Like Peaches Ch. 07


Rachel woke from a pleasant dream. There had been a sound. Again. Someone was knocking on the door of her cabin at the hot springs spa.

“Who’s there?”

“Hi, sorry to wake you, it’s Susan.”

Susan. Susan had been in her dream. Rachel had left the door unlatched.

“Come in,” she said, sitting up and pulling the blankets around her.

“I’m sorry, Rachel, we thought–oh, don’t you look wonderful?” The scent of coffee floated in with Susan’s youthful energy and filled the room. Rachel felt her skin get hot.

“I just woke up, forgive me,” Rachel said, smoothing her hair.

“No, I’m sorry. I hoped you’d be awake. Mom and I wondered if you’d like to come over and have your coffee with us. We brought a thermos over from the dining hall.”

Rachel’s mind created an image of Susan and Joan in bed together, holding coffee mugs with fingers that smelled of each other’s juice.

“Sounds wonderful. Just let me pee and I’ll be right over.”

“Hurry!,” Susan turned and ran out the door.

Rachel threw back the blankets and stepped into the bathroom. When she wiped herself, she was already wet. She stepped to the mirror, brushed her hair, and her teeth. She looked at herself. Was this really happening or was she still dreaming?

It’s just coffee.

(No it isn’t.) You are a pervert who is letting her imagination run away with her. (They invited you.)

Rachel thought she looked both scared and happy. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to look sexy. What if she were wrong about these women? She just meet them. (But you heard them having sex.) Maybe she was a pervert, obsessed with a kinky fantasy and seeing it everywhere. Pervert? Perhaps. But she would wear her silk robe again, and if they were perverts too, she was among friends.


Susan had jumped back into bed and cuddled down next to me before Rachel arrived. We both shouted “Come in!” at the same time, and then smiled at each other. We were so excited, and hopeful. Rachel’s hand, and then her head, entered our little cabin. Her cup of coffee awaited her on the bedside table. There was nowhere to sit but the foot of our bed.

“Here’s your coffee!,” my daughter said, “We noticed you took it with cream, no sugar.” Rachel smiled and visibly relaxed at her courtesy, which was a relief since the expression on her face when she saw us in bed together, naked, was a little hard to read. If she had guessed already, she must know now. But I wasn’t sure how she felt about it. I think I saw her shiver, and the room was warm. We had made sure the room was warm.

Rachel approached the bed and seemed unable to look at us directly. She picked up her coffee, and looked around for a chair.

“There’s no where to sit, dear, you know how these little cabins are all bed. Can you make yourself comfortable with us?” I asked her, and tried not to sound salacious. I handed her one of the too-many pillows the resort supplied.

“Love to,” Rachel said gamely, and climbed up. She was wearing that pretty silk robe I’d seen her the day before, the one that didn’t hide her little nipples. When she sat on the end of the bed, her robe opened, and I could see the curve of her breast. Just a few more minutes…. I hoped. I hoped.

Rachel settled in, and took a sip of coffee. “Oh, that’s good, thank you.”

And she smiled at me. Good, now she could look at us, and really see that yes, her new mom and daughter friends were naked in bed together, and what she thought we did was what we did. I looked back at her and tried to say it with just a look. But it was the moment where either something had to be said, or done, or else we would lapse into small-talk and never do what we all three wanted to do.

Susan did it, of course. My daughter’s timing for smoothing social–or sexual–awkwardness bahis siteleri is perfect–the way that we became lovers is a perfect example of it–and this was another.

“Oh Mom, ” Susan murmured, and she snuggled even closer to me under my arm and held me closer with hers, “I wish we didn’t have to leave today.”

And then, in a gesture that still gives me rushes when I remember it, she moved her hand from my waist to my breast, and boldly and tenderly squeezed it. I looked down at her–how I love my daughter!

“Mom, your breasts drive me crazy!”

And then she turned and took one nipple between her lips and began to nurse, like a baby, but her hand on my other nipple was just like a lover. She thrilled me, and I gasped, and then looked at Rachel.

She was watching us, of course–what could be more beautiful than an all-grown-up daughter sucking the breasts of her mother, a perfect picture of love, intimacy, and desire stronger than any taboo.

“Rachel,” I said, with tenderness, “You must have known we were lovers?”

“Yes,” she said, then swallowed. “I heard two women making love….”

I looked down at Susan, still nursing and fondling. “Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Yes, she is,” Rachel said, and when we looked at each other again, she said, “And so are you, Joan. How could she not be?”

