Linda Ch. 03


It was over a hundred fucking degrees as I stood in front of the Phoenix terminal waiting for Linda, and her latest soon to be ex, to pick me up. I had just been replaying our last encounter and was more than ready to fuck Linda again. The fact that it meant playing her games and totally freaking out the new guy was okay with me. That stuff really made Linda tick and when she was into the freaky role play she was an animal.

A black Mercedes sedan with darkened windows pulled up and as the passenger door flew open Linda exploded out and into me. She was all in white. The tightest white pants I had ever seen painted onto her ass, a white leather vest, five inch white patent leather heels, large hoop earings and a liberal application of makup made her look like she could pass for a high priced call girl instead of the news anchor she was.

“Oh baby! I have missed you so!” she said as she tightly embraced me. As she did so her long, red nails found a purchase on my ass and she squeezed hard. “Mommy missed you so.” she said with a gleam in her eyes. As she released her grip on my ass her hands stayed against me and she cupped my crotch as she released me. I got in the back seat and endured the fake B.S. mommy/son re-aquantance conversation that went on for the twenty minute drive back to Linda’s house in Scottsdale.

It was about what I expected. Linda had strategically placed framed pictures of the two of us going back as long as we had been dating. This time she had actually included a few that had been taken on dates. She was dressed sexily and in one or two of the pictures was quite close. They were almost but not quite unmotherly. Linda was stepping it up a bit.

Linda and Dan led me to the guest room so that I could drop my bags and Linda again embraced me. Dan had already turned to go so I I took the opportunity to return the favor and I surreptitiously grabbed a handful of “mommy’s” ass as we hugged. I was surprised to discover something hard between her ass cheeks. Linda’s mouth was close to my ear and she huskily whispered, “Mommy is wearing her little boy’s favorite but plug. You know, the one with the large faux diamond that looks so lovely.” It was hard to beat Linda at a tease.

We all had dinner together and then retired to the living room to watch a movie. All three of us were on the couch together facing Linda’s widescreen HD plasma t.v. “This is something that Bostancı escort I read was pretty good that I missed.” Linda said as her netflicks selection came on screen. As Mother’s Boys flashed across the screen I had to admire Linda for sticking with the theme. If you haven’t seen this Jamie Lee Curtis flick then you will have to take my word for it, it’s not quite an incestuous story but it’s close and the title character certainly is one sexy, psychotic chick.

“Ooh Jamie Lee Curtis is so sexy.” Linda said as Jamie stripped in an attempt to seduce her ex-husband. Linda then began softly rubbing Dan’s arm and stretched out her legs until her heels were against my thighs. She stayed this way and every so often Dan glanced over uncomfortably at how close Linda was to her son.

Later in the movie the character played by Ms. Curtis was in a bathtub attempting to coax her eldest son closer. “I will bet that if I looked as good back then as I do now Steven would have the same reaction in that situation.” Linda said with a wink at me. Dan looked at her with kind of a shocked expression and said, “Maybe you have had enough to drink Linda.” As he reached for her wine glass Linda snatched it away and moved away from Dan – and closer to me.

“Oh come on Dan. Don’t be such a prude. After all we are all consenting adults here. Steven is no longer a child, perhaps he finds me attractive.” Her gaze now shifted over to me. “I know that I certainly find him attractive.

At that I blushed. It did not take a lot of acting talent to get that reaction with Dan right there. Even though I knew the whole incest angle was bullshit it was awkward and embarrassing to have Linda flirt openly with me in front of her current boyfriend. I excused myself to go to the bathroom but instead hung back just outside the room to see what Linda’s next play would be.

Linda slid back up against Dan and laughed. “Come on Dan. You have told me you have fantasized about me with a younger man.” She then lowered her voice slightly and added, “Doesn’t the thought of me – “she paused and bit her lip before continuing, “sucking Steven’s cock – turn you on.”

With that Dan blushed heavily and pulled slightly away. “Jesus Christ Linda, fantasies are one thing but this is your son for Christ’s sake. You can’t be serious.”

“Why not Dan?” She said playfully. “He has really grown up. Even Anadolu Yakası Escort though I am his mother, as a woman, I have always found him attractive. That is even more now that he is out of college and completely filled out.

