Lessons For The Teacher


Lessons For The Teacher

Mary Suzuki walked down the hallway toward her dorm floors shower. It was the Japanese twenty-four-year old’s first week on the job at Allen College, an all-women’s school. She’d signed a one-year contract she hoped would lead to a long-term job. It was 9:00 PM and she was ready for a hot shower and a good night’s sleep. As she approached the next door, she heard voices. There was only supposed to be one girl in a room so she put her ear to the door and heard a voice crying out.

“No, you’re hurting me. Please, stop.”

Mary turned the knob, opened the door, she saw there were two people in the bed. She saw a larger girl with a harness around her fleshy hips driving into a smaller girl from behind.

“Take it”

Mary was aghast and moved quickly.

“Stop that. Get off of her right now. The larger girl moved to get up but the smaller girl quickly reached back and grabbed the harness pulling her back.

“No Lissa don’t stop.”

Mary looking down saw it was Tina Powers, a girl in one of her classes under the other girl she now recognized as Alissa Matthews.

“She was hurting you.”

“No, she wasn’t, Miss Suzuki. It’s all pretend. Lissa and I like to pretend she’s forcing me, but she’s not.”

“She’s not hurting you?”

“Well, a little but I like it.”

Tina moved her hand on the harness pulling Alissa deeper into her. Alissa locked eyes with Mary and began to slowly move with Tina. Tina rolled back into Alissa and threw her thigh over the bigger girl. Mary looked down and saw attached to the harness was a fat rubber cock, and it wasn’t in Tina’s vagina it was in her tightly clasping anus. Her shaven vagina splayed open in front of Mary.

Alissa started stroking deeper and Tina moaned in delight.

“Your very pretty Miss Suzuki.”

Tina reached out and slid her hand inside Mary’s robe. Mary couldn’t take her eyes off of the large fake cock moving in and out of the small girl’s bottom. It seemed huge but she was obviously enjoying it. Tina began to slowly run her hand up Mary’s leg, but she was so focused on the sight before her she didn’t even notice.

“Do you want to watch Miss Suzuki? I like to be watched.”

Alissa reached around Tina and ran her hands up to her tiny breast, barely an A cup with small nipples. She pinched the girl’s hard nipple, making her moan. She then slid her hand down to her wet pussy and began to slowly stroke her clit, fucking harder into her. Tina’s hand slowly ran up Mary’s thigh. She looked up at the teacher. She had long straight black hair. She was short, with a small waist and her tits were almost too big for her frame

“You can join us, Miss Suzuki. I’ll lick you. I’m very good. Everyone says so.” Tina’s fingers met Mary’s wet pussy causing her to break her fixation. She moved back. She couldn’t believe she had become so entranced.

“No, I have to leave.”

Mary dashed to the door, dropping her towel on the floor.

Tina’s voice followed her.

“Come back any time Miss Suzuki.”

Mary fled, only too late realizing she had left her towel but unwilling to go back. She fled back to her room threw herself on her bed and put two fingers in pussy driving herself to a quick climax. She was embarrassed at her behavior. This was beyond her experience and she resolved to ask someone tomorrow what she should do in such a situation.

The next day at lunch she sat to one of her new friends, Billie Jacobs. A few years older, the pretty brunette listened to Mary as she quietly told her what she had seen.

“So, Alissa was really doing Tina in the butt?”

Mary blushed. “Yes,”

Billie laughed.

“I bet that was quite a shock wasn’t it?”

“Billie I never thought the girls would act like that.”

Billie looked at Mary and reached out taking her hand.

“You should go talk to Principal Waters. She can explain it better than I can.”

Billie slowly rubbed the back of Mary’s hand.

“Mary, feel free to come to see me for anything. Day or night, I’m willing to do anything to help.”

Mary not picking up on the meaning behind the words smiled.

“Thank you so much.”

Mary made her way to Principal Waters office and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

“Ms. Waters can I have a minute.”

“Certainly Mary. Come in. Call me Brenda. My door is always open.”

Ms. Waters, thirty- five years old, had hired Mary. She was a tall woman, with dark hair, and a trim figure.

Mary couldn’t help but notice Ms. Water’s breasts. They were large, and she thought she had to be braless because she could see the older woman’s nipples raising the shirt she wore.

Mary haltingly and embarrassedly told her what had happened last night, leaving out her reaction.

