Like the Old Days at the Barber’s


In the very early 1970’s long hair was in for guys, and in an effort to fit in with the rest of the guys I let my hair grow as well although it was not nearly as long as many of my peers.

Even my barely shoulder length dirty blonde hair was too long for my Mom, who in an effort to make up for the father who was no longer around was doing her best to wear both hats, and in my book was doing a bit too well and was proving that you can’t spell the word “smother” without using the letters “mother”.

“If I’m going to shell out the $3.00 for the haircut I want to make sure that I’m getting my money worth. That last haircut? Why I swear it looked like he hardly touched you,” Mom declared, and to prove her point she insisted on coming along with me.

I shouldn’t have been surprised since she was all over me like a hawk, even going to the doctor with me at that point, but I still felt like a fool when I walked into the barbershop with my mother like I did ten years ago – only then I was eight.

“Mrs. Wells, long time no see,” Vic the barber said cheerfully when we walked in, and my only consolation was that the place was deserted.

Vic’s barbershop reminded me of the one that Floyd ran on the Andy Griffith show, a very quiet and laid back place much like the town we lived in, although Vic himself was more like Sgt. Carter on the Gomer Pyle show with a buzz cut and a lantern jaw.

I knew I was spending too much time watching TV around then because I was matching up characters with the real life people I would meet. Sadly, my Mom seemed to be flirting a little with Vic like she did with a lot of men since she had recently begun acting like a desperate middle-aged woman in search of a man, but who looked way too much like the lead character on the show Hazel to get much success.

As for me, I had always been a little like a combination of Dennis the Menace and Larry Mondello from the Leave it to Beaver show, although I had recently shed my baby fat and was looking as good as I could hope for after dropping pounds and lifting weights for almost a year during my senior year.

“Now I want this cut short this time Mr. Tayback,” Mom declared as she proceeded to air her grievances about everything from my previous haircut to the traffic jams around the new shopping mall they had just built up on Wolf Road.

Mercifully, just when I was about to scream Mom caught sight of another meddlesome old bag passing by the shop, and so after she went scurrying out to the sidewalk to dish the latest dirt I was able to relax, if only for a minute.

“I would apologize but I have to put up with it every day,” I told the barber who chuckled. “At least you get paid to hear the crap.”

“She’s not so bad, but I think she was flirting with me,” Vic suggested. “Maybe it was my imagination.”

“No, she was,” I admitted. “She’s like that with every guy lately though, so don’t get too excited.”

“I won’t, and besides, my tastes run in a different direction,” Vic said as he gave my bicep a squeeze, but before I could ask him what he meant he explained.

“You know who just came in for a trim?” Vic asked as I inhaled the intoxicating aroma that was coming from under Vic’s muscular raised arm as he trimmed away, and as I looked up the loose white sleeve at my barber’s bulging bicep and the tuft of dark brown hair where the woodsy manly scent came from, he continued. “Ed Arthur. You remember him, don’t you?”

I froze in the chair because I knew very well who Mr. Arthur was, and as Vic explained that my old teacher had been in the chair when my mother called to see if I could be fit in, when he heard my name I became part of their conversation after the phone call ended.

“Ed told me that you and he were – let’s say pretty close,” Vic explained as he glanced out to make sure that my Mom was still outside. “I found it hard to believe that this was the same Tim Wells I knew, so very straight-laced and polite. Ed can be a bit of a blowhard at times, so when he told me what a kinky escort bayan fellow and a wonderful bottom you were, I didn’t believe it.”

“Mr. Arthur told you that?” I asked as the scissors snipped away, embarrassed at my business taking center stage at the local barbershop.

“No need to worry. You see just like you and your teacher, Ed and I are also kindred spirits, so your secret is safe with me, if he was telling me the truth that is,” Vic said as his foot pumped up the chair. “He told me what a sweet and tight ass you have Tim, but I suppose I could have guessed that from looking at you.”

“Ed also confided in me that you were really cute,” Vic said as he kept looking at my Mom yakking outside as he reached under the cape that was covering me, had my zipper down in a matter of seconds and was reaching in. “More specifically, Ed said that you had the most adorable little dick he had ever seen and he said he never saw a fellow would could cum so much and keep getting hard over and over again like you could.”

“Oh my,” Vic smiled after reaching into my underwear and finding my cock, and as he massaged my soft toadstool I became hard almost immediately. “You do have a tiny one, don’t you Tim?”

My response was to grip the arms of the barber chair as Vic’s firm grip squeezed my dick hard in the cramped confines under the cape, my tool crushed completely in his hand as Vic snickered over my reaction.