I came back shortly thereafter and took my place on the couch.

“So Steven, Does Jamie Lee Curtis turn you on?” she then smiled at Dan and moved over to me, placing her manicured hand on my thigh, “Do I turn you on?”

I stammered and she cupped my package. “Ooh” she said gleefully. “Someone has made you hard.” she then laughed and moved back over to Dan.

The movie ended and I excused myself to go to bed.

Linda and Dan stayed on the couch in the living room.

“I am going to go up and ‘tuck my son into bed'” Linda said with that same gleam in her eye. “Don’t wait up – but feel free to watch.” she whispered. Before Dan could react she was up and on her way upstairs.

Linda came into my room slowly unfastening her leather vest. “I know that movie about mother’s and their sons made you hard Steven.” she said sotto voice, the gleam back where it belonged.

By the time she had reached the edge of the bed her vest was still on but open, exposing her pert D-cups and erect nipples. She slid up onto the bed on all fours straddling me, her tits hanging our and our lips met.

I had wanted to kiss her since I had felt her nails digging into my ass and I did not hold back.

After kissing for several minutes Linda broke free. She opened my button fly jeans with a practiced jerk of her hand and slowly carressed my cock. “Mommy is going to blow you now Steven.” she said and I thought I heard a faint intake of breath. I then noticed Dan’s shadow in the hallway. He was well concealed but I knew that he was there watching and Linda knew it too. This is what she lived for.

She smiled and then impaled her head on my member. As she sucked she crossed her legs and I imagined how it looked to Dan. This sexy bitch wearing tight, tight pants and a pair of come fuck me pumps was on her hands an knees sucking her son’s cock.

Linda then reached down to her crotch and pulled, revealing a zipper that exposed her crotch.

She stopped sucking. “Fuck me NOW, take me.” She then leaned back the opposite direction never taking her eyes off mine as she spread her legs wide, as only a woman who practices yoga Kadıköy Escort daily can do.

I moved over her and she placed one high heel over my right shoulder, keeping the other leg low. Her green eyes briefly closed as I entered her and as I began to thrust she began to talk. Dirty. Really Dirty.

“I used to get wet every time I spanked you Steven.” she said as she brought her hands up and caressed my face. “You could be such a bad, bad boy Steven.” I was still fucking her with slow measured strokes when she added, “Mommy does not like it slow and easy Steven, mommy likes it fast, hard and deep.”

I was really enjoying myself and had no desire to come quickly so I did nothing about the pace. Suddenly Linda slapped me across the face, hard. “Didn’t you hear mommy say she does not want it slow?” she said sharply. She then grabbed the back of my head and added, “Fuck mommy hard you little brat!”

I started thrusting faster and faster. “GOD I AM COMING!” Linda screamed as she shifted her right leg and wrapped it around me. “OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” As she came she pulled my head down to her and we kissed deeply as I continued to fuck her though now at a slower pace.

Sweat was poring off of my body now and I bent to suck her tits as I fucked her.

“God I want you in my ass Steven.” she said.

“I have wanted to fuck your ass ever since I noticed that butt plug up your ass.” I replied.

Linda reached down extracted the butplug and dropped it to the floor.

A woman asking to be fucked in the ass is always a huge turn on and I felt the come starting to rise as I continued to plow into her.

Suddenly I was stopped. Linda had placed one spike heel on my chest and the other on my stomach and was forcing me away.

“Do you want my ass?”


“Then stop talking about it an fuck my tight – little – ass – you motherfucker.”

As she said this she continued to push on my torso with her stilettos until I was no longer inside of her.

Slowly she got up, never breaking eye contact and got off of the bed. She stood at the foot of the bed, bent over and crossed her long legs.

I immediately moved behind her and slowly started feeding my cock up her tight little ass.

She squirmed slightly. “Oh God, my son is shoving his cock up my ass.”

She turned to look at me and snarled, “Come on, fuck me boytoy, can you come in mommy’s asshole?”

I violently grabbed her hair and pounded her as hard as I could.

“GOD IT HURTS SO GOOD!” Linda screamed as I started over the top.

Shortly after I came Linda again braced me away with her high heel and curtly said. “Good night Steven.”