Life After Divorce

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Female Ejaculation

When my husband and I separated, I thought it was the end of the world. Scott had wanted new experiences and new people. I was content with what I had. I knew there was more out there, but had never really been too interested in finding it. Scott wanted it all. After we’d been separated for about a month, I finally decided that it was time to stop pitying myself and see what I could do for myself. Scott had always talked about a club downtown. On Friday night, I decided to see what it was like.

Scott and I married when we were both very young. That probably accounts for why Scott was feeling antsy now. I’m only 29 and I think that I’ve kept myself in good shape. Being average height, I’m able to accentuate my legs with heels, which I wear often. My ass is round but not big. I’ve always gotten compliments for how well it fills out my jeans. As for my chest, well, let’s just say I got a little extra when they were handing boobs out. Scott always loved my chest and now I was ready to find out if anyone else liked it too. On Friday night, I let my blonde hair fall down around my shoulders and slipped my body into a tight skirt and sweater outfit. Looking at myself in the mirror, I thought I hadn’t looked better in years. I suddenly felt like I was only 29 instead of like an old married lady.

I grabbed my purse and headed out. Parking in the lot next to the club, I saw a long line of people waiting to get in. I walked by the door and started to turn around, feeling like I’d be waiting all night in line and that’s not what I had planned. As I turned to go back to the parking lot, I heard someone call out and touch my shoulder. I looked up and was face to chest with the bouncer. He was large and very good looking. He asked if I wanted in. I nodded and he opened the rope and let me pass. He said anything as cute as me shouldn’t have to wait in line. I giggled. I actually giggled and smiled. So unlike me.

As I walked into the club, I was amazed at everything. Scott and I had been to small clubs for dancing before but nothing as high-end and trendy as this. I moved towards the bar and settled on a stool. I watched and took all the sights and sounds in. There were people everywhere and they were laughing, drinking, having a great time. I ordered my drink from the bartender and crossed my legs. My skirt rode up my thigh and I thought about uncrossing my legs but then I thought what the hell. I was here to see what kind of trouble I could get into. Might as well go full tilt.

After I’d been at the bar for about ten minutes, I saw a handsome man coming over towards me. He was dressed in a dark suit that accentuated his light skin and blonde hair. He looked like a Viking. He came over and asked if he could sit with me. I nodded and took a sip of my drink. His name was Nigel. As he ordered himself another drink, I surveyed him over the rim of my glass. He had to be nearly 6’4”. Scott had only been around 5’9” and Nigel was like a redwood compared to him. Nigel was very athletic looking. Even though he was dressed in an elegant business suit, I got the impression he would look just as comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt. His eyes were green with specks of brown in them. And his mouth, well his mouth looked like it was meant to kiss.

I turned red when Nigel caught me looking at him. He said he hoped I liked what I saw. He laughed when I turned another shade of red. As we talked, I found out he was an architect for a large European firm in LA. Nigel was making me feel like a woman again. He complimented my skirt and how he hadn’t been able to resist coming over when he’d seen my legs. He loved legs and I had a beautiful pair. As I sipped my drink, mulling over his compliment, I shivered when I felt the tips of his fingers lightly sliding over my thigh. His touch was gentle but incredibly seductively. I hadn’t had anyone other than Scott ever touch me and I had to suppress the feeling that I was betraying him. I reminded myself that I was on my own, Scott had left me.

Nigel asked me to dance and as he held me against him, I felt his hands firmly on my back, pressing me up against him. He felt as strong as he looked. I came to his upper chest and as I inhaled, I could smell his cologne. Expensive and earthy. Very erotic. As we moved to the music, Nigel held me tight against him. His groin ground against me and I could feel the outline of his cock. He felt huge and aroused. I pushed myself harder against him, testing and eryaman escort experimenting. Nigel leaned down and whispered in my ear, “If you keep doing that, I just might take you here on the dance floor.”

