Living with Rachael Pt. 03

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I suspected it was going to be a good weekend when I got home from work on Friday and saw my friend Emily’s car in the driveway for the house I rented, instead of my roommate Andrew’s. My suspicions were confirmed when I found Emily making out with my other roommate, Rachael, on the brown leather couch in our living room.

They continued to kiss for a long moment after I closed the front door behind me, flirty hands wandering over arms and shoulders. Quick smiles buried in the press of their lips told me they knew I was there. Eventually, Emily pulled her mouth away, taking Rachael’s bottom lip with her. When it popped free from Emily’s teeth, Rachael gasped. Emily stroked Rachael’s cheek delicately before she jumped to her feet and walked quickly to me, throwing her arms around my chest, which was head-high for her. “Hey! I’m glad you’re home,” she told me.

I took a moment to enjoy her vanilla perfume mixed with my leather, cinnamon, and fenugreek cologne as it filled the air around me. “I’m dubious,” I replied, “since it seemed like you two were doing fine without me, but thank you for saying so. It’s good to see you too.”

She squeezed me once before letting go. “You know my girlfriend, Rachael.” She gestured expansively toward the couch, where Rachael beamed a smile at me. I wondered if Rachael’s boyfriend, our other roommate Andrew, knew about her new title.

“She does look familiar. I’m sure it’ll come to me.” They both grinned. “To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?”

“To pleasure, of course,” she responded without hesitation. “Rachael told me about what you two did.” She hugged me again, much longer than before, and she favored me with a soft peck on the lips before she backed away. “Thank you for taking care of my precious, horny freak.”

“It was, per the theme for tonight, my pleasure.”

“Yes!” Emily agreed, thrusting her hands into the air and parading back to Rachael. She held my roommate’s head to her abdomen and turned to look at me. “First, I’m disappointed you fucked her ass before mine. I’m the slutty one here.”

“Then you should have given it up years ago. Do you know many bar pool tables I’ve eyefucked you on?”

“You think I don’t do my best to get eyefucked on pool tables,” she retorted, then paused with a thoughtful squint. “You need a pool table. I’m tired of only getting theoretically fucked on them.”

I barked a laugh. “Wait. Does that mean you have some sort of table fettish?” Emily started to grin, but froze, and then started to count on her fingers, presumably the number of times she’d been fucked on a table. She glared at me when she reached the final tally, which almost exhausted both hands.

“Anyway,” she continued with narrowed eyes, “Mine should’ve been the first ass you fucked, but I’m at least gonna be even with her before the night is over. I wish I could have seen it though.” She looked down, locked eyes with Rachael, cupped her chin, and kissed her firmly.

“I have some good news then,” I told them when the kiss separated. “I have pictures.”

Both of their faces whipped around to mine. “You were taking pictures?” Rachael asked, confused, accurately remembering that she hadn’t seen a camera in my hands while we pretended I was raping her.

“Just the aftermath. You were already unconscious. I wanted to tell you. I just haven’t seen you much lately. I thought you’d want a few reminders as much as I did.”

“Show us!” Emily demanded. Racahel immediately agreed. They gathered around me as I pulled up the dozen or so pictures I’d taken after I literally fucked Rachael senseless. Mostly, they were of her tits spilled on the mattress and my come leaking out of her ass, but I did have one cute shot of her face buried in her pillow, adorned with sweaty hair and the smallest hint of a smile. I realized I had been fondling Rachael’s ass while we reminisced when I had to take my hand off it to put my phone away.

Emily turned back to me with lust and deviousness written on her face. “Rachael and I are going to go sit at the dinner table. We’ll expect dinner in, oh, let’s say an hour.”

“So I’m your chef tonight?” I confirmed.

“People pay for pussy with food all the time,” Emily answered dismissively. “You’re getting a bargain, considering how many parts of how many people your dick is gonna be in tonight. You’re also our … ” She scrunched her nose in thought, and then whispered something to Rachael.

“Roommate in waiting? Sex butler? Erotic attendant?” Rachael replied.

“That one!” Emily squealed and turned to me. “You are our Erotic Attendant tonight. You will provide any and all sexy services we need, obviously up to and including a hard dick. And we need some service right now.” She pulled Rachael to her feet and spun her to face me before moving to stand behind her. “My girlfriend’s tits need to be exposed so we can all enjoy a show before dinner. Come strip her from the waist up.” She reached around Rachael to cup her breasts and lift them slightly. Rachael bit her lower gaziantep masaj salonları lip, and a soft moan escaped her as her eyes sparkled.

