Libertine Adventures Ch. 03

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Texas, Amy B.

Dad and I arrived Sunday night back to our sad home. We lived in just outside Killeen Texas and the small ranch house which seemed perfect when Mom was alive now seemed much bigger than it really was.

The for sale sign had a sold banner across it and I looked at Dad curiously.

“A good offer was made Thursday and I accepted it.”

I asked, “Are we moving back on base?”

He nodded, “Yes until December. Then I will retire and we will move up to Dallas. I took a job with a defense contractor and the pay is such that it was impossible to pass up..”

I nodded, it wasn’t the first time we moved mid school year; though, it appeared it would be the last. “Well, at least I know not to get too involved with anyone.”

He looked at me and said, “Sorry boy, but once we buy a house up there it will be the last move.”

I got out of the car and asked, “Hey, can I move up there now? Like get an apartment and go to school in Dallas?”

He looked at the house then me and finally up to space and slowly nodded. “Let me see what I can do. It isn’t the worst idea and I can come up for the weekends.”

I got very excited. A chance to live on my own for five or six days a week? Fucking amazing if you asked me. He gave a small laugh and said, “Calm down boy, it isn’t a done deal yet.”

I nodded hard enough to make myself dizzy and damned near yelled, “But it is a possibility.”

“Yeah, it is. Maybe we can find a shit hole house and fix it up.”

I nodded, “Okay, I can work on it after class and football, assuming I make a team up there.”

Dad shook his head, “No need for that, I know how you get. It can wait for the weekends when I am there too.”

We hefted our bags from the Cutlass and headed inside, “You know I won’t be able to not work on it during the week.”

He laughed, “I know boy, but try to leave it.”

I whooped in pleasure, it was going to happen.

Dad got his leave extended and we headed to Dallas on Labor Day. We looked at a couple of houses and settled on a bank repo. The people who lost the house to the bank had completely stripped the interior and punched a lot of holes through the outside walls.

Dad’s trepidation at me living alone lessened throughout the process. I guess I was showing signs of maturity when we discussed which houses were a good fit for us and which ones we would be able to do the remodel ourselves. I knew that I just had to show him I would keep the dumb ass part of me suppressed and things would work out.

A couple of weeks later I moved into a piece of shit house in a nice enough neighborhood in Farmer’s Branch. I also bought a 1975 Monte Carlo for around $1200 which needed a little work to pass inspection but not much. I enrolled into RL Turner high school and started my senior year a couple weeks late.

While I anticipated a heavy load at school taking half my classes as AP classes, what I did not anticipate was twofold. First the guys on the football team were all much bigger, faster, and stronger than me. I didn’t have a chance to make the team at all. Second was how closed the students were as an ecosystem. They all knew each other and mostly grew up together. As an outsider, it was tough to break into a clique.

Sure among a couple classmates in my classes I made friends but no one to hang out with really.

All of which changed on the Tuesday two weeks before homecoming.

My lab partner in AP Chemistry was Amy Black, whose hair certainly lived up to her last name. A five foot two inch tall cheerleader who had recently been kicked off the team for drinking at school. We had been chatting about whatever when she asked, “Who are you going to take to homecoming?”

I shrugged, “No one. I really haven’t broken through into any of the cliques here.”

She looked at me and replied, “So? Just ask whoever you find attractive, worst thing that happens is what? She slaps you instead of saying no?”

I shrugged and asked, “who is taking you?”

“No one. My boyfriend broke up with me when school started, something about a new year and new opportunities.”

I looked down at her and pondered the moment. “Fine,” I said as I dropped to a knee, “Amy will you go to homecoming with me?”

She looked at me a moment then replied, “No Dave. I am not looking for a sympathy date.”

I placed my hands on her hips, fingers on her upper ass, and for the first time I realized just how tight and firm her body was. My mouth went suddenly dry. Like Atacama Desert dry. Which all in all is a lovely place to visit. Just bring water, lots and lots of water. That desert averages about half an inch of precipitation a year.

Looking up at her my eyes held hers as I said, “I am asking the hottest girl in school to have mercy on me. Had I known you didn’t have a date, I would have asked you out to at least dinner before now.”

She blushed slightly Bursa Escort and pulled at me to get me to stand, “I haven’t mentioned a guy at all, why haven’t you asked about it before now?”

