Lisa’s Dirty Panties

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My older sister and I had always had a slightly different brother sister relationship, nothing happened of a carnal nature until we were over 18.

Lisa is 2 years older than me and we where very close and would often be mistaken for boy friend and girlfriend, we had both been off to college and back. I had been with a couple of girls but nothing serious and I’m sure Lisa had had a couple of boyfriends.

When I came home from college I was single and had no job lined up and Lisa was single and was working part time at a bar.

As we home alone together most days I started to notice Lisa for the stunning beauty she is. I began to lust after Lisa and one day I was as horny as fuck and decided to sneak into the laundry hamper and stole a pair of her used panties and masturbated while sniffing them and I was hooked like a crackhead I needed to smell her panties daily, some times 3 or 4 times a day if ya know what I mean!

Now I think back Lisa must have known about my addiction to smelling her sweet pussy juice from her panties as she would walk around the house half naked all the time and would sometimes change her underwear in the middle of the day and parade around in the new panties she was wearing almost as if she wanted to show me that she was wearing a fresh pair and I could go grab the used ones.

Lisa had developed into a stunning woman who could grace the cover of a mens magazine easily. She had long dirty Blonde hair, Blue eyes, perky DD Breasts that sat up high and tight, you could say she had an hour glass figure, smooth flat stomach and an arse that was to die for!

Mom and Dad where out of town and we had been out to a party with a new group of Lisa friends that I didn’t know, we hung out together all night and a few people didn’t know we are brother and sister and they kept telling us what a cute couple we where, I knew the guys where jealous of me because she was the hottest girl there and she kept knocking back their advancement’s.

“Sorry I’m with Cammy” she would say and we would both just smile and give each other asyabahis yeni giriş that side glance with a smirk and keep partying but it gave me butterflies to hear it and I could tell Lisa loved it too. It was pretty late and we where both fairly drunk so we headed for home.

As soon as we got in the door Lisa stared to strip off her clothes down to the sexist matching lace bra and panties I had ever seen, she grabbed my cheeks, squeezed them together and gave me a kiss on the lips, good night little brother and off she went.

As I watched her walk down the hallway and her hips swung in a hypnotic rhythm, my cock was rock hard so off to the laundry hamper I went to grab a pair of Lisas heavenly scented panties.

I set my self up in the living room on the couch since Lisa would be well and truly passed out by now and I wont get caught I though why not make my self comfortable. I took off all my clothes and began to inhale the euphoric scent that was on Lisa’s silky panties and slowly started to stroke my cock.

Just as I got a good rhythm going I heard the lounge room door rattle, lucky for me it sticks a bit so I was able to grab a blanket and cover up and hide the panties before Lisa walked in!

The door opened and there was Lisa,this time just in her panties. Her glorious perky DD breasts sitting up high on her chest with her large pink nipples erect enough to cut glass. Bashfully she said” Cammy can you come sleep in my bed tonight like we did when we were kids, I miss that.”

“Ill be there in a minute,” I said. As she turned I looked at her smoking hot bubble butt and thought to myself Holy Fuck how am I going to keep from getting an erection while laying next to her?

So I did the logical thing I raced back to the laundry stroking my cock furiously, I blew a load into her panties, threw them back I the hamper and went into her room.

I walked into her room and it was dimly lit with an old night light that she had turned on, I pulled the covers back and slid into her single bed.

“A bit less room asyabahis giriş than i remember” I joked as I snuggled into her back, Her arse firmly pressed against my cock, I wrapped and arm around her and my hand landed on her breast, “oh shit sorry” I said.

“Thats ok” she whispered as she grabbed my hand and put it on her tit making sure it was cupping it perfectly. “hmmmm this is nice” she purred while wiggling her arse cheeks on my cock, I froze in fear as my cock began to stiffen and push in-between her arse cheeks.

I realised in my rushed state I forgot to put my boxers back on so there I was with my naked body pressed up against my big sister, hand cupping one of her exquisite bare breasts and my throbbing man meat nestled firmly in her butt cheeks.

To my surprise before I could react or say sorry Lisa began to rock her hips back and forth, making the head of my cock slip passed her tight arsehole and was brushing her silky wet pussy. My head was spinning, all this time I had fantasised about fucking my big sister was it really going to happen?

Lisa reached down in-between her legs and grabbed my blue veined junket pumper and guided it into her sopping wet pussy, letting out a moan that I had never heard before and immediately started to squirt, her pussy clamped down on my cock like a boa-constrictor on its prey. She began to rock her hips furiously back and forth.

She turned her head so it was facing mine and kissed me passionately our tongues intertwined, my head was spinning she whispered “fuck me little brother, fuck me like you have dreamed about” holy shit i thought i am really fucking my sister, while staring into her eyes between passionate kisses she said.

“You have no idea how many times I have just wanted to rip your clothes off and suck on your massive cock and let you lick my pussy and fuck every hole on my body.”

I smiled “well guess tonight is our lucky night.” I rolled Lisa over and sucked on her mammoth tits and kissed my way down her stomach, down passed her navel, down her inner thigh, asyabahis güvenilirmi down her calf and across to-her other leg and back up to her glorious beef purse.

I inhaled deeply and felt high as I began to lick her pussy, this was one thing I had really waned to do since the very first day I saw her in a pair of satin panties. I lapped at her pussy and quickly her moans became louder and she sprayed me with her pussy juice as she squirted for what seemed like 10 minutes all the while I didn’t stop lapping up that pussy, she squirmed and writhed around until she begged me to give her my cock again.

I moved my self up to slip back into her pussy and she said “wait! Let me suck it” she moved her head down and took the head of my cock in her mouth and deep throated me like no other woman ever has, she took the whole length of my cock down her throat and tongued my balls when she got to the base. I was in heaven ” I’m gunna blow ” I said. She pulled away and chocked the base of my cock with her hand.

“No, your not baby not yet,” rolling onto her stomach and lifting her arse in the air I guided my cock back into her slippery pink clam, she pushed back hard and began to buck like a wild bronco but it only lasted a couple of minutes, she begged to ride me, so I lay back on the bed and she climbed on.

Seeing her milk maid tits bouncing and swaying while she rode me was a sight I will never forget, after a few minutes I couldn’t hold on any longer and screamed I’m gunna come. Lisa kept riding but lent back and started playing with her clit, her pussy again clamped down around my cock as she screamed in ecstasy and began to squirt all over my chest and face wile I could feel thick ropes of my manhood shoot out of my cock like a cannon.

Lisa continued to grind on my cock for another minute whilst waves of orgasms rolled over her, her pussy sucking every last drop of cum out of my cock until collapsing on top of me panting “oh my god little brother I had no idea it was going to be this good!”.

“I know, why the fuck didn’t we do this sooner” we lay in each others arms starting to doze, Lisa kissed me passionately.

“Your cock is amazing I think tomorrow I’ll let you stick it in my arse!” I lay there smiling drifting off to sleep imaging what tomorrow will bring.

I will tell you about that later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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