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It’s been years that I have been intimate with another woman since my wife passed on. It was pretty hard on me that she had gotten ill and left me alone, especially since I now had to work harder to keep our family together. For five years, it was ruff and thankfully the rewards of a higher pay and less work hours entitled me to a rest. My oldest kid, my son, had moved out last year, and my daughter was mostly spending all her time with her fiancé, so I was now alone again. For the last five years, I had spent many a night pleasuring myself in various ways and now that I was able to commit and have free time, I felt I needed to get back into the dating scene. The problem I had though was that every avenue I tried seemed to not work. After all, who would want to go out with a forty-eight year old geezer like me? All the ladies ranged from 27 to 15. Yep, 15!! Hard to believe the bars would allow them in. Even I could tell they were under aged.

While I was reading a restaurant newsletter, I saw an ad for personals. I always laughed at them when I was younger, but now I was thinking maybe it would be a road I should take. I managed to call the number and three days later I received a small booklet outlining women seeking men from the immediate area. Most were not of my type, but one did have outlines that attracted me. I decided what the hell and called the number. It was one of those universal numbers and you had to key in a three digit number to reach the right person. I left a message about wishing to talk and seeing how we’d get along.

After a week, I was about to call another woman whom came close to what I was looking for when the first lady called me back. We talked for what felt like hours. Her voice was soothing and our interests were almost the same, from the music we listened to all the way to activities. It turned out she too was 48 years old, named Dawn, divorced and living alone as her kids had moved out. Our chats over the phone continued through the next two weeks when we suddenly decided it would be ok to meet. We decided on a local McDonald’s Restaurant and it was set up for tomorrow afternoon.

I arrived early, nervous like I was 17 years old again, on my first date with my first girlfriend. I went into the restaurant and ordered a drink with some chicken nuggets to pass the time. I arrived early on purpose so I could scan who was coming in. Dawn said she was going to show up in a blue blouse with a red flower pattern over her left breast and tight blue jeans. I was at a booth that had a view of all three doors and it was easy to see who would come in. After 20 minutes, a lady came in wearing exactly what Dawn said she would wear. The problem was, I knew this person. It wasn’t Dawn, it was my ex-girlfriend from high school, Mary! I decided to just remain calm, maybe it was just coincidence. She looked all around the restaurant and I could tell she was nervous. It had to be “Dawn” and then I remembered Mary’s middle name, Dawn. I held my head in my hands, breathing heavily and peeked at her. She had ordered a drink and sat at a table on the opposite side of me and was reading a book. I knew I couldn’t avoid it so I got up, deep breath and walked up to her table. She looked up at me with a smile, until she realized it was me.

“Do you mind? I’m waiting for my date to show up and we have nothing to say to each other anyway.”

I looked her over as she slightly sneered at me. “So I guess you are not pretending to be a woman named Dawn?”

Mary stopped reading and slurping her Coke, looked down and I could hear her whisper something like, oh my God what have I done. I sighed heavily, explained to her that I didn’t lie about why I was getting back in the dating scene. Mary was once not just my friend, but also my wife’s. She apologized for not knowing and we did end up talking for a while. Strangely enough, I think we talked more in depth than we had on the phone the last few weeks. She explained why she acted the way she did when we broke up in high school and admitted to hoping I would have gone to our prom so that we’d get back together. I always suspected as much, but I stayed away for my own reasons. She then told me about how bad her divorce went with her ex-husband and how she had custody of their youngest child while he got the older one. Now that she was living alone, she felt she could finally get on with her romance. It was somewhat similar to my reasoning. We ended up talking until it was close to closing time. I got up and explained that I best be off and asked what we should do next.

“Hhhmmm, well we did plan to meet today, which we did, and to tell the truth I feel like things between us have carried on long enough. Would you like to come over to my place for some more reacquainting?”

I smiled and accepted. We went to my car and drove just three blocks to her apartment. She apologized for the fact she was in one, as her ex ended up with the house. I didn’t care as I was finally getting a friend back in Mary. I sat on the couch Sivas Escort and she went into the kitchen to get some drinks. When she returned, she had the drinks, a smile and her blouse was open three buttons down, revealing that deep cleavage I use to see and play with in high school. She sat beside me and we continued to talk. I told her that I had not been with anyone since my wife passed away, then she admitted to having a few one night stands just because she felt she needed the sex. That sounded like her.

