Life Imitates Art Ch. 04


They stopped short in the doorway, taking in the assortment of toys on the bed, the ropes trailing from the bedposts, the long stick candles Lucas liked to use to dribble hot wax on my tits.

I chanced a look up at my captors, and they looked at me with identical expressions of raptorial hunger. Jeremy, for his part, looked almost as nervous as I felt, clearly less comfortable with this situation than the other three. Lucas tugged me away from the others, sitting me on the edge of the bed as he ran his fingers over my hair, possessively.

“I’m going to start this off by saying that Matthew can play, but even if he wins, he doesn’t get the prize. After all, he already got to feel my wife’s little pussy milking him dry.”

Matthew looked mutinous at this, but offered no protest, anticipation on his face as he leered at me, seeming almost demonic in the dim light.

“I think you can all tell that this poor little whore needs to cum. But that doesn’t mean we should make it easy for her. Gentlemen, have you heard of edging?” They shook their heads, shifting forward in interest.

“Darling. Tell them what edging is. And speak up.” I flushed, and stammered,

“Edging is a… A type of orgasm denial. Y-You take me to the edge of an orgasm, then… then stop before I can cum.” For some reason, educating them on what they would be doing to me set a fire inside my limbs, quickening my heartbeat and making me shift against the covers anxiously.

My eyes flicked up to Lucas, silently looking for approval. He patted my head absently, then continued.

“Like she said. It’s a form of orgasm denial, that she really fucking hates. You saw how desperate she gets when she’s turned on. So we’re going to have a little competition. I want to see who can keep her on the edge for the longest. Whoever can keep her there without making her cum…”

He paused, theatrically, “Gets to fuck her gorgeous, fat ass.”

Wide-eyed, I whipped around to look at him, shaking my head frantically. His eyes darkened with displeasure, and his hand tightened around my ponytail, giving it a firm tug.

“I didn’t ask for your thoughts on the matter, little slut.” He turned back to his friends, and said, magnanimously,

“I obviously won’t be playing. I’ve had way too much practice. And besides, I think our little fuck doll here wants to feel someone else’s cock stretching her ass for once. I don’t fuck it often, so it’s nice and tight. For now, anyway.”

Clearing his throat, Chris spoke up.

“So… Can we do whatever we want to her?” Lucas hummed, thoughtfully.

“Fingers and mouth only, gentlemen. I’m looking at you, Matthew.” He finished, amusement staining his voice. “Any further questions?” There was an anticipatory silence.

“Well, let’s get started. Slut, get into the middle of the bed.” I sat, frozen, mind whirling. My breath started to come in little pants, my asshole already burning in phantom pain. Lucas quirked an eyebrow, and reached into my corset, tweaking my nipple hard as I yelped in pain.

“You’re not being a very obedient slave. My friends are going to think I didn’t train you well. Now, are you going to do what I say, or would you like me to bend you over my lap and whip you in front of everyone for being a stubborn little brat?”

His voice was dark, his eyes sinister, and his fingers had already wrapped lovingly around his favourite flogger, a wicked looking black riding crop, one side studded with pointy metal rivets for when I was being particularly bad. It didn’t take long for my mind to unfreeze after that.

I scrambled to the centre of the bed, slipping in my haste, to the sound of laughter behind me. Lucas bent down, and whispered in my ear.

“I’m going to whip you tonight, one way or the other. I want them to hear how you scream for me.” I shuddered at the malevolent promise in his voice, but lay unprotesting as he tied my wrists to the bedposts, then my ankles.

The ropes were tight, and chafed me. I wiggled a little, experimentally, Gaziantep Anal Escort and felt the cruel slide of the coarse fibres against my skin. I would need to hold almost perfectly still to stop the ropes from cutting into me.

Lucas stepped back, admiring his work, one hand cupping my face, lovingly but for the tightness of his fingers. My eyes roved across the room, looking for help that I knew wouldn’t come.

“Now to decide who gets to go first. It’s kind of a disadvantage- she’s so desperate to cum, anything will get her off. I’ll sweeten the pot a little, though. Whoever goes first gets to film her while her ass gets reamed. As a souvenir.”

“Obviously,” he continued, his voice taking on a warning tone, “anyone who shares this with someone outside of this room will not get to take part in our next get-together. And they might lose a few teeth.”

I couldn’t keep the shock off my face. He was going to let his friends film me? I pictured them at home, jerking their cocks and emptying their balls while they watched me unravel and scream, and I bit my lip, my pussy throbbing sullenly beneath my soaked panties. And what was this about the next get-together? Surely, I thought, this was a one-time event… right?

Chris almost bolted forward, eyes locked on me, a determined look on his face.