“Nice big biceps though,” Vic said as he set the scissors aside and squeezed my arm while continuing to work me under the cape. “Do you really love it up the ass like Ed said?”

My response, after agonizing seconds hanging on the brink of orgasm, was to cum. My dick spurted a number of times, and then after a couple of seconds resumed cumming until when it finally stopped and Vic pulled his hand out from under there, he had a whole lot of cum cupped in his palm.

“You might be built like a boy but you sure cum like a man,” Vic observed as his eyes stayed outside while his hand came up to his mouth, and after slurping up the cum from his hand like it was a clam from a shell he added. “Sweet.”

“I can’t believe you did that,” I said as I tried to get my zipper back up so I could act like nothing happened.

“I can’t believe you let me. Ed said you like big men. I’m not quite as big as Ed but…” Vic declared before the jingling of the bell on the door interrupted him as Mom returned.

The rest of the haircut was a blur, and Vic seemed to take a whole lot of time with my haircut, frequently rubbing his crotch into my shoulder with a bulge that I was tempted to grab despite my mother’s presence.

The haircut finally ended, with my hair ending up shorter than I wanted but not short enough for Mom. Vic took the money from my mother and said he was happy to see her again, which I knew was bullshit, and then said to me in a whisper, “I stay open until 6 tonight.”

That was for my benefit and I nodded to make sure Vic knew the message was received and understood.


I was outside the barber shop ten minutes before it closed, and as the last customer left I paced around outside like a caged animal. I was still a bit irked by my teacher talking about me like that, and I wondered how many other people in this town knew about me and my fondness for older men, since so many of them were coming on to me at that point. I thought my new found popularity was because I had lost weight.

The light went off in the barber shop, and as Vic turned the sign over from OPEN to CLOSED he looked over and saw me across the street, and when he waved me over I came like an well trained puppy.

“Wasn’t positive you would show,” Vic said, and then clearly enjoying teasing me by adding, “I’m surprised you didn’t bring Mom with you.”


“Get your clothes off Timmy,” Vic said as he drew down the shade that covered the picture window and did the same to the one on the door.

“Here?” I asked Vic as he went by me towards the altıparmak escort bayan back room, and after he confirmed that I peeled off my t-shirt and dropped my jeans.

When Vic came back out I was still wearing my socks and fruit of the looms, which was more than Vic was wearing because he was naked. Vic had a heck of a body for a guy around 50, his 5’10 frame was trim and toned as mine was but I liked his better because while my skin was pale and pasty looking Vic’s had an olive tone to it.

That wasn’t all that was better either, I noted as I admired the nice pelt of coal black hair on his chest and lower legs, but better yet was Vic’s cock. The brownish uncut cock wasn’t inhumanely large, but even limp his cock was already longer and thicker than mine was erect.

Erect was what I was after looking at Vic walk around naked for 30 seconds, so when I peeled down my underwear my dick was pointing straight ahead, and that amused Vic.

“Is your dick hard because of me?” Vic asked as he came close and when I nodded he smiled with his brilliantly gleaming teeth and kissed me, his lips covering mine as I felt his five o’clock shadow against my smooth face while his hand reached down and grabbed my balls – hard..

“How’s that feel Tim?” Vic asked as his paw squeezed my nuts hard, twisting them a little while I moaned in response. “You like that don’t you? Get up in the chair.”

Vic let go of my scrotum just in time because in a couple more seconds I would have shot all over him, but now he was setting me in the chair and after pumping it up, adjusted it so I was almost horizontal.

“Quite the body you have there Timmy. No longer the tubby little boy, what with that build you have there,” Vic continued. “So smooth too, almost all over.”

“Huh?” I managed to say just before Vic dropped a steaming towel on my crotch, and then he was reaching over to the counter under the mirror and filling his palm with shaving cream.

“I would have done this with your Mom here but I don’t think she would have understood, even if I didn’t charge her extra,” Vic explained as the towel came off my privates. “I love your little dicklet Tim, but I think it would look even better if we get rid of this tiny tuft of hair around it.

“Oh geez,” I whined as the warm shaving cream went into the sad little nest of golden curls above my dick, and when I saw the gleaming straight-edged razor in Vic’s other hand I lost my erection fast, my throbbing not quite 5″ rod becoming a sorry toadstool in the matter of a second.

“What happened?” Vic said when he saw my erection gone. “Nothing to be nervous about Tim. I’m crazy about your body and wouldn’t hurt you for the world. I’ve got a steady hand – see – I do gardening on myself too.”

