Lilo Dominated by a Work Colleague


Lilo knew something was up. Hazel said, “We need to talk. But not at the office.” She was coming over. She was already 15 minutes late and Lilo was starting to worry. Hazel could be a bitch one moment and her best friend the next. She never knew what to expect.

The door opened. Hazel hadn’t bothered to knock. She walked in carrying a small brown paper bag. “Hey,” said Lilo. “Hey,” came the reply but not much else. Hazel walked past Lilo to the bathroom, and didn’t quite close the door. Lilo could hear her. She could make out Hazel picking up the toilet lid, pulling down her panties, the steady trickle of pee in the bowl, Hazel wiping herself with toilet paper. Lilo felt the heat rising in her chest as she thought of her friend touching herself. “Stop it,” she told herself, but the thought had already entered her mind and the heat in her chest emanated down and resulted in a dampening in her pussy.

She had watched her friend pee before; entering the bathroom stall with each other was common in their friendship. They had never really spoken about it and it was not a sexual thing, but every time Hazel had been peeing, Lilo had glanced at her friend’s crotch, wishing her friend had worn a shorter skirt or a pair of jeans that she’d had to pull down, anything that would’ve allowed Lilo to watch her friend’s pee trickle from her vagina.

Lilo was lost in thought. Suddenly, she realised the sound of the peeing had stopped a while ago. She heard the rustle of the paper bag in the bathroom. What was taking Hazel so long? “You OK?” she called out. “Yes,” came the reply, “Don’t come in, give me a minute.” The reply was a bit strange to Lilo, but she gave her friend some space and moved back to the bed of her studio apartment. She flicked on the tv and started flicking through the channels. There was not much on so she left it on the music channel trying to clear her head of the thoughts she was having about her friend.

The door to the bathroom opened and Hazel’s figure appeared in the doorway. She had changed her clothes in the bathroom. Completely. Gone were the dress and shoes, as was her hair tie, leaving her long black hair flowing down her back. In place of the dress, she wore a black leather chemise that clung tightly to her body. Her legs were draped in black stockings, complemented with black garters. She had left on her glasses but these were now at the end of her nose, and she was looking over the top of them at Lilo, demanding her full attention.

Lilo started to rise from the bed. “Sit,” demanded Hazel, her voice strong and commanding. “Hazel…” begun Lilo. “Quiet, slut,” came the response. Hazel walked toward the bed, her body swaying as she moved, the tightness of her attire showing off her body to full effect. Her small breasts wrapped tightly in the fabric on her small frame, her hips rocking side to side with each step, her eyes staring at Lilo, daring her to move, daring her to utter another word. Only when Hazel got to within arms’ reach did Lilo realise the outfit did not include any panties and Hazel’s pussy was on display. Her initial shock at Hazel’s tone and command was lost as she took in the thick mat of black pubic hair at the top, thinning as it went down, exposing her labia which were glistening with wetness.

Lilo was staring. She missed the next command. “Take off your top,” Hazel said again. Her voice showing a hint of anger that she had to repeat herself. Lilo tore her eyes away from Hazel’s pussy and looked her in the eye, slowly unbuttoned her top, removing it completely and placing it on the bed beside her. She looked at Hazel. Waiting for the next command. It didn’t come. Instead, Hazel reached down into the paper bag she had brought along and produced a short leather cane, all black with Starzbet a short tassel at the end. She stood there, looking at Lilo, her hands on her hips, one holding the cane, taking in Lilo’s cleavage.

“I’ve seen you watching me, you know,” Hazel said in a soft voice, “I’ve seen you trying to look at my pussy, while we are in the bathroom. Do you like what you see now?” Lilo nodded, her eyes dropping down to gaze again on Hazel’s pussy. Hazel moved the cane to below Lilo’s chin and brought her head up, “It’s my turn now to look,” she said. Lilo nodded and looked Hazel in the eye.

Lilo let out a small moan as Hazel traced the leather cane down Lilo’s neck, over her shoulder and coming to rest on the dark areola visible through the bra. She teased around the nipple with the tassel before lightly tapping with the cane, releasing another small gasp from Lilo, whose eyes remained fixed on Hazel’s. “Take off your bra,” came the command. Lilo undid the straps and let her large breasts fall free. They were huge compared to Hazel’s. She liked to think that Hazel had been staring at them once when they were trying on swimsuits together but Hazel had never said anything, so the thought had been put to the back of Lilo’s mind.