I must have looked trapped in the moment as she giggled a little. So I decided the truth was the way to go. “Amy you are so beautiful I couldn’t imagine that you didn’t have a line of guys begging you to be their girlfriend.”

She shook her head sadly and explained, “Maybe that is how a guy sees it, but, in reality the really pretty girls are usually the loneliest because maybe all guys think that way.”

I pondered it a moment, then, “Give me your address and I will pick you up Saturday at 6 for a trial run date. If you find that satisfactory, then we will go to homecoming together.”

She flipped over the composition book I was using for labs and wrote her address and phone number down. “Sounds good.”

The rest of the day flew by, part of it in giddy expectation, part of it in disbelief and the rest thinking about what Amy said about the prettiest of women, and how they were the loneliest.

I got home after school and started working on the master bath again. I had torn out the tile through out the bath over the weekend with dad’s help and we put up new board around the tub and shower stall.

I wasn’t in too big of a hurry, as long as I had the bath and shower done by Thursday night then it would be ready for Dad when he came in Friday night.

I started building up the whirly twirly design he wanted, something like a messed up Celtic knot meets a gods eye. Glancing at the proof board we made I started putting the design on the long wall high enough to be seen from the door.

About an hour later, I was a third of the way through the design and the phone rang. “Fuck,” I muttered and ran into dad’s room to answer it. “This is Dave.”

I heard the soft sexy voice, not unlike Melanie Griffith, “Hi Dave, what are you doing?”

AMY! Shallowing all the excitement that I felt, or most of it anyway, “Hi beautiful, I am… well, right now I am talking to you.”

“Aww, you are too sweet. What were you doing when I called?”

I would be lying if in that moment I couldn’t feel her hips in my hands and her ass under my fingers, because I did. “Well, I was putting tile up in dad’s bathroom.”

She asked, “Are you done?”

I made what had to be a horrifying face as I croaked, “No, only a third of the way.”

My heart, and burgeoning hard on blew up destructively when she replied, “Oh, sorry, I’ll talk to you later,” and hung up.

I straightened the cord to the handset and replaced it in the cradle chewing on my bottom lip wondering if I should call her back. My eyes traveled up to the wall I was working on and decided against it, I would have to see if she was upset tomorrow during class.

Grunting in frustration I took off my tee shirt and headed back to the wall. About half an hour later, or about the midway point the door bell rang. With another frustrated groan I headed that way.

I opened the door, and before me was a 5’2″ black haired dynamo. “Amy?” I asked as if I couldn’t see her.

She was wearing white shorts and a green halter top blouse that appeared to tie behind her back. No bra, part of my mind noticed as her B cups swayed slightly as she raised a large pizza from a place called Momma’s. “I hope you like supreme,” she exclaimed.

I hadn’t noticed what time it was and at the first waft of my stomach roared in hunger. “Uh, yeah, but I kind of hate to ask,” I started and saw her face almost fall apart.

Sheepishly I finished, “Can we eat in the master bath? I will grab a Coke or beer but I kind of have to keep working.”

Her face turned a 180 and she nearly beamed as she said, “Yeah, sure! And coke, I have to drive home.”

I grabbed a couple of cokes and a heavy wood TV tray and led her back to dad’s bathroom. As we entered she asked, “Where’s your dad?”

I looked at her and blushed furiously now I realized the situation. “Uh, he is at Fort Hood, down in Killeen, and drives up Friday after work and back Monday before it.”

Her face had every hint of being shocked, “You live alone?”

I shrugged, “Yeah I guess, at least four nights I do.”

Her face shifted from shock to concern, “Don’t you get lonely?”

I faced not for the first time having to explain the difference between alone and lonely. The former does not necessarily mean the latter. I sat the cokes down and set up the tray. Taking the monstrous pizza from Amy I put it on the tray and turned to her.

I took her hands in my and said, “I have a lot of work here to keep me busy. And there is school work. And suddenly a beautiful woman.”

Amy’s smile got bigger as she wrapped her arms around me and leaned against my chest. My arms wrapped around her and her soft skin was so warm it took forever to let her go.

I let her go and backed up a half step, not realizing my cock had hardened up and tented my shorts. Seeing where she was staring Bursa Bayan I whirled around and headed to the bathroom. “So nothing going on tonight,” I asked.

