Libertine Diaries Pt. 01

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Creating Cum Hunger

Part 1

Author’s Note: These writings from my personal diaries were originally recorded to examine the processes of my work, as well as increase my own understanding of womankind. After many requests from both men and women, I now offer them up for public consumption. Here you will be presented with the events that led me to my interest in this particular field of study, as well as the methodology I have developed. I have used this experimental model with a variety of women and experienced success in each situation. Although I try to be thorough in all my research and conclusions, humanity is so varied that exceptions to any sort of system will always be found. In this regard, my research is ever-evolving, and I welcome any constructive criticism or new insight to help me in that regard.



Like many men, I have always appreciated a good blowjob.

Certainly, nothing is sexier than a woman who enjoys a cock in her mouth in all its various permutations. There’s the throbbing feel of it stretching her lips as it grows, the persistent flicking of her tongue right at the underside of the head, the vibration of her moans as you move in and out, the drunken eyes opening in surprise at the deep pleasure, and even that ultimate surrender as you press into her throat. Despite the pornification of the culture, finding that open-mouthed, ravenous woman who truly craves cum can often be elusive. Too many women perform oral in a perfunctory way on birthdays or anniversaries, or after too much wine. And, given the behavior of many men, I don’t really blame them.

There was a time when I would deliberately seek out younger women. Those twenty-year-olds who are giggly, adventurous, tipsy on life, and eager to impress. They are often easily moldable, willing to lick, and kiss, and suck as directed. They’ll smile at cum dripping off their faces and coo at the spray of it along breasts and belly. Little birds with their mouths forming nearly constant O’s of excited hunger—shiny lips parted, just waiting for the head of a cock.

But too much sweet does sicken.

After a while, I bored of them. I would be forced to exert great control to avoid rolling my eyes at their vacillation between cheerleading upspeak and cool-girl vocal fry. I began to think, “if only they didn’t speak…,” which is, of course, the beginning of the end. A fellow libertine suggested that I simply needed greater stimulation, that I should level-up on my depravity. But I’ve never been a snobbish gourmand. I have no need to create artful meringues from careful whippings. In the end, these taste of air. I prefer the basics. An egg gently slipped into simmering water, carefully coached, then removed, dripping, its tender white surrounding a yolken heart ready to burst and flood with unctuous glory.

What Escort Bayan I needed was a challenge.

So I began to seek out a certain type of woman. Not necessarily cynical, or poorly sexed, or prudish. It was more nuanced than that. Naturally, some were cynical, about men and sex and sex with men. Some were poorly sexed. (If I had a dollar for every woman who told me she did not enjoy cunnilingus only to discover she’d never been properly licked). Some were also prudish, having developed a squeamishness towards various acts based on some dearly-held moral ideology. However, all of them were very decided and controlled. I don’t necessarily mean they were controlling (although some were). I mean they had a very strongly held center of principles. Among them, a revulsion toward oral sex. They determinedly believed that fellating was not for them, that in fact, the act was unpalatable. They were incredulous that any woman would actually enjoy such a distasteful deed and were convinced that all women experienced some level of subtle or overt coercion to even engage in it.

All of these women were a fair bit older than the women I’d engaged with previously. I say that not to offer any kind of judgement or comparison. Their age is only significant in that it shows the long-held nature of their anti-cocksucking principles. This was not a whimsical decision or unexamined idea. This was a cemented conviction. Now, do not presume that these women were not sexual. They had the typical range of sexual experiences and interests as any group of women. Some even enjoyed rather exotic libidinal expressions. Whatever their individual differences, they all operated from a paradigm that rejected even the possibility of delivering oral enjoyment.

You see how this would present such a great challenge to a scientist of my sort.

Of course, this was not a theory that could be altered by formulation alone. I would have to engage in the necessary fieldwork. Therein lay the uncertainty. Could I create the right experimental conditions that would shift the paradigm? Given the right environment, cultivation, experiences, and encouragement, could I persuade these cool, close-mouthed goddesses to step from their self-assigned plinths and kneel, begging for hungry pleasure with wet, unfurled tongues?

And so I began my work.