As much as I felt embarrassed to have been that obvious, I also felt extremely excited. My body was tingling and my panties were getting moist just dancing with Nigel. We walked back to the bar and Nigel ordered us another round of drinks. As I sipped my fresh drink, I scanned the club and came eye to eye with Scott. He was sitting across the club at a table with a couple of his friends. I recognized Ted and Pete but not the other man with them. Scott looked at me, his eyes registering my skirt and sweater and then he looked at Nigel.

Nigel’s fingers were again sliding over my thigh. I saw anger in Scott’s eyes and then I did something I never thought I’d ever do in my life. Looking at Nigel, I smiled. Setting my hand gently over his, I slowly moved his fingers up the inside of my thigh, slipping them under the hem of my skirt. His mouth broke into a slow, seductive smile. I looked back at Scott and saw his eyes follow Nigel’s hand. He was getting upset and I was getting extremely excited. I suddenly had the urge to show Scott what he was missing.

Nigel’s fingers were stroking the inside of my thigh. I uncrossed my legs, setting my foot on the bottom rung of Nigel’s barstool. This position opened my legs wider and pushed my skirt higher up my thighs. Nigel understood and moved closer. He was nearly standing by the time his fingers crept up my thigh and touched the silk of my panties. I sipped my drink, needing the cool liquid to wet my hot mouth. Nigel stopped and waited. I could feel his touch through my panties. I wanted to feel him on me. He was looking at me, his eyes hot with desire. Smiling, I look at him and said two words, “Touch me.”

Nigel’s fingers started a slow circle over my panties. His fingers pushed gently into me, rubbing my silk panties against my slit. Slowly, his fingers moved to the side and I shivered when his fingers finally slipped inside the side of my panties. I was so wet his fingers easily slid up and down my lips. I looked across the room at Scott. He was watching, his eyes glaring at my pussy as Nigel’s finger slipped inside me, stroking me. I closed my eyes briefly and bit my lip. I couldn’t believe I was actually letting this happen. Nigel slipped his finger deeper inside me, twisting and turning, pulling in and out of me. I wanted to moan and grind my hips down, fuck his finger and come hard. Instead, I sipped my drink and let the sensation flow over me.

Nigel’s finger was pushed up to his knuckle and he was rubbing my clit with his thumb. Nigel was watching me, smiling, as his finger again pulled out of my tight hole and then pushed back in. I was close to coming. My pussy was tingling, loving the attention. As I took a deep breath, and stifled a moan, another man walked over to us. Nigel smiled and said hello. His name was Sean and he was an associate of Nigel’s. I watched as Sean’s eyes followed Nigel’s hand and then looked at me. Just at that moment, Nigel pushed his fingers deeper inside me and I came. My orgasm shook me and I closed my eyes, my mouth forming a silent “O”. I opened them to find Sean and Nigel smiling. I looked across the room at Scott and he was staring in disbelief at me.

Slowly, Nigel withdrew his fingers from my wet pussy and then from under my skirt. Slipping his wet finger into his drink, he swirled it and then brought his finger to his mouth. Wrapping his lips around his finger, he slowly sucked the mixed flavors of me and his drink. Sean smiled and asked if it was a good vintage. Laughing, Nigel said it was a very good vintage. I was still somewhat stunned by my own actions and the aftereffects of my orgasm when Sean slid his fingers over my cheek and then my bottom lip. Without thinking, I ran my tongue over his fingertips. His smile got wider as he slipped his finger between my lips and I sucked, rolling my tongue around his finger. Nigel watched with interest then said, “Let’s get out of here and go some place more comfortable.”

Sean slipped his finger from my mouth and leaned down to kiss my lips. Nigel paid our bar tab and we walked out, Sean and Nigel following behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw Scott getting up. He was angry and he was following us. I felt myself shimmer with anticipation. As we left eryaman escort bayan the club, I walked around the corner to the alley. Nigel and Sean followed me. I turned and knew that there was no going back. I needed to feel excitement and I was getting more aroused than I’d ever felt before.