Years ago in high school, we started dating and I remember getting a note from her between classes. When I read it, she was explaining that she wanted me to skip a class with her so she could get that “special feeling” again as she needed it. What she meant was me playing with her tits, sucking on them and finger fucking her pussy. We did all that as teens and she loved how big my cock would get for her as she stroked it. I still remember the day I came on the hairs of her pussy. She was so turned on, she came very hard and fell asleep. It was then she noticed my stare to her breasts.

“What are you thinking about, the good old days when you use to play with the girls?”

We both laughed and I did admit to doing so. She stared at my jeans, likely noticing the hard on I had.

“Rob, I don’t want to sound like a slut or eager, but I just have to confess that I’ve been thinking about us as teens as well. You were the first boy to touch my tits and pussy, you know. My first boyfriend tried, but I never let him. I think it was because deep inside, I really did want you.”

“Oh we’ve been through that, Mary. You admitted to me about your real feelings and even why you dated him instead of me. That was decades ago.”

“Well, you have to admit that it was very peculiar that you had your hands up my shirt and down my pants the first day we became lovers, although we were dating for weeks before and even behind his back.”

I laughed. “I had a dream once that after you went on a date with him, you called me up and we ended up having sex right in the park in your backyard. Then you went to school the next day without him knowing what we did while you would sneak smiles at me.”

“That is one thing I regret, stopping you that night we almost had sex. I was just scared after what had happened to my two friends. I didn’t want to get pregnant and end up in a poor house like them. But there were many nights after that one that I dreamt of you taking my virginity. Even after I slept with John, I still would masturbate with you in my mind and that went on even after I got married.”

“Even after the divorce?”

Mary fell silent a moment. “Yes, actually even recently. God, Rob, even though we never fucked, you always cared about my pleasure. You always asked if I liked what you were doing and if I had a good cum. John and Sam were never like that, even the guys I fucked afterwards weren’t. And none were as big as you were.” I nearly choked on my drink. “You ok?”

Coughing a bit, but I managed to say, “Yeah….just didn’t expect that.”

“Well, it’s true. Your cock was so thick, my fingers barely touched each other when I them around it. And the cum you’d shoot. Remember that one time you shot it all over my pubic hair?”

I snickered, “Yeah?”

“Well, that was when my mom found out we were fooling around. She washed my panties and the front of them were all crusted with your jism. She even smelled it and knew it was sperm, not my pussy. That’s when we had a LONG talk and the reason why after that when you got close to cumming, I’d either stop stroking you or I would dry hump with you so that you’d cum in your pants instead.”

We both laughed. I had my arm behind her and we were now staring at each other. It suddenly felt like we were two teenagers again as our expressions changed. Our hands met and our fingers intertwined together. We drew closer until our lips met and we kissed passionately. I had no idea how long it was, but by the time we broke apart, all the years of being alienated from each other seemed to disappear.

“Oh God, I never thought we’d ever do that again,” she said.

“I’m just as surprised.” I swallowed. “Mary, I never fell out of love with you. Even after marrying and having my kids, I still held you deep inside. I know I am risking you kicking me out, but I am just being honest.”

Mary suddenly jumped me, in a sense. She collapsed her whole body onto me that we fell back in the couch and we were in a very hot, passionate embrace and kiss. Our tongues were dancing and jousting each other. I felt her tits mash against me as we laid there like wild crazy teens in love again.

Mary broke the kiss and looked down at me. “I felt the same way, Rob. I regretted breaking up with you back then. Nearly every time I had sex since then, I had you in my mind and would enjoy it all the more.”

I don’t know why, but my hands went up under her blouse and were running over her Sivas Escort Bayan back, feeling the clasps of the bra she was wearing. Mary moaned and sat up, straddling me. Without a word, my hands moved to her front and I started kneading her breasts. She smiled and took her blouse off, then her hips were starting to move back and forth on me.

“Oh God, it feels like you have a monster in there still.”

