Let the Games Begin! (JOI Idea)

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Alright, let’s skip the long intro. Forget “setting the scene”, forget about what I’m pretending to wear. I know you usually just fast-forward all that stuff anyway.

You’re mine, tonight. I’m going to give you your tasks, and you’re going to follow my orders as close as possible. And, the tasks you achieve successfully are going to score you points. Points please me! And you want to please me, right?

When you’re done with this, I want to see your scores in the comments. Let’s see which of you is the best bitch.

That’s all we need to know.

Before we start, I’m going to need you to gather a few things. The more you have of these, the higher you can score. If you don’t have them, you can still play along…I do award points for improvisation!

Ok, go and find what you can of these:

Some clothes pegs. As many as you can find.

Some string, or a shoelace

Your sexiest lingerie, and any female clothing and makeup you have. Bra, panties, hold-ups, corsets, wigs, skirts…you have it, get it, dress in it.

A ball-gag, or a pair of tights. Something to drool over!

A crop, a paddle, a spatula or anything else that will let you spank yourself

A webcam or camera to take pictures.


A butt-plug, a dildo…something to stuff that ass with. Something to ride.

If you don’t have any of these things, don’t worry. I still want you to play along. After I set every task, pause the audio until you are done. If you can’t complete a task, fast-forward to the next one. Don’t forget to keep score as you go!

By the way, if you take a photograph after each task and post them online, you get yourself five points for each photo. Just don’t forget to tell me where I can find them! I want to see the results of our hard work.

Now…let the games begin. Haha!

Task 1. Let’s talk clothing. I want my sissy sluts to look pretty, before I fuck them up completely. If you don’t want to be a good girl for me today, you can skip this next part…but you won’t get the points. I’ll just have to fuck with you in other ways. Those who want to be good girls? Pause the Escort Sefaköy audio. Get dressed up for me. At the very least, you should be wearing something lacy. Your prettiest panties, your silkiest stockings. Every item you are wearing scores you one point. Got a wig? Put it on. Skirt or a dress? I want to see it. Lipstick, eye-shadow, mascara…all a point each. The prettier, the better. Stuff that bra too if you can.

Task 2. I want to see you pose for me. Imagine I can see you through your laptop camera. Lie face-down on your bed, face away from the camera, ass where I can see it. Raise your legs at the knee, and cross them. Hitch up whatever you’re wearing so it just exposes your panties. Mmm…Don’t you look dainty? An innocent little tease, just waiting to be fucked. Holy shit. You really want to please me, take a photo of you like this and post it to the thread, or somewhere like r/gonewildCD. 5 points for any gorgeous, well-behaved girls who post their picture. I can’t wait to see them.

Ok, back to the tasks. How are you feeling? Hard as fuck? Already dripping with precum?. No, I didn’t say you could stroke. If you’re not hard yet, tough.

Task 3. Those with precum… take your finger, and rub it around your head. Get your finger nice and wet. Now taste it. Suck it off like you would suck my strap-on. Let your finger trace your lips as you do. 2 delicious, tasty points are yours. I hope you’re keeping score.

Task 4. If you have a gag, get it on. This is a risk…if you put it on now, and keep it on until I tell you to take it off, you’ll score 15 points. But, if you give in, and you take it off, I’m going to penalise you. You’ll lose 5 points from your total at the end. I’ll also be disappointed in you. Anyway, get it on. I want to see you drool. No ball gag? Ball up a pair of tights, and use the legs to tie them in place in your mouth. Whatever gets the saliva flowing. Take your photo if you’re playing the exhibitionist!

If you’re playing along perfectly, then I should be seeing a beautiful, gorgeous subby-slut kneeling before me. If you’re not hard by now, we need Yenibosna escort bayan to do something about that. Hitch up whatever you’re wearing, and pull your cock and balls out of whatever underwear you have on. Bonus point if you manage to keep your panties on when you do this.

Task 5. Let’s get you tied up. Use your string to bind your cock. Around the base, and around your balls. Use the string to split your balls, too. I want it tight enough so you can feel the pressure building in your shaft, and your balls are primed for a little slap.

Yum! That looks good. I want you to feel the strain. This shouldn’t be completely enjoyable! Hopefully the string is a little course, too. Friction can be fun…or uncomfortable. Or both. I mean, it’s fun for me!

Task 6. Pegging! No, not that kind of pegging. At least, not yet. No – I’m talking about the clothes pegs. Let’s see how many you can fit on your nutsack. Fuck it – Let’s see how many you can fit on your shaft, too. And your nipples. Take off your shirt, your bra or whatever you’re wearing and get them on there. A point a peg. Let them apply their pressure around that already straining cock.

Task 7. Let’s slap those pegs off. One by one. Stand up, and hold your cock up out of the way. Use your hand to slap the pegs clean off…it’s going to hurt. Bad. But not for long. Go on…try it. Now. 2 points for each one you successfully remove by slapping. If they don’t come off, it’ll still hurt…but you don’t get the points. So, make sure those slaps are good and firm. When you’ve taken all you can, take off the pins. Gently rub your balls a little…they’ve been through a lot. They need a little tlc. Same with your nipples and shaft. You can stroke just a little. Five strokes, max. If there’s any precum, rub it onto your face, onto your lips, or taste it if you’re not wearing a gag for an extra point.

Task 8. Let’s make that ass pink. Get your crop, or whatever you have at hand. Lie on your back, legs in the air. Rest your feet on the bedstead if you need to. Either way, you should be exposed with enough room to have a Halkalı escort good swing at that butt. Let’s have five on the first cheek…on my count…One…two…three…harder…four…five. Good. Rub it better, and give yourself a point. Now the other cheek. One. Harder. Two. Three. Harder. I want to see the pattern of your crop on your ass come through. Four. Five. Good. Another point. Show me the pictures for extra points!

Task 9. Now it’s good and ready, we need to stuff it. Get the lube, get your toy, and get ready. Stand up. Those in panties, I want to see them seductively taken off. Cross your legs, bend over, and slide them to your knees. If you can watch yourself in the mirror, I want you to watch your toy slide into your ass.

Lube up your fingers. Let’s stroke that hole a little. Let’s get it warmed up. Two fingers…just tease the outside. You look wonderful. Look at yourself. I hope you feel as gorgeous as you appear right now. Three fingers. Get ready, it’s coming.

Lick the lube off for a point. Let your fingers trace your tongue, and your lips. I hope you’re keeping track, slut.

Right – get it in there. On your knees, face down, ass up. Slide that toy into your ass. Feel it expand you. I want to see you slide it in…and out…slowly…in…out…all the way in…all the way out…in…out…mmmm…ok, in. Fully in. Leave it there. Pull up your panties. I’ve teased you enough.

Time to cum.

Task 10: Where are you going to cum? Hands? The Floor? Your stomach…Your face?

Face for 10 point, anywhere else on your body for five. The floor, three. Tissues…none. Pathetic. I want your legs up, your dick pointing towards your face. Extra points if you stick your tongue out and you hit it.

Whatever you choose – it’s time. Stroke. Now. As hard, and as fast as you can. Go. Stroke. I’m watching and waiting. I want you to cum, I want it now, and I want those photographs.

I’ll moan along with you for the next 20 seconds. If that’s not enough time, you don’t get to cum.

(20 seconds moan)

Task 11: Did you finish? If so, well done. I hope you’re a slutty mess. I want to see those pictures. Fuck yes.

If you swallowed that cum, add 10 points. You can still earn those points by licking up the mess you have made.

And once you’re done with that, I’m done with you.

Clean yourself up.

This was just a warm-up. Next time, will be much, much worse.

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