Let’s Get Down And Fuck Some More

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Your hips swayed in time to the music, your long, dark hair stuck to the clammy skin on your neck but you didn’t care. The bass of the music pounded loudly through you as your body moved rhythmically to the beat. The club was packed with people and as the restless crowds slid off each other you didn’t notice the pair of hands snake around your waist, turning you slowly by the hips so you were face to face with the stranger.

It took a minute for your eyes to adjust in the dim light, his features beginning to slowly stand out. His sharp cheekbones shaped his lightly sun kissed face which was framed with dark brown hair, the strobe lights in the club catching his highlights. He ran a hand loosely through his fringe, sweeping it back from his forehead. His defined jaw tensed slightly as he smirked down at you through hooded lashes. His inviting lips turning slightly at the corners as he pulled you closer to him. You willingly obliged, feeling the heat that radiated from his body through his light shirt. His luminous green eyes met yours intently, his thick eye lashes fluttering slightly as you winked before stepping out of his grasp and disappearing into the crowd.

As you pushed your way through the mass of sweaty bodies, a hand found your wrist and shoved you suddenly against the cold wall.

‘You’re not going anywhere’ he whispered hotly, his accent thick and raspy.

Even above the pounding of the speakers you heard him clearly and you shivered involuntarily, his breath tickling the inside of your ear. Even the sound of his voice made your knees tremble slightly. He smirked, slightly hesitant as he pulled you by the waist against his body once again. This time though, you didn’t move away. Your body swayed back and forth skilfully under his touch. As you pressed your back into him, grinding against his hip you could feel him harden in between your legs.

After what felt like hours of back and forth teasing he pulled you into him unexpectedly, his husky voice sending electric shocks down your body as he whispered in your ear.

‘Follow me’ his lips teasing you as they carefully brushed off your earlobe, making your breath catch in your throat. Without saying anything else he turned and wove himself through the crowd and reluctantly, you nearly followed. But you knew you couldn’t. So without looking back you made your way to the bar, in the opposite direction.

You glanced at your phone as the digits glowed brightly on the screen. 11:35. your head was pounding and the familiar pain was spreading through the balls of your feet from the red stilettos.

As you made your way down the dark corridor to the cloakroom in search for your coat you could feel a pair of eyes bore into the back of your head. You took a deep breath and without warning spun around to face the stranger. You let out a shaky sigh of relief as you saw there was no one there. The hall was silent; only the sound of your shallow breathing could be heard echoing off the walls. As you reached the cloakroom, twisting the handle slowly you stepped in and reached for the light stitch. The single light bulb hanging from the ceiling instantly illuminated the small, cramped room. Just as you pulled your leather jacket from the dusty rack you heard the door click in place behind you. Turning around slowly, your breath hitched in your throat as you saw who was standing there. He strode across the room and grabbed you fiercely by the shoulders, shoving you roughly against the wall.

‘You need to stop doing that’ you said. Your eyes met his; their earlier green sparkle had disappeared, replaced with a dark lust.

‘And you need to stop being such a fucking tease’, he hissed, his hot breath on your ear making you shudder.

‘Excuse me?’ your eyes widened at his sudden harshness. You tried to manoeuvre underneath him but his grip on your shoulders was too strong.

‘Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.’ his nails were beginning to tear the skin in your shoulders, making you whine. ‘You think I didn’t notice you slinking around in your tiny red dress? You knew how much I wanted you and you led me on’, he growled.

Slowly you placed a finger under his chin, lifting it up to meet your gaze.

‘You…want me?’ you whispered in his ear, letting each word roll of your tongue carefully, causing him to shudder slightly. His eyes, almost black with desire, met yours as his hands left your shoulders and found their way down to your waist.

He smirked, showing a perfect set of white teeth as he nodded his head slowly ‘and I know you want me too.’

‘Oh is that right Mr Sykes?’ you were rewarded as his huge eyes widened in surprise.

‘You know who I am?’ he said curiously.

‘Doesn’t everyone?’ you purred quietly, tracing light circles on the front of shirt. You could tell this through him off slightly. Surely every girl he had ever met had dropped to their knees in front of him at the click of his fingers. But you were different, you liked to play games.

