Let’s Go Shopping!


She felt relief stepping out of the car at the DIY store. It was only a 5 minute journey from home, but she had felt every bump along the road through her aching backside.

Several times over the past 2 weeks she had tried to see how far she could push him without being punished. On each occasion, he had threatened to punish her disobedience, and each time she had backed down. However, this time, she had pushed him too far…

All that she had wanted to do was to redecorate the dining room, he was annoyed that it had only been done six months previously. In the end, he had agreed to do the work, but only after punishing her for nagging him about it.

Down on all fours on the floor, her buttocks presented for the attention of his cane, he had pushed her damp knickers in her mouth to stifle any screams. As he gently ran the cane over her cheeks, she tensed her body for her punishment. As he lifted the cane up and brought it down on her buttocks, she knew that she had overstepped the mark this time! The ferocity of the stroke surprised and shocked her, she tried to shout out in pain and anguish, but the ‘gag’ prevented her from doing so. The stinging pain of the first stroke was repeated again, bringing tears to her pretty eyes. She tried to shout her safe word, but couldn’t, because of the gag. After another three strokes of equal ferocity, she had to bang her hand on the floor – the sign that she could take no more punishment.

All that she had wanted to do was to redecorate the dining room, he was annoyed that it had only been done six months previously. In the end, he had agreed to do the work, but only after punishing her for nagging him about it.

Thankfully, for her, he noticed the sign before bringing the cane down on her again. He helped her up, removed the ‘gag’ and dried her eyes. He asked her if she was sorry, between the sniffles and tears, she said that she was and that she wouldn’t push him so far again. Looking down at the red welts on her buttocks, he realised that he had probably gone a bit too far in his punishment of her disobedience.

He embraced her, and apologised Starzbet for beating her so hard. Her big eyes opened wide as she told him that she had asked to be punished, and although he had been rougher that she had wanted, she had given herself to him, and he had done exactly what she had needed him to do.

The journey had given them both a short time to reflect on what had happened earlier. The sun had come out and despite the fact that he didn’t really want to do any work, he seemed to be quite happy to be going to choose the materials. Going inside the store, they pushed the trolley around together, selecting paint and wallpaper. He tried to tease her by having mock arguments about her taste in colours, but the ache in her backside reminded her not to answer back – too much!

Having finished their shopping, they made their way slowly to the checkout. Suddenly, he turned up an aisle he told her to close her eyes and he would guide her. She could tell by the tone of his voice, that he had something wicked on his mind. He stopped the trolley, and manouvered her in front of a display. She was informed that when she opened her eyes, she could choose up to three items from the shelves.

Opening her eyes, she was confronted by a large display of ornamental ropes and chains! In the middle of a crowded DIY shop, He was asking her to choose some rope for their bondage sessions! She laughed out loud, generating some peculiar looks from the other shoppers in the area.

She asked him, still laughing, if he would not prefer to choose some, seeing as he would be the one to enjoy using it, and would probably have a better idea how it would look when bound around her. He explained he had thought about it, but in his ‘new caring’ way (he was still a little upset about how harsh he had been earlier) he would like her to say which ones she would most like him to tie her up with. They both looked at each other and burst out laughing again.

Not knowing where to begin, she asked for his advice. He suggested that if she couldn’t make her mind up by looking, that she should handle the ropes Starzbet Giriş and find out which ones she preferred. Gingerly, she did as suggested, but she still couldn’t make her mind up. Sighing, he told her to close her eyes and hold out her hand. Then he selected 5 ropes that he thought would look really nice on her. Wrapping the first one around her wrist, he could tell by her reaction that it was too rough. The second one was silky smooth on her skin and easy to knot – she liked that one! The third was not nearly as flexible enough for his needs, She said that the fourth one was very harsh and scratchy (he made a mental note to come back and buy some later – he could have some real fun tormenting her with it!) The last one was perfect, it looked really good against her skin, was very smooth, and pliable .

All the while they were oblivious of anything else, but as they made their selection, they became aware of several older people in the aisle looking down their noses and ‘tutting’ at them. Once again, they looked at each other and giggled. An assistant came along and asked if they needed any help. He pointed to the two ropes and asked for 10 meters of each one. After cutting the second length he handed them over and asked, innocently, if it was for a fence. The assistant blushed, and scuttled away when told it was for ‘personal use’!

They made their way to the checkout, aware that several members of staff were looking rather oddly at them. At the checkout, the woman blushed as she rang in the prices, and took the money without making eye contact with either of them.

They rushed out of the store and sped away in the car.

All the way home, she played with the new ropes, looping them around her wrists imagining being bound for his pleasure, feeling their touch as she ran the ends over her thighs and down her legs. He had to tell her to stop as he was unable to concentrate on driving.

Arriving home, they flew out of the car and she ran up the stairs excitedly. He removed his shoes, kicking them down the hallway before following behind her.

The bedroom was Starzbet Güncel Giriş dark as he opened the door. Turning on the spotlight above the bed, he could see her lying there already having assumed the spread-eagled position in anticipation of him wanting to use his new ‘toys’

He really wanted the ropes to experiment with some intricate bondage, breast bondage and to attempt some splendid japanese bondage he had seen. That would have to wait though!

He grabbed one of her arms, which was outstretched towards the bed head, and quickly fashioned a loop to wrap around her wrist, not too tight as he didn’t want to leave any marks that would last. He then repeated the loop on her other wrist. Roughly, he pulled one wrist to the corner of the bed and quickly tied the rope to the leg.. Then he repeated the action on her other wrist, making sure that she couldn’t move.

He asked her if she was comfortable, and she just answered with a look that said ‘Just get on with it PLEASE!’

Wrapping the other rope around both of her ankles, he pulled her legs far apart, and again tied them to the legs on the bottom of the bed. As he stood up, she tensed her body, pulling against the ropes, satisfying herself that she was indeed, well and truly immobile. She smiled as he knelt between her outstretched legs holding his penis at her entrance. She begged him to take her to make her cum. With his fingers, he spread her lips wide, exposing her clit. Slowly, he rubbed his penis over it, teasing her. As he hovered on the brink of his own climax, holding out as long as he could, she grasped at the ropes holding her taut, trying desperately to force herself onto his penis. Finally, he pushed himself deep inside her, gasping as her hot, wet pussy surrounded his cock, she tried to grab onto him, to hold his body next to hers. Her bonds held tight, and she could do nothing but lie there straining what seemed like every muscle and sinew in her body, fighting against the ropes as wave after wave of intense pleasure engulfed her. Finally, he emptied himself into her for what seemed like minutes.

Exhausted, he finally withdrew from her leaving a trail of cum over her still heaving body. He struggled up and untied her wrists and ankles before collapsing on the bed beside her, their bodies drained of strength. They would have to wait a while before decorating!