Nigel and Sean stopped in front of me. Without saying a word, I reached out to Nigel, grabbing his tie and pulling him down to me. Our lips met and I kissed him with passion. His tongue slipped out and met mine. Sean moved to stand behind me. As I kissed Nigel, Sean’s hands wrapped around my waist and leaned over to kiss the back of my neck. I moaned into Nigel’s open mouth as Sean’s tongue snaked up the back of my neck. Nigel was holding onto my hand, still fisted around his ties. Sean’s hands moved up and under my sweater. His hands felt electric on my skin. As his hands cupped my breasts, I moaned again into Nigel. Sean’s fingers closed over my nipples, rubbing them through my bra. Nigel released his hands, pulling mine from his tie. He kissed my lips again quickly then slid down my body, kneeling in front of me.

Sean’s hands pulled my bra down and I groaned as his fingers met my bare breasts. His tongue was licking at my neck, rolling over my earlobe as his fingers squeezed and teased my nipples. From below, Nigel pushed my skirt up my thighs, his fingers lightly skimming over my skin. I shivered with the cool air and his touch. Sean lifted my sweater to see my bare breasts. Looking over my shoulder, he watched his hands manipulate and tease my breasts. I moaned when I felt Nigel’s adept fingers push my panties to the side. My body shook when I felt his warm tongue slid across my clit. I looked up and saw Scott standing at the end of the alley, watching, seething.

Sean moved around beside me. Leaning over, his lips closed around my hard nipple and he sucked. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Nigel’s tongue was flicking back and forth across my slit, licking my hard clit, making me moan. Sean’s mouth was savoring my nipples, sucking on each tit one at a time. I felt my body building to another orgasm. I couldn’t wait to come again. Nigel pushed his tongue up inside me, his fingers holding me open. I started to shake again, my orgasm rolling through me. Nigel licked harder, his lips pulled around my clit and he sucked. I shook again and again. Looking up, Nigel finally broke free and told Sean he needed to taste this.

Kissing my nipple, Sean moved down to kneel in front of me. Nigel held my pussy open with his fingers as Sean leaned in and touched his tongue to my wet, sensitive cunt. I looked up and saw Scott, still standing at the end of the alley. He was hard, his hand rubbing his cock through his pants. I knew he would be pulling it out soon. I looked down again and watched Sean’s tongue flick out and touch me over and over again, my pussy tingling with each lick.

Nigel stood and smiled down at Sean, kneeling between my legs, licking me. Nigel leaned into me and his lips touched mine. I licked his lips, tasting my own flavor on him. As his lips kissed me, I heard his zipper slowly go down. Taking my hand in his, Nigel guided my fingers to his hard shaft. Wrapping my fingers around him, I pulled slowly, twisting my grip on him, making him moan in my mouth. Sean’s lips closed over my pussy and he sucked hard on me, pulling my lips into his mouth. I moaned and pulled harder on Nigel. When my orgasm hit again, I moaned into Nigel and pushed down on Sean’s face.

Standing, Sean wiped his mouth across the back of his hand. He smiled and pulled his zipper down on his pants. I looked down finally and saw the length of Nigel in my hand. The tip of his cock stuck out of my grip. I pulled my hand up and then pushed down over his head. He moaned. The tip of his cock was a mix of red and purple. Sean slipped his cock out of his pants and I looked at him. His cock was uncircumcised and he was huge. His hand stroked his cock, pushing back the skin over the tip revealing a huge purple head. Kneeling down between them, I stroked Nigel’s cock with my hand as I wrapped my other hand around Sean and brought him to my mouth. Slowly, I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock and pushed down. He tasted salty, precum having been trapped under his foreskin.

As I sucked Sean’s cock, both Sean and Nigel stroked my head. Nigel’s fingers twisted in my hair and pushed my mouth down on Sean, forcing escort eryaman me to suck him harder and take him deeper in my mouth. I loved it. Finally, I lifted my mouth from Sean and turned to the other side to take Nigel in my mouth. Wrapping my hand around Sean’s member, I sucked my mouth down over Nigel and took him all the way to the back of my throat. I looked over and saw Scott again. He had taken his cock out of his pants and was stroking himself. Compared to Sean and Nigel, his cock was small. I had always thought he was huge but then he’d been the only cock I’d ever seen. Until now.

