Liz , Mike Meet


Liz met Mike at Sara home, a white girlfriend, who is into blacks and has fucked a few of my friends. She lived near NYC and had come up for a week’s holiday.

They turned each other on immediately. Liz could feel Mike lusting after her. There we all were drinking tea as Mike and Liz flirted outrageously on the sofa. Sara didn’t seem to mind as she was chatting with Anthony, a friend, who suggested she show her the house. It’s a big Victorian one with lots of rooms and a huge garden.

“I’m just going to show Anthony around, okay?” Sara said.

Leaving Mike and Liz alone on the sofa. He is white, tall, just a little older and very sexy and funny. Liz was laughing all the time and feeling so good with him. Talking and touching each other on the arms, shoulders, thighs where he leaves his large, elegant hand lingering as he looks into her green eyes with his blue eyes. A shuddering sigh escapes her. She wants him so bad. Feeling her nipples pucker and pussy has that oozy feeling, skin is tingling. Sliding his hand gently along her neck, she melts into him.

In slow motion they kiss… oh, his soft lips and gentle tongue licking her mouth! His hands moving over her back! She just wants to wrap around him, ataşehir escort waiting to be taken and used by him. She had fallen madly in lust with Mike. He could do anything to her beautiful, sensual chocolate body and he could feel that.

His hands are all over Liz’s body as she sucked on his tongue, whimpering. Lying on the couch with legs spread, skirt up to her waist as he rubs her pussy, teases it through her panties, fingers stroking across her clit.

Wanting him and press her hands against his groin, fumbling with his jeans, the zipper, the button, groping into his pants and grabbing at his hard cock.

“Oh god, oh god, this is so good!” Liz cried.

They both know Anthony and Sara could come back at any minute but just didn’t care. Needing to fuck, she pull him over and guided his cock into her soaked pussy, pulling aside her panties, he starts to drive into her lovebox. Holding her ankles, spreading wide, getting full access to her cunt, he is using, taking, dominating and she wanted to scream in pleasure but all she can do is whimper and moan as his tongue is buried deep in my mouth. Pulling at him and thrusting her hips against his, getting all of his cock inside with each ataşehir escort determined stroke.

She was cumin as soon as he entered and the orgasms didn’t stop. Peaking when he started to come inside, grunting and fucking like an animal. Then she did scream.

He laid on top, kissing and sucking her chocolate tits with her arms around his head, telling him how much she loved it.

They heard Anthony and Sara outside in the garden so Mike got up to look out the window. They were sitting in deck chairs on the lawn, talking and laughing. As he was peeping through the curtains she sank to her knees, with her ass resting on her heels, with one arm around his thigh and the other on his balls, a finger rubbing his asshole her face reached up and slurped noisily on his cock which she felt hardening in her wet lips. He grabbed her head and thrust his white meat into her face, mouth was wide open, wanting to swallow him whole – he fucked her mouth and she started coming again.

Slipping two fingers into his asshole and scraped fingers over his tight balls, wanting him to cum too. His cock is a good size, seven inches long and she wanted to taste every bit of it. Liz’s throat opened and he slowly anadolu yakası escort went forward on it till she was pressing her nose against his belly. He was jerking into her face, holding onto her head and just wanting to fill her mouth with his cream, feel him shudder, pump, throb, wanting to hear him moan and hold her head as he used her to deposit his cream, and he did.

She was coming like the wild slut, with one hand rubbing all over her slimy cunt as he just kept on pumping into her mouth. She almost gagged but relaxed and let it spurt into her throat – swallowing some of it and some drooling in strings out of her mouth and hung, swinging from her chin. After he had finished cumin he slowly withdrew his empty cock, then scooped up the cum from her face and offered his sticky fingers to her. Opening her mouth, she put out her tongue and lapped at his spunk like a kitten licking up cream.

Then he kissed her deeply, his tongue sucked off the last drops. Licking her face clean, kissing, licking and nibbling. There were some splatters on her tits, he nuzzled down her neck, shoulders until he came to his spunk running towards her dark pearls. His tongue came out and snaked it all up, then he came back up to her mouth and licked all over her closed lips. She opened her mouth and slowly rolled her tongue across her lips.

They got cleaned up and dressed, got some drinks from the fridge, then headed outside to join their friends, who seems to be showing the “We know all” grin.