Life after Lockdown

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Thomas gave a gentle knock on his mother’s bedroom door; he received a breezy ‘enter.’

She was sat in front of her dressing table mirror, naked apart from nylon knickers.

‘You’re early, going somewhere’?

‘Yeah, I’m picking up a new guy, wheelchair bound, means I’ll be late.’

Thomas leant on the windowsill.

‘You’re agitated about something.’

‘I feel that me being away for two months I’ve kind of lost some connection with the business, it’s moved on without me, also I’ve put £30,000-00 into this and everyone thinks, because it only employs ex-military, many of them are disabled, that we’re a charity, we’re not.’

It annoyed him that his mother only seemed to be half listening, she was busy with her make-up, ‘pass me the suspender belt and stockings, the unopened pack, oh, and a black lacy bra.’

Thomas gave a sigh, he’d talk to her later, she stood up, ‘you can put them on for me, the belt first,’ she stood up and turned her back to him. He placed his thumbs on each side of her knickers and pushed down to mid-thigh.

‘You could just put the belt on and push the straps through.’

‘I’m doing it my way.’

She huffed, ‘Mr Grumpy today, are we? Why didn’t you come up to my room when you arrived last night’ then as an afterthought, ‘what time did you get in anyway?’

‘After midnight, almost one,’ a brusque response, he placed the belt around her waist and closed the hooks and eyelets, he then pulled her knickers up, so the straps dangled through them, his hands brushed against her naked labia, she always kept that area neat and well-trimmed. When he put the bra on, he likewise fondled her breasts and nipples, ‘it’s best to have hard nipples, the breasts fit into the cup better.’

That’s not the only reason, is it?’

‘No, I find it enjoyable to dress you, probably there’s a psychological reason.’

‘Do you think it’s a tendency to transvestism,’ she asked coyly?

‘You know what that gets you, don’t you,’ he leant her over the dressing table and slapped her gently on her bottom, ‘when was the last time I spanked you, properly I mean?’

‘Months, you’ve been working away for ages, you come back and barely have time to make love then you’re gone.’

‘Well, I’m back for good now, well months anyway.’

‘You should have come into my room, I wouldn’t have minded if you woke me, I’ve missed the sex, you know.’

‘I had a lot of hassle parking the car, the security guy wouldn’t let me in, wasted a good half-hour.’

‘Oh, we forgot to tell him you’d be coming, anyway he was only doing his job,’ the flippant manner got his dander up.

She’d put her stockings on and now stood up and turned her back to him, ‘are my seams straight?’ A perennial question from ladies who regularly wore stockings and designed to entice, (look at my legs, aren’t they sexy).

‘I’ll tell you what, I’ll put on a flared miniskirt, you can flip me over your knee, then flip my skirt up, and give me a long overdue spanking. After that it’s up to you.’

Thomas looked at his watch and shook his head, but at least this got a big smile on his face, he held her to him his hands on her ass cheeks and kissed her, not the sort of kiss a son should give his mother.

‘See you at the stables,’ he said, the art studios were converted from stables, hence the name.

‘I’ll be there’ she promised, love you.’

Later that morning

Thomas arrived just after eleven a.m. annoyed by the fact, he’d gone to pick up the potential client and found that he’d changed his mind, he decided he would come to the studios under his own steam, he had just graduated to using walking sticks.

Thomas was waved over by Dave Potter, Dave owned the stocking machinery, 1950’s technology which he lovingly maintained, although he sold all products, including suspender belts, his most profitable lines were fully fashioned stockings, just about every variety possible, seams, fishnets, you name it.

‘Morning Dave,’ Thomas could see something was bothering him but like a true gentleman that he was he replied.

‘Good to see you are you back for good?’

‘Yeah, basically a few days here and there but I’m back to run things with Charlie.’

‘Er, I’m glad to hear that, please don’t think I’m stepping out of line but, when we have to stay late or come here out of normal hours, the security gives us a hard time, there was a theft here only last week and they’re being over officious.’

‘I’ll look into it; it’ll be sorted today.’

‘That’s not the only thing, you see, so many people are visiting for the variety of specialised shops and dealers I asked Stephanie and Selene if they would wear some of my products, I hope you don’t mind but I gave your mum a pair of seamed stocking and Stephanie fishnet stockings, they see so many people, you know.’

‘Dave, they’re grown women, I can’t tell them what to wear, (that was a total lie, he reminded himself), so what’s the problem?’

‘They’re wearing white sports shoes with them, nurdağı escort spoils any semblance of elegance that they are meant to project.’

