Losing It


I took us a little over an hour to drive from Carmel to Watsonville, the California speed limit of 55 miles per hour was strictly enforced in 1952 and I didn’t want get a ticket. We mostly talked about sex and girls and what to expect when we got to our destination. For the most part I listened to my pal Mike— there would be fantastic women there, four or five to choose from, all young and pretty and knew how to please, they charged this for that and so much for that. I took in what he was saying intently for virtually the entire trip, while using my imagination to place myself in all the circumstances he described like only a horny virgin teenager could. Of course, I never let on I was still one to him or anyone else that I knew. When we finally got near the end of the little town’s main drag, he told me to turn right and then, after a couple of short blocks, where to turn left. He then had me slow way down so he could make sure were we there— we were and I parked up the street a ways so as not to be too close to our destination. Looking around at the shabby assortment of one story wooden building’s, lit dimly by naked street lights affixed to wooden poles, I realized my initial enthusiasm had turned to nervousness. “Too late now,’ I thought to myself as we headed up the path to a porch that looked like it was illuminated by a twenty-five watt bug lamp. Next I spotted the faded sign, “Rooms For Rent,” in the dimly lit front window just as Mike pushed the door’s bell button.

“What do you two boy’s want?” said the woman, wearing a starched white maid’s cap and fancy apron over a black uniform, while peering at us over the locking chain that kept the door ajar.

“I’ve been here twice before and have brought my friend.” Mike said. After first closing the door then reopening it, we were allowed into the entrance hall before the door was closed and locked again.

“Is he old enough to be here?” She said looking directly at me.

“He’s eighteen, just like I am, he’s OK, has ID to prove it, and I’ve been here twice before with my older brother.” Mike answered. She then opened another door and motioned us to follow her through it.

Stopping a few steps down the carpeted hallway and pointing into a large room filled with stuffed furniture and chrome plated smoking stands she said, “You can wait in here. I’ll have the girl’s come down but it will be a few minutes as the new shift starts at seven and it’s only a few minutes till. It won’t be long and I might find someone who is ready now.”

Mike led the way to a medium sized leather sofa, we sat down at opposite ends and I moved a floor standing ashtray between us and got out my pack cigarettes. Holding a shaking Zippo lighter while trying to light up, I realized that my nervousness was now tempered with fear. Trying not to show it, I asked him a question that I knew the answer to. “What did you call that combo thing you said I should get?”

“Get a ‘half-n-half’, for sure, that way you’ll get both a blow job and get fucked, like I told you.” And just as he said that, another door opened and a young girl, wearing a light green play-suit and black ballet slippers walked in. She was alone and came over and stood by the ash tray in front of us. Then she held out her arm towards me, pointing at my cigarette as if she wanted it. I gave it to her and she took a long drag from it while looking me straight in the eyes, and I noticed she had black mascara lightly applied to her eyelids which highlighted her striking green eyes perfectly, before handing it back. When I took it, I got my first smell of her perfume.

“Hi, my name is Penni, have either of you been here before?” She asked, without breaking her gaze on me.

“He has, but I haven’t, most call me Sonny and that’s Mike over there.” I said while standing up, then followed with, “Can I go with you?” While looking over at Mike.

“Of course you can, but there are some more girls coming down to meet you soon.”

“I like you,” I said while handing her my cigarette package, then added, “Besides, he doesn’t smoke.” While looking at Mike who was nodding his head to indicate he wanted to wait and see the rest of the girls and thought I should also.

“We won’t be able to smoke in the back, so thanks,” she said while taking one before handing me the pack back. I popped the lid of my Zippo and used my other hand to steady it while I lit hers. Then we both stood there looking at each other, while taking huge pulls of smoke and blowing it out with gusto. This gave me time to notice how small and slight this beautiful little girl, with light brown hair, was. Moments later, as if on cue, we put them out simultaneously and her hand went from her crushed Malborough in the ashtray and straight into mine. Pulling me lightly to follow her we both left the waiting room hand in hand.