“Oh, I’m sorry dear. I’m afraid no one explained our view on certain things to you. You see, while this is a girl’s college, the young women are all above the age of eighteen, by law they can engage in that kind of behavior if they wish. I understand what you heard alarmed you, and we don’t tolerate anyone forcing kütahya escort themselves on another. No, means no. But it seems all was well was it not? I should tell you as long as there’s no quid pro quo for a grade, we turn a blind eye to students and faculty indulging as well.”

Mary was unsure how to respond to what she had just heard.

Ms. Waters looked at her for a moment as if deciding something.

“Let me show you something.”

She stood and motioned for Mary to follow her to a large chest by the window. She bent down and opened it. It was full of all sorts of sexual devices. Mary saw fake penises. Harnesses, vibrators, plugs, and lotions. There was even a long rubber appendage with a hand on the end.

“The last administrator had a policy of confiscation. Now we have this collection. I don’t know what to do with it. We can’t throw it away. Can you imagine what the locals would think if the trash collector told people we disposed of all this?”

Mary smiled. “I suppose it would create a stir.”

Ms. Waters looked at her.

“Anything strike your fancy?”


“Do you see anything you like?”

Mary blushed. “Oh, no.”

“I understand dear. I’m usually out for lunch from noon until one. My door isn’t locked. Feel free to help yourself.”

Mary left wondering if she had grown up sheltered, and this was all normal, or if she had hired into an alternate universe.

The next few days were difficult for her. Tina returned her towel. Leaned into her and said “I tasted you on my fingers. Come back anytime.”

Mary saw her every day in the classroom, the girl looked at her with such a hungry look in her eye she would grow moist. She couldn’t get those last words she heard from Tina out of her head. She’d never been with a woman but the wantonness she had seen haunted her in her dreams. She woke out of restless sleep, aroused and wet. Come back any time. Those last words echoed in her dreams.

Mary lasted a week. She couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t concentrate in class. She’d given up on wearing panties as they were constantly wet. She rose from her bed. She had to know. She threw on a robe and quietly went down the hall to Tina’s room. She tapped on the door half hoping there wouldn’t be an answer.

“Come In.”

Mary slid quickly thru the door, closing it behind her and leaning against it ready to run again if she wasn’t welcome.

Tina’s face lit up. She quickly rose and approached Mary.

“Ms. Suzuki. I’ve been hoping you’d come one night.”

“Tina, I shouldn’t be here but I have to know. You said you would lick me. I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t get it out of my mind.”

Tina reached out taking Mary’s hand leading her to the bed. She leaned in as Mary trembled and kissed her softly. She reached up to Mary’s shoulders and slowly pulled at her robe looking down as it opened. She took in Mary’s large breasts, the dark nipples already hard in anticipation. She looked down at her dark bush. The hair was straight and looked like a soft little puff.

“Oh, Ms. Suzuki. You’re beautiful.”

Tina pulled her to the bed shedding her robe as they lay down. She kissed Mary again rubbing her tiny breasts against Mary’s larger ones.

“Tina, please. I, haven’t slept in a week thinking about you.”

Tina leaned back and smiled.

“That’s so nice. Let me give you more to think about.”

Tina gave her one last hard kiss then kissed her way down to Mary’s breasts. She rubbed her face all over them making Mary’s nipples ache, then captured one, gently nipping at it. Mary cried out and almost orgasmed just from that small gratification after her wait. Tina took her time, sucking on Mary’s nipples and delighting in her response. She ran a hand down across her stomach thru her soft hair and slowly circled her clit with a finger.

“Tina, please. You’re driving me crazy.”

Tina laughed. “I know.”

Tina slowly kissed her way down Mary’s stomach until she arrived at her pussy. She nuzzled her face into Mary’s bush.”

“Mm, Ms. Suzuki you smell delicious.”

Mary lost control. She reached down grabbing Tina by her head and pulled her into her pussy. She heard Tina laugh, and then her tongue was at work and Mary came. It was so sudden and so fierce she almost cried. Tina gently worked at her thru her orgasm, lapping at her core. When she slowly came back from her peak Tina really began to enjoy herself. She ate Mary thru two more orgasms before slowly kissing her way back up to take her lips again. She then lay her head down on Mary’s breast and softly stroked her stomach and teased her nipples.

Mary could barely think, let alone move. She raised her hand and stroked Tina’s hair.

“Tina thank you. That was incredible. I might be able to sleep now.”

Tina hugged her.

“I liked it too.”

“Tina. I don’t know if I can do that for you. I can’t believe I even came to your room.”