I noticed her hands moved down to undo my jeans. By that time, my own hands were trying to release her huge tits. There were somewhat bigger than the last time I saw them. As I removed her bra, they were free to my touch, her nipples were now dark compared to the pale pink that they were and standing straight out for me. After playing with them, my hands went behind her to caress her round ass. Mary grabbed her right tit and laid back down on me, my hands having an even rounder portion of her butt to grasp.

“Suck my tits, Rob, just like you use to.”

I began to lick at her nipple, teasing it as my hands went under her jean waist. She moaned louder as my lips encased her nipple and then she let out a loud gasp as I began to suck on it. It wasn’t long before I felt her shake and then tense up with a scream. She collapsed on me breathing heavily.

“Oh my God, Rob. You can still make me cum just by doing that!”

Smiling, I looked up at her. “Do you think this is a good idea?”

“I don’t see why not. We aren’t married or committed to anyone and we’re older, smarter now. We did some stupid things as teenagers.”

I brushed the hair out of her eyes. “Yeah, we both had done some pretty mean stuff.”

“Sssshhhh, please. Don’t ruin this moment. All’s forgiven on my part. Let’s just enjoy what we have right now.”

With that she went up on her knees. I undid the button of her jeans and pulled the zipper down. Then I peeled her jeans off, one leg at a time, and stared at her panties. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. Her pussy was just soaking the middle of them and I could see her hair shadowed against the fabric. Then she pulled my pants down and looked at me dead in the eye.

“Ready to see my pussy, Mr. Johnson?”

“I sure am, Ms. Daniels. As long as you are ready to see my cock.”

“I’ve been ready for over 20 years.”

With that, Mary pulled my underwear down and exposed my cock. I could hear here swoon when it popped out for her. Then she pulled the front of her panties and asked me to pull them from the back. I heard the tearing of fabric and they ripped open. She pulled the waistband up a bit and exposed her pussy for my view. I didn’t know what was better, her dark nipple capped 40DDD tits or her wet, pouting trimmed pussy. She stroked my cock a few times while I ran my fingers through her lips, teasing at both her hole and clit, then when I moved my hand, she moved the head of my cock up to her pussy.

“Rob’s cock, allow me to reintroduce you to my pussy…Mary’s pussy, remember his cock?”

We snickered at that, but it was VERY sexy. My head slid in easily and we stopped there.


“Yeah, I know, Rob. This was as far as we got ever.” She was smiling just as happily as I was. “Let’s see if you can get that monster cock up inside me. Fuck me like the seventeen year old that I was so long ago.”

Talking dirty just made it all that much more stimulating. Mary began to bring her weight down on my lap, sliding down my cock and allowing herself to be fuck by the guy she had always wanted. With every inch she took, Mary gasped loudly and once I was all the way in, she was deeply surprised.

“OH FUCKING SHIT!!!!! Rob, you’re stretching me! It feels like you’re splitting me open! Oh I never knew it would be like this!”

“You ok?” I asked as my hands grasped at those huge melons of her’s.

“Uh huh, just let me sit here and enjoy how much you are filling me. God, why didn’t we do this 25 years ago???”

Her hips rotated slightly to get a feeling of my cock inside her tight pussy. After all the guys she told me she had fucked, I’d have thought she’d be more loose, but I could feel every bit of her pussy muscles.

“Ok, I’m ready to ride my big horsey!”

With that, Mary began to not just rotate her hips, but also moved them back and forth and even up and down. We were really getting into it together. She was moaning louder and louder with each stroke and I watched her ride me. I thought to myself that this was exactly what I wanted us to do. Her massive tits were just jiggling all over her body, hypnotizing me to maul them. I sat up and held her tightly against me as she fucked me in my lap. Suddenly, she bagan to pant harder and screaming. Her pussy muscles clamped on my cock and I couldn’t stop myself, I began to cum in huge loads deep inside her pussy. Just as I was, she too was cumming, screaming my name.

When we stopped breathing heavily, she looked at me and kissed me deeply. “Oh my sweet lover! Rob, this was all I imagined Escort Sivas it to be and more. That had to be the most intense orgasm I ever had.”

“I hope it won’t be the last,” I said as I moved my legs to get her to lay on her back with me on top.

“Oh God, are you ready to fuck more?”