“No, I just wanted to see what the guy who is taking me to homecoming does in his time away from school.”

I peeked over my shoulder and saw that she was now looking at my ass, and of course my cock got even harder. “Speaking of which, how did you get my address?”

She smiled and lit the room on fire as she answered, “Oh Mr Devereaux lives next door, so I stopped by his office after school and asked for it and your phone number.”

I turned back to her, cock leading the way, and thought resourceful and beautiful, bad combination. Or good.

I muttered, “Fuck it,” and walked towards the pizza. Opening the box I grabbed a slice, offered it to Amy, and when she declined, headed back into the tub to work on the design.

She followed me into the bathroom and whispered, “That’s beautiful.”

I looked back at her, “The design?”

She nodded and placed her hands on my shoulders, her strong things against my back as I tried to eat and work at the same time. Her touch was light and gentle. The warmth of her fingertips soaking into my muscles. I asked, “Why are you single anyway? The real reason.”

She laughed with a bitter sounding bark. “My boyfriend of two years broke up when he turned 18. I think he wanted to sow some oats.”

“That implies you aren’t?”

Somehow I could feel her shaking her head, “This past weekend I did.”

I tilted my head back, the crown settling between her small tits and looked up, “And he hasn’t crawled back begging forgiveness?”

She laughed bitterly and replied, “If he did I would kick him in the balls.”

I groaned for the guy and said, “Well maybe it is better this way.”

I worked for the next two hours, being fed pizza by Amy, and we chatted, about everything and anything that came up. It slowed me down a lot having her there talking, but it filled the time way better than KZEW did on its own.

By 9:00 PM the bath and shower tiles were up and Amy said, “That looks amazing, you have a lot of skill.”

I wrapped my arm around her waist and said, “Thanks. Let me clean up and I will meet you in the living room.”

She nodded and headed that way. To say that it was a quick, shoddy clean up would be fair. I didn’t care. A beautiful woman was in the living room and I had to join her. Who knows maybe I would be blessed with a kiss.

I grabbed a set of clothes and hopped into the shower across from my room and cleaned off before heading to the living room. She was sitting on the couch, dead in the middle with the pizza on one side of her, leaving me only one place to sit.

I sat and Amy smiled up at me, “Almost chose the chair?”

I grunted and replied, “Almost then thought it rude. I mean you have smelled me at nearly my worst, so I thought you earned something better.”

Amy rolled her eyes and asked teasingly, “If that isn’t your worst what is?”

I looked at her, “Oh after football practice or game, after baseball, or after a run with my dad.”

“Wait, you play football?”

“Yeah, well not here. Too slow to play wide receiver or defensive back, too small for linebacker, and not quite quick enough for running back.”

I looked down at her and continued, “Besides I enrolled so late that I missed tryouts and what have you.”

She ran her left hand up my left arm then leaned into me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders, Amy adjusted her hand to my thigh, and we sat a few minutes. The warmth of her against my side began to soak into me, simultaneously relaxing me and agitating me. The more I tried to think of anything other than the hard on slowly rising between my legs, the faster it seemed to want to display itself to Amy.

I tried to look down to see if Amy could see it and didn’t know for sure until she sat up and said, “I really don’t think that you need to worry about being too small. Maybe too big.”

Her face turned beet red just before she delivered a peck on my cheek and ran, literally, for the door. As the door opened and closed I muttered, “I thought the guys were supposed to kiss and run.”

The next day when I got to Chem Amy was already there. I approached out work station and she stopped me with a hand on my chest and one on my hip. “About last night,” she started.

I interrupted her by pulling the hand on my chest up to my lips and kissing the tips lightly. “I had a good time, though I fear you were bored.”

Her eyes dropped and she said, “Not bored, scared really.”

My eyes shot open and I stood aghast for a moment then asked, “Scared? What did I do the would frighten you? I certainly had no intention of doing so.”

She shook her head and said, “I was afraid you would want to… you know.”

My mouth gaped open and I shook then nodded my head. Taking both of her hands in mine (the one on my hip was making my thoughts all drain to my cock) I said, “To say I don’t want to would be a lie of epic Escort Bursa proportions. But we never will if you don’t want to, your body is yours to share it with me or not all based on what you want. Just understand I would make love to you here in the classroom, right now.”

She pecked me on the cheek and whispered, “Thank you Dave.”