“I guess we have our volunteer. Alright, Chris. She’s all yours.” As he said it, his hand gripped my shoulder, and I could almost hear him saying, “But really, she’s all mine.”

Chris needed no further encouragement, and stepped to the edge of the bed, studying me, head cocked as he decided his course of action.

Finally, he stretched out his hand, tracing the outline of my breast through the fabric. His fingernails grazed over my nipples, and my breath stuttered and caught, my body thrumming at finally, finally being touched. His hand meandered down my body, as he watched me squirm, eyes intent. After what felt like an eternity, I felt his fingers brush the fabric of my panties. I jerked involuntarily, then hissed as the ropes bit into me. His lips curled at my reaction, and his fingers drummed against my fabric-clad pussy, pushing the sodden fabric against my pulsing entrance.

I whimpered an encouragement, my fingers curling into my binds as I twitched my hips towards him, a silent plea. With a groan, he tugged my underwear down, only to pause. There was no way to take them off without untying me or tearing them.

A speculative look crossed his face, but he decided quickly, strong fingers rending the fabric with an animalistic rip that set my heartbeat speeding. He tossed the juice-coated shreds to Matthew, who breathed them in deeply, tongue stretching out to lick them. My eyes tracked the movement, mouth dry with desire. These men wanted me. They lusted after my cunt, and ass, and mouth, with a burning fervency that coiled through my body, tightening my nipples and womb.

Suddenly, even though I was tied and sprawled on the bed, I felt in control. Powerful. I was driving them crazy. Mad with lust and hunger. I was like Circe, turning men into mindless animals. The thought alone was almost enough to make me cum, and Chris watched intently as my pussy flowered beneath his eyes, opening and shutting like a hungry mouth.

He reached out one finger, and dragged it against me, slicking his digit with my dripping nectar. I groaned low in my throat, raising my hips, so close so close, teeth gritted in concentration and need. His hand snapped away, and I fell back to the bed with a noise that was half snarl, half whine.

He chuckled, and I felt the hot air on my overheated pussy. His head was right there. His tongue was so close. I was so close. My hips twitched, against my volition, twisting against the bed as I tried to coax him into me, his fingers cock mouth everything filling me fucking me bloating me with cum stretching me I needed it needed it NEEDED IT and, when the tip of his tongue traced a circle against my clit, I savagely lurched, mashing my pussy against his face. The ropes cut into me, but I was beyond caring, eyes rolling as I chased after the orgasm I had been denied for SO LONG.

I howled out my victory, convulsing in my binds as I came and came and came, and Chris, bless him, gave in with good grace, and dragged his tongue up my clenching slit, catching my cum as it poured from my burning cunt. I thrashed mindlessly for an endless time, eyes squeezed shut, all my awareness drawn to the rasp of his tongue against my twitching apex. Finally, I stilled, panting and heaving, only vaguely aware of the fire encircling my wrists and ankles.

Chris pulled away, his face glistening with my juices, and grinned lasciviously down at me.

“I could do that all day.” He said, and pushed himself up from the bed, fingers trailing down my leg regretfully as he stood to the side. Blearily, I turned to Lucas, and he stroked my red, sweaty face, his fingers cool against my burning skin.

“That was a good effort. But now you guys see how hungry she is to cum. This is going to be tricky. She’s so desperate it’s pathetic.”

Matthew swaggered forward, ignoring Jeremy’s half-step towards me. I suspected he was discovering the sadist inside him, as the smile he shot down at me was nothing short of evil. His eyes lingered appreciatively on the inflamed skin where the ropes cut into me. His cock pushed insistently against his pants, and I could feel it rubbing coarsely against my thigh as he leaned into me.

“I’m going to make you mine.” He growled into my ear. “I’m going to rape every hole. Breed my cum into you. I’m going to break you, until I’m all you think about when you shove those little fingers up your tight little snatch.”

He bit me, viciously, on the top of my breast, teeth digging into my skin as I squealed, a reluctant heat building between my legs again. Matthew was a brute, I was discovering. He had probably wanted to rape me from the second he met me. I remembered countless times where his eyes burned into me, raking over my ass and tits with barely disguised hunger.

He must have imagined how he would do it. Get me drunk at a party, when Lucas was gone, maybe. Push me into a wall. Shut me in his bedroom. Shove my panties in my mouth so I couldn’t scream as he pulled me onto his cock, thrusting into my dry pussy as I thrashed helplessly, too drunk to escape. I doubt he ever imagined being invited to rape me while his friends watched.

His teeth were still locked on me, as he sucked, hard, my skin bruising and breaking under the force. Finally, he released me, an angry welt left by the force of his attack.

“Every time you see that bruise, you’re going to remember my mouth on you. Going to remember my cock splitting you. Filthy fucking slut. I’m going to make you drool for me.”