Back in the hallway she pulled me close, kissed my mouth lightly and told me she was glad I had chosen her. I’m six feet two inches and towered above her, she was probably only a little over five Anadolu Yakası Escort feet, maybe five two at the most, and didn’t look old enough to be working there. After a few steps we were in a large room with numbered doors around most of it’s perimeter. In the middle, standing next to a desk, was an older blonde woman, with her golden hair casually piled on top of her head, watching us as we approached. She was a splendid looking lady, wearing only high heels, very tight black satin shorts and a very sheer finely net black blouse that flattered her bust and revealed her large rosy nipples.

“Hi, Penni, is your young man old enough to be in here with you?” She asked sternly, in what I detected was a German accent, while continuing to look me over. My first thought was that she was a whore and Penni was only bringing me back to meet her and I was expected to do my deed with her. I was still concerned that Penni was much too young to be doing what she was doing. I was instantly relieved seconds later when Penni answered her, “Marcy checked him and said he was fine, he’s eighteen and here with a friend that’s been here before that she remembers.”

“That’s fine, you two can use number six,” she said while switching her gaze to the both of us, “I’m sure you will both enjoy yourselves.”

Still holding her hand, I followed Penni to our designated door, she opened it, and went in first with me behind her, Turning on the light much like she was a bellhop showing me a room in a cheap hotel. She closed the door but didn’t lock it. There was a double bed with a faded light blue cover, two very plain chairs and a small table with a little shaded lamp sitting on a lace doily, a wall sink next to a small cupboard and a towel rack holding a stack of what looked like a few small white towels and some large ones. A huge mirror was on the wall next to the bed. Hanging from the center of the ceiling was a round white globe lamp that bathed the little room in soft light that you could almost read a newspaper by. Everything looked well scrubbed and very clean like it had just been made up. “So, how’s this?” she asked as I turned around and faced her.

“Everything looks great, especially you!” I replied while looking at her full length and trying to regain my composure and concentrate on why I was there.

She was standing by the closed, but unlocked, door looking me over as if she wanted to size me up before taking her hand off the door knob. Then her distant expression turned to a little smile that looked almost devilish as she tilts her pretty head and begins unbuttoning, then almost immediately steps out of her skimpy play-suit so that her lovely slender body is bared except for tiny sheer black panties and the ballet slippers she was wearing. I couldn’t believe my eyes that I was standing in front of this magnificent little creature. She had a slim figure and a look of complete innocence that suggested she was only still blooming into womanhood. I immediately locked my eyes on her breasts as they were not like any I had seen before, small and pointed with incredible rosy nipples, about the size of a silver quarters that were surrounded by creamy white skin that merged into a tan line from a two piece bathing suit worn recently. I thought that her nips looked so anxious to be kissed, sucked and fondled that they were going to fly across the room towards me. However, inside I could feel I was beginning to loose my nerve and I wasn’t at all sure how our activities were supposed begin. Then her little smile turns to a big one and she slowly does a couple of stylish pirouettes giving me the opportunity to admire her from every angle and sticking her butt out at me provocatively on the turn around. When her posing was over her expression changed again, this time to a vampish look, then she took two quick steps towards me, reaches out and grabs my belt while pulling me roughly towards her.

“My turn to have a good look at you,” she said laughingly as she deftly undoes the top button then the fly on my jeans and gropes for my business over the top of my shorts, which were soon down to my knees along with my pants. While holding on to my penis tightly she told me, “you can step out of those now, you won’t be needing them for awhile,” then kneeled down in front of me for a closer look which gave me another angle to briefly wonder about those cute tits of hers before looking down at what she was doing. I was more than a little embarrassed when I saw my semi flaccid dick laying across the palm of her hand while she starred at it intently. It and my underwear was soaking wet with gooey pre-cum. Using her thumb and forefinger she pulled back my foreskin to reveal the glistening purplish head and lightly ran the tip of her index finger over it in little circular motions. “Obviously you have been thinking about this for quite awhile.” She said before letting go of it then getting up and heading for the sink. In seconds she returned with a box of white tissues. “Isn’t the chance to have some Bostancı Escort strange sex an amazing driving force to get you all excited? So how far did you guys have to drive to get here?” She asked after she cleaned dried it and got her head down really close for a better look.