“That’s ok Ms. Suzuki. I like making people happy.”

“Tina, you said everyone says you’re good at what you just did, and dear God malatya escort you are, have you done this a lot?”

Tina laughed.

“What’s a lot? I like women. I’ve been with some students, and a few teachers.”


Tina smiled.

“Sure, and then there was Principal Waters.”

Mary sat up. Incredulous.

“You’ve been with the principal”

“Well, I got called to her office one day. I didn’t know why. She told me she had heard rumors that I was having sex with faculty. I thought I was in trouble, but then she gave me a hug and a kiss and asked if I would like to join her in her room that night. She’s nice, and oh wow, she made me cum about a hundred times. Did you know she has a chest full of goodies?”

Mary was astounded but somehow relieved that she wasn’t alone.

“Yes, she showed me the chest.”

Tina snuggled into her.

“She lets us borrow. It’s like a library. You check it out, you use it, you wash it, you return it. That’s where Lissa got the strap on. Wow, that was awesome.”

Tina rolled over Mary and straddled her thigh.

“I know you aren’t sure about licking me but can I do this?”

She began to grind into Mary, riding high until their pussy’s were rubbing each other. Mary pulled her in, kissing her and sucking on her tiny nipples, pushing up into her until she came as well.

“Tina this was wonderful but I don’t want anyone to know. Can it be between us?”

“Sure, can we do it again? Maybe next time you’ll feel better about licking me too.”

“We’ll see. I have to go.”

Mary slept better than she had in a week. She woke and felt guilty that she hadn’t returned Tina’s favors in kind. She wondered what she tasted like.

The next day Mary looked for Tina in class. When she saw her, she smiled and took pleasure in the little secret smile she got in return.

It took three days and the guilt grew in Mary. She found herself at Tina’s door again, softly tapping. The door opened. Mary pushed in quickly.

“Ms. Suzuki?”

“Don’t talk Tina. I have to know.”

“Have to know what?”

“I have to taste you.”

Mary pushed her to the bed, tearing at her robe.

Mary didn’t have the patience to try and make love to Tina she just put her face to her pussy. She breathed deep enjoying her scent rubbed her face against the smooth skin, and then lapped at her pussy.

She loved it. She thought the taste was a little tart, but the deeper she went the sweeter it got. Tina’s hands were on her and she could faintly hear her crying out. She was lost in the taste and her thrusting hips until she felt Tina pushing her away.

“Too much. Oh, God. Too much.”

Mary eased up to kiss her gently but Tina grabbed her and pulled her into a fierce kiss.

As they broke, Tina gave Mary a quick kiss on her cheek.

“Wow, Ms. Suzuki that was awesome.”

“Really? It was good?”

Tina hugged her. “Any better and I would have needed an ambulance.”

It was a week later when Mary walked into her floor’s shower. Before she could enter the shower area, she heard the voices.

“That’s so nasty.”

“It’s not nasty. I just washed your ass. I’ve been wanting to taste this ass since I saw you walking down the hall in those tight jeans.”

Mary peeked around the corner and saw Jewell, one of the few black students, with her arms held high against the wall. Her feet were away from the wall and she was leaning her chest into it. Her ass was stuck out and a woman was on her knees with her face in Jewell’s backside. The voice was familiar but muffled by the shower. The room was full of steam, and Mary pulled back. The vision of the long black back, suddenly interrupted with the white woman’s head working back and forth in the wide ass of the black teen had Mary reaching for her pussy.

“Oh, God your tongue’s in my asshole.”

Mary heard the sound of lip-smacking.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No. It feels good. Oh god, that’s too much. My pussy. Please my pussy”

Mary saw Jewell turn and put her back against the wall. She moved her feet out and spread her legs. She reached out and grabbed the woman’s head pulling her into her pussy. Mary looked thru the steam at the black girl. She was an amazon, she was tall, with broad shoulders and large hanging breasts. She glanced up and saw Mary.

“Someone’s watching.”

“I don’t care. Let them watch.”

The woman on her knees lifted one of Jewell’s legs over her shoulder and feasted. Mary still couldn’t place the voice, she couldn’t take her eyes off of the pair. She leaned against the wall dropped her robe and began to stroke her pussy. The black girl’s eyes were locked onto her hands for a moment then she looked up meeting Mary’s eyes. She held her arms out in an invitation.