Rachel looked so full of longing when she said that. I felt overwhelmingly blessed to be able to have this life I have.

Susan began to squeeze her thighs open and shut. I knew her pussy would be getting wet. I know that about my daughter. And knowing that Rachel was watching us was exciting me more than I had expected.

“I can’t believe I get to make love to her too,” I said, stroking Susan’s head, “she has a girlfriend, as she mentioned, but us being lovers is just about our family. We’re so close,” I looked at Rachel again. “You’re not disgusted, I can tell.”

“No, I supposed I should be, but since I’ve met you, and seen how you are with each other…”

“The first time, afterward….I thought it was so wrong, I thought I had hurt her. But it was so good, and my daughter is so….”

Susan pulled away from my breasts a bit so she could speak.

“I made her do it,” Susan said, her lips against my nipple. “I couldn’t stop myself.”

“And I didn’t want her to stop, I guess,” I said, and I pulled her up to me and kissed her. I had meant just to kiss her playfully, but my daughter was getting impatient with all this talk, I could tell. Susan pressed her lips to mine, and then I opened my mouth to her sweet tongue and let her kiss me the way we both wanted to kiss, the way we do kiss each other. But this time, witnessed by our new friend. I heard Rachel say something, but I couldn’t quite hear it.

When we stopped kissing, my daughter sat up against the headboard next to me.

“Mom was a little freaked at first. But I knew it would be ok. It just took a while for me to convince her I wasn’t abused. If anything, it was me who took advantage of her.”

“Does anyone know about you two?” Rachel asked, and she shifted a little on the bed and when her robe opened further, she did not close it.

“I never told anyone,” I said, “But Susan told her girlfriend.”

“How did you know she would accept it?” Rachel asked, very curious. I was curious who would suck Rachel’s breast first. Me or my daughter?

“She had fantasies about her own mom,” Susan answered, “So she was more than ok with it.” And then the memory made her make a little sound. I knew quite well the details of that memory and it excited me too. I rubbed Susan’s thigh under the blanket.

“I bet there is a story there,” Rachel said. “And how lucky you were to find someone who felt that way.”

“Oh, I’m lucky, but lots of women have fantasies canlı bahis siteleri about moms,” Susan said in that declarative way she says the most shocking things.


“Oh yeah, the internet is full of mother/daughter erotica. Porn too, but it’s all fake.

Rachel laughed a little hysterically, and put her fingers to her mouth. Her fingers.

“Really? I thought I was a complete pervert for even imagining what I did… um….when I heard you…”

“No, you aren’t, Rachel. Lots of people have the fantasy, but not that many have moms as great as mine,” and she gave me a quick kiss.

“Oh, aren’t you sweet?” I said, and now I could not resist putting my hand around her breast. I looked over at Rachel. “Are they just perfect? Like peaches, no?”

Rachel looked like she had forgotten to breathe. I leaned over my daughter and sucked her nipple, and let Susan read Rachel’s expression for a while.Was she ready? I would leave it to Susan to know. And she did.

“Do you want to come in here, Rachel?” Susan said, when I finally had pulled my mouth away from her. She lifted up the blanket a little and started to scooch over.


“Yes.” Susan got a little serious and seductive, and sexy and insistent the way she does sometimes. “Come here, Rachel. Don’t you want to?”

Rachel swung her legs off the bed, put her coffee on the floor and stepped toward us. In that perfect grace she has, Susan knew exactly what to do. She got out of bed and guided Rachel into the bed between us. Rachel’s body was finally near me– we had been naked together for a few days already, and I had longed to be this close to her. Even with my limited experience with women, I knew I would want to touch her soft womanly body, and Susan had gotten me excited.

We made Rachel comfortable, and then settled ourselves under her arms, with our heads resting on her chest, her breasts under our cheeks, and at first, we did not touch them.

“Your breasts are beautiful too, Joan.”

“Thank you.” We were silent for a moment, feeling our bodies warming to each other’s. “You two feel so good,” Rachel said, in an almost childlike way, and she hugged us closer. “Um. You know, I’ve never been with a woman.”

“Yes, you mentioned that,” Susan said.

“I really can’t believe you’re letting me be here.”

“Well, Susan had hoped we’d find someone like you.”


Susan began to giggle. “Rachel, you’ve never been with a woman, right?”

Rachel shook her head.

“Will you be with us?” she whispered.

I felt Rachel swallow. She made a sound that seemed to say “yes,” and Susan, my darling daughter, sat up and faced us. I gave Rachel a little squeeze, as Susan put her hand to her own breast.