His hand left your waist for a minute only to drag it through his hair, sweeping his fringe off his forehead.

‘I Şanlıurfa Escort tried to ignore you, but I couldn’t. You’re not like the others, I had to have you.’ He was leaning so close to you now that you could feel his hot, alcohol tinted breath wash over your skin. His grip on your waist was getting painfully uncomfortable. You tried to move away but he suddenly grabbed your chin with his thumb and forefinger, forcing you to look at him.

‘I never had to chase a girl before until you came along’, he growled, the authority clear in his voice. Without warning he bent his head down, his fingers still holding your chin as he guided your face up to his, kissing you softly. You were surprised by his gentleness and as you went to pull away, his mouth hovering only millimetres away from yours, slowly turned at the corners as he spoke.

‘You’re so fucking irresistible Carley’

You hadn’t acknowledged the fact he somehow knew your name, his big green eyes locked with yours, were all you could focus on. You needed to hold your ground though. He wanted you, though it was becoming increasingly harder by the second. His hands were gentle as he brushed the hair from your clammy face, his fingertips grazing over your jaw slowly, his eyes searching yours for permission to continue. Your hands that were resting upon his chest, stopping him from moving any closer, slowly fell allowing him to close the already small space between you. You close your eyes as you felt his soft fingertips trail along the outline of your body. His mouth had found its way to your ear and you could feel his lips moving at the side of your cheek.

‘I know you want me as much as I want you Carley. There’s no use pretending anymore.’ Each word sending chills down your back. ‘You want me So Fucking. Bad.’

This was too much for you. Within seconds your hands were around his neck pulling him down to you. His lips found yours instantly, soft and hungry at the same time. His tongue snaked out, tracing your bottom lip delicately. Your mouth opened wider as you beckoned him in. All while your tongues danced around each other, his fingers had moved from your back and were now trailing up and down your legs, making you shiver the further up he got. You could feel him smirk against your lips as his fingers sent a shock through your body once again. You were throbbing by this stage as his fingers slowly crept under the hem of your dress. Taking two fingers he ran them along the crotch of your underwear, skimming them along the band.

‘Nathan please.’ you whimpered against him. You clutched onto his broad shoulders as you felt your underwear slowly descend down your thighs. As if his fingers never left, they teased the skin around the place you wanted him the most.

‘You’re so ready’ he purred in your ear, and just as the words escaped his lips, you felt his finger gently slide into you causing you to whimper into his shoulder. Through your closed eyes you could feel his smile widen against your lips.

You whimpered as he slowly moved his finger inside you.

‘I think we can do better than that’, he whispered, and with that you felt a second finger enter you slowly, causing you to erupt in soft moans.

‘Your close baby’ he said confidently as he moved his fingers around inside you effortlessly. You shook your head, letting it fall against the cold, stone wall.

‘Oh…a bit stubborn are we?’ he murmured. You gasped in surprise as his fingers started slowly moving up and down, twisting and turning inside you.

‘I c-cant’ you moaned into the crook of his neck, Your back arched off the wall as he pushed three fingers into you, hitting your g spot perfectly. His pace quickened as he was about to knock you over the edge. With one final thrust you felt the familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach slowly spreading through you, causing your fingers to dig deeper into his shoulders. Just as you were about to come he took his fingers out of you completely, stepping back as you fell to the floor. His eyes sparkled as he looked down at you proudly, confusion and bewilderment painted clearly across your face.

‘That’s for making me chase you’, he smirked wickedly as your eyebrows knitted together, your body was still yearning for his touch yet you were angry if not a little bit frustrated that he just left you wanting like that. He reached down, pulling you up from the ground and as his hands found their way back to your waist he bent his head down to meet your lips only to have you put a hand on his chest to stop him. He looked at you confusingly as you pushed your way out from under him. You smirked to yourself as you turned around, now facing Nathan; you walked slowly towards him until his back hit the stone wall behind him. Placing your hands either side of his head you leaned in; only millimetres from his soft lips you whispered softly sending a small shiver threw his body.