Mary hesitated for a moment then crossed the room and melted into the larger woman’s embrace. Their lips met and Mary reveled in the softness of Jewell’s full lips. She could feel her moving her hips in time to whoever was working on her from below. Their kiss broke and Jewell pushed manisa escort her down to her breast. Mary opened her eyes just long enough to see a fat black nipple before it touched her lips. She pulled it into her mouth and sucked hard. Jewell groaned, and Mary felt her begin to move her hips faster.

Mary broke away to look down and saw her friend Billie latched onto Jewells pussy. Jewell slowly pulled her to the floor. The hot water was beating down, and Mary was nursing on Jewell’s fat nipples. Suddenly the bodies shifted and Mary was under the two women. Before Mary could even understand what had happened Jewell was over her. She looked up as the girl straddled her head and briefly caught a glimpse of pink between the dark lips as they settled on her face.

She speared her tongue into Jewells pussy and heard her cry out. At the same time, Billie shoved two fingers into her pussy while latching onto her clit and sucking hard. Billie fucked her fingers into her until she screamed. She lay there under the hot spray until Billie slid up her body capturing her in a deep kiss.

“Mm got my tongue into two of my fantasies on the same day. Oh, Jewell, that’s nice. Mary, she’s licking my pussy. Oh yeah. Two fingers. Faster and harder. Oh, God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming so good.”

Mary and Billie continued to kiss as the water rained down until Mary noticed Jewell had left. Mary invited Billie back to her room. As they rose to leave Mary got her first real look at the other woman. Slim with dark hair and small firm tits and a neatly trimmed bush she grabbed her hand pulling her down the hall. They dried each other off fell into the bed and an embrace. They kissed and touched each other until Mary pulled the covers over them and they slept.

Mary woke in Billies’ arms and rose to use the bathroom. When she came back Billie was wrapped in Mary’s robe.

“I need to borrow this to get back to my room.”

She leaned in and kissed Mary before leaving.

When Mary arrived in her classroom and stood in front of her students she was sure word of the night before in the shower had gotten out. The looks she was getting from some of the girls were speculative if not openly hungry. Tina caught her eye only to part her lips and run her tongue across her top lip before smiling at her. She was distracted for the rest of the class. As Tina passed her on her way out she leaned in to whisper.

“I think you’re going to be very popular.”

While embarrassed, Mary had to admit to herself the looks she was receiving made her look back speculatively at more than a few lovely young ladies. Despite that, she resolved to try and ignore the lust she found had taken her over since Tina introduced her to women. Billie tried to get her to come to her room but she begged off. Saying she had a class to prepare for.

A week went by and she thought of the chest in the principal’s office. Maybe there was some relief to be had in the chest. She waited until noon when Ms. Waters said she would be at lunch and slipped into her office. She went to the chest and opened it. She didn’t even know what she wanted. There was the harness Alissa had worn but the attachment was gone. She supposed you could put different things on it. She looked around a little before deciding on a rubber cock that vibrated at different speeds when activated. It was eight inches long and fatter than anything that had been in her before.

She had just turned to pick up her purse and hide it when the door opened and Ms. Waters walked in. Mary froze with the fake cock in her hand.

“Oh my, it seems I came back at an inopportune time. I’m sorry dear I had a call to make. She looked at Mary’s choice.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

Mary felt the blood rushing to her face as she shoved it in her purse and tried to leave.



“If you’d like any assistance with that I’d be delighted to help. I’d like to remind you my door’s always open for anything. Anything at all.”

The look she shot Mary was as lusty as any she had received in the last few weeks. Mary returned her look and said she would consider it before fleeing. She got back to her room and stuffed the offending toy under her pillow now not sure she wanted to use it.

Despite her immediate thoughts, need overrode her lingering embarrassment and she found the toy brought pleasure even if not as good as she had been receiving from others. She wanted to exchange it but the last debacle scared her from even returning to Ms. Waters’s office.

Christmas break was approaching when she saw Ms. Waters in the hall.

“Mary do you have plans for the break?”

“No. It’s too expensive to fly home. I’ll wait until the end of the year and decide what to do then.”

“I’ll be here as well. Would you be interested in joining me for dinner in my room one evening?”

Mary thought before answering. Ms. Waters was her boss, taking this step could be bad but if she hadn’t been her boss she was attracted enough she would accept. Despite her misgivings, she agreed and hoped for the best.

Most of the students and teachers had left when Mary arrived at Ms. Waters’s room one evening. She had a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine unsure of what would be appropriate. Ms. Waters ushered her in thanking her for the wine and offering her a glass.