I stood in front of Rachael, but reached around her head to grab Emily by the hair, using my grip to pull her face up Rachael’s shoulder. “Doesn’t she make the best noises when she’s horny?” I asked Emily right beside Rachael’s ear.

“And when she’s getting fucked,” Emily agreed. “Have you spanked her yet?” Rachael moaned again.

“No, but it sounds like that’s item one on the agenda for tonight.” I wasted no time pulling Rachael’s black t-shirt over her head. Her shimmering, cream-colored bra greeted me, straining under the weight of her chest. I realized, though I’d had my hands on her tits twice before, I’d never removed a bra from her. She sighed contently as I slipped the straps gently from her shoulders and covered the red creases the garment left on her skin with soft kisses. Emily picked up my lead and did the same on her other shoulder. Content coos and whimpers leaked quietly from my roommate.

When I slid my hands around Rachael to unhook the unwanted impediment, I brushed Emily’s tits. Since I’d gone much longer without fondling Emily than I had Rachael, I took a moment to dig my fingers into her breasts, which she leaned into eagerly after biting Rachael’s neck, before I unhooked Rachael’s bra and pulled it slowly down her arms.

As soon as it was free, before I got a chance to play with Rachael’s fantastic breasts, Emily took a few quick steps around Rachael and hoisted her arms in the air for me to strip her. Instead, I reached down to grab Rachael’s wrists, which I used to slap Rachael’s hands onto Emily’s chest. When Rachael’s fingers grabbed Emily by the nipples, I kissed Emiliy hard. “Mmmm, oh, fuck yes,” she mumbled into my mouth.

I decided to see how much Emily would enjoy the kind of aggression I’d shown Rachael. I pulled my friend from my roommate’s eager grip and pushed her against a wall. She gasped at the impact, and then again when I shoved my hands up her shirt to fondle her roughly. When I yanked her shirt over her head and pinned her against the wall with a full body kiss, I heard Rachael scamper up the stairs to our bedroom area.

I had Emily bare-chested and wild-eyed by the time Rachael returned. She tapped me on the shoulder and favored me with an adorable smile. The smell of my cologne filled the air with a sudden renewal. “If I may…” she asked, gesturing with her head toward Emily. I stepped to the side, and Rachael grabbed two handfuls of Emily’s hair. She then shoved her new girlfriend’s face between her tits and rubbed it in circles. “I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed some of your cologne. Not the new stuff though,” Rachael said to me while Emily fondled and rubbed her face on Rachael’s chest – the new stuff being the pine and honeysuckle scent I’d purchased when she’d asked me to wear something different while I attacked her, so I wouldn’t smell familiar. She stretched up onto her toes and kissed my cheek. “That’s only for me.”

“I’m looking forward to wearing it again.”

“I can’t wait, but I wanna be in the shower next time, totally exposed and vulnerable and … oohhhhh … and so slippery anything can slide in anywhere.” She released Emily’s hair, grabbed her ass, and ground their groins together firmly.

Emily latched onto Rachael’s butt and added pressure. She looked up at me as they both groaned. “Oh! I wanna watch and help next time.” She bit Rachael’s face lightly. “Maybe I convince you to rape her instead of me, like a Goldielocks thing.” She grinned at me. “And all her holes are just right,” she sang. “I’ll hold her down, maybe sit on her face so she can’t scream.” The rough, brief kiss she pressed to Rachael’s mouth was eagerly reciprocated.

“But that’s for some other time,” she told me as she pulled back from the kiss and stroked Rachael’s breasts lightly. “Tonight, good food and another hot and dirty threesome, just like the first time, but with more anal.” She smacked herself on the ass, and then took one of Rachael’s hands and led her to my dining room.

Fortunately, I’d already planned to feed Rachael that night, so adding Emily was no big deal. We chatted about nothing important while I chopped, boiled, sauteed, layered, and baked dinner. They ooh’d appropriately at my sausage and zucchini lasagne as I presented them with quivering stacks of noodles, along with a glass of chianti.

As I was clearing the plates, Emily suddenly smacked Rachael on the tit. “You never told me you were into butt stuff! I’m still mad at you for that.”

“I didn’t know until … ” she trailed off as her face flushed a deep red, but she managed to give me an appreciative smile. She hadn’t known she liked anal until our rape game included it.

“You can thank Emily,” I told her. “She’s the one who came up with the closet freak hypothesis.”

