Long Flight: Territorial Challenge


We were relaxing in the central clearing, all the way down in the forest. It was a perfect spot to watch new prey entering the forest through the ravine which gives access to it. I enjoyed a good espresso while I was flanked on the couch by my mate and the girl. She was no longer a flight risk and might become a good addition to my pack in the long run. Every day she became more subservient to me, it was all just a matter of time. I watched the deer around us graze, several of them looked highly interesting, but as usual I wasn’t looking for easy prey. The girl kept me busy enough and only something special would be worthy of my attention at this point.

One of my guys exited the elevator with the girl’s friend in his hand. I noticed their mingled scent; It was clear to me they’d had some fun. I felt something and turned to the girl; our eyes met. It surprised me how fierce and accusing they looked. She obviously needed a little more work to make her completely mine. Maybe I should have left her friend alone, but it was just too tempting to take her too even though she was just simple prey.

Then we all froze.

Everyone got into their defensive position and started looking about. Something was off; an approaching threat. We all could feel it even before it arrived. Our eyes covered every corner, we would miss nothing at any point. Then we waited, patiently for events to unfold.

“White Fang.”

I heard the silent whisper of my mate, the words she spoke hardly moved the air and only someone like me could catch the words. I looked at the entrance of the forest. A figure strode in, strong and dominant she walked. To the untrained eye she looked like a normal person, but the aura she had stirred something inside me. I could see the necklace she was wearing. A tooth shaped silver charm was hanging from it. I knew exactly what it meant even though I never had seen one myself. White Fang, an ancient name, feared by many, and now one was here. I looked at her more closely. Her hair was long, and the dress she wore barely hid her features. Someone like her, belonging to such a well-known pack would not travel alone. We kept waiting on other members but none arrived. My ears picked up on her conversation with the desk clerk.

“No I am travelling alone so the single room will do thank you.”

Now that was interesting, a White Fang female with no chaperone. I am not sure why this was but things were about to get very interesting. I exchanged glances with my people; they understood. When the White Fang walked to the elevator I followed her, and stepped into the elevator with her. I just stood there, did not say a word. I knew she would catch my scent and know what I was. I got out two floors up and left her wondering. That was good; her ponder ing while I worked on my next move. If I were able to catch her, that would really be something.

The next morning I made sure to arrive in the restaurant just after the woman from White Fang. I stood next to her table and introduced myself, asking if I could join her for breakfast as we were Starzbet both alone. “Yes of course,” she said. “My name is Pamela.” She never saw the faint smile on my face as I went to fetch her some fresh espresso from the machine. The day started good with the opportunity to extract information from her. She introduced herself as a business woman in town because one of her major deals wasn’t going the right way and she came here to look into it herself.

“So I was talking with the woman from the other company who flew over here to oversee the deal. Last I know she was going for a swim, but she never returned my calls after that it’s a bit weird. Since I needed to be here anyway I’d thought to arrive earlier and see if I can find out what is going on. Maybe she is talking to a competitor,” Pamela said.

Something suddenly dawned on me. A woman, going for a swim, not heard from again. That sounded awfully familiar. Would that be the same girl that I had taken this week? Now that would be an incredible coincidence. I decided to take the risk, if she was indeed the same girl, oh the possibilities.

“How important is this deal to you Pamela?” I asked.

“Very important. If the deal doesn’t go through it is gonna cost my company a lot and quite

possibly my job. I am not here for fun you know.”

“Oh that sounds bad. Thing is I know a lot of people who know people. What I could do is check things out for you and see if I can come up with something?” I offered.

“That would be incredible, if you could manage that. I just don’t know how to thank you; it would save my career!” She said, clearly excited.

“Well, we’ll come to that later. Let’s discuss it further during dinner. I will see what I can turn up today, okay?” I told her.

I got up and walked to my room. When I opened the door the girl was naked,waiting on her knees behind the door. I just dropped my pants and grabbed her hair. I enjoyed her mouth, her eager lips nibbling at my shaft, her wet tongue going over my skin and then taking me in her mouth completely. I held her hair while I finished with her and then let her go.I asked her about Pamela and her answer made my heart skip a few beats. This was too perfect to be true. But it was true! The rest of the day I spent checking out all of the details and preparing her for what I was planning.

That night I met Pamela again in the restaurant. I told her I might have found out what she wanted to know, and even better, might be able to get the deal arranged for her. She was very excited and wanted to know details, but I kept those from her. They would be revealed later. She finished her dinner in a blink of an eye, excited as she was on the prospect of saving her career. After dinner I brought her upstairs to my hotel room. She was puzzled about what was going on and why we had to go there. I opened the door and there was the girl, waiting for her all dressed in business clothing. The contract they had been talking about was right there on the table, so close to finish. Eagerly she wanted Starzbet Giriş to sit down and get the signing done.

“Wait,” I said.

“Wait? Why wait?” She looked at me, surprised.

“Nothing in this life is for free Pamela. I arranged something for you. I want something in return.” I responded to her.