Thomas exhaled a deep sigh, what the hell were they playing at, Dave’s business was popular and brought people into the gallery and into the artists’ studios.

‘Leave it with me Dave,’ Thomas reassured him and went off to sort things out.

The Office

Thomas sat in his chair, leaning forward a look of resignation on his face, Stephanie and Selene stood directly in front of him, like naughty schoolchildren. Stephanie with hands on hips looking defiant, of the two only Selene had an inkling of what was to come. Charlie, with arms folded, apparently disinterested, leant against a wall.

Thomas had established that Charlie had, as planned, been helping Dave Potter collect old but working stocking making machines. They’d been as far as Dundee in Scotland and hence had been away for days at a time.

Thomas had gone through a list of ways they had erred.

‘And finally, to top it all off, you two, when left in charge bothered to check for emails, I drove thirty miles to pick up a prospective new worker only to be told that he’d sent a message saying he didn’t need a lift, he had adapted his car to enable him to drive, he’d also phoned but no-one answered.’

The two ladies, resplendent in their black tops and flared mid-calf skirts, looked at each other accusingly.

‘Go to your lockers and put high heels on, no more trainers.’

‘Why,’ Stephanie asked, ‘these are more comfortable’.

‘Do as I say and then come back here.’

Selene was the first to leave, this left Stephanie without her ally so decided to follow her out without any further argument, they returned correctly attired, ‘we spoke this morning that you’d not been spanked in a couple of months, well it’s time that was remedied.’ Selene’s mouth fell open, ‘but,’ she uttered, looking at Charlie, who went to leave, ‘no Charlie, you stay please.’

Thomas placed Selene over his knee, Charlie was all eyes, surprised maybe, that she didn’t put up more of a fight, a bit of leg waving, that’s all, the skirt went up, good legs, clad in seamed stockings, nylon knickers and the elegance provided by the high heels.

Thomas would have liked to have dawdled a bit but decided to put business before pleasure, for a moment anyway, Selene was starting to protest, ‘please, this is so undignified,’ Thomas delivered the first slap.

‘You’re embarrassing me,’ the spanking continued, ‘not in front of Charlie.’

To make it worse, Stephanie arrived halfway through, ‘Thomas, what are you doing.’

He carried on, he had a rhythm going now, ‘spanking, what does it look like.’

Having delivered 12 slaps, he stopped, neatly replaced the skirt, ‘you can get up now,’ it was an order, ‘stay here.’

Stephanie stood with hands, balled into fists, braced on her hips, ‘well, I cannot believe you just did that.’

‘You can’t,’ Thomas asked? Looking at Charlie, who had a look of approval on his face, he reached and grabbed hold of Stephanie, ‘you’d better believe it and as you are both responsible so you both suffer the same punishment.’

The look of astonishment on Stephanie’s face, Thomas wished he had a camera, and lifting her skirt saw the same delicious view as that provided by his mother. Stephanie put up a fight, of sorts anyway, but she was far over his knee and was unbalanced, Thomas gave her six good slaps which resonated with her cries of pain and indignation. Thomas had finished and provided Stephanie with a false sense of security lowered her skirt, covering her perfectly sexy derriere and stood her up, she went to slap Thomas across the face, but he caught her arm. ‘Good job that didn’t land or you’d be getting another spanking.’

Selene blurted out, ‘what are you doing, it’s not fair, you only give Stephanie six slaps, and I had twelve, if we’re both as bad we should get the same spanking.’ Selene was thoroughly exasperated by the obvious unfairness.

‘Well, thank you Selene, some friend you are!’

At this point Charlie stepped forward, a palm facing each woman, telling them to calm down, which mollified them to a small degree. Charlie then took hold of Stephanie, he sat on the chair, pulling her over his knee, for the second time in as many minutes Stephanie had a close up view of the carpet, he lifted her skirt over her back, she had lost all her strength, it was like a nightmare, and he went ahead and delivered the remaining six slaps. Thomas admired Charlie’s decisive action and Stephanie’s legs and underwear; pity I can’t tell Dave how good his fishnets are, he thought, I’d best not slip-up in any conversation with Dave. Disappointed when the skirt was replaced, carefully and primly, Thomas looked to Selene but before he could speak, Stephanie exploded in red-hot anger.

‘That’s me finished, I’ll never do anything for you two ever again, come on Selene,’ and stomped nurdağı escort bayan off.

Before she could follow Thomas spoke an order, ‘you’re going nowhere except my office, you know what I expect,’ she stood hesitant, ‘well, are you going to stalk off in a temper also?’