Rachael kissed her on the cheek, then sucked her gaziantep masaj salonları escortları earlobe into her mouth. “Maybe I like giving butt stuff too,” she husked into Emily’s ear. Emily’s eyes rolled up as she bit her lower lip.

“Sounds like it’s time for dessert!” I supplied.

“More mocha sundaes?” Emily asked with a knowing twinkle.

“That’s a weird thing to call your downstairs bits, although, maybe not in this case.” They both laughed. The ingredients of the mocha sundaes had mostly ended up making a bikini for Emily that was licked off during our first threesome. “But sure, Rachael and I are gonna devour your mocha sundae now.”

“No no,” Emily protested. “Spankings, both of us, right now.” She stood, pulling Rachael to her feet. “Make it happen.”

“Well, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to indulge your table fettish tonight.” Emily stuck her tongue out at me. I refused to acknowledge it. “This room is too small for me to get a good swing. So, my bedroom, now.” I pointed toward the ceiling. “Whoever is on top in the sixty nine when I get there gets spanked first.” They shoved their way out of the dining room playfully, but I grabbed them by the waistbands of their pants as they passed me and dragged them back. “I didn’t hear a thank you.”

“Thank you,” they sang sweetly. I kissed both of them firmly and then smacked their asses. They sprinted to the stairs as fast as dinner would allow.

Once the leftovers were stored, I proceeded upstairs. Instead of vigorously devouring each other, they were standing beside my bed and dressed exactly as they had been when they left the dining room. Both were fondling their own breasts.

“We decided it would be much more fun to make you decide who you wanted to spank first,” Emily told me with a mischievous glint in her eye. “So we’ve been getting ourselves super horny and eager for you.”

“We also decided that whoever isn’t getting spanked should still get some attention from you, so we’re going to make tonight all about you making us both happy at the same time,” Rachael elaborated. Then, she turned and kissed Emily while slapping her hands to Emily’s tits. Emily reciprocated, and they promptly forgot about me for a few moments while their tongues wrestled and they clutched greedily at the new prizes their burgeoning relationship had wrought.

Since I’d fucked Rachael much more recently than Emily, and I really liked the sight of Rachael with her ass in the air, I pulled them apart and kissed Rachael roughly before shoving her onto the bed, facedown. Emily looked at me with faux disappointment, which promptly disappeared when I yanked open the button of her jeans and shoved my hand into her thong. Her smooth pussy was soaked, and two fingers sank into her easily. Her head lolled back and she grabbed my forearm with both hands and a squeak.

I pulled her to me and pressed her back against my chest. My fingers delved more deeply into her, and she groaned loudly. “I’m going to put a few burdens on you two tonight,” I said over the sound of Emily’s rhythmic whimpers. “First, you are responsible for removing all clothing. Once you start on someone, you can’t stop until that person is naked, but you can only remove one piece of clothing every five minutes. You’ll just have to entertain yourselves during the downtime.” Rachael looked back at me from the bed and smiled, while Emily folded over my hand with a loud moan. Little did they know this was part of my plan to have two beautiful women spend twenty to thirty minutes sucking my dick.

“Second, no one gets a beating until everyone is naked. Since Rachael gets the first spanking, she’s the last one to be naked.” Rachael thrust her lower lip out at me. “On your feet,” I directed to her. “Your girlfriend isn’t going to get any more naked with you like that.”

She shoved herself up to her feet and yanked Emily’s jeans to the floor. When she stood, I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face to Emily’s. Once their tongues were tangled, I pulled my phone from my pocket and set a five minute timer with one hand while I fingered Emily with the other.

Emily was panting wildly by the time my phone started beeping. “Finally!” she yelled, pulling her mouth from Rachael’s and yanking off her black thong as quickly as possible, made slightly more difficult when I refused to remove my fingers from her while she did it. She twisted on those fingers to face me. “Play with my ass?” she asked, surprisingly timid for her.

Rachael gripped Emily’s butt cheeks with both hands and squeezed as she started to cover her girlfriend’s shoulders with kisses, but Emily never took her eyes from mine. I stroked her cheek with the hand that wasn’t fingering her and drawing circles around her clit. “Why so shy suddenly? I don’t think you’ve ever asked me for anything.”

Her face fell, and she rested head on my chest. Her hands locked onto my forearm, and she quickly fucked herself to orgasm masaj salonları gaziantep using my fingers that she steered deeply into her hot pussy. When her shaking stopped she looked up at me with regretful eyes. “I’ve only done it once and it sucked and it hurt and I hated it but I really like it when I do it and I want it to feel good when someone else fucks my ass,” she blurted with a frustrated stomp of her foot.