“We drove over from Carmel, which is a little over an hour away. I’ve never been to a whorehouse before and my buddy was telling me all about it and I got pretty worked-up hearing all about it.”

“Got you horny and all riled up, did it? I’ve never been to Carmel, but I hear it’s very nice. Do you live there?” She said playfully while trying to jack me into a full erection, then added, “are the girls there hot to get screwed or is it a big hassle to get any ass there?”

“Well, that’s the reason we’re here. We met a couple of them on the beach today, both really cute and doing all they could to show off their bods for us in their bathing suits, drank our beer and flirted like mad but when we tried every way we could to go out with them later they turned us down cold. Just a couple of snooty prick-teasers. That’s why we came here. We’ve both been horny as hell since being with those two.”

It didn’t take her very long to give me an erection and once it was hard she started to milk it with her long fingers. I loved the look of her beautifully manicured hands doing it to me.

“Don’t you know any other girls there that put out on short notice?” She said, while glancing up at me— then adding, “I’m glad you chose me and didn’t wait for any of the others.”

“No, I hardly know anybody there at all. Our family has only been there a short time and I mostly live at school near San Francisco, it’s my folks who actually live there and I’m not there enough to meet any.”

“You have a real nice equipment, those chicks don’t know what they we’re missing. What about the girls at school?”

“It’s a private boys school near Palo Alto so there aren’t any.”

“There must be girls around there somewhere. I’ve been to Palo Alto, that’s where Stanford is and there are loads of girls going there. Aren’t there?”

“Yes, suppose so but I’m not quite up to Stanford coeds yet. I go to what’s sort of a prep school for Stanford. It’s a college and a high school both and for men and boys only, no girls at all, I’m just finishing the equivalent of my freshman year in college.”

“Those coeds are going to love what you’ve got down here when you get there.” She was now looking closely at my balls and scrotum as well as the inside of my thighs and running her finger’s all through my pubic hair.

“Are how old did you say you were? I know they checked before letting you in.”

“I said I had just turned eighteen, which is true. You’ve been checking me for a good five minutes, how do I look down there?” I said. By now she had stopped looking and seemed to be just sort of playing with it, which I took as a sign that she was going to let me stay. I was as hard as I had ever been and the way her small hand was pumping it I thought I might come before we got started.

“Like I just said, those ladies are going to love it. I know I do. I’m the same age as you, have to be to work here, which makes me a very horny foolish young girl that tends usually to rush into sex which is why I take my time. You look pretty nice to me now that he’s stiff and has been cleaned up a bit. I would say, based on my somewhat limited experience, that you have one of the nicest tool sets that I’ve ever seen and it’s so hard and straight.”

After that, she let go, stepped back, then she looked me right in the eyes and held my gaze again, which made me feel somewhat awkward and a little guilty. “How much money do you want to spend with me tonight?” She asked while seductively circling her sensational nipples with her magical clear polished finger tips.

“I’m not sure what your prices are for things?”

“Well, for things, I could give you a real nice blow job which will cost you twenty-five bucks, I’ll be naked and will let you fool around a bit with me while I’m doing it, or better yet, and I’ll bet this is why you came here, we could have a good straight missionary screw, which is also done completely nude, and is forty with either me or you on top. And also there are special ways to do it in lots different positions that start at fifty and go up to seventy-five. Then, if you want something extra special, there is our famous and very popular ‘half-n-half’ routine, which starts with me giving you a little sex show then sucking your cock and ends with a great fuck, that’ll cost you sixty. Bet’ya that’s more than those prick teasing girls from the beach would do even if they did put out easily to you guys. What do you think?”

“Does that mean I cum twice in the ‘half-n-half’?” I asked like an idiot.

“No, Silly… I’ll stop just before you go off, then we can rest for a short time and I’ll bring you up again for the love making part of it. It’s by far the best way to screw as your orgasm Ümraniye Escort will be all primed and be very powerful and long lasting.”

“On the blow job, do you swallow?”

“Not usually, but, I will for you if give me a good tip. I don’t do ‘facial’s’ though.”