For several years I have systematically introduced no less than fifty women to a ferocious feminine hunger for the taste of cum. Now, before there are any presumptions of a kind of Pygmalion situation, I’d beg you not to demean these women by implying they were gullible Galateas created in some image to please me. I’ll not deny that I did experience a great deal of pleasure with these women, but the goal was not my pleasure. These women were invited to delve into unfamiliar waters. Bayan Escort I had a hope, but no certainty, that they would soon love the liquid slide of it against their skin and become skilled swimmers. However, any could have touched a toe in and run. My job was to be observant, flexible, and creative. To respond thoughtfully to each woman, constantly working toward her perfect comfort and pleasure. And they all experienced a great deal of pleasure. When they allowed their old thinking to pass away, they discovered depths of erotic gratification once unavailable to them. Instead of being victims of antiquated ideas, injurious experiences, or unexamined philosophies, they became empowered voluptuaries, proactively seeking sticky indulgence and syrupy relief. They were delivered from their internalized control to explore the depths of their own carnality, discovering their deep, sultry womanly center.

As a result of my diligent work, I have developed the following system for shifting the anti-oral paradigm.


Step 1: Patient Impartial Observation

It is crucial that the practitioner adopt a mindset of patient impartial observation. Too many men have a tendency to jump in and act before truly understanding the individual woman. In this particular case, impulsive or unexamined actions can be perceived as aggressive or impertinent. These will only cement the woman’s pre-existing view even more deeply. You are not a warrior. Your job is not to conquer her will. You are not a hero. Your job is not to rescue her from her own thinking. Your job is to create and constantly adjust the environment. She must always guide herself.

You must not expect any specific outcome. Your ego must not be attached to any particular response. Your impartiality will help improve both your patience and your ability to make correct observations. For example, Melissa S., aged 36, my first subject, was very cynical about men and their motives. Although she enjoyed my company, she was suspicious of me. This was not personal. This was how she approached all men. In her case, I showed my erotic interest in her through small, unthreatening physical touches and extended eye-contact. I would brush her hair back from her face, or slide my hand over hers as we talked. I looked directly at her while she spoke, focusing on her intently. I introduced a regular greeting and departure with a brief hug and kiss to her cheek. I made sure to let her reactions guide my response. Because I maintained impartiality, I was never offended or victorious. If I noticed that a touch annoyed her, I’d simply record it as “non-pleasurable.” If a touch was enjoyable or exciting, I would record it as “pleasurable.” My interest was expressed in steady, subtle ways, so she began to relax. Soon, she was inviting my touch.

This induced Escort only more patience in me.

The first time Melissa S. deliberately sought my touch, I had arrived to pick her up for a date, and she asked me to zip her dress for her. She practiced yoga regularly and certainly had the flexibility to do it herself. I knew her request indicated she enjoyed my touch. While many men would have presumed that she had “capitulated,” and try to make the moment sexual, I knew it was a small test of sorts. Her eyes were watchful as she asked me the question, looking to see if such a simple request would incite self-seeking lust. Even when her back was to me, her arm was rigidly lifted as she held her hair up, and her body stayed on high-alert. She wanted to see how I would touch her when she made herself a little more vulnerable. I had to walk a very thin line. Clearly, I could not demean her interest with a detached, platonic move, nor could I overstep by acting like a salivating wolf. I wanted her to experience both pleasure in this seemingly mundane touch, as well as pleasure in herself for initiating it. With a slight turn of my wrist, the back of my finger traced lightly along her spine as I moved the zipper upward. I knew she was holding her breath. I saw goosebumps appear on her skin, so slightly extended the moment by brushing my fingers quickly through the hair she released. She exhaled a soft sort of purr, then turned and initiated our first truly sexual kiss. It was not brief. This was week five of our involvement. By the ninth week, she would suck my cum from the ends of her hair, slurp it from my open hand, and lick it from the tops of my feet.

Some men believe that their strength is best expressed by manipulating the world to bend to their will. They seek overt control—a brutish kind of dominance. This is always about ego. And, there are some women who are both anti-oral and agreeable. They might capitulate to the will of a strong man and engage in fellatio. But they will not desire it. They will not salivate at the sight of your soft penis as you dress and undress. They will not press their pussy tightly against your thigh late in the night as they suck you awake. They will not lick their lips in the middle of work, or shopping, or driving, feeling themselves get wet as they remember the taste of your cock.

Your true strength is in the combined qualities of patient impartial observation. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Use your masculine strength and energy to control your ego and expectations. Have no attachment to a particular timeline, nor any expectations about her response. Observe her nature and meet her needs. This might seem difficult at first. Our tendency as men is to think of our strength as something solid and large, like a rock. But remember the Fayrene Principle: with the steady dripping of water on a stone, the stone always loses. Your strength is best expressed in your fluidity. The deliberate, constant dripping of pleasure will wear away the monolithic anti-oral principle within her, leaving her covered in hedonistic wetness.

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