I saw what he meant as the skin around the base of his cock was smooth even though the rest of his curly bush seemed intact. The effect made his already good-sized cock appear even bigger, and as Vic stretched my limp dick up and out of the way I hoped that would do the same for me.

It only took a couple of swipes with the shiny straight edged razor to eliminate what I had waited way too long to appear, and as the barber surveyed his work I looked down at the barren pink skin I lamented that I looked even less like a soon-to-be college student than ever before.

“Beautiful,” Vic said as he ran his fingers around my smooth groin before moving my feet off the perch and kneeling on it between my legs. “You still have a little fuzz on your calves and under your arms too. Maybe I’ll take care of that later, but first…”

The barber ducked down and took my cock in his mouth, swallowing not only my dick but my balls are well, and after giving my whole package a sucking went back to my dick, bringing me to the brink of cumming several times before backing off and spinning the chair around and dropping the back down so smoothly I suspect I wasn’t the first victim.

“You know what I want,” Vic told me, nilüfer eskort and if I didn’t already guess it, when he rolled his hairy balls over my face I figured it out.

I sucked on the furry nuts as best I could as I laid out almost prone, my head still spinning from the whirling I just got, and as I watched the barber lubing up his cock he moved further forward until his ass crack was over my face.

“Yeah,” Vic growled as my tongue lapped at the valley which was just as hairy as the rest of him, and when he squatted down more I was able to get some licks in right on his anus before he climbed off of me.

The chair got another spin, making me grasp at the armrests as he climbed over the footrest, his swollen and angry looking cock in hand and glistening with lotion.

“You look sweet honey,” Vic snapped as he adjusted the chair just right for him, and although I thought I probably looked goofy laying back like that dazed and confused with my new hairless dick pointing toward the ceiling, I was in no position to argue or fight.

“Oh Timmy! Your ass feels so good! It’s as tight as a keyhole!” Vic yelped as he leaned forward with the key, his fleshy torpedo feeling just right as he eased into me, gently impaling me with just about all 7″ or so before looking down at me and asking, “How you like that?”

“Good,” I grunted, and with that Vic started to thrust, slowly at first but then speeding up and plunging hard and deep, and when I didn’t complain he went harder and deeper as I clutched the headrest, not only helping me stay in place but making my best points – my biceps, shoulders and chest – more pronounced.

The barber leaned forward to put his hands on my chest, squeezing the now firm man boobs and making my nipples pop, even giving the little wisps of hair under my arms a playful tug before he straightened up and got busy again.

At some point somebody tapped at the door, apparently not understanding the drawn shades or the closed sign, but at that point if Vic heard the knock he was beyond caring because he was turning into a wild man with his eyes bulging and sweat spraying off him and all over me while he grunted things I couldn’t understand.

The barber had grabbed my dick at some point, pulling on it so savagely it would ache the next day, but I was lost in the moment and didn’t care. I came during this rough treatment, spurting all over the place, and I think when Vic saw that he went into another gear.

By the end my legs were draped over the armrests of the chair, splaying me wide open and helpless until Vic finally slowed and then stopped, standing there without moving while letting out a groan.

I groaned in harmony as I felt his cock twitch, and groaned again when I felt his warm salve soothe my savaged bowels. Only then, after he stood panting and looking at me with concern, did he finally resemble the friendly neighborhood barber once again, and as his spent manhood made an exit he asked if I was okay.

“I’m fine,” I assured him, but Vic wasn’t convinced.

“I’m so sorry,” I kept saying. “I never get like that, I swear. I don’t know what happened. Something just clicked inside of me and I got a little crazy. You’re so sweet looking.”

“Really, I’m fine,” I assured the barber as he first inspected my backdoor and then got a hand mirror to let me see that while my anus was leaking cream the orifice was otherwise undamaged.

I was tempted to tell him that I had been given a chance to see myself like that before, and when that man held the mirror up after pulling out I almost fainted when I saw that my anus was gaping so wide it looked like you could drop a golf ball into it.

“Anytime you want a haircut, you come back at closing time,” Vic told me as he used a towel to clean me off with, hopefully not to be used again, and I wondered whether that knock on the door had been another after-hours customer.

“I’ll take good care of you Timmy,” Vic assured me as he helped me get to my feet and dress. “Maybe shave the rest of you too.”

I thanked him even though I suspected that shaving might take 30 seconds at best but I did go back, getting my haircuts the way I wanted them without Mom, because I don’t think she would have understood the rest of the treatments.


Thank you for reading.