag.

“Ok chains, whips, ooooh this could be fun, “murmured Cindy to herself, as she peered in, “vibrator, no vibrators of course, few others stuff, oh some food that could be fun later.” She looked up to see Sarah’s ass in the air “Wow this is just awesome, can’t believe it was so easy, gonna have such fun with you. Well let’s get you tied up, and then let’s have some fun.”

Cindy attached some cords around Sarah’s legs and feet, before attaching them to a cupboard nearby, Sarah’s leg were pulled apart exposing her pussy and ass more, before Cindy tied both of Sarah’s arms together.

“Were to start! Oooh this is gonna be great!” Cindy picked up Sarah’s dildo and placed it back inside Sarah’s pussy. “Ok you’ll defiantly be seeing more of that later, for now though it’s time for some rewards for dear sweet me.” Cindy slapped Sarah’s ass with the palm of her hand, causing a slight gasp from Sarah. Cindy then went around Sarah and positioned her pussy underneath Sarah’s mouth.

“Ok now then bitch, you’re going to lick me out, you’re going to start slow and work up a speed, and you must keep that pretty little ass of yours in the air the whole time. If I think you’re too slow, or I’m bored I’ll push down on your head so you really get close.”

A pause.

“Well what are you waiting for get too it.”

Sarah slowly lowered her head down onto Cindy’s pussy, before Cindy’s hands pushed her down.

“Lick it bitch, now!”

Reluctantly Sarah moved her tongue out of her own mouth and placed at the bottom of Cindy’s pussy. Wondering if she should have tried to do something different at the war, Sarah moved her tongue up Cindy’s pussy. As she licked, she noticed Cindy’s pussy go wet very quickly. She sped up; thinking that the faster she went the faster it would be over. Cindy was moaning louder and louder

“Ooh your good at this, Jemma’s gonna want a try at this.”

Wondering who Jemma was Sarah licked faster, determined to make Cindy orgasm, and for this to be over. As she licked Cindy’s hands pushed harder down on her face till it almost felt like she was literally eating her. Before long Cindy had her orgasm.

“Aaaaaaaagh that was just great, don’t worry plenty more to do before the morning comes.”

At that moment the door opened, and a tall redhead walked in. She saw the sight in front of her, Cindy panting heading with Sarah red faced licking her pussy and ass up high and unsuprisingly her jaw dropped.

“No way! You got one”

“Sure did Jemma, got them completely this bitch has to do whatever I want, but you can order her around as well if you want.” Cindy looked at Sarah, “Ok bitch you have to do whatever Jemma wants as well unless I say otherwise.”

“Ooooh you got the toys already, oh are you done?” Replied Jemma.

“I am for a second, she isn’t, all yours.”

“This is gonna be fun.” Said Jemma

This is gonna be a long night though Sarah.