I alternated between Nigel and Sean, sucking one while stroking the other. Both men grew harder in my mouth as I rolled my tongue across them, sucking them, licking them. While holding both in my hand, I looked up at them. I licked the tip of each and then said, “Fuck me.”

Nigel helped me stand. Lifting my skirt up around my waist, he held it so Sean could pull my panties down. Sticking them in his pocket, Sean kissed my bare pussy and then stood. Nigel leaned back against the wall and brought me back against him, my ass to his groin. Leaning me over slightly, he slowly guided the tip of his cock to my pussy and waited. Sean was standing in front of me, his cock out and hard. I reached out, grabbing him and stuffing him in my mouth. As I sucked him hard and fast, Nigel slowly pushed the tip of his cock into my pussy. I moaned on Sean and sucked harder.

Nigel grabbed my hips and pulled me back against him. He held his cock still, deep inside me, then he pushed me back up, pulling his cock all the way out. I sucked Sean, pushing and pulling him in and out of my mouth. Nigel pushed his cock inside me, again he stopped and then pulled all the way out. I was moaning. Reaching down between my legs, I stroked my pussy as Nigel rammed his cock deep inside me again, this time staying inside me. He fucked me hard and slow, giving my pussy a good work out. I was moaning, pushing back against him, my fingers digging deep inside me. Sean’s cock was throbbing in my mouth. I didn’t know how either of them hadn’t come yet.

Nigel moaned and then pulled out again. Looking at Sean, he said it was his turn. Sean and Nigel changed places. I wrapping my lips around Nigel’s cock while Sean fucked me from behind. His cock was thicker than Nigel’s and I felt so full, so wide. I looked down at Scott again and watched him stroke his cock, rolling his hand around the tip. Nigel moaned and pushed deep inside my mouth. Sean was fucking me hard and I moaned out as I came again. An inspiration hit. I knew what I wanted. Taking Nigel’s cock out of my mouth, I looked up at him, “I want both of your cocks inside me. I want both of you to fuck me.”

Sean pulled his cock from my pussy. Leaning down, he ran his tongue around my tight asshole. Slipping his finger inside, he tested my ass. I’d never let Scott fuck my ass. Now, I couldn’t figure out why not. Sean pulled his finger from my ass and then I felt the tip of his cock at my opening. Slowly, as Nigel kissed my mouth, Sean pushed his cock inside me. I moaned, feeling first pain then pleasure. When he was deep inside me, he held me, kissing my neck. Nigel stood, holding me up against Sean. Slowly, he guided the tip of his cock inside my pussy. Holding my legs up, Nigel lifted me and then lowered me on his cock. Sean’s arms wrapped around me, holding me against him, as Nigel held my legs. I was filled with both of their cocks.

Nigel started to lift me slowly, causing me to lift not only off of his cock but also off of Sean’s cock. I moaned as they lowered me. I was in heaven. I looked over at Scott and moaned louder. Nigel and Sean fucked me harder, both of them moaning as they pushed up inside me. I moaned, yelling at them to fuck me harder, to fuck me till them came. I didn’t need to encourage too much. Nigel moaned and thrust up inside me. His cock exploded inside me, filling me. Sean moaned and pushed me down on his cock. I felt his tool erupt deep in my ass. I felt my own orgasm tear through me, shaking me like never before.

Both men slowly lowered me. I felt weak in the legs. They held me up, kissing me. I told them I wanted to go home, I wanted to fuck them all night long. As we straightened ourselves, I looked over at Scott. He had come and his cock was still dripping. As Sean, Nigel and I walked past Scott, I stopped. I introduced Scott to my new lovers, “Sean, Nigel, this is Scott. He’s my soon-to-be-ex-husband and he’s never had my pussy or ass the way you two just did. And he never will.”

I walked away, no panties on, and felt more alive then ever before. Maybe there was life after divorce… and I planned on enjoying it.

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