“What do you want?” She said with a sudden coldness in her voice.

“In exchange for saving your career and probably your company I want your submission, right now for 3 months.” I answered.

“You Judas! You know I don’t have a choice, I need this deal.” She answered almost emotionlessly.

“Submit and get the deal or… you leave now.” I answered with a little smile..

“I agree to your terms. Can I sign it now?” She looked at me and the girl.

“Do it, take your clothes off and when done, hands in the back of your neck. I will be back in a minute.” I told her, and then walked out of the room.

When I returned I found her standing there, naked, so fragile all of a sudden. I sent the girl away; this was my time now. I took cuffs and made sure she wasn’t going to resist if she decided to do so. She did not speak a word while I applied the cuffs and started to explore her naked body, play with her boobs, stroke her nipples. Then I went down and felt the rest of her body, her hips, then I reached the part between her legs. “Mmmm, wet. Seems you are enjoying this slightly, aren’t you?” I asked but she did not reply. I brought her over to the couch and sat down.

“On your knees,” I told her. She responded immediately.

I got my dick in my hand and guided her head to it. While she took it in her mouth I turned on the TV and started to watch a baseball game while I used her mouth. I wasn’t really interested in the game at all but just wanted to show her what she meant in my pack, namely nothing. She was doing rather well with those wet lips of hers, and I became rather aroused. My hand returned to her hand and I grabbed her hair to take control of the motion of her head. When I reached my orgasm I felt so powerful. Here I was with a White Fang girl and she was mine. As soon as I had her complete submission, I would take her to show to other packs. My reputation would skyrocket.

I got up, grabbed her hair and dragged her to the bed and pushed her face first on the bed. Then I took her hips and just kept her there, keeping her head down. With one hand on her hips I moved in her taking her body as mine. “There you are White Fang girl, no longer free but belonging to me. “Rest on the bed, do it now!” I told her. I felt how she shivered under my words, realizing I knew what she was and how right I was that she was mine now. My erection grew further as I moved in her and thought of the new addition to my pack. When I entered her I gave a primal roar to let the world now this female was mine. She lay motionless on the bed while I grabbed my phone and texted one of my guys. “Got her, its your turn.” Then I left the room.

I passed him in the hallway. I smiled at him. “Well done Starzbet Güncel Giriş boss, I don’t know how you managed but this is better than anything you’ve done for us before.”

“Go have fun now, we can talk about it later.” I said with a laugh.

My mate entered the door of the bedroom to find the White Fang girl waiting on her knees on the bed. What to do; get the whip and show her who is boss? She looked really nice, maybe he should just fuck her first, applying pain could be done later. “Please lay down and relax, let me show you a good time,” she said sweetly to him. He decided to go for that, he was a member of one of the best packs in existence. Why not relax and getting pampered? He laid down and Pamela positioned herself on him, taking his cock in her hand. He relaxed when she took him in her mouth, closing his eyes while he enjoyed her tongue. He looked down at her, seeing her head go up and down sent feelings of pleasure through his body. “Get here, I want to fuck you.” He said, wanting more than she was already giving him.

She got upright, and positioned her knees next to his hips; he let out a sigh as his penis slid inside her pussy. She let him in slowly, rocking back and forth letting him feel more and more. He already felt his arousal sky-rocket, he was fucking a White Fang girl, wow!

Something was off.

Too late, he found his hands in cuffs chained to the bed. What had happened? “So, I think we need to have a slightly different discussion here,” she said while she towered above him. The bedroom door opened revealing the girl.

“Good that you are here. This is the one who took your friend?” She asked.

“Yes, it was him,” the girl replied. Pamela kept rocking him, keeping him hard, even with the sudden stress. She revealed a whip in her hands. “Now you listen to me; I think your leader overstepped his bounds when he took my friend and her friend. Let’s discuss how we are going to solve this,” she said coldly. He looked nervously at her and the girl. He noticed two evil smiles.

The girl closed the door.

I was sitting in the bar downstairs while I had a drink. I was already planning how to proceed next. With the possession of Pamela I might even be able to influence White Fang directly. So much to gain; so many plans to make.

“Hello handsome I think we need to have a talk.” A familiar voice woke me up from my dreams and I stared in Pamela’s eyes.

“What, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to — ”

“Be getting fucked by your pack?” She finished my sentence.

I noticed my pack members assembling close to me. But something wasn’t right. “Guys, get her!” I told them.

No response.

“Oh wait, maybe I haven’t told you. Your people and I, we had this slight… let’s say a discussion. I am afraid they decided to follow me now. Oh and I called your company. Silly, but apparently it is not allowed for employees to have sex with passengers on the plane. I got you fired. Oops,” she said.

“You didn’t you can’t have you mean bitch,” I said, trying to control my anger.

“You better go; you’re nothing now. Get out.” She answered just coldly.

When I left the building her eyes followed me. The thing that I remember to this day is the glistening of the tooth she was wearing.

White Fang.

I hate White Fang.