‘My turn’

You reached up on your toes just as his eager mouth met yours. Your lips crashed together, moving against each other hungrily. As your tongues intertwined, your delicate fingers made their way down Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan the front of his shirt, undoing each button painfully slow as you went. As you undid the last button he flung the shirt of his broad shoulders allowing you to explore his chest. As you ran your hands over his flat torso, you felt him moan slightly against your mouth. You traced his abdomen lightly with your fingers before your hand travelled father down until you reached the band of his boxers. Smiling against his lips you teased him just as he did, wandering from the waistband to his evident bulge under his straining jeans. You palmed it roughly and through the layers you could feel him getting harder by the second. He hissed as you removed your other hand from around his neck, pulling his trousers down suddenly so they fell around his ankles. You motioned him to move forward as he stepped out of his jeans leaving him standing there in nothing but his boxers.

You chuckled softly as you racked your eyes down his chest to his boxers, watching his bulge getting evidently larger before you stepped forward, almost inches from his face.

‘Well somebody’s a little excited’ you murmured into the crook of his neck. Without breaking eye contact you hooked your thumbs into the band of his boxers, pulling them down suddenly. Your eyes widened as you took in the sheer size of him. He grinned proudly as his lips found yours again before trailing along your jaw line. You pushed his head back up before he got any further.

Meeting his lips once more, you brought your hand from around his neck, down the front of his smooth chest painfully slow until you reached his stiff length. You trailed your finger up and down it lightly, making his hips buck slightly towards you at the contact. Taking it in your hand, you used your other finger to gently stroke his tip, moving in slow circles. He made a noise of surprise and pleasure, low in his throat against your mouth as you started moving your hand steadily up and down his length. After a few minutes you had quickened up your pace, teasing the skin around his tip.

‘Are you close Nathan’ you whispered against his lips. You smirked as he groaned, unable to hide the fact you were pleased. Taking this as a yes, you removed your hand from his pulsing length but before he had time to respond you got on your knees and took him all in your mouth at once, making his breath hitch in his throat.

‘Carl-‘ his voice was cut off, replaced with soft moans as you swirled your tongue around his tip, up and down his huge cock. His hands intertwined in your hair, pulling you towards him, trying to get more of himself in you. Looking up at him, his breath was becoming shallow and you carefully wrapped your tongue around his length, gagging slightly as he pushed himself to the back of your throat. Running your tongue along the base you heard him curse softly before his hips jolted forward suddenly and without warning he spilled himself into your mouth, moaning your name as you swallowed. Grinning weakly, he went into kiss you but stopped as his wide eyes averted to the door behind you. You turned around reluctantly unsure of what had Nathan so shocked. You weren’t sure what to expect but nothing could have prepared you for what you were facing right now.

He stood motionless in the doorway looked at you with a of mask horror. Several emotions flashed across his face at once, each one like a sharp slap in the face. Bewilderment, dawning realization, hurt and finally immense anger as his clenched fists began to turn a sickly colour of white by his sides.

‘Who’s this?’ You could hear the sound but his lips weren’t moving. It was then you remember Nathan was still here, his presence hanging stiffly in the air.

‘Go on Carley, tell him who I am’, his voice harsh and unforgiving as the pools in your eyes began to surface.

‘Sam-‘you almost begged, your voice echoing in your own ears as you kept your steady gaze.

‘Tell him!’ he snarled harshly making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, you had never seen him this angry. Your voice shook slightly as you took a deep breath, all the air in the room seemed to be evaporating around you.

‘This is Sam….. My boyfriend’

You heard Nathans sharp intake of breath behind you, you couldn’t see his reaction but you didn’t care. You opened your mouth to speak and your throat felt like it was covered in sand paper.

‘Sam please.-‘ you croaked, reaching out towards him. He recoiled from your touch like a wounded animal.

‘Get away from me’, he spat, the harshness in his voice making you flinch. ‘I knew something wasn’t right. You were gone for over two hours! Then I come in here and find you on your fucking knees in front of some prick!’ his voice cracked and it was breaking your heart. ‘I trusted you’ his last words shook you as he turned to leave.

‘No, Sam please don’t, I can’t lose you!’ you grabbed his arm, in attempt to stop him only to be shook away without a second glance.

‘You already have.’ A small whimper escaped your lips as he slammed the cloakroom door Escort Şanlıurfa behind him leaving you standing there, the noise of your soft sobbing echoing off the stone walls.

