Literotica Reading Has Many Benefits

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The following story is a true story, inspired by reading another authors story of his first readings of and what occurred following his discovery of the wonderfully erotic readings of talented many authors who chose to post their work son here. My experience of reading Literotica for the first time, got me a pussy licking to die for whist I was caught reading a particular hot story about a daughter seducing her father. I had only just started reading works on the site following a discussion with a friend of how she alleviated her sexual frustrations.

It had been quite some time since I had been with someone else and I was starting to feel like my self induced orgasms were waning in both intensity and duration, despite buying a range of masturbatory aids for sexual gratification alone. I was becoming a rapidly becoming bored and frustrated because release was becoming erratic and to the climax too quickly, it was lacking something and I needed the intimacy back. Discovering Literotica appeared to fill that void!

I was tired, lonely and sexually frustrated, having been drafted onto night shift made things worse because I couldn’t even go out with my girlfriends and find any sexual fumbling from guys looking for a good time. One particular Saturday night in charge of a medical floor I decided that it was calm and quiet enough for me to take a break, I took off for my two hour break leaving the floor and eight patients in good hands of another senior nurse and two attendants.

Within a few minutes of reaching my office I had closed the door behind me and logged in, sitting upright in the chair I rapidly became aroused from reading the first chosen story. I was engrossed in the story of a young girl seducing her father and at the fumbling in my panties stage. As the story progressed I unzipped my nurse’s dress and popped my ample breasts over the top of my bra and circled a wet finger around my hardening nipples. The screen read how Rachel slipped off her panties revealing her tight pussy to her father and I felt my own pussy lubricate itself. Now oblivious to anything or my surroundings I manipulated my clit and nipples I leaned forward and scrolled the screen down and enlarged the window so that I could lay back and play but read at the same time.

I plunged my middle to fingers directly into my wet hole and finger fucked myself for a few minutes Sinop Escort before returning my eyes to the screen to read on, my fingers continuing to deliciously excite my clit. Working myself slowly toward climax with the vision of a young girl pussy playing for daddy in my head. I lifted my ass and removed my thong tossing it onto the spare chair. Feeling my cunt juice roll down my wet lips and reach my ass. I reached into my handbag for my concealed finger vibe and circled it around my labia, moaning as I felt the familiar throbbing ache as I skimmed the tip across my pulsating hole.

I did not hear my boss tap on the door nor sense the hospital night charge nurse quiet entry to the room, nor did I sense him nearing me or reading over my shoulder. I know that sounds like a cliché but I really did not realize he was there, so engrossed was I lifting my ass in a wave motion from the chair and listening to the sound of my skin pull away from the wet sticky pussy soaked leather chair.

I reached down collecting my juices and licked every drop sliding down my index finger, tasting my own wetness and feeling the chair on my ass as I returned to a sitting position I lifted my dress above my waist and threw my legs over the arm of the chair opening my wet lips further. Sliding my vibe over my suspender and across my thigh I located just above my clit serving to make me take a sharp intake of breath. In my orgasm inducing state I cooed as I felt the steady hum vibrate my hard nub and my pussy leak more cum.

As I dabbled the vibe in various places I pulled the chair neared the desk so that I could read further. As I read how Rachel held her father’s cock in her small hand and pull his foreskin down revealing the purple head I closed my eyes and licked my lips imagining that site in front of me. Some within me I became conscious of a rhythmic clicking sound, gently turning my head to one side I began checking out my bare leg abandoned over the arm of the chair and sensed something out of the corner of my eye. Leaning back a little I swiveled the chair a little to my left and leant back

There was my boss head tossed back, eyes closed, lips open and tongue lolling as he himself was carried away with stroking is nice big cock just to the left of my face. Once he realized I had seen him he spoke asking if this was a normal occurrence Sinop Escort Bayan or if I just needed a one off relief.

I started to make myself decent explaining to him about the quickly about the site expecting him to reprimand me for accessing it on a works computer, but he just pulled up another chair up slid my chair to one side and started to read the rest story.

Imagine how surprised I was when he wrapped his hand back around is uncut cock and fisted himself right there in front of me. He motioned for me to continue and picked up my panties working them into his fingers around his hard leaking cock,

I was so horny watching him I followed his lead thrusting my fingers and watching my work colleague thrusting his cock into his hand (it was an awesome sight and had me fantasizing how it would feel inside me).

We both brought ourselves to the edge of orgasm several times and Ron tied my thong around the base of his cock to continue stroking but to delay ejaculation. Each time one of us nearly orgasmed we would stop and watch the other (very erotic).

we must have masturbated for well over an hour when Ron actually stopped jerking and asked me where the boundaries to this session ended.

I was unstoppable telling him just go with what feels good, he told me he wanted much more. I reached for his cock and slid my hand up and down his shaft slowly and he laid back in the chair, telling me how hot this was making him. He watched intently as I worked more and more precum from head of his now throbbing member. He leant over and reciprocated by fingering my wet cunt for a few minutes and massaging my clit before sliding off his chair. Taking in the sight and aroma, I shivered as I felt is breath on my pussy. He let me anticipate his first touch for what seemed like an age but delved sharply into my contracting hole tongue fucking me making me rise from the chair and entwine my fingers in his hair.

I was in heaven my g-spot being tongued and finger but when he slid is flat tongue up my sticky soaked pussy toward my clit I thought I might die as he diddled it with the very tip of his tongue, I felt a huge amount of cum slide down my crack into the crevice of my ass and his tongue followed and brought it back to my clit several times. His tongue just delicately worked me into vaginal orgasm after clitoral Escort Sinop orgasm before giving me a delicious combined orgasm with fingers and tongue.

As I came down from what seemed like a five minute orgasm I could see him smiling and jerking his cock as I recovered, his hard cock reared up and slapped against my pussy lips as he furiously jacked against my wetness. I thought he was going to penetrate me but I wanted to taste his precum so badly that I slid onto the floor and sucked and licked on him for quite some so as to postpone the fucking I knew I was going to receive and boy did he taste great.

We were both panting and sweaty and he was quite obviously needing his release but his cock was so hard from having the blood flow restricted that the thong knotted around the base of his cock looked painful, I asked if he wanted to cum now or have more he nodded yes to cumming but begged me to suck on his cock some more.

He said his cock had never looked so big in all his 47 years, I started to circle my tongue around his bulbous head and he almost cried out aloud, he began pushing my head all the way down his shaft almost fucking my face. Now grabbing my hair he told me that he had never seen anything as hot as me sucking his cock. We lay back down on the floor and intimately oral sexed for a few more minutes before he finally stood me up bent me over the desk slowly sliding himself into me picking up rhythm he began pounding my pussy whilst whispering how tight my pussy felt. We were both completely lost in the desire to cum, moaning and groaning so loudly I briefly wondered if the nurses on the floor might hear.

All I could see was the screen as he fucked me harder and harder, he reached around with his fingers and rubbed erratically on my clit which took me over the edge and more my legs trembled. I squirted hot cum all over my thighs, his cock and balls before feeling Ron take his last three thrusts and ejaculate a huge load deep within me. We both collapsed onto the chair his cock still deep within my pulsating folds.

How on earth we didn’t make a mess all over the floor or be heard I will never know how but let’s just say Literotica viewing became our subject of many office meetings for the next eight months and my stint on nights went by quicker than I would have liked. We never really got to read more than two because they made us so horny we were engrossed in hot sex in no time!

Often we would pass in the corridors and briefly exchange and recommend stories but we never got the opportunity after I was taken off night shift to get together but we are still both avid readers of Literotica! words