He slapped me, then, and Jeremy and Lucas both lurched forward as my head snapped to the side. Cheek burning, I glared up at my tormentor.

“Matthew, hurry it up. You’re supposed to be edging her, not torturing her.” Lucas’s voice was deceptively mild, but I could see his hand curling around the bedpost, knuckles white. Matthew held up his hands in a gesture of surrender, then settled between my spread legs, sucking in a breath at the sight of my glossy pink folds opened before him like petals.

He attacked my pussy with his teeth and tongue, biting, then sucking, his stubble grinding against my cunt and thighs. It hurt, my sensitive pussy quaking at the onslaught. His teeth were sharp, and his tongue was rough, pushing against my clit, dragging the skin up as he pulled his tongue through my folds. I frowned, wincing, trying to push my ass into the bed to get some distance from his bruising force. He followed me, one hand splaying possessively against my stomach as his other reached down, spreading me wide.

He corkscrewed two fingers into me, smiling darkly as my lips clutched desperately against the invaders, coaxing them deeper. His tongue flicked against my clit ruthlessly, unfazed by the bucking and writhing of my generous hips. He forced a third finger into me, and I yelped at the pinch of skin. I had never been treated so abhorrently, and it was with disgust that I felt my climax building inside me.

There was no hiding the aroma of my arousal from him, and I could feel him smile as he bit down on my clit, his fingernails scraping against the walls of my sore pussy painfully. I yelped and twisted, yanking violently at my binds, a constant stream of imprecations spilling from my swollen lips. His knuckles pressed against my entrance as he fluttered his fingers in me, eyes intent on my face as my eyes started to roll, against my will. My mind shrieked at the violation, even as the pain and pleasure spiralled up my body, blossoming in my extremities, and swallowing my thoughts in a black fugue.

I clamped around his fingers, on the precipice, tears leaking from my eyes as I squeezed them shut.

My pussy throbbed violently, and he yanked his fingers out. I felt a moment of regret, then relief. The air was cold against my gaping pussy, and I shivered. The shivering turned into violent shaking as Matthew scraped his nails down my pussy, grazing my perineum, then, finally, coming to a rest against my asshole, clenched with nerves and loathing.

“Look at me.”

He demanded. I ignored him, and he slapped my clit, hard, tugging a scream from between my gritted teeth. My pussy squelched wetly beneath his fingers. My body was betraying me. He lifted his hand again, warningly, and I glared down at him, defiant. Beneath the anger was a coiled beast, ready to spring out and devour me, licking up my bones in its eagerness.

Those tongues of fire tracing below my skin shot down, down, as Matthew pressed his fingers into me, sharply, a cruel, twisted smile on his handsome face. I yanked and thrashed, my shriek ending in a gurgle as he pistoned his fingers into me, twirling and rubbing the walls of my clamping anal passage.

He massaged them, watching for the curl of my fingers, the tensing of my thighs. I started to shudder, overstimulated, and he seized upon that, twisting my clit. My vision went red, and I felt, more than heard, the scream scrape up my throat as I shook violently, engulfed by the most brutal orgasm I had ever experienced. It ripped up and down my body, wrenching my back and making my jaw pop as I opened it wider, wider, lost in the pleasure pain and his sick, smug smile. It widened as I fell into it, and I locked my eyes on him, hatred boiling through my eyeballs as he popped his fingers from my ass, and shoved them in my gaping mouth.

Lost as I was, I still knew better than to bite down, giving him a fraction of the pain he gave me, so instead I licked his fingers clean meekly, my face screwing up at the earthy taste of my ass on his long digits. He pulled his hand free, and smeared my spit along my cheek, stroking it patronisingly. My pussy still wept and throbbed even as I turned from him in disgust.

My shoulders shook, and I fought back tears. I was humiliated. He had broken me, just like he promised. It would be a long time before I would be able to forget the vile scrape of his fingers on my innermost sanctums, and his smile danced behind my closed lids. Lucas yanked him off the bed, fisting the collar of his shirt. I couldn’t see what look he gave Matthew, but it was enough to send him stumbling back, with a nervous laugh.

“It’s all just a game guys. I was just playing my way.” it was silent enough that I could hear Lucas grinding his teeth, and he bent to me, wiping the spit from my face gently, peering into my eyes.

“Are you okay, love? Just say the word and this is over.”

He shot a glare over his shoulder as Matthew studied his fingernails, feigning apathy. I pursed my lips in thought. If we ended it now, the last memory I would have of this evening would be Matthew’s fingers tearing into me. I didn’t want that, I reasoned, knowing deep down that wasn’t why I didn’t want this night to end.

At Lucas’s questioning look, I shook my head, slowly. He studied me for a moment longer, then pressed a kiss to my forehead.