Rachael froze behind her. I spun Emily to face her, and they embraced tightly. When they started to pepper each other’s faces with kisses I reached between Emily’s legs from behind, made sure my fingers were well coated, and then started to tease her ass open slowly. She squeaked into Rachael’s mouth before her low moan filled the room.

I had a finger halfway into her ass when my phone beeped. Emily tore apart their kiss and yelled at the ceiling in frustration. “Don’t worry,” I told her, taking a moment to suck on her neck and press my finger a little deeper. “There’s nothing I want more tonight than for you to come so hard with my dick in your ass you pass out, and I’m sure Rachael agrees with me.” She nodded vigorously with a toothy, cheesy smile, and Emily melted a little.

“But significantly more nakedness has to occur before then. Rachael, come take my pants off.” When Rachael let go of Emily, I removed my finger from her reluctantly and spun her to face me again. “I meant it when I said I’ve eyefucked you a million times.”

“I’ve noticed,” she told me with an impish grin. “Honestly, I’m surprised you didn’t make a move years ago.” She waggled her eyebrows at me. “Obviously you’re fuckable. You’d probably know my ass inside and out by now if you had.”

Rachael embraced me from behind and rubbed her chest against my back, along with one of her cheeks. “You always seemed to be in a relationship or so freshly out of one you didn’t want another,” I told Emily.

“Aww, you’ve always been so respectful of my boundaries and wishes like that. I really do appreciate it. I definitely made the right decision when I got naked on your table.”

I pressed an aggressive kiss to her lips, sending my tongue searching for hers. When I pulled away, Rachael popped the button on my jeans and they fell to the floor. “Well those days are over. I’ll be doing my best to do every dirty thing I can think of to you. I’m sure Rachael will be glad to help.” Rachael quickly moved back to her position behind Emily, where she promptly clutched Emily’s tits greedily. “I plan to make it my mission to be fondling at least one of you at all times.” I reached around her to grab Rachael’s ass and smash us all together.

I covered Emily’s neck and face with kisses while she humped my thigh until the next timer went off. I swirled my tongue around Emily’s ear when it did. “Time for you to whip out the dick that’s going to claim your ass later.”

She dropped to her knees and yanked my boxers to the floor. With no hesitation she threw her mouth onto my dick. Rachael knelt behind her. “You look so sexy with that dick in your mouth.” Emily screamed around my shaft when Rachael started to finger her. “Get it nice and slick so it can fuck you.” Emily bobbed roughly on my cock, fucking her own throat with it. “I hope he fucks your ass at least that roughly. I can’t wait to watch every second of it. I bet you’ll like it as much as you’re enjoying getting spit roasted right now.”

Emily sputtered and gagged as she orgasmed with a mouthful of dick. Rachael supported her as she slumped to the side, my cock slipping from her mouth. I helped Rachael lift her onto my bed and stretch out her boneless form. As soon as she was in place, the timer began to beep. “My turn,” Rachael said to me, moving her hands to her jeans.

“Whoa there. I’m still wearing three pieces of clothing.” Her eyes expanded slowly to fill her face. I grabbed her wrists and brought them to the hem of my shirt, which she lifted with a knowing smirk. Standing there in just my socks, I told her, “I guess there’s nothing for you to do but suck my dick for the next ten minutes or so.”

She sat on the bed, grabbed my cock with one hand and one of her breasts with the other. “I guess not.”

“Go slow,” I directed. “I still have two horny sluts who need fucked.”

Her eyes shrunk to devious points. “I have a better idea.” She attacked my cock voraciously, sucking and stroking with a wild abandon. I came down her throat before my first sock came off. My loud groaning roused Emily, who sat beside Rachael, grabbed her tits, and began to suck on her neck. Rachael pulled her mouth off my dick to yell, “Oh god I’m so fucking wet right now!” She then shoved my cock back in her mouth and worshiped it. She knew exactly how to use her tongue stud, rubbing it on the most sensitive parts of my dick. By the time my second sock came off I was hard again and we were all smashing our bodies together however we could.

I pulled free from Rachael, lifted her to her feet, and flung my phone to the side before I stripped her roughly. After biting her ass twice, which led to adorable squeals, I shoved her facedown onto the bed and spanked her hard half a dozen times, which brought more sexy vocalizations.

Emily leapt to her feet and pointed her ass at me. She got the same treatment, after which I alternated, two swats for each of them. By the time both of their asses were bright pink I was crazy with the need to fuck one of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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