Later that night dad called and said, “Hero, I can only be back for one night this coming weekend and won’t be up again until Thanksgiving. “

I sputtered a moment, “Training exercise again?” Training exercise was out code for him to be going TDY or temporary duty somewhere in the world and he couldn’t tell me where. I didn’t know exactly what he did for the Army, I just knew he was exceptional at it and in high demand.

“Yeah, shouldn’t be a bad trip just a little long, and I am beginning to think that you are spending too much time alone.”

I barked a laugh, “It isn’t like you can be my here, so I am handling it as well as any 18 year old kid with raging hormones can.”

Dad laughed, “Yeah, it’s the raging part I am worried the most about.”

I blushed, from ear tips to toes, I was sure. “Uh, yeah, well, I haven’t slept with anyone here, so there’s that.”

Dad laughed again, it was warm and almost joyful, sounds I hadn’t heard in a year or so. “Dave, have you found a dojo yet?”

I groaned knowing the next question would be about a gym. “No, I have barely made the time for weekend runs.”

I could almost hear him nodding through the phone. “Once the house is done job one is find a gym, cheap if you please. Job two will be a dojo if you want to continue.”

“I don’t know. It is another one of those things I will be good at, not great. Probably close to my limit there too.”

His voice was full of concern as he asked, “What does that mean?”

“Let’s face it dad, I am athletic enough to play a lot of sports well, maybe at the varsity level, other than football. But I don’t have the abilities that you or Mom had.”

The pause was so long and pregnant I thought it was going to have twins before he said, “Maybe, but you have something no other jock has really, an intense will to win, and mental discipline.”

“Which is great when playing guys my size or a little bigger. The linebackers here are a solid 220. Fast and strong.”

He whistled, “What are they feeding those kids?”

“Beef by the short ton,” I quipped.

“What are you going to do then?”

“Dad, this house will keep me busy until December, or until you cut the money off.”

He laughed again, “I probably should.”

“No you won’t,” I replied. “If you do then you will have to do the work when I go to college in May.”

“True.”. He paused again, this one felt loaded, like a field artillery piece about to fire. “How are you feeling about mom?”

I felt at that very moment like I had been hit in the gut with a baseball bat by Mike Schmidt. I sighed heavily and truthfully said, “I haven’t really thought about her since we got back from Arkansas. I know that sounds terrible but I have been so busy making up time in my classes and the house that she just doesn’t make it into my thoughts much anymore.”

I couldn’t tell what his tone was telling me as he said, “Good, at least you’re adjusting.”

I asked, “How are you dealing with it?”

I almost jumped out of my skin as someone touched my arm just below the elbow, and screamed like a five year old. Spinning around I saw Amy, her beautiful face contorted in fear as dad yelled, “What’s happening!?!”

I reached out for her with my free hand (damned cords) and told Dad, “Sorry. Amy is here and I didn’t hear her come in. Too busy talking to some old assed dude in Killeen.”

Dad exclaimed, “Amy!! You have a girlfriend?!?”

I looked at her and asked, “Dad wants to know if I have a girlfriend.”

She smiled beatifically and said, “Leading indicators are this is the second day I brought you food, and you are taking me to homecoming. So figure it out smart boy.”

Dad heard her and was still laughing as he hung up, saying something about meeting her Saturday.

I wrapped both of my suddenly free arms around Amy and said, “Dinner here, Friday night, and I will cook for the two of you.”. I considered it a half beat and finished with, “Something safe, that I have cooked before and know will be good.”

She leaned into me, her small hard nipples piercing me through her bra and tank top tee shirt. What I took as playfully she asked, “You cook?”

I nodded, “Had to learn, my budget doesn’t allow for fast food every day, much less all four meals.”

She leaned back, sparing me the joyful torture of her tits pressed against me and asked, “Four meals a day?”

I nodded, “Yeah, breakfast, lunch, after school, and dinner.”. I shrugged, “But as dad just pointed out in his way, my activity level is very much lower than last year, I should adjust to three meals.”

She ran her right hand down my chest and stomach, my cock sprang to attention before she got anywhere close to it and said, “Well, you seem to be in excellent shape to me.”

She wasn’t touching my cock, or the king cobra as Terry called it, but if either of us moved, she probably would. I waggled away from her safely and said, “I’ll get plates and such.”