I laughed as I stroked my cock back and forth, in and out of her pussy. I wanted to fuck her for years, just as she did with me. Her legs wrapped around my thighs and her arms held me at my waist. We kissed more lustfully as my cock was driving deep inside her each time. I tried my best to make sure she would feel my entire length and thickness by going slowly in and out. After cumming once, I was able to last much longer with her. Mary’s tits were pressed into my chest and I could feel her nipples poking me. In the process of fucking, we managed to get the remaining clothes we had on still off. I just couldn’t believe that after 25 years, I was finally having sex with the first woman whom ever touched my cock and I fell in love with. I noticed that she had tears in her eyes.

“I’m ok, just that I’m so very happy right now with you inside me and holding me like this again. I love you, Rob.”

“I love you too, Mary. And I never want this moment to end.”

We continued to fuck like the long lost lovers that we were until she looked at the clock.

“Damn, it’s 3:30 in the morning! We need to get to bed.”

I got off of her and grabbed my clothes. She looked at me and wondered what I was doing. “Um, getting ready to go so you can go to bed.”

“Oh no you don’t. After 25 years, I am going to sleep with you like we did back then, but this time, we’re gonna screw each other to sleep.”

When we dated back then, there was a night I was at her place and I was sick. I took some medication and was knocked out. When I woke up, I was on Mary’s bed with a blanket over me. I was above the sheets and blacket that she was under, but technically we were sleeping with her. I dropped my clothes and followed her into her bedroom. She was already in bed, the blankets pulled down, legs spread and she was running her fingers through her slit and hair.

“You look so sexy laying there, Mary.”

“So what are you gonna do about it?” she smiled.

I got on top of her, grabbed the blankets and covered up. Then I pushed my thick hard cock back up inside her, we both grunted. “I’m going to fuck you until we cum and fall asleep.”

Mary passionately kissed me again with her mouth wide open for my tongue. We teased one another and after several minutes of grinding our hips into one another, we came again in such a force that we were exhausted. I rolled off her, my cock sliding out with a plop sound. She then rolled to me and rested her head on my chest.

“Rob, I honestly have to say that none of my imaginations of you were EVER that good.”

“I don’t think we could have lasted that long when we were teens though.”

We laughed and Mary got more comfy. “Do you mind? I just want to lay here and sleep on you.”

I ran my hand up and down her hip. “Mary, you just get comfortable and we’ll sleep like this all you want.”

It wasn’t long that we were both asleep, likely dreaming the same thing. I woke up just after noon to Mary stroking my morning hard-on. She looked up at me and smiled.

“I couldn’t pass up the chance to see it up close, Rob. You certainly are big now.”

I began to run my fingers through her hair. “Believe me, you missed out on a lot as I have that big since as far back as I can remember.”

“Hhhmm, guess I need to make up some time.” She kissed the head, not caring about our previous playing. Then her lips enveloped the head and she sucked at it. I watched as she took my cock deep into her mouth, lips and sucking as she did so. I was receiving the first blow job ever from Mary. I just continued watching as she did her best to take my thick member into her mouth. She had problems, but she never gave up. Then she started doing something that suddenly made me start to cum.

“Mary, stop, I’m cumming!”

She didn’t stop, she just kept taking my shots on to her tongue and she swallowed every last drip I had. I laid back, letting out a huge breath of air and she crawled up on me.

“So, do I suck good cock?”

“Heheheh, you most certainly do,” I stated. “Now just keep yourself like that for a few moments.

Mary was a bit confused as I crawled out from under her while she stayed on all fours. I got to see her shapely ass, almost swaying at me to play with it. Between the cheeks and legs was the target, her VERY wet, leaking pussy. I laid underneath and I could see some of my cum still escaping from her hole. I didn’t care as my hands began to caress her ass cheeks and I gave her pouting lips a kiss. She stirred suddenly.

“Ooooo, Rob, what are you doing? I haven’t even washed yet.”

“So? I didn’t either when you sucked me.”

With that, I went directly for her pussy, sucking on it and licking all the secret places that hide from everyone. She was squirming as my tongue attacked her nether region and I tatsed our combined juices. Mary was groaning loudly as I ate her.

“Oh, Rob, you are licking me so good. Don’t stop, keep licking….eat me, sweetie.”