“Come here, Rachel. My nipple wants you.”

Rachel leaned forward and took Susan’s nipple in her lips. Susan looked at me over Rachel’s head, and then unfolded herself and lay back. Rachel followed her, kissing her breasts, and then the two of them, my daughter and my new friend, embraced, and Susan and Rachel kissed each other’s lips, cheeks, neck, chests–I’ll never forget being the witness to another woman’s first lesbian erotic kisses. Rachel was glowing.

Susan’s hands played along Rachel’s back as they kissed. Rachel’s body was beautiful as she lay on my daughter. Her back, her curves, her ass, her thighs. I watched as my daughter kissed her and opened her legs to her. Rachel fell easily between them and I could see Susan slowly move her pussy up and down against Rachel’s body as they kissed and kissed and kissed.

“Do you like this?” I whispered to Rachel.

She lifted her head from my daughter’s mouth and turned to me, her eyes bright, her mouth wet, her naked body beautiful and inviting and so ready. güvenilir bahis

“I think I must be in heaven, but it feels too good; I can’t be dead.


I had never felt more alive. I had finally kissed another woman, and I had touched her breasts and she had touched mine, and now this girl’s mother was about to…. what was she about to do? Joan crawled over to me and I turned and lay on my back. Suddenly both mother and daughter were sucking my breasts. Their desire for me was as exciting as the warmed of their mouths, the glide of their tongues, the gentle scrape of their teeth, the instance of their fingers. I nearly fainted. My fondest fantasy, my dearest hope, my most forbidden taboo desire was happening right now. Joan and Susan’s faces were so dear to me already, they were so gnerous with their bodies, and letting me touch them however I wanted, and they both, apparently, wanted me.


Nibbling, sucking, kissing, squeezing. The sounds we made. The wetness. I looked over at Susan’s lips on Rachel’s nipple and my heart filled with love. A person might assume there would be jealousy but that is an utterly foreign emotion between my daughter and me. I love her so much. I love to watch her enjoying life, and what is more enjoyable that sex with a woman?

Rachel’s body started to melt beneath us, I could feel it.

I heard Susan speaking into Rachel’s ear, so sexy.

“Rachel, I’ve waited for this since I saw you.”

“You have?”

“The minute I met you I hoped you’d like Mom and me.”

Rachel kissed us both. She was learning, as I had, that women make love to each other so naturally, when we get the chance. And that is all there is to learn.

And then, I think it was Susan who put her fingers to her pussy first, and I watched my daughter kiss Rachel’s pussy too. When Rachel was in ecstasy, Susan used her tongue and intuition to lick her there until she had her first orgasm. I was kissing Rachel, and when she came, I pressed my tongue into her mouth just like I like to be kissed when I come.

The rest of the morning, that first time that Rachel and I made love, is a blur. I won’t pretend that I remember every moment. I do remember Rachel touching my pussy for the first time, and how excited that made my daughter. Rachel’s expression was so intent at first, and then her smile so beautiful as my wetness coated her fingers. She softly glided her fingers between my lips, found my clit and I jumped, then she shyly pressed into my vagina, but didn’t go inside–not then.

I remember Susan watching us for a while, and telling us that this was her greatest fantasy, to make love to her mom and another woman. “Kiss her again, Mom” she ordered, only half kidding, “you two are so hot!”

I remember how beautiful Rachel looked when I fucked Susan. Rachel was sitting up against the headboard, and Susan was laying on her back against Rachel, who kissed her and played with her breasts and tummy, and then touched her clit while I fucked my daughter, deep, dancing my fingers inside. Susan came, shouting, “fuck me, Mom” and “Oh Christ” and squirted all over my hand. Then my daughter laughed, and we three snuggled down under the blankets, our legs and arms so entangled I lost track of my own limbs.

That’s where we wanted to be forever, and Susan and I, and Rachel and I, often remember that morning when the three of us first made love.

Susan returned to school, as planned, and I was sad when Susan told me a few months later that she and Amber broke up. I know both of them were heartbroken, but I supposed it is to be expected with girls her age–she tells me they are on their way to being friends again. Rachel and I are lovers now, and when Susan comes to visit, her homecoming includes a lot more than doing the laundry. But I can tell she’s growing up, and more independent even than she was last year. I know there will be a time when making love to her mother won’t be what she wants. And Rachel? Rachel is a treasure, a constant friend, and a lover to whom I can reveal all my secrets. And she has a sister.