Lori Goes Jogging


Lori sleepily opened one eye and reached in the direction the annoying buzzing sound was emitting from, it was a Friday morning and the only good thing was, tomorrow was the weekend and that meant a lie in. Turning over and stretching Lori found herself face to face with her sleeping boyfriend, a small smile tugged her lips.

Lewis was 5’10, had short wavy chestnut hair, green eyes a killer smile and a body most men would die for with his smooth creamy skin and six pack, over all he was gorgeous. They had been together for just over two years, at first everything was great, they had fun and laughter, but the last 6 months all they did was argue and fall out, not even the sex was as good as it used to be, Lori was lucky if they made love once a week, at one stage it used to be once a day.

With a sad face Lori pulled herself out of bed and ambled to the bathroom, she wore a long t-shirt that came to her thighs, showing her short but shapely legs, she stood at 5 foot, she had a nice figure that she tried to keep in shape by going to the gym once a week and jogging every morning, her long red hair hung down her back in a cascade of curls and waves, she looked in the mirror, two green eyes looked back, she wasn’t beautiful but she was pretty, with her full red lips and creamy complexion, green eyes that Sivas Escort changed shade with her mood and a small straight nose.

After she had showered and changed into her jogging gear she drank some orange juice and looked out the window surprised to see a blanket of snow had covered everything, making it white and sparkly, the sky was blue and void of clouds, the perfect jogging weather.

She stepped out the door and lifted her face, revealing in the cold but fresh air as it hit her, slipping on headphones she set off at a steady pace, feeling the snow underfoot gave her extra energy, after 30 minutes she came to a park and found a bench to rest and catch her breath, she closed her eyes and leant back allowing the music and cool air to take over.

Suddenly a strong pair of hands covered her mouth making her jerk eyes open wide, but she couldn’t see the attacker she flailed her arms and legs but he was bigger and stronger then herself and quickly gained control. Lori held her breath and shut her eyes tight her heart pounding with fear, she felt her feet settle on the ground and the grip loosened, she set her body ready to flee and opened her eyes, where she saw who her assailant had been she was lost for words, “you…you” she tripped over words, her fear evaporating into anger, Sivas Escort Bayan “How could you!” She screamed “You scared the hell….” The rest was cut off as Lewis lowered his mouth to hers in a hungry kiss, his tongue delved in her, exploring and probing, Lori moaned and kissed him harder, her body was still rigid with anger and fright. Lewis swept her up and carried her a few feet into the park, which was hidden by trees and bushes.

He set her on her feet once again and pushed her against a tree, his mouth hot and demanding as he kissed her, his hands pushed open her jacket and lifted the e pressed his palms against them rubbing them, he bent down and sucked one in to his mouth Lori moaned aloud, the cold and hot feeling making her tremble. Dropping to his knees Lewis hooked his fingers in her jogging bottoms and pushed them to her ankles, Lori went to protest but almost bulked as she felt his fingers enter her.

He wiggled his fingers In her hot wet hole, her juices running down, he lifted his hand to his lips and sucked his fingers, before pulling her to the cold snow covered floor, he picked up some snow and rolled it into a tiny ball and gently pushed it into her hot wet cunt, making her gasp and moan, Lori almost cried out in pleasure as she felt the cold snow her hips bucked, Escort Sivas “God Lewis please I need you now” she pleaded desperately, but Lewis, bent down and kissed her swollen cunt lips, before biting and nipping at her clit, making her writhe beneath him, holding her hips he licked all the way up her hot lips then sucked the melted ice from her before inserting his tongue, Lori gripped his hair and pushed harder against him, slowly Lewis moved up to suck her clit, her cunt was dripping wet now and he easily slammed 3 fingers into her, moving fast and hard, he sucked gently on her clit and then bit slightly, he felt Lori tense and then she screamed her relief as she flooded, shaking and trembling.

Lori sat up and tried to catch her breath, her body was on fire, She pulled Lewis to her and kissed his breathlessly, her hand slipping down to feel his bulging erection, she undid his zip and pulled him free, his cock hard and throbbing, Lewis kiss her hard and pushed her back into the snow, very slowly he pushed into her, making her moan again, she reached round and grasped his ass, she lifted her hips to meet his and he quickened his stroke, his hard cock thrusting deeply into her filling her, harder faster Lewis slammed his hips hard driving Lori harder into the snow, he pulled out until just the head of his cock entered then slammed hard into her, exploding and shaking as he came.

Together they lay entwined in the snow, hot and sweaty and satisfied, I think thought Lori as she felt Lewis’s hot breath on her cheek, that this is going to get a whole lot better.