Now, as Hazel slowly rubbed the tassel over each of her nipples, the thought of this smaller woman envying her breasts brought a slight smile to Lilo’s face. The smile turned into a wince as Hazel brought the cane down hard on her breast. The sting of the cane was like lightning through Lilo’s body, sending a shock all the way down, her pussy reeling with desire. She looked at Hazel, who now had a mischievous grin on her face. Lilo’s eyes were begging Hazel for more pain. Hazel took her time. Playing with each nipple using the cane before striking again on the breast. Thin red marks were appearing with each blow and Hazel’s grin was getting larger with the appearance of each mark.

Hazel placed the cane on the bed. She came in closer. Lilo mistakenly thought it was to kiss but Hazel slapped her away on her cheek and grabbed Lilo by a nipple in each hand. “Get up,” she commanded, pulling on Lilo’s nipples to lead her off the bed. Once Lilo was standing, Hazel looked up at the taller girl, making eye contact as her hands left the nipples and gradually made their way down to Lilo’s pants. She deftly undid the button at the front and slid the pants and panties down in one swift motion, down over the curvaceous hips to rest at Lilo’s feet, crouching as she did so. Hazel’s face was now at Lilo’s exposed pussy. She could smell the musty odour and see the wet stickiness that had begun to slide down Lilo’s legs. She gently blew on Lilo’s engorged pussy lips, not touching, merely teasing, until she could hear Lilo moaning. She kept this up until Lilo tried to reach out and bring her head closer. Hazel stood and reprimanded Lilo, “You naughty slut! You do not touch me unless you are told to. Do you understand?” Lilo nodded apologetically, but Hazel was unconvinced.

She directed Lilo to turn and face the bed and bend over. “Spread your legs. Wider. Wider. Good. Stop. Do not move. Understand?” Lilo nodded. Hazel brought the cane down sharply on Lilo’s buttocks. “I said, do not move.” A second and third strike came, landing in the same spot on her bare ass cheeks. Lilo began to whimper but did not move. “That’s better,” Hazel complemented her as one would praise a dog. “Good girl,” she started rubbing the length of the cane down Lilo’s ass, down further, spreading her pussy lips with the cane. Lilo could feel the overlapping straps that made up the cane push through her pussy lips, the bumps rubbing up against her clit. She tried not to move but her clit was in overdrive with the sensation and she Starzbet Giriş felt her knees buckle from the pleasure. Hazel’s response was quick and sharp, and Lilo was left with two more marks across her ass. She cried out in pain, which gave way to moaning as Hazel began again to rub her pussy with the cane.

Lilo was now drenched, the cane slick and wet, covered in pussy juice. Her legs drenched where her juices had trickled down. Her musty odour filling the room with the smell of her sex. She wanted more, she wanted Hazel to fuck her properly with the cane, or even better her fingers, but she knew better than to ask. She felt Hazel’s hand on her back, forcing her lower onto the bed till her whole upper body was lying on the bed, her bottom in the air, open and exposed with her legs still wide apart. Hazel had removed the cane from between Lilo’s pussy lips, and Lilo ached for more pleasure, begging Hazel with her gaping pussy for more pleasure but remaining silent in fear of the cane striking her now tender ass cheeks again.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” said Hazel softly. “I always knew you were a naughty slut, a filthy whore, a dirty bitch who loves to have her pussy played with. Look at my nice new cane, completely covered in your filthy slut juices.” Hazel ran the cane along Lilo’s cheek. Lilo’s face pushed against the bed, but she could feel the wet sticky mess on the cane and smell the mixed combination of new leather and pussy juice as the cane dragged over her cheek and past her nose. “I think I need to clean this up, don’t you?” Lilo nodded as best she could from her prostrated position. Hazel kept her hand on Lilo’s back, running the cane down Lilo’s neck, across her shoulders and down her back.

Lilo could feel her pussy begin to twitch in anticipation as Hazel inched the cane closer and closer, but she let out an involuntary gasp as the cane stopped at her anus. She could feel the cane there, paused as if Hazel was in two minds about violating Lilo’s ass. The cane was removed, and Lilo let out a soft sigh of relief. The feeling was short-lived as Lilo realised that the removal was only so Hazel could turn the cane around, and now the thicker handle end rested against the entrance of her butt. She could feel Hazel’s hand on her back with greater force as, at the same time, Hazel inched the handle of the leather cane into her ass. “Don’t move, slut,” came the command.

Waves of a new different pleasure washed over Lilo. She had sometimes pleasured herself with her own fingers in her ass when she was really horny but had never had anyone else penetrate her before. The sensations drove her to groan as Hazel pushed deeper and deeper into her ass. When Hazel was convinced Lilo wasn’t going to object to her ass being fucked, she let go of the hand on Lilo’s back and began to pull the cane back out from Lilo’s hole, almost reaching the end before pushing it back in again. Lilo could feel the leather ribs of the cane handle slide in and out as she was slowly fucked, her pussy on fire, her whole body quivering with pleasure.