She didn’t answer but instead did as she was told and went to the office and closed the door.

Thomas had told Charlie that there were times when he had to spank Selene, it was normally due to small things going wrong until there was an accumulation of wrongdoings that needed to be addresses, ‘normally I have her across my knee, there’s no argument about it of course, she knows she’s due a spanking and normally doesn’t protest, in fact she’s very compliant and goes across my knee when I call her and she sees I’m in the “spanking” chair. When she’s across my knee, I raise her skirt and list the misdemeanours she’s committed, it seems to get her excited because she always orgasms when I’ve finished and bend her over my desk.’

Charlie, visualising the scene set by Thomas, now realised the sheer pleasure in spanking an attractive woman, properly dressed for the occasion. He’d watched Thomas and admired his control, spanking in anger could get out of hand but when the spankee accepted her punishment it made it enjoyable for them both.

‘What do you want to do Charlie, you can stay at our place?’

‘By the time I get home she’ll have calmed down, if not; I’ll stay at your place?’

‘Of course, erm, will you stop anyone, you know who wants to see me, I’ll be busy for the next few minutes,’ Charlie smiled his agreement, he knew what Thomas had planned for the next few minutes.

Thomas closed the door behind him and as he expected, Selene was bent over his desk, she had carefully tidied it up to make room for herself.

‘Look about spanking you in front of Charlie and Stephanie, it was Stephanie who’s the ringleader between you two, but you still had some responsibility, so you had to be spanked, and in order to encourage Charlie, you had to go over my knee first.

She spoke to him, try to reconcile with him, ‘I know, I thought we looked stupid with fully fashioned nylon stockings and tackies, I half expected it.’

Thomas lifted her skirt over her back and placed it, so it stayed in place.

‘Dave Potter was really upset with you both, I saw a notice in his office asking for mature ladies to model for him, I’m going to put your name forward.’

‘Okay, whatever you say, do you think Stephanie will get over it?’

Thomas was concentrating on pulling her knickers down and over her perfect derriere, ‘yeah, she knows on which side her bread is buttered.’ He stopped at mid-thigh, and he unzipped and pulled his penis and scrotum out, he placed his penis against her labia, pushing it back and forth along her lubricated slit. The heat and moistness excited him, after a few pleasurable moments he pushed it in, she was so wet it went straight in and deep.

Selene was on the verge of an orgasm, she knew that the time for talking was over, Thomas liked to concentrate when he fucked her. She always thought it proper to use that the term “fucked” in these circumstances.

Later that night in Thomas and Selene’s home.

Everything was back to normal, they spoke as if nothing had happened, until Thomas asked, ‘you don’t think that you crossed a boundary today, do you?’

‘No, it was necessary, we both overstepped the mark though Stephanie more than me.’

‘I’m glad you agree, I couldn’t spank her without spanking you first, in fact if she’d had any sense she would have vamoosed.’

‘It was a shock, I can tell you that,’ she laughed. ‘It’s Charlie I’m worried about.’

‘No need, I offered for him to stay with us, if there was a problem he’d have been here by now.’

She gave a nod of agreement, ‘I suppose you’re right.’

Meanwhile any concern they had for Charlie was completely unnecessary, Charlie was literally “balls deep” in Stephanie for the second time since arriving home.

‘Dammit Charlie, I’m so annoyed at enjoying this, it’s so demeaning to be spanked but to find you enjoyed it’s just so goddam chauvinistic, spanked by two men, my son and his best friend, and then this,’ she raised her legs, lying on her back. Just then Charlie gave a thrust and all conversation ceased.

Next day Stephanie tried to snub Thomas, holding her head high, nose in the air, ‘There’s a visitor,’ Charlie pointed out.

‘I’ll see to it,’ Stephanie said glad to leave the office, she was finding it difficult to be mad at Thomas, the last thing she wanted was for him to know how the night finished, “three times”, she thought, “I should be sore”. Instead, she felt her pussy moistening, “keep your mind on the job, Stephanie, she told herself.

The visitor’s van was parked across two spaces, she was irritated by the lack of consideration for other people, she was about to ask him to move when he spoke.

‘I escort nurdağı heard you had lofts available that are suitable for artists, can you show them to me,’ he had a brusque manner and didn’t seem like an artist, he hadn’t even introduced himself. ‘You work here,’ he asked?’

‘No, I’m an equal partner,’ almost as brusque as he was, ‘follow me,’ and she strode off ahead of him. The sooner she got this over with the sooner he’d be gone, he even made Thomas look good, she thought to herself.