“What’s a ‘facial’?”

“It’s when a girl lets a guy cum all over her face, she’s usually jacking him off after sucking him and she has her mouth open for it when he squirts it. It’s pretty messy most times ’cause it doesn’t always hit the target.”

“Oh, that’s nasty but sounds great. On a ‘half-n-half’ do you swallow as well?”

“Sure, for you I will but that means we start by screwing and end with the blow job, you might find it hard to stop boning me just to get sucked off. I don’t mind, same deal, if that’s what you want but there aren’t any refunds if you end up coming inside me and it’s all over.”

“Do you still do your little show?”

“I’ll let you see every naked inch of me.”

“What are the special fucks like?”

“Oh God, I haven’t been here long enough to know them all. One that some of our older customers particularly like is called ‘Hollywood style’. I’m on top, but backwards and over your legs with my rear-end facing you and you can watch it all going on from that angle. That cost’s fifty. Otherwise we can use our mutual creative abilities to come up with something and I’ll give you a price.”

“The guy I came here with said I should either get the ‘half-n-half’ or a ‘royal’, what’s that all about?”

“Oh, I didn’t mention that one because I don’t do them, although most of the girls here do. We are required to fuck and suck and anything beyond that is up to us. royals are sometimes called ‘around-the-world’s’ and you get licked and kissed all over and there’s lots of mutual fondling. It builds you up for a super orgasm after a good long slow blow job. They charge seventy-five or a hundred depending on whether you want them to lick and kiss your butt hole. And, yes, I would swallow your cum if I did them, but I don’t, at least not yet anyway.”

“I want the ‘half-n-half’, but start with the blow job.”

“Sounds good, we’ll both enjoy it lots I think. And, you must tell me when I get back what the big deal is about having a girl swallow your wad.”

Then she approached me and stood very close taking each of my hands by the finger tips and made circular motions with them on her recently hardened nipples.

“Going somewhere?” I asked her.

“You need to give me the money now so I can take it out and and let Helga ring it up and then I’ll be right back. Take all your clothes off while I’m gone… I won’t be very long, only a minute or so then we can have a really good time.”

I picked up my jeans from the floor to retrieve my wallet then handed her three twenties. At that she headed for the door in only her panties and slippers, throwing me a kiss on her way out before pointing at my dick and gently teasing me by shaking her head because I had gone soft again. My ego had deflated once again and I wondered if she knew I was suffering from first time nervousness. She returned a minute or so later, and this time she locked the door after she was inside. By this time I was down to my socks and a tee-shirt.

“Come on, I said, ‘to get your clothes off,’ while I was gone, damn it, you have made me very horny. Get out of those things, we’ve been given only fifteen minutes to finish our little party and it will be awful to have to rush it.”

Still standing by the door, she turned completely around and faced it then very slowly began to pull down her panties in a teasing way while giving me the first look at her fabulous naked ass which she was pointing at me before stepping out of them and turning around to face me.

“I knew that would make you hurry up,” she said as she watched me pulling my shirt over my head.

She had a thin little patch of light brown pubic hair just above the top of where her little slit started and I wasn’t sure if it was naturally like that or she had been doing some trimming, most of the other girls I had seen had much more down there. Out of embarrassment I quickly let my eyes fall to the floor and starred at her ballet slippers while she giggled then wadded up her panties and threw them at me, hitting me squarely in my face.

“Hey, Silly, what are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at your feet, I want to see them,” using that as an excuse for my profound shyness.

“Don’t tell me you have a foot fetish at your tender age?”

“I don’t think so, but you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever been with and I want to see all of you.”

“Some of the girls here make big money jacking guys off with their feet. did you know that?”

“You didn’t have that on your menu!”

“I haven’t done it yet. I’m still just in training, but you’re so sweet I’ll let you talk me into just about anything. I offered to swallow your cum didn’t I? I haven’t done that with anybody else yet.”

“I’d rather have the ‘half-n-half’ than a foot job!”

She reached down and took the left slipper off with her left hand then did the same with the right hand for the other one, stomping them down slightly as they hit the floor, then looked at me and said, “Satisfied?”