Hazel began to slide the handle in deeper and faster, calling out, “You filthy slut, you dirty whore. You like me fucking your ass, don’t you? You are such a naughty girl.” Hazel was pumping the cane in and out, her shrill voice calling out her demeaning torments as Lilo moved closer and closer to an orgasm. “Fuck me!” Lilo cried out. “Fuck me! I am a dirty slut. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, I am going to cum.” Her words turned into indecipherable groans. Hazel fucked Lilo’s ass with one hand on the cane and reached under with the other hand to spread Lilo’s pussy lips with her fingers and stroke her clit. Lilo exploded, convulsing, thrashing as the orgasm cascaded through Starzbet Güncel Giriş her body. Wave after wave of sensation, her groans filling the bedroom before collapsing in silence.

Lilo wasn’t sure at which point Hazel had stopped fucking her ass, and she couldn’t remember the cane being removed but she felt strangely empty without the cane inside her. Her breathing was returning to normal. She opened her eyes. Hazel still stood behind her. “Have you finished?” Hazel said sarcastically. Lilo nodded, embarrassed at how she must look, exhausted and sweaty from having her ass fucked. “Good, get off the bed then.” Lilo moved slowly, not trusting her body or her legs to behave normally. Finally, she stood in front of Hazel, looking down, trying to stop the redness in her cheeks from betraying her embarrassment.

“Get on your knees.” Lilo met Hazel’s eyes as she complied with the instruction, slowly lowering herself to her knees. “Look at my pussy,” Hazel commanded, widening her stance so her engorged pussy lips were now on display. Lilo looked, biting her lip as she did so to stifle the urge to lean closer and taste the pussy she had been so eager to see these past few months. Hazel gently stroked Lilo’s hair as she stood over her. “You’ve been such a naughty girl,” she said, “but I know you want to be good, don’t you?” Lilo nodded, eyes fixated on the bulging dark brown folds of Hazel’s flesh with the pink nub of her clit protruding, pronouncing the excited state of her body.

Hazel’s hands gathered around Lilo’s hair bunching it in a tight knot, gaining control of Lilo’s head. Lilo’s expression gave way to a grimace of pain but only momentarily before her face was shoved into Hazel’s pussy. Lilo drunk in the smell. The sweet scent of pussy juice mixed with a hint of urine. Her tongue probed and she was immediately rewarded with a groan from Hazel. Sliding her tongue in between the smaller girl’s lips, probing at the clit, teasing her tongue around the nub. She put her hands on Hazel’s ass, gripping it tightly and pulling the girl tighter against her face to allow her tongue to slide deeper into her folds and push into her vagina and lap at the juice that was trickling out.

Lilo sucked the fleshy lips into her mouth and gently bit down as she let the lips slide from her mouth. Hazel cried out and groaned at the same time, pushing Lilo’s face harder into her pussy in an affirmation that she was loving it. Lilo, growing bolder, took one hand from Hazel’s ass and slid it up her thigh and slowly inserted a finger into Hazel’s pussy. Hazel cried out in pleasure. “Two fingers!” she called out. Lilo complied, inserting her fore and index finger into Hazel while she sucked and licked her friend’s pussy lips. “Oh god, yes,” moaned Hazel, her body moving in time to Lilo’s fingers, shaking and moaning as her clit was being teased and bitten.

Lilo could feel Hazel’s orgasm approaching, could hear her breath quicken, could sense the urgency of her movements as she fucked Lilo’s fingers. Lilo concentrated on licking Hazel’s clit, faster and faster till she could feel her friend’s body tighten and convulse, her pussy clenching and unclenching around her fingers and she was rewarded with a gush of juice over her face and tongue as she lapped. “KEEP GOING, KEEP GOING,” Hazel cried and a second orgasm wracked through her body. Lilo was ready this time to lick at the juices as they flowed. Savouring the sweet salty taste. Swallowing it down and licking till there was none left.

“Ok, stop, stop,” Hazel said. Letting go of Lilo’s hair. Her sensitive clit no longer able to take any more pleasure. “Enough,” she stated, straightening herself and heading for the bathroom. Lilo was left on her knees, her pussy drenched, her face covered in Hazel’s juice, her hair a mess, wanting to be fucked again and again by Hazel. A few minutes later, Hazel re-emerged, her clothes back on and her hair tied back. “Be sure to clean up my cane,” she said. “See you at work tomorrow.” She didn’t glance back as she walked out the door.