She led him into the old barn, ‘the ones available for able-bodied people to rent are up here,’ she pointed up the steps, steep wooden steps.

He in turn indicated to her to go on, in a lady’s first motion, she was feeling uncomfortable, something about his manner, she marked him down as a bully, he followed behind her looking up her skirt. ‘You’re managing okay in those heels, steps are a bit rickety. Hey are those fishnet stockings?’ Stephanie paused, afraid now.

Thomas, meanwhile, put down his mug and stood up,’ I’m going to see Dave Potter, I want to know if he’s happy with the new CCTV system, you two hold the fort, I won’t be long.’

As Thomas walked into the car park, he saw Dave coming towards him he was in a hurry, he pointed at the new arrival’s vehicle parked incorrectly.

‘Yeah, I know Dave, we’re expecting a guy, he’s using sticks to walk, so maybe it’s not easy for him to park.’

‘No Thomas, he’s not on sticks, he’s able-bodied, the reason I was coming to your office is I know him, his name is Lee Evans, he used to come to some of our “stockings” night, we meet in local hotels and have a dance,’ Dave blushed, ‘you know, lots of jiving, rock and roll, petticoats, high skirts, ladies twirling around showing their panties, white thighs and all that, but he took videos without people being aware and put them on soft porn sites.’

‘Excuse me Dave, Stepahanie’s showing him around, I need to check him out.’ They both headed for the barn and on entering saw Stephanie on her back, struggling with the stranger, he had his hands up her skirt and was pulling on her panties, they were more than halfway up the steep steps, but Thomas seemed to vault up them in seconds. ‘Okay that’s enough,’ But Evans seemed incensed and ignored Thomas, ‘fuck off, Sir Galahad.’ Thomas took hold of his collar and flung him backwards down the steps.

‘Oh god, thank you Thomas, I froze, I just froze.’ She started to tremble, moments away from crying.

‘Stephanie, it’s not your fault and you’re okay,’ he helped her to her feet, she brushed her skirt down over her stockings.

‘Stephanie, are you okay,’ it was Dave, ‘I think those stockings are too sexy for public display, I should never have asked you to wear them, it was stupid off me, I’m so sorry.’

Strangely the show of concern helped stabilise her, ‘Dave it’s not your fault, honestly, I sensed something was wrong about him, I should have left it to Thomas or Charlie.’

Thomas helped her down the steps, Evans, was apparently unconscious, but just to be on the safe side Thomas prodded him twice with his foot, Evans let out a groan.

Stephanie looked at him, his zip was undone, ‘he was going to rape me,’ she said.

‘No chance, you would have screamed and anyway Dave came straight away once he’d recognised him,’ Thomas took his phone out but instead of dialling for an ambulance he took photos of Evans, still prostrate with his zip undone.

‘Someone best call an ambulance,’ Thomas said to no-one in particular, placing his phone back into his pocket, Dave felt guilty because of his association with Evans and was about to phone for an ambulance, when Evans spoke.

‘I’m going to sue you for assault, you’ll be sorry,’ slowly rising to his feet, groaning, surprisingly unhurt, he pointed to Dave, and you, you’ve always had it in for me.’

‘I’d recommend that you zip yourself up, otherwise the police might arrest you and not us, oh, and by the way we’ve video evidence,’ Dave pointed to the recently installed CCTV camera, ‘it looks like we’ll me suing you.’

Back in the office Charlie and Selene fussed over all three of them, Dave told them what happened showering praise on Thomas for his quick thinking.

‘He won’t be coming back here in a hurry,’ Dave announced.

That was when Thomas decided to phone the police, ‘I want them to see the evidence then go round and speak to him, I want a judge to give him a restraining order, he’s the sort who’d come back and cause trouble, we don’t need bad publicity, the more we keep a lid on this the better, what say you Stephanie,’ she looked at Thomas, grateful to him for her narrow escape, all thought of her recent spanking now firmly in the past, she nodded agreement.

Stephanie, despite her ordeal stayed and carried on working.

Thomas had returned from the police station, luckily, he recognised one of the detectives, they were old army buddies, ‘leave it to me,’ he assured Thomas, ‘I’ll go round this very moment and put the fear of God into him.’

Reassured Thomas returned to the office, he passed by reception and found Selene and Stephanie in animated conversation, ‘don’t worry about Charlie, he’ll do…’ the conversation died away.

‘Don’t stop on my behalf,’ Thomas assured them, ‘oh, and the police are interviewing Evans as we speak.’

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