‘Carley…’, Nathan came up behind you putting a gentle hand on your shoulder only to have you curse and spring backwards from his touch.

‘GET AWAY FROM ME!’ you screeched the sobs now wracking through your whole body causing you to shake with anger and frustration. ‘I FUCKING HATE YOU, THIS IS ALL YOU’R FAULT.’

His face was a mask of shock but gradually his eyes grew dark with anger as you threw insult after insult at him. You knew it wasn’t his fault, how could he have known? Your voice rose as the anger bubbled up inside you, at the same time if it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t even be in this mess.

‘You could have any girl you wanted, you’re Nathan fucking Sykes! Yet you had to come running after me didn’t you?! You think you can do fuck all because your famous? Ruin relationships? Am I the only one then? Or do you make a habit out of taking people’s girlfriends? Well I ca-‘


As the realization of his words sunk in your backhand connected with his face, the harsh sound of the slap echoing in the small room. He rocked back on his heels at the impact, nearly losing his balance in the process. Before he could react you ran out of the room and down the corridor without a second glance. You needed to get out of this place. Your vision became blurry with tears as you snaked your way through the people in the club, oblivious to anything that was going on around them. You eventually emerged from the crowd and ran out the entrance of the club, your tears on the verge of spilling over. Your mind was reeling with what had just happened, your head was pounding and you needed to get away from this place. You rounded a corner which led down a dark alley way, an old warehouse could be seen faintly at the end of the road, the faint glow of the street lights illuminating the gates that surrounded it. The sky rumbled loudly and you sighed inwardly as heavy rain drops soon started to fall, drenching you within a matter of minutes.

You could hear the lull of traffic in the distance as you slowly sank down the brick wall behind you, the surface cold on your hot skin. It was lashing now and all you could do was put your head in your hands and weep, the rain water mixing with your fresh tears. You had never meant for this to happen. You felt lost, bewildered and alone. Your head shot up suddenly as you heard the sound of echoing footsteps, disguised by the sheets of rain hitting the path like bullets. As they were nearing closer you whipped your head from side to side, unaware of which direction they were coming from. Standing up slowly, you pushed the wet hair off your tear streaked face, your eyes strained in the dim light, trying to make out the shadowy figure.

‘Hello?’ you called out, your voice trying to mask your emotions, sounding as unsure as you felt.

‘Carley I-‘ you took a step back blindly as you saw who was standing in front of you, causing you to stumble over an abandoned crate. You put a hand out to try and steady yourself but he was already there. He moved forward to catch you and kept moving until your back hit the alley wall and before you knew it you were in his arms, kissing him frantically.

You knew you ought to push him away; your mind was screaming at you to stop but you couldn’t. Your heart was drumming against your chest, your head filled with so many reasons as to why you should stop. His lips worked against yours, searching for a response as his arms wrapped firmly around your waist. It took every ounce of strength you had left to make up your mind with only one person enveloping your thoughts every time you close your eyes. Sam. With a gasp you pushed him away, hard enough that he let go of you and stumbled back, landing unsteadily on his feet. He was looking at you like someone who had been slapped out of a dream, the bewilderment plastered on his face. You glanced at him standing there in front of you through your wet eyelashes. The last memory you had of him being the mask of shock and anger on his face as you slapped him, the red mark still evident on his right cheek. As much as you tried to shove the idea out of your head, just looking at him now made your fingers itch to touch him again. He was utterly drenched; water running off him in sheets. The rain stuck to his dark hair and plastering his shirt to his body making it look like wet paint. You could see his flat chest beneath his sodden shirt, the angle of his hipbones evident above the waistband of his jeans.

Your body was becoming increasingly number by the second, as his defined features teased you through the wet fabric. Looking directly at him, the rain water ran off his dark eyelashes outlining his impossibly green eyes, slightly luminous from the dim street light yet filled with that unmistakable lust that you recognized from earlier. You blinked suddenly as he arched his eyebrows at you questioningly, unsure of what you were going to do next he made no intention of moving. You both stood staring at each other for a minute, you could almost cut the tension with a knife as the rain continued to heavily pound down on you. You could feel the ache growing in the pit of your stomach as he cocked his head to the side slightly, sensing you were unsure of what to do.

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